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An electronic book (or e-book or eBook) is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices. [1]

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Accessible publishing

Accessible publishing is an approach to publishing and book design whereby books and other texts are made available in alternative formats designed to aid or replace the reading process.

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Adele Goldberg (computer scientist)

Adele Goldberg (born July 7, 1945) is a computer scientist who participated in developing the programming language Smalltalk-80 and various concepts related to object-oriented programming while a researcher at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), in the 1970s.

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Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a family of application software and Web services developed by Adobe Systems to view, create, manipulate, print and manage files in Portable Document Format (PDF).

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Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems Incorporated, commonly known as Adobe, is an American multinational computer software company.

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Afternoon, a story

afternoon, a story, spelled with a lowercase 'a', is a work of electronic literature written in 1987 by American author Michael Joyce.

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Alan Kay

Alan Curtis Kay (born May 17, 1940 published by the Association for Computing Machinery 2012) is an American computer scientist.

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Alexis Kirke

Alexis Kirke is an award-winning composer and filmmaker known for his interdisciplinary practice.

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Amazon (company)

Amazon.com, Inc., doing business as Amazon, is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington that was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994.

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Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is a series of e-readers designed and marketed by Amazon. Amazon Kindle devices enable users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media via wireless networking to the Kindle Store. The hardware platform, developed by Amazon subsidiary Lab126, began as a single device and now comprises a range of devices, including e-readers with E Ink electronic paper displays and Kindle applications on all major computing platforms. All Kindle devices integrate with Kindle Store content, and as of March 2018, the store has over six million e-books available in the United States.. Retrieved March 30, 2018.

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Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation of New York City in the United States, is a private foundation with five core areas of interest, endowed with wealth accumulated by Andrew W. Mellon of the Mellon family of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Andries van Dam

Andries "Andy" van Dam (born December 8, 1938) is a Dutch-born American professor of computer science and former vice-president for research at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

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Apple Books

Apple Books (previously known as iBooks until 2018) is an e-book application by Apple Inc. for its iOS and macOS operating systems and devices.

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Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

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Application software

An application software (app or application for short) is a computer software designed to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks, or activities for the benefit of the user.

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Arvato is a global services company headquartered in Gütersloh, Germany.

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Association of American Publishers

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) is the national trade association of the American book publishing industry.

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Augmentation Research Center

SRI International's Augmentation Research Center (ARC) was founded in the 1960s by electrical engineer Douglas Engelbart to develop and experiment with new tools and techniques for collaboration and information processing.

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Authors Guild

The Authors Guild is America's oldest and largest professional organization for writers and provides advocacy on issues of free expression and copyright protection.

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Authors Guild, Inc. v. Google, Inc.

Authors Guild v. Google is a copyright case litigated in the United States.

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Ángela Ruiz Robles

Angela Ruiz Robles (March 28, 1895 Villamanín, Leon - October 27, 1975, Ferrol, A Coruña) was a Spanish teacher, writer, pioneer and inventor of the mechanical precursor to the electronic book.

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Baen Books

Baen Books is an American publishing house for science fiction and fantasy.

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Baen Free Library

The Baen Free Library is a digital library of the science fiction and fantasy publishing house Baen Books where 61 e-books as of June 2016 (112 e-books as of December 2008) can be downloaded free in a number of formats, without copy protection.

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Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble, Inc., a Fortune 500 company, is the bookseller with the largest number of retail outlets in the United States, and a retailer of content, digital media, and educational products.

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Barnes & Noble Nook

The Barnes & Noble Nook (styled nook or NOOK) is a brand of e-readers developed by American book retailer Barnes & Noble, based on the Android platform.

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The Bible (from Koine Greek τὰ βιβλία, tà biblía, "the books") is a collection of sacred texts or scriptures that Jews and Christians consider to be a product of divine inspiration and a record of the relationship between God and humans.

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A blook is a printed book that contains or is based on content from a blog.

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Bob Brown (writer, poet, publisher)

For other people named Bob Brown, see Bob Brown (disambiguation) Robert 'Bob' Carlton Brown, II (June 14, 1886 – August 7, 1959) was an American writer and publisher in many forms from comic squibs to magazine fiction to advertising to avant-garde poetry to business news to cookbooks to political tracts to novelized memoirs to parodies and much more.

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A book is a series of pages assembled for easy portability and reading, as well as the composition contained in it.

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Book scanning

Book scanning (or magazine scanning) is the process of converting physical books and magazines into digital media such as images, electronic text, or electronic books (e-books) by using an image scanner.

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Bookeen is French company dealing with e-books and consumer electronics.

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Bookerly is a serif typeface designed by Dalton Maag as an exclusive font for reading on Amazon's Kindle devices.

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Borders Group

Borders Group, Inc. (former NYSE ticker symbol BGP) was an international book and music retailer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Boson Books

Boson Books is an independent publisher based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Brad Templeton

Brad Templeton (born April 20, 1960 near Toronto) is a software architect, civil rights advocate, and entrepreneur.

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British Library

The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom and the largest national library in the world by number of items catalogued.

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Brown University

Brown University is a private Ivy League research university in Providence, Rhode Island, United States.

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Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML.

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A CD-ROM is a pre-pressed optical compact disc which contains data.

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Cell phone novel

A cell phone novel, or, is a literary work originally written on a cellular phone via text messaging.

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Chapters Inc. is a Canadian big box bookstore banner owned by Indigo Books and Music.

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Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune is a daily newspaper based in Chicago, Illinois, United States, owned by Tronc, Inc., formerly Tribune Publishing.

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ClearType is Microsoft's implementation of subpixel rendering technology in rendering text in a font system.

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Clifford Lynch

Clifford Lynch is the director of the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), where he has been since 1997.

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Cloud computing

Cloud computing is an information technology (IT) paradigm that enables ubiquitous access to shared pools of configurable system resources and higher-level services that can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management effort, often over the Internet.

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CNET (stylized as c|net) is an American media website that publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts and videos on technology and consumer electronics globally.

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Collusion is an agreement between two or more parties, sometimes illegal–but always secretive–to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair market advantage.

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Comparison of e-book formats

The following is a comparison of e-book formats used to create and publish e-books.

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Competition law

Competition law is a law that promotes or seeks to maintain market competition by regulating anti-competitive conduct by companies.

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Consumer Electronics Show

CES (formerly an acronym for Consumer Electronics Show but now the official name) is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association.

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Copyright infringement

Copyright infringement is the use of works protected by copyright law without permission, infringing certain exclusive rights granted to the copyright holder, such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the protected work, or to make derivative works.

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Cory Doctorow

Cory Efram Doctorow (born July 17, 1971) is a Canadian-British on his wife, Alice Taylor's Twitter stream, 12 August 2011 blogger, journalist, and science fiction author who serves as co-editor of the blog Boing Boing.

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Cybook Gen1

The Cybook Gen1 (formally Cybook) was an e-reader originally made by the French company Cytale, which filed for bankruptcy in 2003.

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Cybook Gen3

Cybook Gen3 is a 6-inch (15.2 cm) e-reader for reading e-books and periodicals, and it can be used to listen to MP3 and audiobook files.

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Cybook Opus

No description.

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Cybook Orizon

Cybook Orizon is a 6-inch e-Reader, specially designed for reading e-Books.

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Data Discman

The Data Discman is an electronic book player introduced to the Western market in late 1991 or early 1992 by Sony Corporation.

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Defense Technical Information Center

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC, pronounced "Dee-tick") is the premier repository for research and engineering information for the United States Department of Defense.

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Desktop computer

A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for regular use at a single location on or near a desk or table due to its size and power requirements.

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Digital edition

A digital edition is an online magazine or online newspaper delivered in electronic form which is formatted identically to the print version.

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Digital library

A digital library, digital repository, or digital collection, is an online database of digital objects that can include text, still images, audio, video, or other digital media formats.

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Digital rights management

Digital rights management (DRM) is a set of access control technologies for restricting the use of proprietary hardware and copyrighted works.

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Disc jockey

A disc jockey, often abbreviated as DJ, is a person who plays existing recorded music for a live audience.

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Document imaging

Document imaging is an information technology category for systems capable of replicating documents commonly used in business.

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Douglas Engelbart

Douglas Carl Engelbart (January 30, 1925 – July 2, 2013) was an American engineer and inventor, and an early computer and Internet pioneer.

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The KiddiComp concept, envisioned by Alan Kay in 1968 while a PhD candidate, and later developed and described as the Dynabook in his 1972 proposal "A personal computer for children of all ages", outlines the requirements for a conceptual portable educational device that would offer similar functionality to that now supplied via a laptop computer or (in some of its other incarnations) a tablet or slate computer with the exception of the requirement for any Dynabook device offering near eternal battery life.

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DynaText is an SGML publishing tool.

New!!: E-book and Dynatext · See more »


Dyslexia, also known as reading disorder, is characterized by trouble with reading despite normal intelligence.

New!!: E-book and Dyslexia · See more »

E Ink

E Ink (electronic ink) is a popular type of electronic paper display technology, characterized by high visibility and contrast, a wide viewing angle and low power requirements.

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E Ink Corporation

E Ink Corporation (E Ink) is a privately held manufacturer of electrophoretic displays (EPDs), a kind of electronic paper.

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An electronic book (or e-book or eBook) is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices.

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E-book lending

E-book lending is a practice in which access to already-purchased downloads or online reads of e-books is made available on a time-limited basis to others.

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E-commerce is the activity of buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet.

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An e-reader, also called an e-book reader or e-book device, is a mobile electronic device that is designed primarily for the purpose of reading digital e-books and periodicals.

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Eastgate Systems

Eastgate Systems is a publisher and software company headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts, which publishes hypertext.

New!!: E-book and Eastgate Systems · See more »

Electronic paper

Electronic paper and e-paper are display devices that mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper.

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Electronic publishing

Electronic publishing (also referred to as e-publishing or digital publishing or online publishing) includes the digital publication of e-books, digital magazines, and the development of digital libraries and catalogues.

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EPUB is an e-book file format with the extension.epub EPUB files can be read using complying software on devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, or e-readers.

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eSentral or e-Sentral is a Malaysian e-Book store for South East Asian market.

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Expanded Books

The Expanded Books Project was an undertaking at The Voyager Company during 1991, that investigated ideas on how a book could be presented on a computer screen in a way that would be both familiar and useful to regular book readers.

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Federal Aviation Administration

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States is a national authority with powers to regulate all aspects of civil aviation.

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File Retrieval and Editing System

The File Retrieval and Editing SyStem, or FRESS, was a hypertext system developed at Brown University starting in 1968 by Andries van Dam and his students, including Bob Wallace.

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Fire HD

The Fire HD, also known as Kindle Fire HD, is a member of the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet computers. The five generation family consists of: 7", 8.9" (2012 models), 7" (2013 model), 6", 7" (2014 models), 8", 10.1" (2015 models) and 8", 10.1" (2017 models).

New!!: E-book and Fire HD · See more »

Fiscal year

A fiscal year (or financial year, or sometimes budget year) is the period used by governments for accounting and budget purposes, which vary between countries.

New!!: E-book and Fiscal year · See more »

Flat panel display

Flat-panel displays are electronic viewing technologies used to enable people to see content (still images, moving images, text, or other visual material) in a range of entertainment, consumer electronics, personal computer, and mobile devices, and many types of medical, transportation and industrial equipment.

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Floppy disk

A floppy disk, also called a floppy, diskette, or just disk, is a type of disk storage composed of a disk of thin and flexible magnetic storage medium, sealed in a rectangular plastic enclosure lined with fabric that removes dust particles.

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Franklin Electronic Publishers

Franklin Electronic Publishers, Incorporated (formerly Franklin Computer Corporation) is an American consumer electronics manufacturer based in Burlington, New Jersey, founded in 1981.

New!!: E-book and Franklin Electronic Publishers · See more »

Fred Chappell

Fred Davis Chappell (born May 28, 1936 in Canton, North Carolina) is an author and poet.

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Giller Prize

The Giller Prize (sponsored as the Scotiabank Giller Prize), is a literary award given to a Canadian author of a novel or short story collection published in English (including translation) the previous year, after an annual juried competition between publishers who submit entries.

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Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

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Google Books

Google Books (previously known as Google Book Search and Google Print and by its codename Project Ocean) is a service from Google Inc. that searches the full text of books and magazines that Google has scanned, converted to text using optical character recognition (OCR), and stored in its digital database.

New!!: E-book and Google Books · See more »

Google Play Books

Google Play Books (formerly Google eBooks) is an ebook digital distribution service operated by Google.

New!!: E-book and Google Play Books · See more »

Gutenberg Bible

The Gutenberg Bible (also known as the 42-line Bible, the Mazarin Bible or the B42) was the first major book printed using mass-produced movable metal type in Europe.

New!!: E-book and Gutenberg Bible · See more »

Hachette (publisher)

Hachette is a French publisher.

New!!: E-book and Hachette (publisher) · See more »

Hachette Book Group

Hachette Book Group (HBG) is a publishing company owned by Hachette Livre, the largest publishing company in France, and the third largest trade and educational publisher in the world.

New!!: E-book and Hachette Book Group · See more »

Hard copy

In information handling, the U.S. Federal Standard 1037C (Glossary of Telecommunication Terms) defines a hard copy as a permanent reproduction, or copy, in the form of a physical object, of any media suitable for direct use by a person (in particular paper), of displayed or transmitted data.

New!!: E-book and Hard copy · See more »


A hardcover or hardback (also known as hardbound, and sometimes as case-bound) book is one bound with rigid protective covers (typically of Binder's board or heavy paperboard covered with buckram or other cloth, heavy paper, or occasionally leather).

New!!: E-book and Hardcover · See more »


HarperCollins Publishers L.L.C. is one of the world's largest publishing companies and is one of the Big Five English-language publishing companies, alongside Hachette, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, and Simon & Schuster.

New!!: E-book and HarperCollins · See more »

Holtzbrinck Publishing Group

Holtzbrinck Publishing Group is a privately-held Stuttgart-based company which owns publishing companies worldwide.

New!!: E-book and Holtzbrinck Publishing Group · See more »


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language for creating web pages and web applications.

New!!: E-book and HTML · See more »

Hugo Award

The Hugo Awards are a set of literary awards given annually for the best science fiction or fantasy works and achievements of the previous year.

New!!: E-book and Hugo Award · See more »


Humanities are academic disciplines that study aspects of human society and culture.

New!!: E-book and Humanities · See more »


In computing, a hyperlink, or simply a link, is a reference to data that the reader can directly follow either by clicking, tapping, or hovering.

New!!: E-book and Hyperlink · See more »

Hypertext Editing System

The Hypertext Editing System, or HES, was an early hypertext research project conducted at Brown University in 1967 by Andries van Dam, Ted Nelson, and several Brown students.

New!!: E-book and Hypertext Editing System · See more »

Hypertext fiction

Hypertext fiction is a genre of electronic literature, characterized by the use of hypertext links that provide a new context for non-linearity in literature and reader interaction.

New!!: E-book and Hypertext fiction · See more »

IBooks Author

iBooks Author (iBA) is an e-book authoring application by Apple Inc.

New!!: E-book and IBooks Author · See more »

Indigo Books and Music

Indigo Books & Music Inc., usually known as "Indigo" and stylized "!ndigo", is Canada's largest book, gift and specialty toy retailer, operating stores in all ten provinces and one territory, and through a website offering a selection of books, toys, home décor, stationery and gifts.

New!!: E-book and Indigo Books and Music · See more »

Information technology

Information technology (IT) is the use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data, or information, often in the context of a business or other enterprise.

New!!: E-book and Information technology · See more »

Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loan (abbreviated ILL, and sometimes called interloan, interlending, document delivery, or document supply) is a service whereby a patron of one library can borrow books, DVDs, music, etc.

New!!: E-book and Interlibrary loan · See more »

International Digital Publishing Forum

The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) was a trade and standards association for the digital publishing industry, set up to establish a standard for electronic book publishing.

New!!: E-book and International Digital Publishing Forum · See more »

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) is the leading international body representing the interests of people who rely on libraries and information professionals.

New!!: E-book and International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions · See more »


The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link devices worldwide.

New!!: E-book and Internet · See more »

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a San Francisco–based nonprofit digital library with the stated mission of "universal access to all knowledge." It provides free public access to collections of digitized materials, including websites, software applications/games, music, movies/videos, moving images, and nearly three million public-domain books.

New!!: E-book and Internet Archive · See more »


iPad is a line of tablet computers designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc., which run the iOS mobile operating system.

New!!: E-book and IPad · See more »

IPad (1st generation)

The first-generation iPad is a tablet computer designed and marketed by Apple Inc. as the first in the iPad line.

New!!: E-book and IPad (1st generation) · See more »


iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The iPhone line of products use Apple's iOS mobile operating system software.

New!!: E-book and IPhone · See more »

Joe Queenan

Joseph "Joe" Queenan (born November 3, 1950) is an American journalist, critic, and essayist.

New!!: E-book and Joe Queenan · See more »

Joseph Jacobson

Joseph Jacobson (born June 28, 1965 in Newton, Massachusetts), is a tenured professor and head of the Molecular Machines group at the Center for Bits and Atoms at the MIT Media Lab, and is one of the inventors of microencapsulated electrophoretic display (known as E Ink) commonly used in electronic devices such as e-readers.

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Journal Article Tag Suite

The Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) is an XML format used to describe scientific literature published online.

New!!: E-book and Journal Article Tag Suite · See more »

Judy Malloy

Judy Malloy (born Judith Ann Powers January 9, 1942) is a poet whose works embrace the intersection of hypernarrative, magic realism, and information art.

New!!: E-book and Judy Malloy · See more »

Kelly Cherry

Kelly Cherry (born December 21, 1940) is an award-winning novelist, poet, essayist, and a former Poet Laureate of Virginia (2010–2012).

New!!: E-book and Kelly Cherry · See more »

Kindle Fire

The Fire Tablet, formerly called the Kindle Fire, is a tablet computer developed by Amazon.com.

New!!: E-book and Kindle Fire · See more »

Kindle Store

The Kindle Store is an online e-book e-commerce store operated by Amazon as part of its retail website and can be accessed from any Amazon Kindle, Fire tablet or Kindle mobile app.

New!!: E-book and Kindle Store · See more »

Kobo Arc

The Kobo Arc, a 7" tablet originally ran on Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 and running on Android Jellybean 4.1, is manufactured by Kobo Inc. It was released in November 2012.

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Kobo Aura

The Kobo Aura is the fifth generation of E-book readers designed and marketed by Kobo Inc.

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Kobo Aura HD

The Kobo Aura HD (also called the Aura HD) is a limited-edition Kobo eReader device designed and marketed by Kobo Inc.

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Kobo eReader

The Kobo eReader is an e-reader produced by Toronto-based Kobo Inc. The company's name is an anagram of "book".

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Kobo Inc.

Rakuten Kobo Inc., or simply Kobo, is a Canadian company which sells e-books, audiobooks, e-readers and tablet computers.

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A laptop, also called a notebook computer or just notebook, is a small, portable personal computer with a "clamshell" form factor, having, typically, a thin LCD or LED computer screen mounted on the inside of the upper lid of the "clamshell" and an alphanumeric keyboard on the inside of the lower lid.

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LaTeX (or; a shortening of Lamport TeX) is a document preparation system.

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León, Spain

León is the capital of the province of León, located in the northwest of Spain.

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Lemmatisation (or lemmatization) in linguistics is the process of grouping together the inflected forms of a word so they can be analysed as a single item, identified by the word's lemma, or dictionary form.

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Leon Katz

Leon Katz (July 10, 1919 - January 23, 2017) was professor emeritus of drama at Yale University.

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Liberal education

A liberal education is a system or course of education suitable for the cultivation of a free (Latin: liber) human being.

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Library.nu, previously called ebooksclub.org from 2004 to 2007 and gigapedia.com from 2007 to 2010, was a popular linking website.

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List of digital library projects

This is a list of digital library projects.

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Macmillan Publishers

Macmillan Publishers Ltd (occasionally known as the Macmillan Group) is an international publishing company owned by Holtzbrinck Publishing Group.

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Mashable is a digital media website founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

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Michael Joyce (writer)

Michael Joyce (born 1945) is a professor of English at Vassar College, New York, US.

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Michael S. Hart

Michael Stern Hart (March 8, 1947 – September 6, 2011) was an American author, best known as the inventor of the e-book and the founder of Project Gutenberg (PG), the first project to make e-books freely available via the Internet.

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Microsoft Corporation (abbreviated as MS) is an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

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Microsoft Reader

Microsoft Reader can refer to a Microsoft application for reading e-books, first released in August 2000, or a Microsoft application for reading PDF and XPS files, first released for Windows 8.1.

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Mobile computing

Mobile computing is human–computer interaction by which a computer is expected to be transported during normal usage, which allows for transmission of data, voice and video.

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Mobipocket SA is a French company incorporated in March 2000 that created the.mobi e-book file format and produces the Mobipocket Reader software for mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDA) and desktop operating systems.

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Mofibo is a subscription based e-book and audiobook platform, making titles available for its readers for a monthly fee.

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National Institute of Standards and Technology

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is one of the oldest physical science laboratories in the United States.

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Nature Publishing Group

Nature Publishing Group is a division of the international scientific publishing company Springer Nature that publishes academic journals, magazines, online databases, and services in science and medicine.

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Nebula Award

The Nebula Awards annually recognize the best works of science fiction or fantasy published in the United States.

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Networked book

A networked book is an open book designed to be written, edited, and read in a networked environment.

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NLS (computer system)

NLS, or the "oN-Line System", was a revolutionary computer collaboration system from the 1960s.

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Nook Color

The Nook Color is a tablet computer/e-reader that was marketed by Barnes & Noble.

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Nook Simple Touch

The Nook Simple Touch (also called the Nook Touch) is the second generation Nook e-reader developed by Barnes & Noble.

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Nook Tablet

The Nook Tablet (sometimes styled NOOK Tablet) is a tablet e-reader/media player that was produced and marketed by Barnes & Noble.

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O'Reilly Media

O'Reilly Media (formerly O'Reilly & Associates) is an American media company established by Tim O'Reilly that publishes books and Web sites and produces conferences on computer technology topics.

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Online book

An online book is a resource in book-like form that is only available to read on the Internet.

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Open eBook

Open eBook (or OEB), or formally, the Open eBook Publication Structure (OEBPS), is a legacy e-book format which has been superseded by the EPUB format.

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Open Library

Open Library is an online project intended to create "one web page for every book ever published".

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Optical character recognition

Optical character recognition (also optical character reader, OCR) is the mechanical or electronic conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text, whether from a scanned document, a photo of a document, a scene-photo (for example the text on signs and billboards in a landscape photo) or from subtitle text superimposed on an image (for example from a television broadcast).

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OverDrive, Inc.

Rakuten OverDrive, Inc. is an American digital distributor of eBooks, audiobooks, music, and video titles.

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Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press (OUP) is the largest university press in the world, and the second oldest after Cambridge University Press.

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Oyster (company)

Oyster was a streaming service for digital e-books, available for Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, and NOOK HD/HD+ devices.

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Palm, Inc.

Palm, Inc. was an American company that specialized in manufacturing personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other electronics.

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PARC (company)

PARC (Palo Alto Research Center; formerly Xerox PARC) is a research and development company in Palo Alto, California, with a distinguished reputation for its contributions to information technology and hardware systems.

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The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format developed in the 1990s to present documents, including text formatting and images, in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems.

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Penguin Group

The Penguin Group is a trade book publisher and part of Penguin Random House.

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Penguin Random House

Penguin Random House (PRH) is an American multinational publishing company formed in 2013 from the merger of Random House (owned by German media conglomerate Bertelsmann) and Penguin Group (owned by British publishing company Pearson PLC).

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Peter James (writer)

Peter James (born 22 August 1948) is an international British writer of crime fiction.

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Playster is a global subscription-based entertainment service, providing on-demand movies, television shows, music, video games, ebooks and audiobooks.

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PocketBook International

PocketBook is a multinational company which produces e-book readers based on E Ink technology (an electronic paper technology) under the PocketBook brand.

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Polytechnic University of Milan

The italic (Polytechnic University of Milan) is the largest technical university in Italy, with about 42,000 students.

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A portmanteau or portmanteau word is a linguistic blend of words,, p. 644 in which parts of multiple words or their phones (sounds) are combined into a new word, as in smog, coined by blending smoke and fog, or motel, from motor and hotel.

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Premium pricing

Premium pricing (also called image pricing or prestige pricing) is the practice of keeping the price of a product or service artificially high in order to encourage favorable perceptions among buyers, based solely on the price.

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Principles of Biology

Principles of Biology is a college level biology electronic textbook published by Nature Publishing in 2011.

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Print on demand

Print-on-demand (POD) is a printing technology and business process in which book copies (or other documents) are not printed until the company receives an order, allowing prints of singular or small quantities.

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Privacy is the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves, or information about themselves, and thereby express themselves selectively.

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Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg (PG) is a volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works, to "encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks".

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Public domain

The public domain consists of all the creative works to which no exclusive intellectual property rights apply.

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Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly (PW) is an American weekly trade news magazine targeted at publishers, librarians, booksellers and literary agents.

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PubMed is a free search engine accessing primarily the MEDLINE database of references and abstracts on life sciences and biomedical topics.

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PubMed Central

PubMed Central (PMC) is a free digital repository that archives publicly accessible full-text scholarly articles that have been published within the biomedical and life sciences journal literature.

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Pubsoft is a cloud-based eBook publishing platform headquartered in Houston, Texas.

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Random House

Random House is an American book publisher and the largest general-interest paperback publisher in the world.

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Richard Popkin

Richard Henry Popkin (December 27, 1923 – April 14, 2005) was an academic philosopher who specialized in the history of enlightenment philosophy and early modern anti-dogmatism.

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Riding the Bullet

Riding the Bullet is a horror novella by American writer Stephen King.

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Robert Rodman

Robert Rodman was a professor of computer science at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Roberto Busa

Roberto Busa (November 28, 1913 – August 9, 2011) was an Italian Jesuit priest and one of the pioneers in the usage of computers for linguistic and literary analysis.

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Rocket eBook

The Rocket eBook is an early commercial handheld e-reader that was produced by NuvoMedia in late 1998; it uses a LCD screen and can store up to ten e-books.

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Roderick Chisholm

Roderick Milton Chisholm (November 27, 1916 – January 19, 1999) was an American philosopher known for his work on epistemology, metaphysics, free will, value theory, and the philosophy of perception.

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Science Museum, London

The Science Museum is a major museum on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, London.

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Scribd is a digital library, e-book and audiobook subscription service that includes one million titles.

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Simon & Schuster

Simon & Schuster, Inc., a subsidiary of CBS Corporation, is an American publishing company founded in New York City in 1924 by Richard Simon and Max Schuster.

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A smartphone is a handheld personal computer with a mobile operating system and an integrated mobile broadband cellular network connection for voice, SMS, and Internet data communication; most, if not all, smartphones also support Wi-Fi.

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SoftBook was one of the first commercial handheld e-readers produced for reading e-books that released in 1998 by SoftBook Press, Inc.

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Software as a service

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted.

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is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo.

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Sony Reader

The Sony Reader was a line of e-book readers manufactured by Sony, who invented the first commercial E Ink e-reader with the Sony Librie in 2004.

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Sound film

A sound film is a motion picture with synchronized sound, or sound technologically coupled to image, as opposed to a silent film.

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Spain (España), officially the Kingdom of Spain (Reino de España), is a sovereign state mostly located on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe.

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Speech synthesis

Speech synthesis is the artificial production of human speech.

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SRI International

SRI International (SRI) is an American nonprofit research institute headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

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Standard Generalized Markup Language

The Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML; ISO 8879:1986) is a standard for defining generalized markup languages for documents.

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Stephen King

Stephen Edwin King (born September 21, 1947) is an American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy.

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Supreme Court of the United States

The Supreme Court of the United States (sometimes colloquially referred to by the acronym SCOTUS) is the highest federal court of the United States.

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Tablet computer

A tablet computer, commonly shortened to tablet, is a portable personal computer, typically with a mobile operating system and LCD touchscreen display processing circuitry, and a rechargeable battery in a single thin, flat package.

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Ted Nelson

Theodor Holm "Ted" Nelson (born June 17, 1937) is an American pioneer of information technology, philosopher, and sociologist.

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TeX (see below), stylized within the system as TeX, is a typesetting system (or "formatting system") designed and mostly written by Donald Knuth and released in 1978.

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Text Encoding Initiative

The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) is a text-centric community of practice in the academic field of digital humanities, operating continuously since the 1980s.

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A textbook or coursebook (UK English) is a manual of instruction in any branch of study.

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The Goldfinch (novel)

The Goldfinch is the third novel by American author Donna Tartt.

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The Guardian

The Guardian is a British daily newspaper.

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (sometimes referred to as HG2G, HHGTTG or H2G2) is a comedy science fiction series created by Douglas Adams.

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The New York Times

The New York Times (sometimes abbreviated as The NYT or The Times) is an American newspaper based in New York City with worldwide influence and readership.

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The Sentimentalists (novel)

The Sentimentalists is a novel by Canadian writer Johanna Skibsrud, which was the winner of the 2010 Scotiabank Giller Prize.

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The Verge

The Verge is an American technology news and media network operated by Vox Media.

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The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is a U.S. business-focused, English-language international daily newspaper based in New York City.

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Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225 – 7 March 1274) was an Italian Dominican friar, Catholic priest, and Doctor of the Church.

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Time (magazine)

Time is an American weekly news magazine and news website published in New York City.

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Tor Books

Tor Books is the primary imprint of Tom Doherty Associates, a publishing company based in New York City.

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Toronto Star

The Toronto Star is a Canadian broadsheet daily newspaper.

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain,Usage is mixed with some organisations, including the and preferring to use Britain as shorthand for Great Britain is a sovereign country in western Europe.

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United States Declaration of Independence

The United States Declaration of Independence is the statement adopted by the Second Continental Congress meeting at the Pennsylvania State House (now known as Independence Hall) in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776.

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United States Department of Justice

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ), also known as the Justice Department, is a federal executive department of the U.S. government, responsible for the enforcement of the law and administration of justice in the United States, equivalent to the justice or interior ministries of other countries. The department was formed in 1870 during the Ulysses S. Grant administration. The Department of Justice administers several federal law enforcement agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The department is responsible for investigating instances of financial fraud, representing the United States government in legal matters (such as in cases before the Supreme Court), and running the federal prison system. The department is also responsible for reviewing the conduct of local law enforcement as directed by the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. The department is headed by the United States Attorney General, who is nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate and is a member of the Cabinet. The current Attorney General is Jeff Sessions.

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United States National Library of Medicine

The United States National Library of Medicine (NLM), operated by the United States federal government, is the world's largest medical library.

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United States Navy

The United States Navy (USN) is the naval warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the seven uniformed services of the United States.

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United States patent law

Under United States law, a patent is a right granted to the inventor of a (1) process, machine, article of manufacture, or composition of matter, (2) that is new, useful, and non-obvious.

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University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign

The University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign (also known as U of I, Illinois, or colloquially as the University of Illinois or UIUC) is a public research university in the U.S. state of Illinois and the flagship institution of the University of Illinois System.

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Voyager Company

The Voyager Company was a pioneer in CD-ROM production in the 1980s and early 1990s.

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Washington State University Vancouver

Washington State University Vancouver is a campus of Washington State University, located on a campus in Vancouver, Washington, approximately eight miles (13 km) north of the Columbia River and 17 miles north of downtown Portland, Oregon.

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Waterproofing is the process of making an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant so that it remains relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions.

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Web fiction

Web fiction is written work of literature available primarily or solely on the Internet.

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A website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server.

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Wi-Fi or WiFi is technology for radio wireless local area networking of devices based on the IEEE 802.11 standards.

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Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) is part of the family of XML markup languages.

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In computing, Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable.

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