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In music, hocket is the rhythmic linear technique using the alternation of notes, pitches, or chords. [1]

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Adrian Belew

Adrian Belew (born Robert Steven Belew, December 23, 1949) is an American musician, songwriter, and record producer.

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Alt-J (stylised as alt-J, or ∆) is an English indie rock band formed in 2007 in Leeds, by Joe Newman (guitar/lead vocals), Thom Sonny Green (drums), Gus Unger-Hamilton (keyboards/vocals) and Gwil Sainsbury (guitar/bass).

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Andean music

Andean music is a group of styles of music from the Andes region in South America.

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Animal Collective

Animal Collective is an American experimental pop band formed in Baltimore, Maryland in 2003.

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Ars antiqua

Ars antiqua, also called ars veterum or ars vetus, is a term used by modern scholars to refer to the Medieval music of Europe during the high Middle Ages, between approximately 1170 and 1310.

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Bali (Balinese:, Indonesian: Pulau Bali, Provinsi Bali) is an island and province of Indonesia with the biggest Hindu population.

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Bigwala is a genre of ceremonial music and dance of the Busoga Kingdom in Uganda centered around gourd trumpets.

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Chord (music)

A chord, in music, is any harmonic set of pitches consisting of two or more (usually three or more) notes (also called "pitches") that are heard as if sounding simultaneously.

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Contemporary classical music

Contemporary classical music can be understood as belonging to the period that started in the mid-1970s to early 1990s, which includes modernist, postmodern, neoromantic, and pluralist music.

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David Longstreth

David Longstreth (born 17 December 1981) is an American singer and songwriter.

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Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors is an American indie rock band, fronted by David Longstreth, that has released eight full-length albums.

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Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic (República Dominicana) is a sovereign state located in the island of Hispaniola, in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean region.

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Ernest H. Sanders

Ernest Helmut Sanders (4 December 1918 – 13 January 2018) was a German-born American musicologist.

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Funk is a music genre that originated in African American communities in the mid-1960s when African American musicians created a rhythmic, danceable new form of music through a mixture of soul music, jazz, and rhythm and blues (R&B).

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Gamelan is the traditional ensemble music of Java and Bali in Indonesia, made up predominantly of percussive instruments.

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Haiti (Haïti; Ayiti), officially the Republic of Haiti and formerly called Hayti, is a sovereign state located on the island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean Sea.

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A handbell is a bell designed to be rung by hand.

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Herbie Hancock

Herbert Jeffrey "Herbie" Hancock (born April 12, 1940) is an American pianist, keyboardist, bandleader, composer and actor.

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A hiccup (also spelled hiccough) is an involuntary contraction (myoclonic jerk) of the diaphragm that may repeat several times per minute.

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Hoketus was an amplified musical ensemble founded by Dutch composer Louis Andriessen in the Netherlands in 1976.

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Imbal or imbalan (imbal-imbalan, demung imbal) is a technique used in Javanese gamelan.

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Java (Indonesian: Jawa; Javanese: ꦗꦮ; Sundanese) is an island of Indonesia.

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Kecak (pronounced ("Kechak"), alternate spellings: Kechak and Ketjak), known in Indonesian as Tari Kecak is a form of Balinese dance and music drama that was developed in the 1930s in Bali, Indonesia.

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King Crimson

King Crimson are an English progressive rock band formed in London in 1968.

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King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard is an Australian psychedelic rock band formed in 2010 in Melbourne, Victoria.

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Klangfarbenmelodie (German for sound-color melody) is a musical technique that involves splitting a musical line or melody between several instruments, rather than assigning it to just one instrument (or set of instruments), thereby adding color (timbre) and texture to the melodic line.

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Kotekan is a style of playing fast interlocking parts in most varieties of Balinese Gamelan music, including Gamelan gong kebyar, Gamelan angklung, Gamelan jegog and others.

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Linearity is the property of a mathematical relationship or function which means that it can be graphically represented as a straight line.

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Louis Andriessen

Louis Andriessen (born 6 June 1939) is a Dutch composer and pianist based in Amsterdam.

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Mbuti people

Mbuti or Bambuti are one of several indigenous pygmy groups in the Congo region of Africa.

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Melodic fission

In music cognition, melodic fission (also known as melodic or auditory streaming, or stream segregation), is a phenomenon in which one line of pitches (an auditory stream) is heard as two or more separate melodic lines.

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A melody (from Greek μελῳδία, melōidía, "singing, chanting"), also tune, voice, or line, is a linear succession of musical tones that the listener perceives as a single entity.

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In western music, a motet is a mainly vocal musical composition, of highly diverse form and style, from the late medieval era to the present.

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Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time.

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Music of Indonesia

The music of Indonesia demonstrates its cultural diversity, the local musical creativity, as well as subsequent foreign musical influences that shaped contemporary music scenes of Indonesia.

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Musical instrument

A musical instrument is an instrument created or adapted to make musical sounds.

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Musical note

In music, a note is the pitch and duration of a sound, and also its representation in musical notation (♪, ♩).

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Notre Dame school

The Notre Dame school or the Notre Dame school of polyphony refers to the group of composers working at or near the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris from about 1160 to 1250, along with the music they produced.

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Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is the main historical dictionary of the English language, published by the Oxford University Press.

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Painting With

Painting With is the tenth studio album by American experimental pop band Animal Collective, released on February 19, 2016.

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Panning (audio)

Panning is the distribution of a sound signal (either monaural or stereophonic pairs) into a new stereo or multi-channel sound field determined by a pan control setting.

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Pitch (music)

Pitch is a perceptual property of sounds that allows their ordering on a frequency-related scale, or more commonly, pitch is the quality that makes it possible to judge sounds as "higher" and "lower" in the sense associated with musical melodies.

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Polygondwanaland is the twelfth studio album by Australian psychedelic rock band King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard.

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Popular music

Popular music is music with wide appeal that is typically distributed to large audiences through the music industry.

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Pygmy music

Pygmy music refers to the sub-Saharan African music traditions of the Central African foragers (or "Pygmies"), predominantly in the Congo, the Central African Republic and Cameroon.

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Rara is a form of festival music that originated in Haiti, that is used for street processions, typically during Easter Week.

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Rhythm (from Greek ῥυθμός, rhythmos, "any regular recurring motion, symmetry") generally means a "movement marked by the regulated succession of strong and weak elements, or of opposite or different conditions".

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Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp (born 16 May 1946) is an English guitarist, composer and record producer.

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San people

No description.

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Siku (instrument)

The siku (antara, siku, also "sicu," "sicus," "zampolla" or Spanish zampoña) is a traditional Andean panpipe.

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This Is All Yours

This Is All Yours is the second album by English indie rock band alt-J, released on September 22, 2014 through Infectious.

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Watermelon Man (composition)

"Watermelon Man" is a jazz standard written by Herbie Hancock, first released on his debut album, Takin' Off (1962).

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hocket

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