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Earned run

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In baseball, an earned run is any run that was fully enabled by the offensive team's production in the face of competent play from the defensive team. [1]

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Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played between two opposing teams who take turns batting and fielding.

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Baseball statistics

Baseball statistics play an important role in evaluating a player's and/or team's progress.

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Box score (baseball)

In baseball, the statistical summary of a game is reported in a box score.

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Carlos Santana (baseball)

Carlos Santana (born April 8, 1986) is a Dominican professional baseball first baseman, designated hitter, and catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball (MLB).

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Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians are an American professional baseball team based in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Earned run average

In baseball statistics, earned run average (ERA) is the mean of earned runs given up by a pitcher per nine innings pitched (i.e. the traditional length of a game).

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Error (baseball)

In baseball statistics, an error is an act, in the judgment of the official scorer, of a fielder misplaying a ball in a manner that allows a batter or baserunner to advance one or more bases or allows an at bat to continue after the batter should have been put out.

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Fielder's choice

In baseball, fielder's choice (abbreviated FC) refers to a variety of plays involving an offensive player reaching a base due to the defense's attempt to put out another baserunner, or the defensive team's indifference to his advance.

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Hit (baseball)

In baseball statistics, a hit (denoted by H), also called a base hit, is credited to a batter when the batter safely reaches first base after hitting the ball into fair territory, without the benefit of an error or a fielder's choice.

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Home run

In baseball, a home run (abbreviated HR) is scored when the ball is hit in such a way that the batter is able to circle the bases and reach home safely in one play without any errors being committed by the defensive team in the process.

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Innings pitched

In baseball, innings pitched (IP) are the number of innings a pitcher has completed, measured by the number of batters and baserunners that are put out while the pitcher is on the pitching mound in a game.

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Interference (baseball)

In baseball, interference occurs in situations in which a person illegally changes the course of play from what is expected.

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Justin Verlander

Justin Brooks Verlander (born February 20, 1983) is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Houston Astros of Major League Baseball (MLB).

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Miguel Cabrera

José Miguel Cabrera Torres (born April 18, 1983), commonly known as Miguel Cabrera and nicknamed "Miggy", is a Venezuelan professional baseball player.

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Official scorer

In the game of baseball, the official scorer is a person appointed by the league to record the events on the field, and to send the official scoring record of the game back to the league offices.

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Passed ball

In baseball, a catcher is charged with a passed ball when he fails to hold or control a legally pitched ball that, with ordinary effort, should have been maintained under his control, and, as a result of this loss of control, the batter or a runner on base advances.

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Pinch hitter

In baseball, a pinch hitter is a substitute batter.

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Pinch runner

A pinch runner is a baseball player substituted for the specific purpose of replacing a player on base.

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Run (baseball)

In baseball, a run is scored when a player advances around first, second and third base and returns safely to home plate, touching the bases in that order, before three outs are recorded and all obligations to reach base safely on batted balls are met or assured.

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Run average

In baseball statistics, run average (RA) refers to measures of the rate at which runs are allowed or scored.

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Shane Greene

Shane Greene (born November 17, 1988) is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball (MLB).

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In baseball or softball, a strikeout (or strike-out) occurs when a batter racks up three strikes during a time at bat.

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Third baseman

A third baseman, abbreviated 3B, is the player in baseball whose responsibility is to defend the area nearest to third base — the third of four bases a baserunner must touch in succession to score a run.

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Wild pitch

In baseball, a wild pitch (abbreviated WP) is charged against a pitcher when his pitch is too high, too short, or too wide of home plate for the catcher to control with ordinary effort, thereby allowing a baserunner, perhaps even the batter-runner on an uncaught third strike, to advance.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earned_run

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