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Honor system

Index Honor system

An honor system or honesty system is a philosophical way of running a variety of endeavors based on trust, honor, and honesty. [1]

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Academic honor code

An academic honor code or honor system is a set of rules or ethical principles governing an academic community based on ideals that define what constitutes honorable behaviour within that community.

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Airsoft is a competitive team sport in which participants shoot opponents with spherical plastic BBs launched via replica weapons called airsoft guns.

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Art museum

An art museum or art gallery is a building or space for the exhibition of art, usually visual art.

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Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands.

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Barcode reader

A bar code reader (or bar code scanner) is an electronic device that can read and output printed barcodes to a computer.

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Borders are geographic boundaries of political entities or legal jurisdictions, such as governments, sovereign states, federated states, and other subnational entities.

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Border checkpoint

A border checkpoint is a place, generally between two countries, where travelers or goods are inspected.

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British English

British English is the standard dialect of English language as spoken and written in the United Kingdom.

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California Institute of Technology

The California Institute of Technology (abbreviated Caltech)The university itself only spells its short form as "Caltech"; other spellings such as.

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Canada is a country located in the northern part of North America.

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Charitable organization

A charitable organization or charity is a non-profit organization (NPO) whose primary objectives are philanthropy and social well-being (e.g. charitable, educational, religious, or other activities serving the public interest or common good).

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College of William & Mary

The College of William & Mary (also known as William & Mary, or W&M) is a public research university in Williamsburg, Virginia. Founded in 1693 by letters patent issued by King William III and Queen Mary II, it is the second-oldest institution of higher education in the United States, after Harvard University. William & Mary educated American Presidents Thomas Jefferson (third), James Monroe (fifth), and John Tyler (tenth) as well as other key figures important to the development of the nation, including the fourth U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall of Virginia, Speaker of the House of Representatives Henry Clay of Kentucky, sixteen members of the Continental Congress, and four signers of the Declaration of Independence, earning it the nickname "the Alma Mater of the Nation." A young George Washington (1732–1799) also received his surveyor's license through the college. W&M students founded the Phi Beta Kappa academic honor society in 1776 and W&M was the first school of higher education in the United States to install an honor code of conduct for students. The establishment of graduate programs in law and medicine in 1779 makes it one of the earliest higher level universities in the United States. In addition to its undergraduate program (which includes an international joint degree program with the University of St Andrews in Scotland and a joint engineering program with Columbia University in New York City), W&M is home to several graduate programs (including computer science, public policy, physics, and colonial history) and four professional schools (law, business, education, and marine science). In his 1985 book Public Ivies: A Guide to America's Best Public Undergraduate Colleges and Universities, Richard Moll categorized William & Mary as one of eight "Public Ivies".

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Confectionery is the art of making confections, which are food items that are rich in sugar and carbohydrates.

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Continental Europe

Continental or mainland Europe is the continuous continent of Europe excluding its surrounding islands.

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The word contraband, reported in English since 1529, from Medieval French contrebande "a smuggling," denotes any item that, relating to its nature, is illegal to be possessed or sold.

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A dilemma (δίλημμα "double proposition") is a problem offering two unrelated possibilities, neither of which is unambiguously acceptable or preferable.

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Florida State Road 869

Florida State Road 869 (SR 869) is a state road located in Broward County, Florida.

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale (frequently abbreviated as Ft. Lauderdale) is a city in the U.S. state of Florida, north of Miami.

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A funeral is a ceremony connected with the burial, cremation, or interment of a corpse, or the burial (or equivalent) with the attendant observances.

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In the United States, a furlough (from verlof, "leave of absence") is a temporary leave of employees due to special needs of a company, which may be due to economic conditions at the specific employer or in the economy as a whole.

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Gender identity

Gender identity is one's personal experience of one's own gender.

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Hawala or hewala (حِوالة, meaning transfer or sometimes trust), also known as hundi or—in Somali, xawala or xawilaad—is a popular and informal value transfer system based not on the movement of cash, or on telegraph or computer network wire transfers between banks, but instead on the performance and honour of a huge network of money brokers (known as "hawaladars").

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Honesty refers to a facet of moral character and connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, straightforwardness, including straightforwardness of conduct, along with the absence of lying, cheating, theft, etc.

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Honesty bar

An honesty bar is an unattended beverage bar, typically in the lobby or lounge of a hotel, where payment is left to the guest.

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Honesty box

An honesty box is a method of charging for a service such as admission or car parking, or for a product such as home-grown produce and flowers, which relies upon each visitor paying at a box using the honour system.

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Honor system

An honor system or honesty system is a philosophical way of running a variety of endeavors based on trust, honor, and honesty.

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Honour (or honor in American English, note) is the idea of a bond between an individual and a society, as a quality of a person that is both of social teaching and of personal ethos, that manifests itself as a code of conduct, and has various elements such as valor, chivalry, honesty, and compassion.

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Imprisonment (from imprison Old French, French emprisonner, from en in + prison prison, from Latin prensio, arrest, from prehendere, prendere, to seize) is the restraint of a person's liberty, for any cause whatsoever, whether by authority of the government, or by a person acting without such authority.

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Informal value transfer system

An informal value transfer system (IVTS) is any system, mechanism, or network of people that receives money for the purpose of making the funds or an equivalent value payable to a third party in another geographic location, whether or not in the same form.

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An invoice, bill or tab is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller had provided the buyer.

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Ireland (Éire; Ulster-Scots: Airlann) is an island in the North Atlantic.

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Kavka's toxin puzzle

Kavka's toxin puzzle is a thought experiment about the possibility of forming an intention to perform an act which, following from reason, is an action one would not actually perform.

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A minibar is a small refrigerator, typically an absorption refrigerator, in a luxury hotel room.

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A museum (plural musea or museums) is an institution that cares for (conserves) a collection of artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific importance.

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National Gay Flag Football League

National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL) is a nonprofit LGBT flag football league, currently comprising 200 teams in 24 leagues in the United States and Canada.

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National park

A national park is a park in use for conservation purposes.

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New Zealand

New Zealand (Aotearoa) is a sovereign island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

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Orders, decorations, and medals of the United Kingdom

The British honours system is a means of rewarding individuals' personal bravery, achievement, or service to the United Kingdom and the British Overseas Territories.

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Paintball is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules ("paintballs") that break upon impact.

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A paradox is a statement that, despite apparently sound reasoning from true premises, leads to an apparently self-contradictory or logically unacceptable conclusion.

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A passport is a travel document, usually issued by a country's government, that certifies the identity and nationality of its holder primarily for the purpose of international travel.

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A prison, also known as a correctional facility, jail, gaol (dated, British English), penitentiary (American English), detention center (American English), or remand center is a facility in which inmates are forcibly confined and denied a variety of freedoms under the authority of the state.

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Proof-of-payment (POP) or proof-of-fare (POF) is an honor-based fare collection system used on many public transportation systems.

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Public transport

Public transport (also known as public transportation, public transit, or mass transit) is transport of passengers by group travel systems available for use by the general public, typically managed on a schedule, operated on established routes, and that charge a posted fee for each trip.

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Quidditch (sport)

Quidditch is a sport of two teams of seven players each mounted on broomsticks played on a hockey rink-sized pitch.

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Recreational fishing

Recreational fishing, also called sport fishing, is fishing for pleasure or competition.

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Reputation system

Reputation systems are programs that allow users to rate each other in online communities in order to build trust through reputation.

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Robert E. Lee

Robert Edward Lee (January 19, 1807 – October 12, 1870) was an American and Confederate soldier, best known as a commander of the Confederate States Army.

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SCA armoured combat

SCA armoured combat, or informally heavy combat, is a combat sport developed by the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in which participants in protective body armour either compete in mock combat individual tournaments inspired by forms of historical combat and tournament combat practiced in medieval Europe.

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SCA Rapier Combat

Rapier Combat is a style of historical fencing practiced in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

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A screw is a type of fastener, in some ways similar to a bolt (see Differentiation between bolt and screw below), typically made of metal, and characterized by a helical ridge, known as a male thread (external thread).

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Self-checkout (also known as self-service checkout and as semi-attended customer-activated terminal, SACAT) machines provide a mechanism for customers to process their own purchases from a retailer.

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Self-interest generally refers to a focus on the needs or desires (interests) of the self.

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Shoplifting (also known as boosting and five-finger discount), is the unnoticed theft of goods from an open retail establishment.

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Society for Creative Anachronism

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an international living history group with the aim of studying and recreating mainly Medieval European cultures and their histories before the 17th century.

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Southern California

Southern California (colloquially known as SoCal) is a geographic and cultural region that generally comprises California's southernmost counties.

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State park

State parks are parks or other protected areas managed at the sub-national level within those nations which use "state" as a political subdivision.

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A supermarket is a self-service shop offering a wide variety of food and household products, organized into aisles.

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The Home Depot

The Home Depot Inc. or Home Depot is an American home improvement supplies retailing company that sells tools, construction products, and services.

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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson (April 13, [O.S. April 2] 1743 – July 4, 1826) was an American Founding Father who was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence and later served as the third president of the United States from 1801 to 1809.

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Toll house

A tollhouse or toll house is a building with accommodation for a toll collector, beside a tollgate on a toll road or canal.

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A train is a form of transport consisting of a series of connected vehicles that generally runs along a rail track to transport cargo or passengers.

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Train station

A train station, railway station, railroad station, or depot (see below) is a railway facility or area where trains regularly stop to load or unload passengers or freight.

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A tram (also tramcar; and in North America streetcar, trolley or trolley car) is a rail vehicle which runs on tramway tracks along public urban streets, and also sometimes on a segregated right of way.

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Trust (emotion)

In a social context, trust has several connotations.

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A turnstile, also called a baffle gate or turnstyle, is a form of gate which allows one person to pass at a time.

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Ultimate (sport)

Ultimate, originally known as Ultimate frisbee, is a non-contact team sport played with a flying disc (frisbee).

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain,Usage is mixed with some organisations, including the and preferring to use Britain as shorthand for Great Britain is a sovereign country in western Europe.

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United States

The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S.) or America, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions.

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, also known as UNC, UNC Chapel Hill, the University of North Carolina, or simply Carolina, is a public research university located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States.

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University of Virginia

The University of Virginia (U.Va. or UVA), frequently referred to simply as Virginia, is a public research university and the flagship for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University (informally Vandy) is a private research university in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Virginia Military Institute

The Virginia Military Institute (VMI) is a state-supported military college in Lexington, Virginia, the oldest such institution in the United States.

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A warrior is a person specializing in combat or warfare, especially within the context of a tribal or clan-based warrior culture society that recognizes a separate warrior class or caste.

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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University (Washington and Lee or W&L) is a private liberal arts university in Lexington, Virginia, United States.

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A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage.

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Worship is an act of religious devotion usually directed towards a deity.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honor_system

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