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Helwan (حلوان,, Halouan) is a city in Egypt and part of Greater Cairo, on the bank of the Nile, opposite the ruins of Memphis. [1]

73 relations: Abdul Rahman Hassan Azzam, Aneb-Hetch, Arcadia Aegypti, Aswan Dam, Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Cairo Metro Line 1, Catholic Church, Cement, Census, Desert climate, Egypt, Egypt Standard Time, Egyptian Air Force, El Shorouk, Epipalaeolithic, Farouk of Egypt, Fiat 1100, Fiat 1300 and 1500, Fiat 2300, Fiat Regata, Fiat Ritmo, Fiat Tempra, First Council of Nicaea, FSO Polonez, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Geoffrey Barkas, Governorates of Egypt, Greater Cairo, Halley's Comet, Harifian, Harold Knox-Shaw, Helwan Governorate, Helwan retouch, Helwan University, Humidity, Iron, John Reynolds (astronomer), Köppen climate classification, Latin Church, List of geological features on 951 Gaspra, Maadi, Madinaty, Memphis, Egypt, Middle East Command Camouflage Directorate, Mineral spring, Moataz Eno, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, New Cairo, Nile, ..., No. 112 Squadron RAF, Notitiae Episcopatuum, Operation Bertram, Operation Priha, Oxyrhynchus, Polski Fiat 125p, Proto-Semitic language, Roman province, Royal Astronomical Society, Sadd el-Kafara, Sinai Peninsula, Steel, Steel mill, Suffragan bishop, Tawfiq of Egypt, Textile, Titular bishop, Tram, United Kingdom, Zastava Florida, 15th of May (city), 6th Armoured Division (South Africa), 82-BM-37. Expand index (23 more) »

Abdul Rahman Hassan Azzam

Abdul Rahman Hassan Azzam (عبد الرحمن حسن عزام) (1893–1976), also known as Azzam Pasha, was an Egyptian diplomat and politician.

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Aneb-Hetch (White Walls, also Inbu-Hedj, White fortress) was one of 42 nomes (administrative division) in Ancient Egypt.

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Arcadia Aegypti

Arcadia or Arcadia Aegypti was a Late Roman province in northern Egypt.

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Aswan Dam

The Aswan Dam, or more specifically since the 1960s, the Aswan High Dam, is an embankment dam built across the Nile in Aswan, Egypt, between 1960 and 1970.

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Cairo (القاهرة) is the capital of Egypt.

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Cairo Governorate

Cairo Governorate (محافظة القاهرة) is the most populated of the governorates of Egypt.

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Cairo Metro Line 1

Cairo Metro Line 1 is the first line of the Cairo Metro system in Cairo city, Egypt as well as the first metro system in Arab countries and in Africa.

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Catholic Church

The Catholic Church, also known as the Roman Catholic Church, is the largest Christian church, with more than 1.299 billion members worldwide.

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A cement is a binder, a substance used for construction that sets, hardens and adheres to other materials, binding them together.

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A census is the procedure of systematically acquiring and recording information about the members of a given population.

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Desert climate

The Desert climate (in the Köppen climate classification BWh and BWk, sometimes also BWn), also known as an arid climate, is a climate in which precipitation is too low to sustain any vegetation at all, or at most a very scanty shrub, and does not meet the criteria to be classified as a polar climate.

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Egypt (مِصر, مَصر, Khēmi), officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia by a land bridge formed by the Sinai Peninsula.

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Egypt Standard Time

Egypt Standard Time is UTC+2, which is exactly the same as Eastern European Time, and is co-linear with neighboring Libya and Sudan.

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Egyptian Air Force

The Egyptian Air Force (EAF) (القوات الجوية المصرية), is the aviation branch of the Egyptian Armed Forces, is responsible for all airborne defence missions and operates all military aircraft, including those used in support of the Egyptian Army, Egyptian Navy and the Egyptian Air Defense Forces, created as a separate command in the 1970s, coordinates with the Air Force to integrate air and ground-based air defense operations.

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El Shorouk

El Shorouk (الشروق, "the Sunrise") is a city located at the northeast of Cairo and at the north of New Cairo, in the province of Cairo, in Egypt, which is part of Greater Cairo.

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In archaeology, the Epipalaeolithic, Epipaleolithic (sometimes Epi-paleolithic etc) is a term for a period intervening between the Upper Paleolithic and Neolithic in the Stone Age.

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Farouk of Egypt

Farouk I (فاروق الأول Fārūq al-Awwal; 11 February 1920 – 18 March 1965) was the tenth ruler of Egypt from the Muhammad Ali dynasty and the penultimate King of Egypt and the Sudan, succeeding his father, Fuad I, in 1936.

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Fiat 1100

The Fiat 1100 is a small family car produced from 1953 to 1969 by the Italian manufacturer Fiat.

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Fiat 1300 and 1500

The Fiat 1300 and Fiat 1500 are automobiles which were manufactured by the Italian automaker Fiat from 1961 to 1967.

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Fiat 2300

The Fiat 2300 is a six-cylinder executive car which was produced by Italian automotive manufacturer Fiat between 1961 and 1969.

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Fiat Regata

The Fiat Regata is an automobile produced by Italian automaker Fiat from 1983 to 1990.

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Fiat Ritmo

The Fiat Ritmo is an automobile by Italian manufacturer Fiat, launched in April 1978 at the Turin Motor show.

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Fiat Tempra

The Fiat Tempra (Type 159) is a small family car produced by the Italian automaker Fiat from 1990 to 1996.

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First Council of Nicaea

The First Council of Nicaea (Νίκαια) was a council of Christian bishops convened in the Bithynian city of Nicaea (now İznik, Bursa province, Turkey) by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in AD 325.

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FSO Polonez

The FSO Polonez was a Polish motor vehicle that was produced from 1978 to 2002.

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Gamal Abdel Nasser

Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein (جمال عبد الناصر حسين,; 15 January 1918 – 28 September 1970) was the second President of Egypt, serving from 1956 until his death in 1970.

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Geoffrey Barkas

Geoffrey Barkas (born Geoffrey de Gruchy Barkas, 27 August 1896 – 3 September 1979) was an English film maker active between the world wars.

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Governorates of Egypt

For administrative purposes, Egypt is divided into twenty-seven governorates (محافظة;; genitive case:; plural: محافظات). Egyptian governorates are the top tier of the country's jurisdiction hierarchy.

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Greater Cairo

The Greater Cairo Area (GCA) (القاهرة الكبرى) is the largest metropolitan area in Egypt and the largest urban area in Africa.

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Halley's Comet

Halley's Comet or Comet Halley, officially designated 1P/Halley, is a short-period comet visible from Earth every 74–79 years.

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The Harifian is a specialized regional cultural development of the Epipalaeolithic of the Negev Desert.

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Harold Knox-Shaw

Harold Knox-Shaw (12 October 1885 – 11 April 1970) was an English astronomer.

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Helwan Governorate

Helwan Governorate was one of the governorates of Egypt.

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Helwan retouch

The Helwan Retouch was a bifacial microlithic flint-tool fabrication technology characteristic of the Early Natufian culture in the Levant, a region in the Eastern Mediterranean (12,500 BP – 11,000 BP) such as the Harifian culture.

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Helwan University

Helwan University is a public university based in Helwan, Egypt, which is part of Greater Cairo.

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Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air.

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Iron is a chemical element with symbol Fe (from ferrum) and atomic number 26.

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John Reynolds (astronomer)

John Henry Reynolds (1874–1949) was a British astronomer who served as the president of the Royal Astronomical Society between 1935 and 1937 and is known for his work on the classification of stellar bodies.

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Köppen climate classification

The Köppen climate classification is one of the most widely used climate classification systems.

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Latin Church

The Latin Church, sometimes called the Western Church, is the largest particular church sui iuris in full communion with the Pope and the rest of the Catholic Church, tracing its history to the earliest days of Christianity.

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List of geological features on 951 Gaspra

This is a list of named geological features on asteroid 951 Gaspra.

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Maadi or al-Ma'adi (معادي الخبيري - المعادي / transliterated) is an affluent, leafy suburban district south of Cairo, Egypt, on the east bank of the Nile about 12 km upriver from downtown Cairo.

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Madinaty (مدينتى, "My City") is a suburb, aimed at becoming a complete city, in northeast Cairo Governorate, Egypt.

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Memphis, Egypt

Memphis (مَنْف; ⲙⲉⲙϥⲓ; Μέμφις) was the ancient capital of Aneb-Hetch, the first nome of Lower Egypt.

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Middle East Command Camouflage Directorate

The British Middle East Command Camouflage Directorate (also known as the Camouflage Unit or Camouflage Branch) organised major deception operations for Middle East Command in the Western Desert Campaign of the Second World War.

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Mineral spring

Mineral springs are naturally occurring springs that produce water containing minerals, or other dissolved substances, that alter its taste or give it a purported therapeutic value.

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Moataz Eno

Moataz Eno (معتز اينو) (born October 9, 1983) is an Egyptian footballer.

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA; pronounced, like "Noah") is an American scientific agency within the United States Department of Commerce that focuses on the conditions of the oceans, major waterways, and the atmosphere.

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New Cairo

New Cairo (القاهرة الجديدة) is a city covering an area of about on the southeastern edge of Cairo Governorate, 25 kilometres (15 mi) from Maadi.

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The Nile River (النيل, Egyptian Arabic en-Nīl, Standard Arabic an-Nīl; ⲫⲓⲁⲣⲱ, P(h)iaro; Ancient Egyptian: Ḥ'pī and Jtrw; Biblical Hebrew:, Ha-Ye'or or, Ha-Shiḥor) is a major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa, and is commonly regarded as the longest river in the world, though some sources cite the Amazon River as the longest.

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No. 112 Squadron RAF


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Notitiae Episcopatuum

The Notitiae Episcopatuum (singular: Notitia Episcopatuum) are official documents that furnish Eastern countries the list and hierarchical rank of the metropolitan and suffragan bishoprics of a church.

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Operation Bertram

Operation Bertram was a Second World War deception operation practised by the Allied forces in Egypt led by Bernard Montgomery, in the months before the Second Battle of El Alamein in 1942. Bertram was devised by Dudley Clarke to deceive Erwin Rommel about the timing and location of the Allied attack. The operation consisted of physical deceptions using dummies and camouflage, designed and made by the British Middle East Command Camouflage Directorate led by Geoffrey Barkas. These were accompanied by electromagnetic deceptions codenamed Operation Canwell, using false radio traffic. All of these were planned to make the Axis believe that the attack would take place to the south, far from the coast road and railway, about two days later than the real attack. Bertram consisted of the creation of the appearance of army units where none existed and in concealing armour, artillery and matériel. Dummy tanks and guns were made mainly of local materials including calico and palm-frond hurdles. Real tanks were disguised as trucks, using light "Sunshield" canopies. Field guns and their limbers were also disguised as trucks, their real wheels visible, under a simple box-shaped "Cannibal" canopy to give the shape of a truck. Petrol cans were stacked along the sides of existing revetted trenches, hidden in the shadows. Food was stacked in piles of boxes and draped with camouflage nets to resemble trucks. Trucks were parked openly in the tank assembly area for some weeks. Real tanks were similarly parked openly, far behind the front. Two nights before the attack, the tanks replaced the trucks, being covered with "Sunshields" before dawn. The tanks were replaced that same night with dummies in their original positions, so the armour remained seemingly two or more days' journey behind the front line. To reinforce the impression that the attack was not ready, a dummy water pipeline was constructed, at an apparent rate of per day. Some days' worth remained to be built at the time of the attack; dummy tanks, guns and supplies were constructed to the south. After the battle, the captured German panzerarmee general Wilhelm Ritter von Thoma told Montgomery that he had believed the Allies had at least one more armoured division than they did and that the attack would be in the south. Rommel's stand-in, general Georg Stumme, thought the attack would not begin for several weeks. Bertram had succeeded; when announcing the victory at El Alamein in the House of Commons, Winston Churchill praised the camouflage operation.

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Operation Priha

The Priha (Blossom) Operations were a series of strikes undertaken by the Israeli Air Force during the War of Attrition.

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Oxyrhynchus (Ὀξύρρυγχος Oxýrrhynkhos; "sharp-nosed"; ancient Egyptian Pr-Medjed; Coptic Pemdje; modern Egyptian Arabic El Bahnasa) is a city in Middle Egypt, located about 160 km south-southwest of Cairo, in the governorate of Al Minya.

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Polski Fiat 125p

The Polski Fiat 125p is a motor vehicle manufactured between 1967 and 1991 in the People's Republic of Poland (1968–1990) and the Republic of Poland (1990–1991) by the state-owned manufacturer Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych ("FSO") under a license agreement with Fiat.

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Proto-Semitic language

Proto-Semitic is a hypothetical reconstructed language ancestral to the historical Semitic languages.

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Roman province

In Ancient Rome, a province (Latin: provincia, pl. provinciae) was the basic and, until the Tetrarchy (from 293 AD), the largest territorial and administrative unit of the empire's territorial possessions outside Italy.

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Royal Astronomical Society

The Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) is a learned society that began as the Astronomical Society of London in 1820 to support astronomical research (mainly carried on at the time by 'gentleman astronomers' rather than professionals).

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Sadd el-Kafara

Sadd el-Kafara ("Dam of the Infidels") was a masonry embankment dam on Wadi al-Garawi 10 km southeast of Helwan in Helwan Governorate, Egypt.

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Sinai Peninsula

The Sinai Peninsula or simply Sinai (now usually) is a peninsula in Egypt, and the only part of the country located in Asia.

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Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon and other elements.

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Steel mill

A steel mill or steelworks is an industrial plant for the manufacture of steel.

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Suffragan bishop

A suffragan bishop is a bishop subordinate to a metropolitan bishop or diocesan bishop.

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Tawfiq of Egypt

Mohamed Tewfik Pasha (محمد توفيق باشا, Muhammed Tevfik Paşa; April 30 or November 15, 1852 – January 7, 1892), also known as Tawfiq of Egypt, was khedive of Egypt and the Sudan between 1879 and 1892 and the sixth ruler from the Muhammad Ali Dynasty.

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A textile is a flexible material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres (yarn or thread).

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Titular bishop

A titular bishop in various churches is a bishop who is not in charge of a diocese.

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A tram (also tramcar; and in North America streetcar, trolley or trolley car) is a rail vehicle which runs on tramway tracks along public urban streets, and also sometimes on a segregated right of way.

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain,Usage is mixed with some organisations, including the and preferring to use Britain as shorthand for Great Britain is a sovereign country in western Europe.

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Zastava Florida

The Zastava Florida, also known as Yugo Sana, Yugo Miami or Yugo Florida, is a five-door hatchback which was introduced by Yugoslav automaker Zastava on 19 February 1987 and remained in production until 2008.

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15th of May (city)

15th of May City (مدينة 15 مايو) is a suburb of eastern Helwan, Egypt, and is part of Greater Cairo.

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6th Armoured Division (South Africa)

The 6th South African Armoured Division was the second armoured division of the South African Army and was formed during World War II.

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The M-37 or 82-BM-37 (батальонный миномёт) is a Soviet 82 millimeter calibre mortar designed by B.I. Szayrin and accepted into service in 1937.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helwan

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