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German submarine U-20 (1936)

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German submarine U-20 was a Type IIB U-boat of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine. [1]

37 relations: Aberdeen, Bernard & Graefe, Black Sea, Constanța, Danube, Depth charge, Diesel engine, Drive shaft, Electric motor, Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft, German Type II submarine, Gibraltar, Gross register tonnage, Karasu, Karl-Heinz Moehle, Kiel, Kriegsmarine, MWM GmbH, Naval mine, Nazi Germany, North Sea, Peterhead, Sevastopol, Siemens-Schuckert, The Daily Telegraph, Torpedo, Torpedo tube, Trabzon, Turkey, U-boat, Wilhelmshaven, World War II, 1st U-boat Flotilla, 2 cm Flak 30/38/Flakvierling, 21st U-boat Flotilla, 30th U-boat Flotilla, 3rd U-boat Flotilla.


Aberdeen (Aiberdeen; Obar Dheathain) is Scotland's third most populous city, one of Scotland's 32 local government council areas and the United Kingdom's 37th most populous built-up area, with an official population estimate of 228,990.

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Bernard & Graefe

Bernard & Graefe is a German book publisher, which since 1991 has been part of the Mönch publishing group.

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Black Sea

The Black Sea is a sea between Southeastern Europe and Western Asia.

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Constanța, historically known as Tomis (Κωνστάντζα or Κωνστάντια, Konstantia, Кюстенджа or Констанца, Köstence), is the oldest still populated city in Romania.

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The Danube (also known by other names) is Europe's second-longest river, located in Central and Eastern Europe.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and Danube · See more »

Depth charge

A depth charge is an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) weapon intended to destroy or cripple a target submarine by being dropped into the water close to its target and detonating, subjecting the target to a powerful and destructive hydraulic shock.

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Diesel engine

The diesel engine (also known as a compression-ignition or 'CI' engine) is an internal combustion engine in which ignition of the fuel that has been injected into the combustion chamber is initiated by the high temperature which a gas achieves when greatly compressed (adiabatic compression).

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and Diesel engine · See more »

Drive shaft

A drive shaft, driveshaft, driving shaft, propeller shaft (prop shaft), or Cardan shaft is a mechanical component for transmitting torque and rotation, usually used to connect other components of a drive train that cannot be connected directly because of distance or the need to allow for relative movement between them.

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Electric motor

An electric motor is an electrical machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

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Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft

Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft (often just called Germaniawerft, "Germania shipyard") was a German shipbuilding company, located in the harbour at Kiel, and one of the largest and most important builders of U-boats for the Kaiserliche Marine in World War I and the Kriegsmarine in World War II.

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German Type II submarine

The Type II U-boat was designed by Germany as a coastal U-boat, modeled after the CV-707 submarine, which was designed by the Dutch dummy company NV Ingenieurskantoor voor Scheepsbouw den Haag (I.v.S) (set up by Germany after World War I in order to maintain and develop German submarine technology and to circumvent the limitations set by the Treaty of Versailles) and built in 1933 by the Finnish Crichton-Vulcan shipyard in Turku, Finland.

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Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean.

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Gross register tonnage

Gross register tonnage (GRT, grt, g.r.t.) a ship's total internal volume expressed in "register tons", each of which is equal to.

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Karasu is a town in Sakarya Province, northwest Turkey, on the Black Sea coast.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and Karasu · See more »

Karl-Heinz Moehle

Karl-Heinz Moehle (31 July 1910 – 17 November 1996) was a German U-boat commander of the Second World War.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and Karl-Heinz Moehle · See more »


Kiel is the capital and most populous city in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, with a population of 240,832 (June 2014).

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and Kiel · See more »


The Kriegsmarine (War Navy) was the navy of Nazi Germany from 1935 to 1945.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and Kriegsmarine · See more »


The Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH (formerly known as MWM, DEUTZ Power Systems or DPS) is a mechanical engineering company, based in Mannheim.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and MWM GmbH · See more »

Naval mine

A naval mine is a self-contained explosive device placed in water to damage or destroy surface ships or submarines.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and Naval mine · See more »

Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany or the Third Reich (Drittes Reich) are common English names for the period of history in Germany from 1933 to 1945, when it was a dictatorship under the control of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party (NSDAP).

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North Sea

The North Sea is a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean located between Great Britain, Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and North Sea · See more »


Peterhead (Ceann Phàdraig, Peterheid) is a town in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and Peterhead · See more »


Sevastopol or traditionally Sebastopol (or Севасто́поль (same in Ukrainian); Aqyar; Σεβαστούπολη, Sevastoupoli) is a city located in the southwestern region of the Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and Sevastopol · See more »


Siemens-Schuckert (or Siemens-Schuckertwerke) was a German electrical engineering company headquartered in Berlin, Erlangen and Nuremberg that was incorporated into the Siemens AG in 1966.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and Siemens-Schuckert · See more »

The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph is a British daily morning English-language broadsheet newspaper, published in London by Telegraph Media Group and distributed throughout the United Kingdom and internationally.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and The Daily Telegraph · See more »


The modern torpedo is a self-propelled weapon with an explosive warhead, launched above or below the water surface, propelled underwater towards a target, and designed to detonate either on contact with its target or in proximity to it.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and Torpedo · See more »

Torpedo tube

A torpedo tube is a cylinder shaped device for launching torpedoes.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and Torpedo tube · See more »


Trabzon (see other names) is a city on the Black Sea coast of northeastern Turkey and the capital of Trabzon Province.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and Trabzon · See more »


Turkey (Türkiye), officially the Republic of Turkey (Turkish), is a parliamentary republic in Eurasia, largely located in Western Asia, with the smaller portion of Eastern Thrace in Southeast Europe.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and Turkey · See more »


U-boat is the anglicised version of the German word U-Boot, a shortening of Unterseeboot, literally "undersea boat".

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and U-boat · See more »


Wilhelmshaven is a coastal town in Lower Saxony, Germany.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and Wilhelmshaven · See more »

World War II

World War II (WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, though related conflicts began earlier.

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1st U-boat Flotilla

The 1st U-boat flotilla (German 1. Unterseebootsflottille) also known as the Weddigen flotilla, was the first operational U-boat unit in Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine (navy).

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and 1st U-boat Flotilla · See more »

2 cm Flak 30/38/Flakvierling

The Flak 30 (Flugabwehrkanone 30) and improved Flak 38 were 20 mm anti-aircraft guns used by various German forces throughout World War II.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and 2 cm Flak 30/38/Flakvierling · See more »

21st U-boat Flotilla

21st U-boat Flotilla ("21. Unterseebootsflottille") was a unit of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine before and during World War II.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and 21st U-boat Flotilla · See more »

30th U-boat Flotilla

30th U-boat Flotilla ("30. Unterseebootsflottille") of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine was formed in October 1942.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and 30th U-boat Flotilla · See more »

3rd U-boat Flotilla

The 3rd U-boat Flotilla (German 3. Unterseebootsflottille), also known as Lohs Flotilla, was the third operational U-boat unit in Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine.

New!!: German submarine U-20 (1936) and 3rd U-boat Flotilla · See more »

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German submarine U 20 (1936), German submarine U20 (1936), U 20 (1936), U-20 (1936), U20 (1936), Unterseeboot 20 (1936).


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_submarine_U-20_(1936)

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