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Index Epidendroideae

In plant systematics Epidendroideae is a subfamily of the orchid family, Orchidaceae. [1]

44 relations: Arethuseae, Calypsoeae, Coelogyninae, Column (botany), Cymbidieae, Dendrobieae, Diceratostele, Epidendreae, Epidendrum macrocarpum, Epipactis, Epiphyte, Fungus, Genus, Gynoecium, History of plant systematics, Leaf, Locule, Malaxideae, Maxillarieae, Monophyly, Myco-heterotrophy, Mycorrhiza, Neottieae, Nervilieae, Orchidaceae, Ovary (botany), Parasitism, Plant stem, Podochileae, Pollen, Pollinium, Polyphyly, Pseudobulb, Rostellum, Sobraliinae, Species, Stamen, Stipe (botany), Subfamily, Terrestrial plant, Triphoreae, Tropidieae, Vandeae, Xerorchis.


Arethuseae is a mid-sized tribe of orchids in the subfamily Epidendroideae.

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Calypsoeae is an orchid tribe in the subfamily Epidendroideae.

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The Coelogyninae are an orchid subtribe in the tribe Arethuseae.

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Column (botany)

The column, or technically the gynostemium, is a reproductive structure that can be found in several plant families: Aristolochiaceae, Orchidaceae, and Stylidiaceae.

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The Cymbidieae is a tribe within the family of orchids.

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Dendrobieae is a tribe in the subfamily Epidendroideae, in the family Orchidaceae.

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Diceratostele is a genus of flowering plants from the orchid family, Orchidaceae.

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The tribe Epidendreae of the Orchidaceae comprises six subtribes.

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Epidendrum macrocarpum

Epidendrum macrocarpum, widely known as Epidendrum schomburgkii, is a species of orchid in the genus Epidendrum, and the largest-flowering crucifix orchid species.

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Epipactis, or Helleborine, is a genus of terrestrial orchids consisting of approximately 70 species.

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An epiphyte is an organism that grows on the surface of a plant and derives its moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, water (in marine environments) or from debris accumulating around it.

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A fungus (plural: fungi or funguses) is any member of the group of eukaryotic organisms that includes microorganisms such as yeasts and molds, as well as the more familiar mushrooms.

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A genus (genera) is a taxonomic rank used in the biological classification of living and fossil organisms, as well as viruses, in biology.

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Gynoecium (from Ancient Greek γυνή, gyne, meaning woman, and οἶκος, oikos, meaning house) is most commonly used as a collective term for the parts of a flower that produce ovules and ultimately develop into the fruit and seeds.

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History of plant systematics

The history of plant systematics—the biological classification of plants—stretches from the work of ancient Greek to modern evolutionary biologists.

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A leaf is an organ of a vascular plant and is the principal lateral appendage of the stem.

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A locule (plural locules) or loculus (plural loculi) (meaning "little place" in Latin) is a small cavity or compartment within an organ or part of an organism (animal, plant, or fungus).

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Malaxideae is an orchid tribe in the subfamily Epidendroideae.

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Maxillarieae is a large and complex tribe of orchids native to South and Central America.

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In cladistics, a monophyletic group, or clade, is a group of organisms that consists of all the descendants of a common ancestor.

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Myco-heterotrophy (from Greek μύκης mykes, "fungus", ἕτερος heteros, "another", "different" and τροφή trophe, "nutrition") is a symbiotic relationship between certain kinds of plants and fungi, in which the plant gets all or part of its food from parasitism upon fungi rather than from photosynthesis.

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A mycorrhiza (from Greek μύκης mýkēs, "fungus", and ῥίζα rhiza, "root"; pl. mycorrhizae, mycorrhiza or mycorrhizas) is a symbiotic association between a fungus and the roots of a vascular host plant.

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Neottieae is an orchid tribe in the subfamily Epidendroideae.

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Nervilieae is an orchid tribe in the subfamily Epidendroideae.

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The Orchidaceae are a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants, with blooms that are often colourful and fragrant, commonly known as the orchid family.

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Ovary (botany)

In the flowering plants, an ovary is a part of the female reproductive organ of the flower or gynoecium.

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In evolutionary biology, parasitism is a relationship between species, where one organism, the parasite, lives on or in another organism, the host, causing it some harm, and is adapted structurally to this way of life.

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Plant stem

A stem is one of two main structural axes of a vascular plant, the other being the root.

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Podochileae is an orchid tribe in the subfamily Epidendroideae.

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Pollen is a fine to coarse powdery substance comprising pollen grains which are male microgametophytes of seed plants, which produce male gametes (sperm cells).

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A pollinium (plural pollinia) is a coherent mass of pollen grains in a plant that are the product of only one anther, but are transferred, during pollination, as a single unit.

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A polyphyletic group is a set of organisms, or other evolving elements, that have been grouped together but do not share an immediate common ancestor.

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The pseudobulb is a storage organ found in many epiphytic and terrestrial sympodial orchids.

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The rostellum is a projecting part of the column in Orchidaceae flowers, and separates the male androecium from the female gynoecium, commonly preventing self-fertilisation.

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Sobraliinae is a subtribe of orchids (family Orchidaceae).

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In biology, a species is the basic unit of classification and a taxonomic rank, as well as a unit of biodiversity, but it has proven difficult to find a satisfactory definition.

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The stamen (plural stamina or stamens) is the pollen-producing reproductive organ of a flower.

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Stipe (botany)

In botany, a stipe is a stalk that supports some other structure.

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In biological classification, a subfamily (Latin: subfamilia, plural subfamiliae) is an auxiliary (intermediate) taxonomic rank, next below family but more inclusive than genus.

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Terrestrial plant

A terrestrial plant is a plant that grows on or in or from land.

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Triphoreae is an orchid tribe in the subfamily Epidendroideae.

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Tropidieae is an orchid tribe in the subfamily Epidendroideae.

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The Vandeae is a large monophyletic tribe within the family of orchids.

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Xerorchis (from Greek xeros, dry, and orchis, testicle-shaped) is an orchid genus in the subfamily Epidendroideae, and the sole representative of tribe Xerorchideae.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epidendroideae

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