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Half-space (geometry)

Index Half-space (geometry)

In geometry, a half-space is either of the two parts into which a plane divides the three-dimensional Euclidean space. [1]

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Affine space

In mathematics, an affine space is a geometric structure that generalizes the properties of Euclidean spaces in such a way that these are independent of the concepts of distance and measure of angles, keeping only the properties related to parallelism and ratio of lengths for parallel line segments.

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Convex set

In convex geometry, a convex set is a subset of an affine space that is closed under convex combinations.

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In physics and mathematics, the dimension of a mathematical space (or object) is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify any point within it.

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Euclidean space

In geometry, Euclidean space encompasses the two-dimensional Euclidean plane, the three-dimensional space of Euclidean geometry, and certain other spaces.

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Geometry (from the γεωμετρία; geo- "earth", -metron "measurement") is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space.

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In geometry, a hyperplane is a subspace whose dimension is one less than that of its ambient space.

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Inequality (mathematics)

In mathematics, an inequality is a relation that holds between two values when they are different (see also: equality).

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Line (geometry)

The notion of line or straight line was introduced by ancient mathematicians to represent straight objects (i.e., having no curvature) with negligible width and depth.

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Linear equation

In mathematics, a linear equation is an equation that may be put in the form where x_1, \ldots, x_n are the variables or unknowns, and c, a_1, \ldots, a_n are coefficients, which are often real numbers, but may be parameters, or even any expression that does not contain the unknowns.

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Nef polygon

Nef polygons and Nef polyhedra are the sets of polygons (resp. polyhedra) which can be obtained from a finite set of halfplanes (halfspaces) by Boolean operations of set intersection and set complement.

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Open set

In topology, an open set is an abstract concept generalizing the idea of an open interval in the real line.

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Partition of a set

In mathematics, a partition of a set is a grouping of the set's elements into non-empty subsets, in such a way that every element is included in one and only one of the subsets.

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Plane (geometry)

In mathematics, a plane is a flat, two-dimensional surface that extends infinitely far.

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Poincaré half-plane model

In non-Euclidean geometry, the Poincaré half-plane model is the upper half-plane, denoted below as H \, together with a metric, the Poincaré metric, that makes it a model of two-dimensional hyperbolic geometry.

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In geometry, a polyhedron (plural polyhedra or polyhedrons) is a solid in three dimensions with flat polygonal faces, straight edges and sharp corners or vertices.

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Siegel upper half-space

In mathematics, the Siegel upper half-space of degree g (or genus g) (also called the Siegel upper half-plane) is the set of g × g symmetric matrices over the complex numbers whose imaginary part is positive definite.

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Two-dimensional space

Two-dimensional space or bi-dimensional space is a geometric setting in which two values (called parameters) are required to determine the position of an element (i.e., point).

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Upper half-plane

In mathematics, the upper half-plane H is the set of complex numbers with positive imaginary part: The term arises from a common visualization of the complex number x + iy as the point (x,y) in the plane endowed with Cartesian coordinates.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Half-space_(geometry)

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