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Gabrovo Province

Index Gabrovo Province

Gabrovo Province (Област Габрово (Oblast Gabrovo), former name Gabrovo okrug) is a small province lying at the geographical centre of Bulgaria. [1]

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An actor (often actress for women; see terminology) is a person who portrays a character in a performance.

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An artisan (from artisan, artigiano) is a skilled craft worker who makes or creates things by hand that may be functional or strictly decorative, for example furniture, decorative arts, sculptures, clothing, jewellery, food items, household items and tools or even mechanisms such as the handmade clockwork movement of a watchmaker.

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A bakery (a.k.a. baker's shop or bake shop) is an establishment that produces and sells flour-based food baked in an oven such as bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, and pies.

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A bazaar is a permanently enclosed marketplace or street where goods and services are exchanged or sold.

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Bozhentsi (Боженци; also variously transliterated as Bozhenci, Bojenci, Bojenzi, Boženci, Bojentsi, Bojentzi, Bozhentzi, etc.), officially but not commonly Bozhentsite (Боженците), is a village and architectural reserve in Gabrovo municipality, Gabrovo Province, in central northern Bulgaria.

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Bulgaria (България, tr.), officially the Republic of Bulgaria (Република България, tr.), is a country in southeastern Europe.

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Bulgarian Turks

Bulgarian Turks (български турци, Bǎlgarski Turci, Bulgaristan Türkleri) are a Turkish ethnic group from Bulgaria.

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Bulgarians (българи, Bǎlgari) are a South Slavic ethnic group who are native to Bulgaria and its neighboring regions.

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Bulgarians in Bulgaria

Bulgarians are the main ethnic group in Bulgaria, according to the census of the population in 2011 they are 5 664 624 people, or 76.9% of the country's population.

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Bulgarka Nature Park

The Bulgarka Natural Park (Bulgarian, Природен Парк Българка) is a Bulgarian nature park on the northern slopes of the Balkan Mountains (Stara Planina), occupying 22,000 hectares of territory in the central and eastern part of the mountains between the cities of Gabrovo and Kazanluk.

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A cartoon is a type of illustration, possibly animated, typically in a non-realistic or semi-realistic style.

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Catholic Church

The Catholic Church, also known as the Roman Catholic Church, is the largest Christian church, with more than 1.299 billion members worldwide.

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A census is the procedure of systematically acquiring and recording information about the members of a given population.

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Central Balkan National Park

The Central Balkan National Park (Национален парк Централен Балкан) lies in the heart of Bulgaria, nestled in the central and higher portions of the Balkan Mountains.

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In geography and geology, a cliff is a vertical, or nearly vertical, rock exposure.

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A coffeehouse, coffee shop or café (sometimes spelt cafe) is an establishment which primarily serves hot coffee, related coffee beverages (café latte, cappuccino, espresso), tea, and other hot beverages.

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A craft or trade is a pastime or a profession that requires particular skills and knowledge of skilled work.

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Cyrillic script

The Cyrillic script is a writing system used for various alphabets across Eurasia (particularity in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and North Asia).

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Dryanovo (Дряново, Drjanovo) is a Bulgarian town situated at the northern foot of the Balkan Mountains in Gabrovo Province; amphitheatrically along the two banks of Dryanovo River, a tributary to the Yantra River.

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Dryanovo Monastery

The Dryanovo Monastery (Дряновски манастир, Dryanovski manastir) is a functioning Bulgarian Orthodox monastery situated in the Andaka River Valley, in Bulgarka Nature Park in the central part of Bulgaria five kilometers away from the town of Dryanovo.

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Dryanovo Municipality

Dryanovo (or Drjanovo) Municipality (Община Дряново) is a municipality (obshtina) in Gabrovo Province, North-central Bulgaria, located in the area of the so-called Fore-Balkan between Stara planina mountain and the Danubian Plain.

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In law, a dwelling (also residence, abode) is a self-contained unit of accommodation used by one or more households as a home, such as a house, apartment, mobile home, houseboat, vehicle or other 'substantial' structure.

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Eastern Orthodox Church

The Eastern Orthodox Church, also known as the Orthodox Church, or officially as the Orthodox Catholic Church, is the second-largest Christian Church, with over 250 million members.

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Etar Architectural-Ethnographic Complex

The Open Air Ethnographic Museum «Etar» (Етнографски музей на открито „Етър“, usually referred to as Етъра, Etara) is an open-air museum and a neighbourhood of Gabrovo (8 km south of its center) in northern Bulgaria.

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Ethnography (from Greek ἔθνος ethnos "folk, people, nation" and γράφω grapho "I write") is the systematic study of people and cultures.

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Female (♀) is the sex of an organism, or a part of an organism, that produces non-mobile ova (egg cells).

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Folk music

Folk music includes both traditional music and the genre that evolved from it during the 20th century folk revival.

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Gabrovo (Габрово) is a city in central northern Bulgaria, the administrative centre of Gabrovo Province.

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Gabrovo Municipality

Gabrovo Municipality (Община Габрово) is a municipality (obshtina) in Gabrovo Province, North-central Bulgaria, located on the northern slopes of the central Stara planina mountain to the area of the so-called Fore-Balkan.

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Humour (British English) or humor (American English; see spelling differences) is the tendency of experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement.

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A joke is a display of humour in which words are used within a specific and well-defined narrative structure to make people laugh and is not meant to be taken seriously.

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Leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhides, mostly cattle hide.

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List of cities and towns in Bulgaria

This is a complete list of all cities and towns in Bulgaria sorted by population.

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List of villages in Gabrovo Province

This is a list of villages in Gabrovo Province, Bulgaria.

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Lovech Province

Lovech Province (Област Ловеч, transliterated Oblast Lovech, former name Lovech okrug) is one of the 28 provinces of Bulgaria, lying at the northern centre of the country.

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A male (♂) organism is the physiological sex that produces sperm.

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A mask is an object normally worn on the face, typically for protection, disguise, performance, or entertainment.

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A miser is a person who is reluctant to spend, sometimes to the point of forgoing even basic comforts and some necessities, in order to hoard money or other possessions.

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Municipalities of Bulgaria

The 28 provinces of Bulgaria are divided into 265 municipalities (община, obshtina).

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A museum (plural musea or museums) is an institution that cares for (conserves) a collection of artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific importance.

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A Muslim (مُسلِم) is someone who follows or practices Islam, a monotheistic Abrahamic religion.

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Okrug (окръг, okrǎg, о́круг; округ,; окру́га, okruha; акруга, Akruha; okręg; оқрҿс; йырвел, jyrvel) is an administrative division of some Slavic states.

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Open-air museum

An open-air museum (or open air museum) is a museum that exhibits collections of buildings and artifacts out-of-doors.

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Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire (دولت عليه عثمانیه,, literally The Exalted Ottoman State; Modern Turkish: Osmanlı İmparatorluğu or Osmanlı Devleti), also historically known in Western Europe as the Turkish Empire"The Ottoman Empire-also known in Europe as the Turkish Empire" or simply Turkey, was a state that controlled much of Southeast Europe, Western Asia and North Africa between the 14th and early 20th centuries.

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In historical legal systems, an outlaw is declared as outside the protection of the law.

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Plovdiv Province

Plovdiv Province (Област Пловдив: Oblast Plovdiv, former name Plovdiv okrug) is a province in central southern Bulgaria.

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In biology, a population is all the organisms of the same group or species, which live in a particular geographical area, and have the capability of interbreeding.

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A privet is a flowering plant in the genus Ligustrum.

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A prize is an award to be given to a person, a group of people like a sports team, or organization to recognise and reward actions or achievements.

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Protestantism is the second largest form of Christianity with collectively more than 900 million adherents worldwide or nearly 40% of all Christians.

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A province is almost always an administrative division within a country or state.

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Provinces of Bulgaria

The provinces of Bulgaria (области на България Oblasti na Bǎlgarija) are the first level administrative subdivisions of the country.

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Rebellion, uprising, or insurrection is a refusal of obedience or order.

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Romani people in Bulgaria

Romani people (tsiɡɐni, роми) in Bulgaria constitute one of the country's largest ethnic minorities.

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Satire is a genre of literature, and sometimes graphic and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, corporations, government, or society itself into improvement.

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Set construction

Set construction is the process undertaken by a construction manager to build full-scale scenery, as specified by a production designer or art director working in collaboration with the director of a production to create a set for a theatrical, film or television production.

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Sevlievo (Севлѝево) is a town in north-central Bulgaria, part of Gabrovo Province.

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Sevlievo Municipality

Sevlievo Municipality (Община Севлиево) is a municipality (obshtina) in Gabrovo Province, North-central Bulgaria, located in the area of the so-called Fore-Balkan between Stara planina mountain and the Danubian Plain.

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Shipka Pass

Shipka Pass (Шипченски проход, Shipchenski prohod) (el. 1150 m./3820 ft.) is a scenic mountain pass through the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria.

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A sobriquet or soubriquet is a nickname, sometimes assumed, but often given by another.

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Sokolski Monastery

The Sokolski Monastery is a Bulgarian Orthodox monastery founded in 1833 and named after its founder Yosif Sokolski.

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Stara Zagora Province

Stara Zagora (Област Стара Загора oblast Stara Zagora, former name Stara Zagora okrug) is a province of south central Bulgaria.

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A textile is a flexible material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres (yarn or thread).

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Tryavna (Трявна) is a town in central Bulgaria, situated in the north slopes of the Balkan range, on the Tryavna river valley, near Gabrovo.

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Tryavna Municipality

Tryavna Municipality (Община Трявна) is a municipality (obshtina) in Gabrovo Province, North-central Bulgaria, located on the northern slopes of the central Stara planina mountain to the area of the so-called Fore-Balkan.

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Turkish delight

Turkish delight, lokum or rahat lokum and many other transliterations (رَاحَة الْحُلْقُوم rāḥat al-ḥulqūm, Lokum or rahat lokum, from colloquial راحة الحلقوم rāḥat al-ḥalqūm, Azerbaijani) is a family of confections based on a gel of starch and sugar.

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This article is about the ski resort.

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Veliko Tarnovo Province

Veliko Tarnovo (Област Велико Търново) is a province in the middle of the northern part of Bulgaria.

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Beginning with the Industrial Revolution era, a workshop may be a room, rooms or building which provides both the area and tools (or machinery) that may be required for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods.

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World War II

World War II (often abbreviated to WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, although conflicts reflecting the ideological clash between what would become the Allied and Axis blocs began earlier.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabrovo_Province

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