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Hemus motorway

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The Hemus motorway (Avtomagistrala "Hemus") or Haemus motorway, designated A2, is a partially built motorway in Bulgaria. [1]

32 relations: Balkan Mountains, Balkans, Bebresh Viaduct, Black Sea, Botevgrad, Bulgaria, Bulgarian lev, Controlled-access highway, Devnya, Eleshnitsa, Sofia Province, European route E70, European route E772, European route E83, Haemus Mons, I-2 road (Bulgaria), Kaspichan, Lovech, National Company "Strategic Infrastructure Projects", Nevsha, Novi Pazar, Shumen Province, Pleven, Pravets, Provadia, Shumen, Sofia, Sofia Ring Road, Targovishte, Varna, Varna Airport, Veliko Tarnovo, Viaduct, Yablanitsa.

Balkan Mountains

The Balkan mountain range (Bulgarian and Стара планина, Latin Serbian Stara planina, "Old Mountain") is a mountain range in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula.

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The Balkans, or the Balkan Peninsula, is a geographic area in southeastern Europe with various and disputed definitions.

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Bebresh Viaduct

Bebresh Viaduct (виадукт „Бебреш“) is a girder bridge part of the Bulgarian Hemus (or A2) motorway, located in Vitinya Pass in Stara Planina 60 km east of Sofia, at 650 m above sea level.

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Black Sea

The Black Sea is a body of water and marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean between Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Western Asia.

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Botevgrad (Ботевград), is a town in western Bulgaria.

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Bulgaria (България, tr.), officially the Republic of Bulgaria (Република България, tr.), is a country in southeastern Europe.

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Bulgarian lev

The lev (лев, plural: лева, левове / leva, levove) is the currency of Bulgaria.

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Controlled-access highway

A controlled-access highway is a type of highway which has been designed for high-speed vehicular traffic, with all traffic flow and ingress/egress regulated.

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Devnya (Девня) is a town in Varna Province, Northeastern Bulgaria, located about 25 km away to the west from the city of Varna and The Black Sea Coast.

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Eleshnitsa, Sofia Province

Eleshnitsa is a village in Elin Pelin Municipality, in Sofia Province, Bulgaria.

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European route E70

European route E 70 is an A-Class West-East European route, extending from A Coruña in Spain in the west to the Georgian city of Poti in the east.

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European route E772

European route E772 is a class ZZZ road, part of the International Z-road network in China.

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European route E83

European route E 83 is a road part of the International E-road network.

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Haemus Mons

In earlier times, the Balkan Mountains were known as the Haemus Mons.

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I-2 road (Bulgaria)

Republic road I-2 is a major road in Northeastern Bulgaria.

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Kaspichan (Каспичан) is a town in central northeastern Bulgaria, part of Shumen Province.

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Lovech (Ловеч,, international transliteration Loveč, Lovcea) is a city in north-central Bulgaria.

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National Company "Strategic Infrastructure Projects"

The National Company Strategic Infrastructure Projects (NCSIP) was a parallel road agency in Bulgaria during the 2011 - 2016 period.

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Nevsha (Bulgarian: Невша) is a village in north-eastern Bulgaria.

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Novi Pazar, Shumen Province

Novi Pazar (Нови пазар, "new marketplace") is a town in Shumen Province, northeastern Bulgaria, located in a hollow between the Shumen, Ludogorie and Provadiya plateaus, on the banks of the Kriva Reka ("twisting river").

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Pleven (Плевен) is the seventh most populous city in Bulgaria.

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Pravets or Pravetz (Правец, also transliterated as Pravec) is a town in Pravets Municipality in central western Bulgaria, located approximately from the capital Sofia.

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Provadia (Провадия) is a town in northeastern Bulgaria, part of Varna Province, located in a deep karst gorge (Provadia syncline) along the Provadia River not far from the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

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Shumen (also spelled Shoumen, Šumen or Shumla Шумен) is the tenth largest city in Bulgaria and the administrative and economic capital of Shumen Province.

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Sofia (Со́фия, tr.) is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria.

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Sofia Ring Road

The Sofia ring road (Софийски околовръстен път, Sofiyski okolovrasten pat) is an important thoroughfare surrounding Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

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Targovishte (Търговище, Tǎrgovište) is a city in Bulgaria, the administrative and economic capital of Targovishte Province.

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Varna (Варна, Varna) is the third-largest city in Bulgaria and the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

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Varna Airport

Varna Airport (Bulgarian: Летище Варна, Letishte Varna) is the airport of Varna, the historical maritime capital of Bulgaria.

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Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo (Велико Търново, "Great Tarnovo") is a city in north central Bulgaria and the administrative centre of Veliko Tarnovo Province.

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A viaduct is a bridge composed of several small spans for crossing a valley, dry or wetland, or forming an overpass or flyover.

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Yablanitsa (Ябланица; also Jablanica, Iablanica, Yablanica, Jablanitsa, Iablanitsa, Jablanitza, Yablanitza, Iablanitza) is a small town in the westernmost part of Lovech Province, central-north Bulgaria, located in the area of the Pre-Balkan, north of the Stara Planina mountain.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemus_motorway

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