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Gianni Solaro

Index Gianni Solaro

Gianni Solaro (born Gianni Lorenzon on 11 August 1926) is an Italian film and television actor. [1]

35 relations: All on the Red, Arizona Colt, Art film, Blood at Sundown, Bootleggers (1969 film), Captain from Toledo, Character actor, Erik the Conqueror, Florestano Vancini, Francesco Maselli, Gladiator of Rome, Hercules the Avenger, I criminali della metropoli, Last Feelings, Livio Lorenzon, Luigi Zampa, M.M.M. 83, Marco Bellocchio, Mario Camerini, Mario Monicelli, Messalina vs. the Son of Hercules, My Sister in Law, Queen of the Seas, Redhead (1962 film), Rome, Rome: The Other Side of Violence, Scipio the African, Slap the Monster on Page One, The Assassination of Matteotti, The Oldest Profession, The Revenge of Spartacus, The Thief of Damascus, The Two Gladiators, Tough Guys (1960 film), We Want the Colonels.

All on the Red

All on the Red (Tutto sul rosso) is a 1968 Italian crime-thriller film written and directed by Aldo Florio and starring Brett Halsey.

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Arizona Colt

Arizona Colt, also known as The Man from Nowhere, is a 1966 Italian Spaghetti Western directed by Michele Lupo and starring Giuliano Gemma, Fernando Sancho and Corinne Marchand.

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Art film

An art film is typically a serious, independent film, aimed at a niche market rather than a mass market audience.

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Blood at Sundown

Blood at Sundown (Italian: 1000 dollari sul nero, lit. "1000 dollars on the black") is a 1966 Italian Spaghetti Western film directed by Alberto Cardone.

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Bootleggers (1969 film)

Bootleggers (Cinque figli di cane, América rugiente) is a 1969 Italian-Spanish crime-action film written and directed by Alfio Caltabiano and starring George Eastman and Wayde Preston.

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Captain from Toledo

Captain from Toledo (L'uomo di Toledo, El hombre de Toledo, Der Mann von Toledo) is a 1965 Italian-Spanish-German adventure film written and directed by Eugenio Martín and starring Stephen Forsyth and Ann Smyrner.

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Character actor

A character actor or character actress is a supporting actor who plays unusual, interesting, or eccentric characters.

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Erik the Conqueror

Erik the Conqueror (Italian title: Gli Invasori/ The Invaders; also released as Fury of the Vikings) is an epic 1961 Italian action–adventure film directed by Mario Bava and starring George Ardisson and Cameron Mitchell as long-lost Viking brothers in the 9th century, one of whom is raised in England, the other in Scandinavia.

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Florestano Vancini

Florestano Vancini (Ferrara, 24 August 1926 - Rome, 18 September 2008) was an Italian film director and screenwriter.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Florestano Vancini · See more »

Francesco Maselli

Francesco Maselli or Citto Maselli (born 9 December 1930 in Rome) is an Italian film director and screenwriter.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Francesco Maselli · See more »

Gladiator of Rome

Gladiator of Rome (Il gladiatore di Roma) is a 1962 Italian adventure film directed by Mario Costa.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Gladiator of Rome · See more »

Hercules the Avenger

Hercules the Avenger (La sfida dei giganti) is a 1965 Italian adventure film directed by Maurizio Lucidi.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Hercules the Avenger · See more »

I criminali della metropoli

I criminali della metropoli (a.k.a. Fango sulla metropoli) is a 1965 Italian crime film written and directed by "Henry Wilson" (Gino Mangini).

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Last Feelings

Last Feelings (L'ultimo sapore dell'aria) is a 1978 melodrama film written and directed by Ruggero Deodato.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Last Feelings · See more »

Livio Lorenzon

Livio Lorenzon (6 May 1923, in Trieste – 23 December 1971, in Latisana) was an Italian film actor of the 1950s and 1960s.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Livio Lorenzon · See more »

Luigi Zampa

Luigi Zampa (Rome, January 2, 1905 – Rome, August 16, 1991) was an Italian film-maker.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Luigi Zampa · See more »

M.M.M. 83

M.M.M. 83 (also known as Missione mortale Molo 83) is a 1965 Italian spy film directed by Sergio Bergonzelli.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and M.M.M. 83 · See more »

Marco Bellocchio

Marco Bellocchio (born 9 November 1939) is an Italian film director, screenwriter, and actor.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Marco Bellocchio · See more »

Mario Camerini

Mario Camerini (6 February 1895 – 4 February 1981) was an Italian film director and screenwriter.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Mario Camerini · See more »

Mario Monicelli

Mario Monicelli (16 May 1915 – 29 November 2010) was an Italian director and screenwriter and one of the masters of the Commedia all'Italiana (Comedy Italian style).

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Mario Monicelli · See more »

Messalina vs. the Son of Hercules

Messalina vs.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Messalina vs. the Son of Hercules · See more »

My Sister in Law

La Pretora/ The Magistrate (released as My Sister In Law in the United Kingdom), is a 1976 Italian commedia sexy all'italiana directed by Lucio Fulci, and starring Edwige Fenech.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and My Sister in Law · See more »

Queen of the Seas

Queen of the Seas (Le avventure di Mary Read) is a 1961 adventure film directed by Umberto Lenzi and starring Lisa Gastoni and Jerome Courtland.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Queen of the Seas · See more »

Redhead (1962 film)

Redhead (Die Rote, La rossa) is a 1962 German-Italian drama film directed by Helmut Käutner.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Redhead (1962 film) · See more »


Rome (Roma; Roma) is the capital city of Italy and a special comune (named Comune di Roma Capitale).

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Rome · See more »

Rome: The Other Side of Violence

Rome: The Other Side of Violence (Roma, l'altra faccia della violenza) is a 1976 Italian "poliziottesco" film directed by Marino Girolami (credited as Franco Martinelli) and starring Marcel Bozzuffi.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Rome: The Other Side of Violence · See more »

Scipio the African

Scipio the African (Scipione detto anche l'Africano "Scipio, also called the African") is a 1971 Italian comedy film directed by Luigi Magni.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Scipio the African · See more »

Slap the Monster on Page One

Slap the Monster on Page One (Italian: Sbatti il mostro in prima pagina) is a 1972 Italian drama film directed by Marco Bellocchio.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Slap the Monster on Page One · See more »

The Assassination of Matteotti

The Assassination of Matteotti (Il delitto Matteotti) is a 1973 Italian historical drama film directed by Florestano Vancini.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and The Assassination of Matteotti · See more »

The Oldest Profession

The Oldest Profession (Le Plus Vieux Métier du monde) is a 1967 internationally co-produced comedy film.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and The Oldest Profession · See more »

The Revenge of Spartacus

The Revenge of Spartacus or La vendetta di Spartacus (US title: Revenge of the Gladiators) is a 1965 Italian film directed by Michele Lupo.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and The Revenge of Spartacus · See more »

The Thief of Damascus

The Thief of Damascus (Italian: Il ladro di Damasco) is a 1964 Italian adventure film directed by Mario Amendola and starring Tony Russel, Luciana Gilli and Gianni Solaro.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and The Thief of Damascus · See more »

The Two Gladiators

The Two Gladiators (I due gladiatori, also known as Fight or Die) is a 1964 Italian peplum film directed by Mario Caiano and starring Richard Harrison.

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Tough Guys (1960 film)

Tough Guys (Italian: Noi duri) is a 1960 Italian comedy film directed by Camillo Mastrocinque and starring Fred Buscaglione, Totò, Paolo Panelli and Scilla Gabel.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and Tough Guys (1960 film) · See more »

We Want the Colonels

We Want the Colonels (Vogliamo i colonnelli) is a 1973 Italian comedy film directed by Mario Monicelli.

New!!: Gianni Solaro and We Want the Colonels · See more »

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gianni_Solaro

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