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Field army

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A field army (or numbered army or simply army) is a military formation in many armed forces, composed of two or more corps and may be subordinate to an army group. [1]

31 relations: Aegean Army, Air army, Air force, Army group, Army of the Niemen, British Army of the Rhine, Combined arms, Comitatenses, Corps, Division (military), English language, Field Commander, Front (military formation), General officer, Imperial Japanese Army, Lieutenant general, Limitanei, List of numbered armies, List of Soviet armies, Military district, Military history, Military organization, Motorized infantry, NATO, Numeral (linguistics), Ordinal number (linguistics), Red Army, Roman army, Roman emperor, Roman numerals, Soviet Air Forces.

Aegean Army

The Aegean Army or Fourth Army is one of the four main formations of the Turkish Army.

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Air army

Air army is a term used in several countries, notably France, as the equivalent term to air force.

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Air force

An air force, also known in some countries as an aerospace force or air army, is in the broadest sense, the national military branch that primarily conducts aerial warfare.

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Army group

An army group is a military organization consisting of several field armies, which is self-sufficient for indefinite periods.

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Army of the Niemen

The Army of the Niemen (Njemen-Armee) was an army level command of the German Army in World War I.

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British Army of the Rhine

There have been two formations named British Army of the Rhine (BAOR).

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Combined arms

Combined arms is an approach to warfare which seeks to integrate different combat arms of a military to achieve mutually complementary effects (for example, using infantry and armor in an urban environment, where one supports the other, or both support each other).

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The comitatenses and later the palatini were the units of the field armies of the late Roman Empire.

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Corps (plural corps; via French, from the Latin corpus "body") is a term used for several different kinds of organisation.

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Division (military)

A division is a large military unit or formation, usually consisting of between 10,000 and 20,000 soldiers.

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English language

English is a West Germanic language that was first spoken in early medieval England and is now a global lingua franca.

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Field Commander

Field Commander is a military turn-based tactics game for the PlayStation Portable.

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Front (military formation)

A front (фронт, front) is a type of military formation that originated in the Russian Empire, and has been used by the Polish Army, the Red Army, the Soviet Army, and Turkey.

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General officer

A general officer is an officer of high rank in the army, and in some nations' air forces or marines.

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Imperial Japanese Army

The Imperial Japanese Army (IJA; Dai-Nippon Teikoku Rikugun; "Army of the Greater Japanese Empire") was the official ground-based armed force of the Empire of Japan from 1868 to 1945.

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Lieutenant general

Lieutenant general, lieutenant-general and similar (abbrev Lt Gen, LTG and similar) is a three-star military rank (NATO code OF-8) used in many countries.

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The limitanei or ripenses, meaning respectively "the soldiers in frontier districts" (from the Latin phrase limes, meaning a military district of a frontier province) or "the soldiers on the riverbank" (from the Rhine and Danube), were an important part of the late Roman and early Byzantine army after the reorganizations of the late 3rd and early 4th centuries.

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List of numbered armies

This is a list of armies arranged by ordinal number.

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List of Soviet armies

An army, besides the generalized meanings of ‘a country's armed forces’ or its ‘land forces’, is a type of formation in militaries of various countries, including the Soviet Union.

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Military district

Military districts (also called military regions) are formations of a state's armed forces (often of the Army) which are responsible for a certain area of territory.

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Military history

Military history is a humanities discipline within the scope of general historical recording of armed conflict in the history of humanity, and its impact on the societies, their cultures, economies and changing local and international relationships.

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Military organization

Military organization or military organisation is the structuring of the armed forces of a state so as to offer military capability required by the national defense policy.

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Motorized infantry

In NATO and most other western countries, motorized infantry is infantry that is transported by trucks or other un-protected motor vehicles.

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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO; Organisation du Traité de l'Atlantique Nord; OTAN), also called the North Atlantic Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance between 29 North American and European countries.

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Numeral (linguistics)

In linguistics, a numeral is a member of a part of speech characterized by the designation of numbers; some examples are the English word 'two' and the compound 'seventy-seventh'.

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Ordinal number (linguistics)

In linguistics, ordinal numbers (or ordinal numerals) are words representing position or rank in a sequential order; the order may be of size, importance, chronology, and so on (e.g., "third", "tertiary").

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Red Army

The Workers' and Peasants' Red Army (Рабоче-крестьянская Красная армия (РККА), Raboche-krest'yanskaya Krasnaya armiya (RKKA), frequently shortened in Russian to Красная aрмия (КА), Krasnaya armiya (KA), in English: Red Army, also in critical literature and folklore of that epoch – Red Horde, Army of Work) was the army and the air force of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, and, after 1922, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

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Roman army

The Roman army (Latin: exercitus Romanus) is a term that can in general be applied to the terrestrial armed forces deployed by the Romans throughout the duration of Ancient Rome, from the Roman Kingdom (to c. 500 BC) to the Roman Republic (500–31 BC) and the Roman Empire (31 BC – 395), and its medieval continuation the Eastern Roman Empire.

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Roman emperor

The Roman Emperor was the ruler of the Roman Empire during the imperial period (starting in 27 BC).

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Roman numerals

The numeric system represented by Roman numerals originated in ancient Rome and remained the usual way of writing numbers throughout Europe well into the Late Middle Ages.

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Soviet Air Forces

The Soviet Air Forces (r (VVS), literally "Military Air Forces") was the official designation of one of the air forces of the Soviet Union.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Field_army

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