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Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited is a New Zealand multinational dairy co-operative owned by around 10,500 New Zealand farmers. [1]

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Anchor (brand)

Anchor is a brand of dairy products that was founded in New Zealand in 1886 and is one of the key brands owned by the New Zealand-based international exporter Fonterra Co−operative Group.

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Auckland is a city in New Zealand's North Island.

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Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands.

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Beehive (New Zealand)

The Beehive is the common name for the Executive Wing of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings, located at the corner of Molesworth Street and Lambton Quay, Wellington.

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Bega Cheese

Bega Cheese is an Australian dairy company based in the town of Bega, New South Wales.

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Botulism is a rare and potentially fatal illness caused by a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

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Butter is a dairy product containing up to 80% butterfat (in commercial products) which is solid when chilled and at room temperature in some regions and liquid when warmed.

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Casein ("kay-seen", from Latin caseus, "cheese") is a family of related phosphoproteins (αS1, αS2, β, κ).

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Cheese is a dairy product derived from milk that is produced in a wide range of flavors, textures, and forms by coagulation of the milk protein casein.

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China, officially the People's Republic of China (PRC), is a unitary one-party sovereign state in East Asia and the world's most populous country, with a population of around /1e9 round 3 billion.

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Clostridium botulinum

Clostridium botulinum is a Gram-positive, rod-shaped, anaerobic, spore-forming, motile bacterium with the ability to produce the neurotoxin botulinum.

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Commerce Commission

The Commerce Commission is a New Zealand government agency charged with enforcing legislation that promotes competition in the country's markets and prohibits misleading and deceptive conduct by traders.

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A cooperative (also known as co-operative, co-op, or coop) is "an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise".

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CraFarms (or Crafar Farms) is a group of companies of which Allan, Beth and Frank Crafar were Directors.

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A dairy is a business enterprise established for the harvesting or processing (or both) of animal milk – mostly from cows or goats, but also from buffaloes, sheep, horses, or camels – for human consumption.

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Dairy Farmers

Dairy Farmers Pty Ltd, originally established in 1900, is a brand owned by Lion Dairy & Drinks, and is distributed mainly New South Wales & Queensland in Australia.

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Dairy farming in New Zealand

Dairy farming in New Zealand began from small beginnings during the early days of colonisation by Europeans.

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Dairying and Clean Streams Accord

The Dairying and Clean Streams Accord is an agreement signed in 2003 in New Zealand between Fonterra, Ministry for the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and regional councils.

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Deforestation, clearance, or clearing is the removal of a forest or stand of trees where the land is thereafter converted to a non-forest use.

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Demutualization is the process by which a customer-owned mutual organization (mutual) or co-operative changes legal form to a joint stock company.

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Dennington, Victoria

Dennington is a town in the Western District of Victoria, Australia.

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Dirty dairying

In New Zealand "dirty dairying" refers to damage to the ecological health of New Zealand's freshwater environment by the intensification of dairy farming, and also to the high profile campaign begun in 2002 by the Fish and Game Council to highlight and combat this.

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Dow Design

Dow Design is a New Zealand brand design company based in Auckland.

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Edendale, New Zealand

Edendale is a town in the Southland region of New Zealand's South Island.

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Edgecumbe is a town in the Bay of Plenty of the North Island of New Zealand, 15 kilometres to the west of Whakatane and eight kilometres south of the Bay's coast.

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Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) is a New Zealand government/crown agency responsible for promoting energy efficiency and conservation.

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Federated Farmers

Federated Farmers of New Zealand Incorporated is an organisation in New Zealand which lobbies on behalf of its member farmers.

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Gore, New Zealand

Gore (Maruawai) is a town and district in the Southland region of the South Island of New Zealand.

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Greenhouse gas

A greenhouse gas is a gas in an atmosphere that absorbs and emits radiant energy within the thermal infrared range.

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Greenpeace is a non-governmental environmental organization with offices in over 39 countries and with an international coordinating body in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Greenpeace Aotearoa New Zealand

Greenpeace Aotearoa New Zealand (GPNZ) is one of New Zealand's largest environmental organisations, and is a national office of the global environmental organisation Greenpeace.

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Helen Clark

Helen Elizabeth Clark (born 26 February 1950) is a New Zealand politician who served as the 37th Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1999 to 2008, and was the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme from 2009 to 2017.

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Ice cream

Ice cream (derived from earlier iced cream or cream ice) is a sweetened frozen food typically eaten as a snack or dessert.

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Infant formula

Infant formula, or baby formula, is a manufactured food designed and marketed for feeding to babies and infants under 12 months of age, usually prepared for bottle-feeding or cup-feeding from powder (mixed with water) or liquid (with or without additional water).

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Iraq War

The Iraq WarThe conflict is also known as the War in Iraq, the Occupation of Iraq, the Second Gulf War, and Gulf War II.

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Kapiti Fine Foods

Kapiti Fine Foods Ltd, part of the Fonterra group, is a New Zealand company producing gourmet cheeses, ice cream, yoghurts and other dairy products for domestic consumption and for export.

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Lignite, often referred to as brown coal, is a soft, brown, combustible, sedimentary rock formed from naturally compressed peat.

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Lion Dairy & Drinks

Lion Dairy & Drinks (LD&D Milk Pty Ltd and LD&D Foods Pty Ltd) formerly known as "National Foods", is a major dairy company in Australia, a subsidiary of parent Lion which itself is owned by the Japanese company Kirin Holdings Co. Ltd.

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Mainland (cheese)

Mainland Cheese is a brand of cheese now owned by Fonterra Co-operative Group that is sold throughout Australasia and parts of the Americas.

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Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia.

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Manawatu River

The Manawatu River (Maori: "Manawatū") is a major river of the lower North Island of New Zealand.

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Manufacturing is the production of merchandise for use or sale using labour and machines, tools, chemical and biological processing, or formulation.

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Melamine is the organic compound with the formula C3H6N6.

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Milk is a white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals.

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In economics, a monopsony (from Ancient Greek μόνος (mónos) "single" + ὀψωνία (opsōnía) "purchase") is a market structure in which only one buyer interacts with many would-be sellers of a particular product.

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Multinational corporation

A multinational corporation (MNC) or worldwide enterprise is a corporate organization that owns or controls production of goods or services in at least one country other than its home country.

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National Business Review

The National Business Review (or NBR) is a weekly, national New Zealand newspaper and online publication aimed at the business sector.

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Nestlé S.A. is a Swiss transnational food and drink company headquartered in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland.

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New Zealand

New Zealand (Aotearoa) is a sovereign island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

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New Zealand Dairy Board

The New Zealand Dairy Board (NZDB) was a statutory board in control of the export all New Zealand dairy products from its formation in 1923 until 2001.

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New Zealand dollar

The New Zealand dollar (sign: $; code: NZD, also abbreviated NZ$) (Tāra o Aotearoa) is the currency and legal tender of New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Niue, the Ross Dependency, Tokelau, and a British territory, the Pitcairn Islands.

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New Zealand Press Association

The New Zealand Press Association (NZPA) was a news agency that existed from 1879 to 2011 and provided national and international news to the media of New Zealand.

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Nitrate is a polyatomic ion with the molecular formula and a molecular mass of 62.0049 u.

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Oil-for-Food Programme

The Oil-for-Food Programme (OIP), established by the United Nations in 1995 (under UN Security Council Resolution 986) was established to allow Iraq to sell oil on the world market in exchange for food, medicine, and other humanitarian needs for ordinary Iraqi citizens without allowing Iraq to boost its military capabilities.

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The orangutans (also spelled orang-utan, orangutang, or orang-utang) are three extant species of great apes native to Indonesia and Malaysia.

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Palm kernel oil

Palm kernel oil is an edible plant oil derived from the kernel of the oil palm Elaeis guineensis.

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Port Taranaki

Port Taranaki is a port complex located in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

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Rainforests are forests characterized by high rainfall, with annual rainfall in the case of tropical rainforests between, and definitions varying by region for temperate rainforests.

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Retail is the process of selling consumer goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit.

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Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand

Forest & Bird, also known by its formal name as the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand Inc., is an environmental organisation specialising in the protection and conservation of New Zealand's indigenous flora and fauna and unique wild places and natural ecosysems.

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Sanlu Group

Sanlu Group CO., Ltd. (SJZSGCZ) was a state-owned Chinese dairy products company based in Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei.

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, officially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), is a sovereign Arab state in Western Asia constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula.

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Scoop (website)

Scoop.co.nz is a New Zealand internet news site run by Scoop Media Limited, part of the Scoop Media Cartel.

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Shijiazhuang is the capital and largest city of North China's Hebei Province.

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Solid Energy

Solid Energy was the largest coal mining company in New Zealand and is a state owned enterprise of the New Zealand Government.

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Soprole or Sociedad de Productores de Leche is a Chilean maker of dairy products.

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Sports drink

Sports drinks are beverages whose stated purpose is to help athletes replace water, electrolytes, and energy before and after training or competition, though their efficiency for that purpose has been questioned, particularly after exercise.

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Spring (hydrology)

A spring is any natural situation where water flows from an aquifer to the Earth's surface.

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Stock exchange

A stock exchange, securities exchange or bourse, is a facility where stock brokers and traders can buy and sell securities, such as shares of stock and bonds and other financial instruments.

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Tatua Dairy Company

No description.

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Television New Zealand

Television New Zealand (Te Reo Tātaki o Aotearoa), more commonly referred to as TVNZ, is a state-owned television network that is broadcast throughout New Zealand and parts of the Pacific region.

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Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand and formerly known as Siam, is a unitary state at the center of the Southeast Asian Indochinese peninsula composed of 76 provinces.

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The Dominion Post (Wellington)

The Dominion Post is a metropolitan morning newspaper published in Wellington, New Zealand, owned by the Australian Fairfax group, owners of The Age, Melbourne, and The Sydney Morning Herald.

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The New Zealand Herald

The New Zealand Herald is a daily newspaper published in Auckland, New Zealand, owned by New Zealand Media and Entertainment.

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Tip Top (ice cream)

Fonterra Brands (Tip Top) Ltd or commonly known simply as Tip Top ice cream, is a subsidiary of the Fonterra Co-operative Group based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.

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Western Star (butter)

Western Star is an Australian butter and spreads brand founded in 1926 in the Western Districts of Victoria.

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Westland Milk Products

Westland Milk Products is the trading name of Westland Co-operative Dairy Company Limited.

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WikiLeaks is an international non-profit organisation that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media provided by anonymous sources.

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World War II

World War II (often abbreviated to WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, although conflicts reflecting the ideological clash between what would become the Allied and Axis blocs began earlier.

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2-Cyanoguanidine is a nitrile derived from guanidine.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fonterra

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