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Golden Avio F30

Index Golden Avio F30

The Golden Avio F30 is an Italian ultralight aircraft designed by Stelio Frati and produced by Golden Avio, a division of Golden Car, an automotive parts and prototyping company located in Caramagna Piemonte. [1]

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Aircraft engine

An aircraft engine is the component of the propulsion system for an aircraft that generates mechanical power.

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Aluminium or aluminum is a chemical element with symbol Al and atomic number 13.

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Bubble canopy

A bubble canopy is a canopy made without bracing, which attempts to provide 360° vision to the pilot.

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Caramagna Piemonte

Caramagna Piemonte is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Cuneo in the Italian region Piedmont, located about south of Turin and about northeast of Cuneo.

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The euro (sign: €; code: EUR) is the official currency of the European Union.

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Fédération Aéronautique Internationale

The Fédération aéronautique internationale (FAI; The World Air Sports Federation), is the world governing body for air sports.

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Ferrari F40

The Ferrari F40 is a mid-engined, rear-wheel drive sports car built from 1987 to 1992, with the LM and GTE race car versions continuing production until 1994 and 1996 respectively.

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Flap (aeronautics)

Flaps are a type of high-lift device used to increase the lift of an aircraft wing at a given airspeed.

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Four-stroke engine

A four-stroke (also four-cycle) engine is an internal combustion (IC) engine in which the piston completes four separate strokes while turning the crankshaft.

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Homebuilt aircraft

Homebuilt aircraft, also known as amateur-built aircraft or kit planes, are constructed by persons for whom this is not a professional activity.

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Italy (Italia), officially the Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana), is a sovereign state in Europe.

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Landing gear

Landing gear is the undercarriage of an aircraft or spacecraft and may be used for either takeoff or landing.

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A monoplane is a fixed-wing aircraft with a single main wing plane, in contrast to a biplane or other multiplane, each of which has multiple planes.

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Rotax 912

The Rotax 912 is a naturally aspirated, air- and water-cooled, horizontally opposed four-cylinder, four-stroke, gear reduction-drive engine commonly used on certified aircraft, light sport aircraft, ultralight aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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Stelio Frati

Stelio Frati (born in Milan Italy in 1919, died May 14, 2010) was an Italian mechanical engineer and aeroplane designer.

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Tandem, or in tandem, is an arrangement in which a team of machines, animals or people are lined up one behind another, all facing in the same direction.

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Tractor configuration

An aircraft constructed with a tractor configuration has the engine mounted with the airscrew in front of it so that the aircraft is "pulled" through the air, as opposed to the pusher configuration, in which the airscrew is behind and propels the aircraft forward.

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Tricycle landing gear

Tricycle gear is a type of aircraft undercarriage, or landing gear, arranged in a tricycle fashion.

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Ultralight aviation

Ultralight aviation (called microlight aviation in some countries) is the flying of lightweight, 1- or 2-seat fixed-wing aircraft.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Avio_F30

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