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Gorzów Wielkopolski

Index Gorzów Wielkopolski

Gorzów Wielkopolski (abbreviated Gorzów Wlkp.; Landsberg an der Warthe; Łącbarg) is a city in western Poland, on the Warta river. [1]

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Alexander Ivanovitch, Prince Chernichev

Alexander Ivanovitch, Prince Chernichev (1785–1857) was a Russian army officer during the Napoleonic Wars who later became Russian Chief of Staff and War Minister.

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Altlandsberg is a historic town in the district of Märkisch-Oderland, in Brandenburg, Germany.

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An amphitheatre or amphitheater is an open-air venue used for entertainment, performances, and sports.

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Arthur Moritz Schoenflies

Arthur Moritz Schoenflies (17 April 1853 – 27 May 1928), sometimes written as Schönflies, was a German mathematician, known for his contributions to the application of group theory to crystallography, and for work in topology.

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Ataman (variants: otaman, wataman, vataman; Russian: атаман, отаман) was a title of Cossack and haidamak leaders of various kinds.

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AZS AJP Gorzów Wielkopolski

AZS AJP Gorzów Wielkopolski is a Polish professional women's basketball club that was founded in 2001 in the city of Gorzów Wielkopolski.

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Barlinek-Gorzów Landscape Park

Barlinek-Gorzów Landscape Park (Barlinecko-Gorzowski Park Krajobrazowy) is a protected area (Landscape Park) in north-western Poland, established in 1991, covering an area of.

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Beata Sokołowska-Kulesza

Beata Sokołowska-Kulesza (born January 10, 1974 in Gorzów Wielkopolski) is a Polish sprint canoer who competed from 1999 to 2004.

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Bed and breakfast

A bed and breakfast (typically shortened to B&B or BnB) is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast.

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Berlin is the capital and the largest city of Germany, as well as one of its 16 constituent states.

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The Biedermeier period refers to an era in Central Europe between 1815 and 1848, during which the middle class grew in number and arts appealed to common sensibilities.

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Bolesław II Rogatka

Bolesław II Rogatka or Bolesław II the Horned (Bolesław II Rogatka), known also as Bolesław II the Bald, (Bolesław II Łysy) (c. 1220/5 – 26/31 December 1278), a member of the Silesian Piasts, was High Duke of Poland briefly in 1241 and Duke of Silesia at Wrocław from 1241 until 1248, when the duchy was divided between him and his brothers.

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Bronisława Wajs

Bronisława Wajs (17 August 1908, Lublin - 8 February 1987, Inowrocław) was a Polish-Romani classic poet and singer.

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Canoe sprint

Canoe sprint is a sport in which athletes race canoes or kayaks on calm water.

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Cava de' Tirreni

Cava de’ Tirreni ('A Cava) is a city and comune in the region of Campania, Italy, in the province of Salerno, northwest of the town of Salerno.

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Central European Summer Time

Central European Summer Time (CEST), sometime referred also as Central European Daylight Time (CEDT), is the standard clock time observed during the period of summer daylight-saving in those European countries which observe Central European Time (UTC+1) during the other part of the year.

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Central European Time

Central European Time (CET), used in most parts of Europe and a few North African countries, is a standard time which is 1 hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

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Christa Wolf

Christa Wolf (née Ihlenfeld; 18 March 1929, Landsberg an der Warthe – 1 December 2011, Berlin) was a German literary critic, novelist, and essayist.

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Civic Platform

Civic Platform (Platforma Obywatelska, PO)The party is officially the Civic Platform of the Republic of Poland (Platforma Obywatelska Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej).

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Cossacks (козаки́, translit, kozaky, казакi, kozacy, Czecho-Slovak: kozáci, kozákok Pronunciations.

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Duchy of Greater Poland

The Duchy of Greater Poland was a historical Polish province established in 1138 according to the Testament of Bolesław III Krzywousty.

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Duchy of Silesia

The Duchy of Silesia (Księstwo śląskie, Herzogtum Schlesien) with its capital at Wrocław was a medieval duchy located in the historic Silesian region of Poland.

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Eberswalde is a major town and the administrative seat of the district Barnim in the German Federal State (Bundesland) of Brandenburg, about 50 km northeast of Berlin.

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Edward Dębicki

Edward Dębicki (born 4 March 1935) is a Polish/Ukrainian Romani poet, musician and composer.

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Edward Jancarz

Edward 'Ed' Jancarz (born August 20, 1946 in Gorzów Wlkp., Poland - died January 11, 1992) was an international speedway rider.

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Ekstraliga (speedway)

The Speedway Ekstraliga (Polish Extraleague, Ekstraliga żużlowa) is the top division of motorcycle speedway in Poland.

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First French Empire

The First French Empire (Empire Français) was the empire of Napoleon Bonaparte of France and the dominant power in much of continental Europe at the beginning of the 19th century.

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Flight and expulsion of Germans (1944–50)

During the later stages of World War II and the post-war period, German citizens and people of German ancestry fled or were expelled from various Eastern and Central European countries and sent to the remaining territory of Germany and Austria.

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Frankfurt (Oder)

Frankfurt (Oder) (also Frankfurt an der Oder, abbreviated Frankfurt a. d. Oder, Frankfurt a. d. O., Frankf., 'Frankfurt on the Oder') is a town in Brandenburg, Germany, located on the Oder River, on the German-Polish border directly opposite the town of Słubice, which was part of Frankfurt until 1945.

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Georg Axhausen

Georg Axhausen (24 March 1877, in Landsberg an der Warthe – 19 January 1960, in Berlin) was a German oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

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German Empire

The German Empire (Deutsches Kaiserreich, officially Deutsches Reich),Herbert Tuttle wrote in September 1881 that the term "Reich" does not literally connote an empire as has been commonly assumed by English-speaking people.

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Goldman Sachs

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is an American multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in New York City.

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Gorzów Voivodeship

Gorzów Wielkopolski Voivodeship was a unit of administrative division and local government in Poland between 1975 and 1998 when it was superseded by Lubusz Voivodeship.

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Gothic architecture

Gothic architecture is an architectural style that flourished in Europe during the High and Late Middle Ages.

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Gottfried Bernhardy

Gottfried Bernhardy (20 March 1800 – 14 May 1875), German philologist and literary historian, was born at Landsberg an der Warthe (now Poland) in the Neumark.

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Greater Poland

Greater Poland, often known by its Polish name Wielkopolska (Großpolen; Latin: Polonia Maior), is a historical region of west-central Poland.

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Greater Poland Voivodeship

Greater Poland Voivodeship (in Polish: Województwo Wielkopolskie), also known as Wielkopolska Voivodeship, Wielkopolska Province, or Greater Poland Province, is a voivodeship, or province, in west-central Poland.

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Hazleton, Pennsylvania

Hazleton is a city in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, United States.

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Henryk Siemiradzki

Henryk Hektor Siemiradzki (24 October 1843 – 23 August 1902) was a Polish Rome-based painter, best remembered for his monumental Academic art.

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Herford is a town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, located in the lowlands between the hill chains of the Wiehen Hills and the Teutoburg Forest.

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House of Ascania

The House of Ascania (Askanier) is a dynasty of German rulers.

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The Hussites (Husité or Kališníci; "Chalice People") were a pre-Protestant Christian movement that followed the teachings of Czech reformer Jan Hus, who became the best known representative of the Bohemian Reformation.

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In commerce, a hypermarket is a superstore combining a supermarket and a department store.

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I liga

Nice I liga (Pierwsza liga) is the second level of the Polish association football league, below the Ekstraklasa and above the II liga.

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Józef Zych

Józef Zych (born 23 March 1938) is a Polish politician of the Polish People's Party.

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Jönköping is a city in southern Sweden with 93,797 inhabitants (2015).

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Jeddah (sometimes spelled Jiddah or Jedda;; جدة, Hejazi pronunciation) is a city in the Hijaz Tihamah region on the coast of the Red Sea and is the major urban center of western Saudi Arabia. It is the largest city in Makkah Province, the largest seaport on the Red Sea, and with a population of about four million people, the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia after the capital city, Riyadh. Jeddah is Saudi Arabia's commercial capital. Jeddah is the principal gateway to Mecca and Medina, two of the holiest cities in Islam and popular tourist attractions. Economically, Jeddah is focusing on further developing capital investment in scientific and engineering leadership within Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East. Jeddah was independently ranked fourth in the Africa – Mid-East region in terms of innovation in 2009 in the Innovation Cities Index. Jeddah is one of Saudi Arabia's primary resort cities and was named a Beta world city by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network (GaWC). Given the city's close proximity to the Red Sea, fishing and seafood dominates the food culture unlike other parts of the country. In Arabic, the city's motto is "Jeddah Ghair," which translates to "Jeddah is different." The motto has been widely used among both locals as well as foreign visitors. The city had been previously perceived as the "most open" city in Saudi Arabia.

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Jewish cemetery

A Jewish cemetery (בית עלמין beit almin or beit kvarot) is a cemetery where members of the Jewish faith are buried in keeping with Jewish tradition.

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Julian Tuwim

Julian Tuwim (September 13, 1894 – December 27, 1953), known also under the pseudonym "Oldlen" as a lyricist,.

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Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz

Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz (born 20 December 1959) is a Polish conservative politician who served as Prime Minister of Poland from 31 October 2005 to 14 July 2006.

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Köppen climate classification

The Köppen climate classification is one of the most widely used climate classification systems.

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Kingdom of Prussia

The Kingdom of Prussia (Königreich Preußen) was a German kingdom that constituted the state of Prussia between 1701 and 1918.

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Klub Inteligencji Katolickiej

Klub Inteligencji Katolickiej (KIK; Club of Catholic Intelligentsia) is a Polish organization grouping Catholic intellectuals.

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Kostrzyn nad Odrą

Kostrzyn nad Odrą (Küstrin) is a town in Gorzów County, Lubusz Voivodeship in western Poland, close to the border with Germany.

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Kostrzyn–Słubice Special Economic Zone

The Kostrzyn–Slubice Special Economic Zone is in the centre of Europe, in western Poland, along the Polish–German border.

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Kresy Wschodnie or Kresy (Eastern Borderlands, or Borderlands) was the Eastern part of the Second Polish Republic during the interwar period constituting nearly half of the territory of the state.

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Kurt Scharf

Kurt Scharf (October 21, 1902 – March 28, 1990) was a German clergyman and bishop of the Evangelical Church in Berlin-Brandenburg.

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Law and Justice

Law and Justice (Polish), abbreviated to PiS, is a national-conservative, and Christian democratic political party in Poland.

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Lech Piasecki

Lech Piasecki (born 13 November 1961) is a Polish former racing cyclist.

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Left and Democrats

Left and Democrats (Lewica i Demokraci, LiD) was a centre-left electoral alliance of political parties in Poland which was created on 3 September 2006, before the Warsaw municipal election of 2006.

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Leszek Balcerowicz

Leszek Balcerowicz (pronounced; born January 19, 1947) is a Polish economist who is currently a professor of economics at the Warsaw School of Economics.

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Limited liability company

A limited liability company (LLC) is the United States of America-specific form of a private limited company.

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Louis-Nicolas Davout

Louis-Nicolas d'Avout (10 May 17701 June 1823), better known as Davout, 1st Duke of Auerstaedt, 1st Prince of Eckmühl, was a French general who was Marshal of the Empire during the Napoleonic era.

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Lubusz Land

Lubusz Land (Ziemia Lubuska, Lubusz; Land Lebus) is a historical region and cultural landscape in Poland and Germany on both sides of the Oder river.

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Lubusz Voivodeship

Lubusz Voivodeship, or Lubusz Province (in Polish, województwo lubuskie), is a voivodeship (province) in western Poland.

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Lutheranism is a major branch of Protestant Christianity which identifies with the theology of Martin Luther (1483–1546), a German friar, ecclesiastical reformer and theologian.

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Lviv (Львів; Львов; Lwów; Lemberg; Leopolis; see also other names) is the largest city in western Ukraine and the seventh-largest city in the country overall, with a population of around 728,350 as of 2016.

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Marek Jurek

Marek Jurek (28 June 1960 in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland) is a right-wing politician and a Member of the European Parliament.

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Margraviate of Brandenburg

The Margraviate of Brandenburg (Markgrafschaft Brandenburg) was a major principality of the Holy Roman Empire from 1157 to 1806 that played a pivotal role in the history of Germany and Central Europe.

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Marie Juchacz

Marie Juchacz (née Marie Gohlke; born Landsberg an der Warthe, 15 March 1879; died Düsseldorf, 28 January 1956) was a German social reformer.

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Marshal of the Sejm

Marshal of the Sejm also known as Sejm Marshal, Chairman of the Sejm or Speaker of the Sejm (Marszałek Sejmu) is the speaker (chair) of the Sejm, the lower house of the Polish parliament.

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Michał Jeliński

Michał Jeliński (born 17 March 1980 in Gorzów Wielkopolski) is a Polish rower.

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Michal (singer)

Michal (Michał Kwiatkowski, born 12 November 1983) is a Polish singer.

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Motorcycle speedway

Motorcycle speedway, usually referred to as speedway, is a motorcycle sport involving four and sometimes up to six riders competing over four anti-clockwise laps of an oval circuit.

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Napoleonic Wars

The Napoleonic Wars (1803–1815) were a series of major conflicts pitting the French Empire and its allies, led by Napoleon I, against a fluctuating array of European powers formed into various coalitions, financed and usually led by the United Kingdom.

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The Neumark, also known as the New March (Nowa Marchia) or as East Brandenburg, was a region of the Margraviate of Brandenburg and its successors located east of the Oder River in territory which became part of Poland in 1945.

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Night service (public transport)

A night service or an owl service is a public transport service which operates through overnight hours, while most people are asleep.

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Oceanic climate

An oceanic or highland climate, also known as a marine or maritime climate, is the Köppen classification of climate typical of west coasts in higher middle latitudes of continents, and generally features cool summers (relative to their latitude) and cool winters, with a relatively narrow annual temperature range and few extremes of temperature, with the exception for transitional areas to continental, subarctic and highland climates.

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Personal union

A personal union is the combination of two or more states that have the same monarch while their boundaries, laws, and interests remain distinct.

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Piast dynasty

The Piast dynasty was the first historical ruling dynasty of Poland.

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PKO Bank Polski

Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności Bank Polski Spółka Akcyjna (also known as PKO Bank Polski, PKO BP) is Poland's largest bank.

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Poland (Polska), officially the Republic of Poland (Rzeczpospolita Polska), is a country located in Central Europe.

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The Poles (Polacy,; singular masculine: Polak, singular feminine: Polka), commonly referred to as the Polish people, are a nation and West Slavic ethnic group native to Poland in Central Europe who share a common ancestry, culture, history and are native speakers of the Polish language.

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Polish People's Party

The Polish People's Party (Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe, abbreviated to PSL (traditionally translated as Polish Peasants' Party), often shortened to ludowcy ('the populars') is an agrarian and Christian democratic political party in Poland. It has 14 members of the Sejm and four Members of the European Parliament. It was the junior partner in a coalition with Civic Platform. It is a member of the European People's Party and the European People's Party group in the European Parliament. The party was formed in 1990 as a left-wing party. The PSL formed a coalition with the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) after winning 132 seats in the Sejm at the 1993 election, with PSL leader Waldemar Pawlak as Prime Minister until 1995. The party fell to 27 at the next election, and moved towards the centre at the end of the 1990s. In 2001, the party re-entered a coalition with the SLD, but withdrew in 2003. After the 2007 election, the PSL entered a coalition with the centre-right Civic Platform (PO). The party's name traces its tradition to an agrarian party in Austro-Hungarian-controlled Galician Poland, which sent MPs to the parliament in Vienna. Until the 2014 local election, the PSL formed self-government coalition in fifteen to sixteen regional assemblies.

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Polish population transfers (1944–1946)

The Polish population transfers in 1944–46 from the eastern half of prewar Poland (also known as the expulsions of Poles from the Kresy macroregion), refer to the forced migrations of Poles toward the end – and in the aftermath – of World War II.

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Potsdam Conference

The Potsdam Conference (Potsdamer Konferenz) was held at Cecilienhof, the home of Crown Prince Wilhelm, in Potsdam, occupied Germany, from 17 July to 2 August 1945.

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A powiat (pronounced; Polish plural: powiaty) is the second-level unit of local government and administration in Poland, equivalent to a county, district or prefecture (LAU-1, formerly NUTS-4) in other countries.

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Poznań (Posen; known also by other historical names) is a city on the Warta River in west-central Poland, in the Greater Poland region.

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Poznan University of Medical Sciences

Poznan University of Medical Sciences (Uniwersytet Medyczny im.) is a prominent Polish medical university, located in the city of Poznań in western Poland.

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Province of Brandenburg

The Province of Brandenburg (Provinz Brandenburg) was a province of the Kingdom of Prussia and the Free State of Prussia from 1815 to 1945, from 1871 within the German Reich.

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Red Army

The Workers' and Peasants' Red Army (Рабоче-крестьянская Красная армия (РККА), Raboche-krest'yanskaya Krasnaya armiya (RKKA), frequently shortened in Russian to Красная aрмия (КА), Krasnaya armiya (KA), in English: Red Army, also in critical literature and folklore of that epoch – Red Horde, Army of Work) was the army and the air force of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, and, after 1922, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

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Romani people

The Romani (also spelled Romany), or Roma, are a traditionally itinerant ethnic group, living mostly in Europe and the Americas and originating from the northern Indian subcontinent, from the Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Sindh regions of modern-day India and Pakistan.

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Santok (Zantoch) is a village in Gorzów County, Lubusz Voivodeship, in western Poland.

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Saransk (p; Саранош; Саран ош) is the capital city of the Republic of Mordovia, Russia, as well as its financial and economic centre.

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Sebastian Świderski

Sebastian Krzysztof Świderski (born 26 June 1977) is a former Polish volleyball player, a member of Poland men's national volleyball team in 1996-2011, a participant of the Olympic Games (Athens 2004, Beijing 2008), a silver medalist of the World Championship 2006, three-time Polish Champion (2001, 2002, 2003), chairman of ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle since 2015.

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Secession (derived from the Latin term secessio) is the withdrawal of a group from a larger entity, especially a political entity, but also from any organization, union or military alliance.

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Sister city

Twin towns or sister cities are a form of legal or social agreement between towns, cities, counties, oblasts, prefectures, provinces, regions, states, and even countries in geographically and politically distinct areas to promote cultural and commercial ties.

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Solidarity (Polish trade union)

Solidarity (Solidarność, pronounced; full name: Independent Self-governing Labour Union "Solidarity"—Niezależny Samorządny Związek Zawodowy „Solidarność”) is a Polish labour union that was founded on 17 September 1980 at the Lenin Shipyard under the leadership of Lech Wałęsa.

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Soviet Union

The Soviet Union, officially the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was a socialist state in Eurasia that existed from 1922 to 1991.

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St. Mary's Cathedral, Gorzów Wielkopolski


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Stal Gorzów Wielkopolski

Stal Gorzów Wielkopolski - polish speedway team based in Gorzów Wielkopolski who currently race in Speedway Ekstraliga.

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Star Academy

Star Academy, called Operación Triunfo ("Operation Triumph") in Spanish-speaking countries, is a highly successful television pop music talent contest with viewer voting and reality show elements.

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States of Germany

Germany is a federal republic consisting of sixteen states (Land, plural Länder; informally and very commonly Bundesland, plural Bundesländer).

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Stefan Niesiołowski

Stefan Konstanty Myszkiewicz-Niesiołowski (born 4 February 1944) is a Polish politician and member of the Union of European Democrats.

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Stilon Gorzów Wielkopolski

Stilon Gorzów Wielkopolski, is a Polish football club based in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland.

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Sumitomo Electric Industries

is a manufacturer of electric wire and optical fiber cables.

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Sumy (Суми, Сумы) is a city in north-eastern Ukraine, and the capital of Sumy Oblast (region).

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Szczecin (German and Swedish Stettin), known also by other alternative names) is the capital and largest city of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland. Located near the Baltic Sea and the German border, it is a major seaport and Poland's seventh-largest city. As of June 2011, the population was 407,811. Szczecin is located on the Oder, south of the Szczecin Lagoon and the Bay of Pomerania. The city is situated along the southwestern shore of Dąbie Lake, on both sides of the Oder and on several large islands between the western and eastern branches of the river. Szczecin is adjacent to the town of Police and is the urban centre of the Szczecin agglomeration, an extended metropolitan area that includes communities in the German states of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The city's recorded history began in the 8th century as a Slavic Pomeranian stronghold, built at the site of the Ducal castle. In the 12th century, when Szczecin had become one of Pomerania's main urban centres, it lost its independence to Piast Poland, the Duchy of Saxony, the Holy Roman Empire and Denmark. At the same time, the House of Griffins established themselves as local rulers and the population was Christianized. After the Treaty of Stettin in 1630, the town came under the control of the Swedish Empire and became in 1648 the Capital of Swedish Pomerania until 1720, when it was acquired by the Kingdom of Prussia and then the German Empire. Following World War II Stettin became part of Poland, resulting in expulsion of the German population. Szczecin is the administrative and industrial centre of West Pomeranian Voivodeship and is the site of the University of Szczecin, Pomeranian Medical University, Maritime University, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin Art Academy, and the see of the Szczecin-Kamień Catholic Archdiocese. From 1999 onwards, Szczecin has served as the site of the headquarters of NATO's Multinational Corps Northeast. Szczecin was a candidate for the European Capital of Culture in 2016.

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The Tatars (татарлар, татары) are a Turkic-speaking peoples living mainly in Russia and other Post-Soviet countries.

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Teramo (Abruzzese: Tèreme) is a city and comune in the Italian region of Abruzzo, the capital of the province of Teramo.

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Teresa Klimek

Teresa Klimek (1929-2013) was a Polish educator and activist.

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Terno (English: " Young"), is a Polish Romani music collective founded in 1953.

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Territories of Poland annexed by the Soviet Union

17 days after the German invasion of Poland in 1939, which marked the beginning of World War II, the Soviet Union invaded the eastern regions of the Second Polish Republic, which Poland re-established during the Polish–Soviet War and referred to as the "Kresy", and annexed territories totaling with a population of 13,299,000 inhabitants including Lithuanians,Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Poles, Jews, Czechs and others.

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Tesco plc, trading as Tesco, is a British multinational groceries and general merchandise retailer with headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

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Tomasz Gollob

Tomasz Gollob (born 11 April 1971 in Bydgoszcz, Poland) is a Polish motorcycle speedway rider who has appeared in every Speedway Grand Prix series since its inaugural season in 1995.

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Tomasz Kucharski

Tomasz Kucharski (born 16 February 1974 in Gorzów Wielkopolski) is a Polish competition rower and Olympic champion.

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Unification of Germany

The unification of Germany into a politically and administratively integrated nation state officially occurred on 18 January 1871, in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles in France.

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Ursus Factory

The Ursus Factory is a Polish producer of agricultural machinery located in Lublin.

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Vehicle registration plates of Poland

Vehicle registration plates of Poland indicate the region of registration of the vehicle encoded in the number plate.

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Verden an der Aller

Verden an der Aller, also called Verden (Aller) or simply Verden, is a town in Lower Saxony, Germany, on the river Aller.

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Victor Klemperer

Victor Klemperer (9 October 188111 February 1960) was a Romance languages scholar who also became known as a diarist.

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Voivodeships of Poland

A województwo (plural: województwa) is the highest-level administrative subdivision of Poland, corresponding to a "province" in many other countries.

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Warsaw (Warszawa; see also other names) is the capital and largest city of Poland.

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The Warta (Polish pronunciation: Warthe; Varta) is a river in western-central Poland, a tributary of the Oder River (Odra).

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Water polo

Water polo is a competitive team sport played in the water between two teams.

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The Wehrmacht (lit. "defence force")From wehren, "to defend" and Macht., "power, force".

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World War II

World War II (often abbreviated to WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, although conflicts reflecting the ideological clash between what would become the Allied and Axis blocs began earlier.

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Wrocław (Breslau; Vratislav; Vratislavia) is the largest city in western Poland.

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Zbigniew Herbert

Zbigniew Herbert (29 October 1924 – 28 July 1998) was a Polish poet, essayist, drama writer and moralist.

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Zenon Jaskuła

Zenon Jaskuła (born 4 June 1962) is a Polish former professional racing cyclist from Śrem, who was active in the 1990s.

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Zenon Plech

Zenon Plech (born 1 January 1953 in Zwierzyn, Poland) is a former Polish international motorcycle speedway rider.

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Zielona Góra

Zielona Góra (Grünberg in Schlesien) is the largest city in Lubusz Voivodeship, in western Poland, with 138,512 inhabitants (2015).

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2006 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship

The 2006 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship was held in Japan from 17 November to 3 December 2006.

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