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Edern ap Nudd

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Edern ap Nudd (Hiderus; Old Yder or Ydier) was a knight of the Round Table in Arthur's court in early Arthurian tradition. [1]

27 relations: Cardiff, Chrétien de Troyes, Common Brittonic, Creiddylad, Culhwch and Olwen, Edern, Gwynedd, Erec and Enide, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Geraint, Guinevere, Gwyn ap Nudd, Historia Regum Britanniae, Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, Jousting, King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table, Lludd Llaw Eraint, Matter of Britain, Modena Cathedral, Morgan Tud, Roman de Brut, Romanz du reis Yder, Saxons, St Edern's Church, Bodedern, The Dream of Rhonabwy, Wace, Welsh language.


Cardiff (Caerdydd) is the capital of, and largest city in, Wales, and the eleventh-largest city in the United Kingdom.

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Chrétien de Troyes

Chrétien de Troyes was a late-12th-century French poet and trouvère known for his work on Arthurian subjects, and for originating the character Lancelot.

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Common Brittonic

Common Brittonic was an ancient Celtic language spoken in Britain.

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Creiddylad (also known as Creirddylad, Creurdilad, Creudylad or Kreiddylat), daughter of King Lludd, is a minor character in the early medieval Welsh Arthurian tale Culhwch ac Olwen.

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Culhwch and Olwen

Culhwch and Olwen (Culhwch ac Olwen) is a Welsh tale that survives in only two manuscripts about a hero connected with Arthur and his warriors: a complete version in the Red Book of Hergest, ca.

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Edern, Gwynedd

Edern, formerly known as Edeyrn, is a village former civil parish, and has half of the village as a micro-state.

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Erec and Enide

Erec and Enide (Érec et Énide) is the first of Chrétien de Troyes' five romance poems, completed around 1170.

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Geoffrey of Monmouth

Geoffrey of Monmouth (Galfridus Monemutensis, Galfridus Arturus, Gruffudd ap Arthur, Sieffre o Fynwy; c. 1095 – c. 1155) was a British cleric and one of the major figures in the development of British historiography and the popularity of tales of King Arthur.

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Geraint is a character from Welsh folklore and Arthurian legend, a king of Dumnonia and a valiant warrior.

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Guinevere (Gwenhwyfar; Gwenivar), often written as Guenevere or Gwenevere, is the wife of King Arthur in Arthurian legend.

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Gwyn ap Nudd

Gwyn ap Nudd (sometimes found with the antiquated spelling Gwynn ap Nudd) is a Welsh mythological figure, the king of the Tylwyth Teg or "fair folk" and ruler of the Welsh Otherworld, Annwn, and whose name means “white son of Nudd”.

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Historia Regum Britanniae

Historia regum Britanniae (The History of the Kings of Britain), originally called De gestis Britonum (On the Deeds of the Britons), is a pseudohistorical account of British history, written around 1136 by Geoffrey of Monmouth.

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Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion

The Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion (Anrhydeddus Gymdeithas y Cymmrodorion), often called simply the Cymmrodorion, is a London-based Welsh learned society, with membership open to all.

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Jousting is a martial game or hastilude between two horsemen wielding lances with blunted tips, often as part of a tournament.

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King Arthur

King Arthur is a legendary British leader who, according to medieval histories and romances, led the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders in the late 5th and early 6th centuries.

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Knights of the Round Table

The Knights of the Round Table were the knightly members of the legendary fellowship of the King Arthur in the literary cycle of the Matter of Britain, in which the first written record of them appears in the Roman de Brut written by the Norman poet Wace in 1155.

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Lludd Llaw Eraint

Lludd Llaw Ereint, "Lludd of the Silver Hand", son of Beli Mawr, is a legendary hero from Welsh mythology.

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Matter of Britain

The Matter of Britain is the body of Medieval literature and legendary material associated with Great Britain, and sometimes Brittany, and the legendary kings and heroes associated with it, particularly King Arthur.

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Modena Cathedral

Modena Cathedral (Cattedrale Metropolitana di Santa Maria Assunta e San Geminiano but colloquially known as simply Duomo di Modena) is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Modena, Italy, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Saint Geminianus.

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Morgan Tud

Morgan Tud is the head physician of King Arthur's court in early Arthurian tales.

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Roman de Brut

Roman de Brut (meaning "Novel of Brut") or "Brut" is a verse literary history of Britain by the poet Wace.

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Romanz du reis Yder

The Romanz du reis Yder ('Romance of King Yder') is a medieval Anglo-Norman Arthurian romance, of which 6,769 octosyllablic verse lines survive.

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The Saxons (Saxones, Sachsen, Seaxe, Sahson, Sassen, Saksen) were a Germanic people whose name was given in the early Middle Ages to a large country (Old Saxony, Saxonia) near the North Sea coast of what is now Germany.

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St Edern's Church, Bodedern

St Edern's Church, Bodedern (sometimes referred to as St Edeyrn's Church) is a medieval parish church in the village of Bodedern, in Anglesey, north Wales.

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The Dream of Rhonabwy

The Dream of Rhonabwy (Breuddwyd Rhonabwy) is a Middle Welsh prose tale.

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Wace (1110 – after 1174), sometimes referred to as Robert Wace, was a Norman poet, who was born in Jersey and brought up in mainland Normandy (he tells us in the Roman de Rou that he was taken as a child to Caen), ending his career as Canon of Bayeux.

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Welsh language

Welsh (Cymraeg or y Gymraeg) is a member of the Brittonic branch of the Celtic languages.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edern_ap_Nudd

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