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Index Electronicore

Electronicore (also known as synthcore or trancecore) describes a stylistic fusion of post-hardcore and metalcore with elements of various electronic music genres, such as trance, electronica, and dubstep. [1]

93 relations: Abandon All Ships, AllMusic, Alternative Press (magazine), American Awesome Alliance, Area 11 (band), Arsonists Get All the Girls, Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack!, Auto-Tune, Bass guitar, Blood Stain Child, Breakdown (music), Breathe Carolina, Bring Me the Horizon, Capture (band), Chiptune, Common Dreads, Crabcore, Crossfaith, Crunk, Crunkcore, Cyber metal, Dance-punk, Dead by April, Digital hardcore, Drum kit, Dubstep, Electric guitar, Electro (music), Electronic dance music, Electronic music, Electronica, Electronics in rock music, England, Enter Shikari, Escape the Day, Eskimo Callboy, Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas (band), Germany, Ghost Town (band), Hardcore punk, Horse the Band, I See Stars, I Set My Friends on Fire, Independent Media Center, Industrial metal, Jamie's Elsewhere, Kerrang!, Keyboard instrument, Left-wing politics, ..., Make Me Famous, Metalcore, Music sequencer, Nintendocore, NME, One Morning Left, Palisades (band), Peace Burial at Sea, Phonograph, Portmanteau, Post-hardcore, Punk Goes Pop Volume 4, Punk Goes..., Punk rock, Rock music, Rock Sound, Sampler (musical instrument), Screaming (music), Screamo, Silent Descent, Singing, Skip The Foreplay, Sky Eats Airplane, Sociology, St Albans, Starset, Sumerian Records, Synthesizer, Techno, That's Outrageous!, The Browning, The Bunny the Bear, The Harvard Crimson, The Phoenix (newspaper), TiVo Corporation, Trance music, UK Albums Chart, Upon This Dawning, Video game music, We Butter the Bread with Butter, Woe, Is Me, You and What Army, 3-D (I See Stars album). Expand index (43 more) »

Abandon All Ships

Abandon All Ships is a Canadian metalcore band from Toronto, Ontario.

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AllMusic (previously known as All Music Guide or AMG) is an online music guide.

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Alternative Press (magazine)

Alternative Press is an American music magazine based in Cleveland, Ohio.

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American Awesome Alliance

American Awesome Alliance is an American post-hardcore band from Orlando, Florida.

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Area 11 (band)

Area 11 is an English rock band from Nottingham, England.

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Arsonists Get All the Girls

Arsonists Get All the Girls is an American metal band from Santa Cruz, California.

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Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria are an English rock band from York, North Yorkshire, consisting of lead vocalist Danny Worsnop, guitarists Ben Bruce and Cameron Liddell, drummer James Cassells and bassist Sam Bettley.

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Attack Attack!

Attack Attack! was an American metalcore band from Westerville, Ohio, United States, formed in 2007 originally as Ambiance, later changing their name.

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Auto-Tune is an audio processor created by Antares Audio Technologies which uses a proprietary device to measure and alter pitch in vocal and instrumental music recording and performances.

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Bass guitar

The bass guitar (also known as electric bass, or bass) is a stringed instrument similar in appearance and construction to an electric guitar, except with a longer neck and scale length, and four to six strings or courses.

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Blood Stain Child

Blood Stain Child (stylised as BLOOD STAIN CHILD) is a Japanese heavy metal band from the city of Osaka.

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Breakdown (music)

In music, a breakdown is part of a song in which various instruments have solo parts (breaks).

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Breathe Carolina

Breathe Carolina is an American electronic duo from Denver, Colorado, composed of David Schmitt and Tommy Cooperman.

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Bring Me the Horizon

Bring Me the Horizon, often known by the acronym BMTH, are an English rock band from Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

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Capture (band)

Capture (formerly known as Capture the Crown) is an Australian metalcore band formed in early 2010 after the break-up of another metalcore outfit, Atlanta Takes State.

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Chiptune, also known as chip music or 8-bit music, is synthesized electronic music which is made for programmable sound generator (PSG) sound chips used in vintage computers, consoles, and arcade machines.

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Common Dreads

Common Dreads is the second studio album by English rock band Enter Shikari released on 15 June 2009 and 16 June in the US.

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Crabcore is an internet meme that originated in 2009, mocking metalcore guitarists who squat low with their legs spread in a "crab-like" stance while performing.

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Crossfaith (クロスフェイス) is a Japanese heavy metal band from Osaka that was formed in 2006.

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Crunk is a subgenre of hip hop music that emerged in the early 1990s and gained mainstream success during the mid 2000s.

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Crunkcore (also called crunk punk, screamo-crunk, and scrunk) is a fusion genre characterized by the combination of cultural and musical elements from crunk, screamo, pop, electronic and dance music.

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Cyber metal

Cyber metal is a subgenre of industrial metal music which incorporates numerous elements found predominantly in EBM and Aggrotech, including the use of more melodic and less repetitive riffs, in opposition to mostly metallic and mechanical sound of industrial music.

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Dance-punk (also known as disco-punk or funk-punk) is a music genre that emerged in the late 1970s, and is closely associated with the post-punk and new wave movements.

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Dead by April

Dead by April is a Swedish metalcore band from Gothenburg, formed in February 2007 by Pontus Hjelm and Jimmie Strimell.

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Digital hardcore

Digital hardcore is a fusion genre of hardcore punk, industrial metal, and electronic music such as hardcore techno, breakcore and drum and bass.

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Drum kit

A drum kit — also called a drum set, trap set, or simply drums — is a collection of drums and other percussion instruments, typically cymbals, which are set up on stands to be played by a single player, with drumsticks held in both hands, and the feet operating pedals that control the hi-hat cymbal and the beater for the bass drum.

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Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London in the late 1990s.

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Electric guitar

An electric guitar is a guitar that uses one or more pickups to convert the vibration of its strings into electrical signals.

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Electro (music)

Electro (or electro-funk).

New!!: Electronicore and Electro (music) · See more »

Electronic dance music

Electronic dance music (also known as EDM, dance music, club music, or simply dance) is a broad range of percussive electronic music genres made largely for nightclubs, raves, and festivals.

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Electronic music

Electronic music is music that employs electronic musical instruments, digital instruments and circuitry-based music technology.

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Electronica encompasses a broad group of electronic-based styles such as techno, house, ambient, jungle and other electronic music styles intended not just for dancing.

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Electronics in rock music

The use of electronic music technology in rock music coincided with the practical availability of electronic musical instruments and the genre's emergence as a distinct style.

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England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.

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Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari are a British alternative rock band formed in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England in 1999 under the name Hybryd by bassist Chris Batten, lead vocalist and keyboardist Roughton "Rou" Reynolds, and drummer Rob Rolfe.

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Escape the Day

Escape the Day is a Swedish metalcore band from Gothenburg, formed in 2007, as Mindscape, by Sebastian Westman and Patrick Möhlenbrock.

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Eskimo Callboy

Eskimo Callboy is a German metalcore band formed in Castrop-Rauxel in 2010.

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Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas (band)

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas (Japanese フィアー·アンド·ロージング·イン·ラスベガス) is a Japanese post-hardcore band from Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, formed in summer 2008.

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Germany (Deutschland), officially the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland), is a sovereign state in central-western Europe.

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Ghost Town (band)

Ghost Town is an American electronic band from Los Angeles, California.

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Hardcore punk

Hardcore punk (often abbreviated to hardcore) is a punk rock music genre and subculture that originated in the late 1970s.

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Horse the Band

Horse the band (stylized as HORSE the band) is an American metalcore band from Lake Forest, California who are best known for their 8-bit videogame-influenced sound combined with metal-core.

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I See Stars

I See Stars is an American electronicore band that formed in 2006 based in Warren, Michigan.

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I Set My Friends on Fire

I Set My Friends on Fire (ISMFOF) is an experimental rock group from Miami, Florida.

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Independent Media Center

The Independent Media Center (also known as Indymedia or IMC) is a far-left open publishing network of journalist collectives that report on political and social issues.

New!!: Electronicore and Independent Media Center · See more »

Industrial metal

Industrial metal is the fusion of heavy metal music and industrial music, typically employing repeating metal guitar riffs, sampling, synthesizer or sequencer lines, and distorted vocals.

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Jamie's Elsewhere

Jamie's Elsewhere was an American post-hardcore band formed in Sacramento, California in 2005.

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Kerrang! is a UK-based magazine devoted to rock music, currently published by Wasted Talent (the same company that owns electronic music publication Mixmag).

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Keyboard instrument

A keyboard instrument is a musical instrument played using a keyboard, a row of levers which are pressed by the fingers.

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Left-wing politics

Left-wing politics supports social equality and egalitarianism, often in opposition to social hierarchy.

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Make Me Famous

Make Me Famous were a Ukrainian metalcore band.

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Metalcore is a fusion genre combining elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk.

New!!: Electronicore and Metalcore · See more »

Music sequencer

A music sequencer (or simply sequencer) is a device or application software that can record, edit, or play back music, by handling note and performance information in several forms, typically CV/Gate, MIDI, or Open Sound Control (OSC), and possibly audio and automation data for DAWs and plug-ins.

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Nintendocore (also known as Nintendo rock, nerdcore, and video game rock) is a broadly defined music genre that fuses chiptune and video game music with modern hardcore punk and heavy metal and various associated rock music styles.

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New Musical Express (NME) is a British music journalism website and former magazine that has been published since 1952.

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One Morning Left

One Morning Left is a Finnish metalcore band.

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Palisades (band)

Palisades is an American post-hardcore band from Iselin, New Jersey, United States.

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Peace Burial at Sea

Peace Burial At Sea were a Newcastle upon Tyne-based four-piece post-rock band which combined elements of post-hardcore with electronic textures, incorporating lyrical themes inspired by Soviet propaganda, horror films, science fiction, and the occult.

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The phonograph is a device for the mechanical recording and reproduction of sound.

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A portmanteau or portmanteau word is a linguistic blend of words,, p. 644 in which parts of multiple words or their phones (sounds) are combined into a new word, as in smog, coined by blending smoke and fog, or motel, from motor and hotel.

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Post-hardcore is a punk rock music genre that maintains the aggression and intensity of hardcore punk but emphasizes a greater degree of creative expression initially inspired by post-punk and noise rock.

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Punk Goes Pop Volume 4

Punk Goes Pop Volume 4 is the twelfth compilation album in the Punk Goes... series created by Fearless Records and the fourth installment in the Punk Goes Pop franchise to feature bands covering mainstream pop music.

New!!: Electronicore and Punk Goes Pop Volume 4 · See more »

Punk Goes...

Punk Goes... is a series of pop albums released by Fearless Records in which "punk rock" bands perform covers of songs from other genres.

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Punk rock

Punk rock (or "punk") is a rock music genre that developed in the mid-1970s in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

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Rock music

Rock music is a broad genre of popular music that originated as "rock and roll" in the United States in the early 1950s, and developed into a range of different styles in the 1960s and later, particularly in the United Kingdom and in the United States.

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Rock Sound

Rock Sound is a British magazine which covers rock music.

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Sampler (musical instrument)

A sampler is an electronic or digital musical instrument similar in some respects to a synthesizer, but instead of generating new sounds with filters, it uses sound recordings (or "samples") of real instrument sounds (e.g., a piano, violin or trumpet), excerpts from recorded songs (e.g., a five-second bass guitar riff from a funk song) or other sounds (e.g., sirens and ocean waves).

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Screaming (music)

Screaming is an extended vocal technique that is mostly popular in "aggressive" music genres such as heavy metal, punk rock, and noise music.

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Screamo (also referred to as skramz) is an aggressive style of emo that emerged in the early 1990s, combining musical intensity with "willfully experimental dissonance and dynamics."Jason Heller, "Feast of Reason".

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Silent Descent

Silent Descent are a six-piece industrial metal band from Dartford, England.

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Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice and augments regular speech by the use of sustained tonality, rhythm, and a variety of vocal techniques.

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Skip The Foreplay

Skip the Foreplay was a trancecore band from Montreal which rose to prominence by covering the song Champagne Showers by LMFAO, getting a contract and releasing an on Epitaph Records and featuring reality TV star Mathieu Maltais on guitar.

New!!: Electronicore and Skip The Foreplay · See more »

Sky Eats Airplane

Sky Eats Airplane was an American post-hardcore band from Fort Worth, Texas.

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Sociology is the scientific study of society, patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture.

New!!: Electronicore and Sociology · See more »

St Albans

St Albans is a city in Hertfordshire, England, and the major urban area in the City and District of St Albans.

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Starset is an American rock band from Columbus, Ohio, United States, formed by Dustin Bates in 2013.

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Sumerian Records

Sumerian Records is an American independent record label based in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.

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A synthesizer (often abbreviated as synth, also spelled synthesiser) is an electronic musical instrument that generates electric signals that are converted to sound through instrument amplifiers and loudspeakers or headphones.

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Techno is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States during the mid-to-late 1980s.

New!!: Electronicore and Techno · See more »

That's Outrageous!

That's Outrageous! was an American post-hardcore band from Poughkeepsie, New York, formed in the winter of 2010.

New!!: Electronicore and That's Outrageous! · See more »

The Browning

The Browning is an American electronicore/metalcore band from Kansas City, Missouri, United States.

New!!: Electronicore and The Browning · See more »

The Bunny the Bear

The Bunny The Bear are an American post-hardcore band from Buffalo, New York.

New!!: Electronicore and The Bunny the Bear · See more »

The Harvard Crimson

The Harvard Crimson, the daily student newspaper of Harvard University, was founded in 1873.

New!!: Electronicore and The Harvard Crimson · See more »

The Phoenix (newspaper)

The Phoenix (stylized as The Phœnix) was the name of several alternative weekly periodicals published in the United States of America by Phoenix Media/Communications Group of Boston, Massachusetts, including the Portland Phoenix and the now-defunct Boston Phoenix, Providence Phoenix and Worcester Phoenix.

New!!: Electronicore and The Phoenix (newspaper) · See more »

TiVo Corporation

TiVo Corporation (formerly Rovi Corporation and Macrovision Solutions Corporation) is an American technology company.

New!!: Electronicore and TiVo Corporation · See more »

Trance music

Trance is a genre of electronic<!-- The source says electronic music, not electronic dance music ---> music that emerged from the rave scene in the United Kingdom in the late 1980s and developed further during the early 1990s in Germany before spreading throughout the rest of Europe, as a more melodic offshoot from techno and house.

New!!: Electronicore and Trance music · See more »

UK Albums Chart

The Official Albums Chart is a list of albums ranked by physical and digital sales and (from March 2015) audio streaming in the United Kingdom.

New!!: Electronicore and UK Albums Chart · See more »

Upon This Dawning

Upon This Dawning are an Italian metalcore band from Brescia, founded in 2006.

New!!: Electronicore and Upon This Dawning · See more »

Video game music

Video game music is the soundtrack that accompanies video games.

New!!: Electronicore and Video game music · See more »

We Butter the Bread with Butter

We Butter the Bread with Butter is a German metalcore band noted for their heavy use of electronic music characteristics.

New!!: Electronicore and We Butter the Bread with Butter · See more »

Woe, Is Me

Woe, Is Me was an American metalcore band from Atlanta, Georgia.

New!!: Electronicore and Woe, Is Me · See more »

You and What Army

You and What Army are an English four-piece band formed in 2007, originating from Telford.

New!!: Electronicore and You and What Army · See more »

3-D (I See Stars album)

3-D is the debut studio album by American electronicore band I See Stars.

New!!: Electronicore and 3-D (I See Stars album) · See more »

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronicore

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