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HuffPost (formerly The Huffington Post and sometimes abbreviated HuffPo) is a liberal American news and opinion website and blog that has both localized and international editions. [1]

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Advocacy journalism

Advocacy journalism is a genre of journalism that intentionally and transparently adopts a non-objective viewpoint, usually for some social or political purpose.

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Adweek is a weekly American advertising trade publication that was first published in 1978.

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Alan Patricof

Alan Patricof (born 1934) is an American investor, one of the early pioneers of the venture capital and private equity industries.

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Alexa Internet

Alexa Internet, Inc. is an American company based in California that provides commercial web traffic data and analytics.

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Alice Waters

Alice Louise Waters (born April 28, 1944) is an American chef, restaurateur, activist and author.

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Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine, fringe medicine, pseudomedicine or simply questionable medicine is the use and promotion of practices which are unproven, disproven, impossible to prove, or excessively harmful in relation to their effect — in the attempt to achieve the healing effects of medicine.--> --> --> They differ from experimental medicine in that the latter employs responsible investigation, and accepts results that show it to be ineffective. The scientific consensus is that alternative therapies either do not, or cannot, work. In some cases laws of nature are violated by their basic claims; in some the treatment is so much worse that its use is unethical. Alternative practices, products, and therapies range from only ineffective to having known harmful and toxic effects.--> Alternative therapies may be credited for perceived improvement through placebo effects, decreased use or effect of medical treatment (and therefore either decreased side effects; or nocebo effects towards standard treatment),--> or the natural course of the condition or disease. Alternative treatment is not the same as experimental treatment or traditional medicine, although both can be misused in ways that are alternative. Alternative or complementary medicine is dangerous because it may discourage people from getting the best possible treatment, and may lead to a false understanding of the body and of science.-->---> Alternative medicine is used by a significant number of people, though its popularity is often overstated.--> Large amounts of funding go to testing alternative medicine, with more than US$2.5 billion spent by the United States government alone.--> Almost none show any effect beyond that of false treatment,--> and most studies showing any effect have been statistical flukes. Alternative medicine is a highly profitable industry, with a strong lobby. This fact is often overlooked by media or intentionally kept hidden, with alternative practice being portrayed positively when compared to "big pharma". --> The lobby has successfully pushed for alternative therapies to be subject to far less regulation than conventional medicine.--> Alternative therapies may even be allowed to promote use when there is demonstrably no effect, only a tradition of use. Regulation and licensing of alternative medicine and health care providers varies between and within countries. Despite laws making it illegal to market or promote alternative therapies for use in cancer treatment, many practitioners promote them.--> Alternative medicine is criticized for taking advantage of the weakest members of society.--! Terminology has shifted over time, reflecting the preferred branding of practitioners.. Science Based Medicine--> For example, the United States National Institutes of Health department studying alternative medicine, currently named National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, was established as the Office of Alternative Medicine and was renamed the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine before obtaining its current name. Therapies are often framed as "natural" or "holistic", in apparent opposition to conventional medicine which is "artificial" and "narrow in scope", statements which are intentionally misleading. --> When used together with functional medical treatment, alternative therapies do not "complement" (improve the effect of, or mitigate the side effects of) treatment.--> Significant drug interactions caused by alternative therapies may instead negatively impact functional treatment, making it less effective, notably in cancer.--> Alternative diagnoses and treatments are not part of medicine, or of science-based curricula in medical schools, nor are they used in any practice based on scientific knowledge or experience.--> Alternative therapies are often based on religious belief, tradition, superstition, belief in supernatural energies, pseudoscience, errors in reasoning, propaganda, fraud, or lies.--> Alternative medicine is based on misleading statements, quackery, pseudoscience, antiscience, fraud, and poor scientific methodology. Promoting alternative medicine has been called dangerous and unethical.--> Testing alternative medicine that has no scientific basis has been called a waste of scarce research resources.--> Critics state that "there is really no such thing as alternative medicine, just medicine that works and medicine that doesn't",--> that the very idea of "alternative" treatments is paradoxical, as any treatment proven to work is by definition "medicine".-->.

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Anand Reddi

Anand Reddi is a researcher and global health specialist.

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Andrew Breitbart

Andrew James Breitbart (February 1, 1969 – March 1, 2012) was an American conservative publisher, writer and commentator.

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AOL (formerly a company known as AOL Inc., originally known as America Online, and stylized as Aol.) is a web portal and online service provider based in New York.

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Arabic (العَرَبِيَّة) or (عَرَبِيّ) or) is a Central Semitic language that first emerged in Iron Age northwestern Arabia and is now the lingua franca of the Arab world. It is named after the Arabs, a term initially used to describe peoples living from Mesopotamia in the east to the Anti-Lebanon mountains in the west, in northwestern Arabia, and in the Sinai peninsula. Arabic is classified as a macrolanguage comprising 30 modern varieties, including its standard form, Modern Standard Arabic, which is derived from Classical Arabic. As the modern written language, Modern Standard Arabic is widely taught in schools and universities, and is used to varying degrees in workplaces, government, and the media. The two formal varieties are grouped together as Literary Arabic (fuṣḥā), which is the official language of 26 states and the liturgical language of Islam. Modern Standard Arabic largely follows the grammatical standards of Classical Arabic and uses much of the same vocabulary. However, it has discarded some grammatical constructions and vocabulary that no longer have any counterpart in the spoken varieties, and has adopted certain new constructions and vocabulary from the spoken varieties. Much of the new vocabulary is used to denote concepts that have arisen in the post-classical era, especially in modern times. During the Middle Ages, Literary Arabic was a major vehicle of culture in Europe, especially in science, mathematics and philosophy. As a result, many European languages have also borrowed many words from it. Arabic influence, mainly in vocabulary, is seen in European languages, mainly Spanish and to a lesser extent Portuguese, Valencian and Catalan, owing to both the proximity of Christian European and Muslim Arab civilizations and 800 years of Arabic culture and language in the Iberian Peninsula, referred to in Arabic as al-Andalus. Sicilian has about 500 Arabic words as result of Sicily being progressively conquered by Arabs from North Africa, from the mid 9th to mid 10th centuries. Many of these words relate to agriculture and related activities (Hull and Ruffino). Balkan languages, including Greek and Bulgarian, have also acquired a significant number of Arabic words through contact with Ottoman Turkish. Arabic has influenced many languages around the globe throughout its history. Some of the most influenced languages are Persian, Turkish, Spanish, Urdu, Kashmiri, Kurdish, Bosnian, Kazakh, Bengali, Hindi, Malay, Maldivian, Indonesian, Pashto, Punjabi, Tagalog, Sindhi, and Hausa, and some languages in parts of Africa. Conversely, Arabic has borrowed words from other languages, including Greek and Persian in medieval times, and contemporary European languages such as English and French in modern times. Classical Arabic is the liturgical language of 1.8 billion Muslims and Modern Standard Arabic is one of six official languages of the United Nations. All varieties of Arabic combined are spoken by perhaps as many as 422 million speakers (native and non-native) in the Arab world, making it the fifth most spoken language in the world. Arabic is written with the Arabic alphabet, which is an abjad script and is written from right to left, although the spoken varieties are sometimes written in ASCII Latin from left to right with no standardized orthography.

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Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington (née Stasinopoúlou; born Αριάδνη-Άννα Στασινοπούλου, July 15, 1950) is a Greek-American author, syndicated columnist, and businesswoman.

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Asahi Shimbun

The is one of the five national newspapers in Japan.

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Auren Hoffman

Auren Raphael Hoffman (born 1974) is an American entrepreneur, angel investor and author.

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BBC News

BBC News is an operational business division of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) responsible for the gathering and broadcasting of news and current affairs.

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Berggruen Institute

The Berggruen Institute (formerly Berggruen Institute on Governance) is an independent, non-partisan think tank which develops ideas to shape political and social institutions.

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Bernie Sanders

Bernard Sanders (born September 8, 1941) is an American politician serving as the junior United States Senator from Vermont since 2007.

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Bill Clinton

William Jefferson Clinton (born August 19, 1946) is an American politician who served as the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001.

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Bill Keller

Bill Keller (born January 18, 1949) is an American journalist.

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Blackvoices.com is an American historical website.

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A blog (a truncation of the expression "weblog") is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries ("posts").

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British Muslim Awards

British Muslim Awards is an annual award ceremony that honours the success and achievements of Britain's Muslim individuals, groups and businesses.

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BuzzFeed, Inc. is an American Internet media company based in New York City.

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Cara Santa Maria

Cara Louise Santa Maria (born October 19, 1983) is an American science communicator, journalist, producer, television host, and podcaster.

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Causecast is a pro-social software company.

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Cenk Uygur

Cenk Kadır Uygur (born March 21, 1970) is a Turkish-American lawyer, journalist, progressive political activist, businessman, columnist and political commentator.

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CNBC is an American basic cable, internet and satellite business news television channel that is owned by NBCUniversal News Group, a division of NBCUniversal, with both being ultimately owned by Comcast.

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CNET (stylized as c|net) is an American media website that publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts and videos on technology and consumer electronics globally.

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CNNMoney.com is a financial news and information website, operated by CNN.

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A columnist is a person who writes for publication in a series, creating an article that usually offers commentary and opinions.

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Compete.com was a web traffic analysis service.

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Conservatism in the United States

American conservatism is a broad system of political beliefs in the United States that is characterized by respect for American traditions, republicanism, support for Judeo-Christian values, moral absolutism, free markets and free trade, anti-communism, individualism, advocacy of American exceptionalism, and a defense of Western culture from the perceived threats posed by socialism, authoritarianism, and moral relativism.

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Craig Taro Gold

Craig Taro Gold (born November 1969), known as Taro Gold, is an American author and entrepreneur.

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Crain Communications

Crain Communications Inc is an American publishing conglomerate based in Detroit, Michigan.

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David Wood (journalist)

David Bowne Wood is a journalist who has reported on war and conflict around the world for 35 years.

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Diane Ravitch

Diane Silvers Ravitch (born July 1, 1938) is a historian of education, an educational policy analyst, and a research professor at New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

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Donald Trump

Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is the 45th and current President of the United States, in office since January 20, 2017.

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Drudge Report

The Drudge Report is an American conservative, right-wing news aggregation website.

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Duchess of Cambridge

Duchess of Cambridge is the principal courtesy title held by the wife of the Duke of Cambridge.

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Encyclopædia Britannica Online

Encyclopædia Britannica Online is the website of Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. and its Encyclopædia Britannica, with more than 120,000 articles that are updated regularly.

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Engadget is a multilingual technology blog network with daily coverage of gadgets and consumer electronics.

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Eric Ehrmann

Eric Wayne Ehrmann is an author, columnist and analyst who follows sports, politics and WMD proliferation issues in Latin America.

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Eric Schmidt

Eric Emerson Schmidt (born April 27, 1955) is an American businessman and software engineer.

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Exame is a fortnightly magazine specializing in economics and business, published by Editora Abril, São Paulo, Brazil.

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Focus (German magazine)

Focus (stylized as FOCUS) is a German-language news magazine published by Hubert Burda Media.

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Forbes is an American business magazine.

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Frances Beinecke

Frances Beinecke is the former president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, the nonprofit conservation group, serving since 2006.

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French language

French (le français or la langue française) is a Romance language of the Indo-European family.

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GEDI Gruppo Editoriale

GEDI Gruppo Editoriale S.p.A., formerly known as Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso S.p.A. is an Italian media conglomerate, founded in 1955, based in Rome, Italy and listed on the Borsa Italiana (Italian Stock Exchange).

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Geographical distribution of French speakers

This article details the geographical distribution of speakers of the French language, regardless of the legislative status within the countries where it is spoken.

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Geographical distribution of German speakers

In addition to the German-speaking area (Deutscher Sprachraum) in Europe, German-speaking minorities are present in many countries and on all six inhabited continents.

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Greycroft is an American venture capital firm, founded in 2006 by Alan Patricof, Dana Settle, and Ian Sigalow.

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Grupo Abril

Grupo Abril (simply also known as Abril) is a Brazilian media conglomerate headquartered in São Paulo.

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Harry Shearer

Harry Julius Shearer (born December 23, 1943) is an American actor, voice actor, comedian, writer, musician, radio host, director and producer.

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Homeopathy or homœopathy is a system of alternative medicine developed in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann, based on his doctrine of like cures like (similia similibus curentur), a claim that a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people would cure similar symptoms in sick people.

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Howard Friedman

Howard Steven Friedman (born June 10, 1972) is a prominent American statistician, health economist, writer and artist currently employed at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and as an adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University Friedman is widely known for his role as a lead statistical modeler on a number of key United Nations projects and for his wide-ranging publications in the fields of statistics and health economics.

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HuffPost Arabi

HuffPost Arabi (Arabic: عربي HuffPost) was an Arabic-language news web site founded by Wadah Khanfar, the former CEO of Al Jazeera Media Network in partnership with The Huffington Post.

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Iris Krasnow

Iris Krasnow (born 1954) is an American author, journalism professor, and keynote speaker who specializes in relationships and personal growth.

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Jacob M. Appel

Jacob M. Appel (born February 21, 1973) is an American author, poet, bioethicist, physician, lawyer and social critic.

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James Taranto

James Taranto (born January 6, 1966) is an American journalist.

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Japan (日本; Nippon or Nihon; formally 日本国 or Nihon-koku, lit. "State of Japan") is a sovereign island country in East Asia.

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Jay Rosen

Jay Rosen (born May 5, 1956) is a liberal media critic, writer, and a professor of journalism at New York University.

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Jeff Pollack (music executive)

Jeff Pollack is an American music and media expert and producer.

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John Boehner

John Andrew Boehner (born, 1949) is an American politician who served as the 53rd Speaker of the United States House of Representatives from 2011 to 2015.

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John Conyers

John James Conyers Jr. (born May 16, 1929) is a retired American politician of the Democratic Party who served as a U.S. Representative for Michigan from 1965 to 2017.

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Jonah Peretti

Jonah Peretti (born January 1, 1974) is an American Internet entrepreneur, a co-founder and the CEO of BuzzFeed and co-founder of The Huffington Post, and developer of reblogging under the project "Reblog".

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Jonathan Franzen

Jonathan Earl Franzen (born August 17, 1959) is an American novelist and essayist.

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Jonathan Tasini

Jonathan Bernard Yoav Tasini (born October 18, 1956) is a strategist, organizer, activist, commentator and writer, primarily focusing his energies on the topics of work, labor and the economy.

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Kenneth Lerer

Kenneth Lerer is an American businessman and media executive.

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Le Monde

Le Monde (The World) is a French daily afternoon newspaper founded by Hubert Beuve-Méry at the request of Charles de Gaulle (as Chairman of the Provisional Government of the French Republic) on 19 December 1944, shortly after the Liberation of Paris, and published continuously since its first edition.

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LGBT, or GLBT, is an initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.

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Liberal conservatism

Liberal conservatism is a political ideology combining conservative policies with liberal stances, especially on ethical and social issues, or a brand of political conservatism strongly influenced by liberalism.

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Liberalism in the United States

Liberalism in the United States is a broad political philosophy centered on what many see as the unalienable rights of the individual.

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Lucia Annunziata

Lucia Annunziata (Sarno, 8 August 1950) is an Italian journalist.

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Lydia Polgreen

Lydia Frances Polgreen (born 1975) is a journalist who is the editor-in-chief of HuffPost.

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MapQuest (stylized as mapquest) is an American free online web mapping service owned by Verizon.

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Mashable is a digital media website founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005.

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May Day

May Day is a public holiday usually celebrated on 1 May.

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Modern liberalism in the United States

Modern American liberalism is the dominant version of liberalism in the United States.

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Moviefone is an American-based movie listing and information service.

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Munich (München; Minga) is the capital and the most populated city in the German state of Bavaria, on the banks of the River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps.

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Nancy Rappaport

Nancy Rappaport is an American board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist.

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National Writers Union

National Writers Union (NWU), founded on 19 November 1981, is the trade union in the United States for freelance and contract writers: journalists, book and short fiction authors, business and technical writers, web content providers, and poets.

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New England Skeptical Society

The New England Skeptical Society (NESS) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting science and reason.

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New York (magazine)

New York is an American biweekly magazine concerned with life, culture, politics, and style generally, and with a particular emphasis on New York City.

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New York University

New York University (NYU) is a private nonprofit research university based in New York City.

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News aggregator

In computing, a news aggregator, also termed a feed aggregator, feed reader, news reader, RSS reader or simply aggregator, is client software or a web application which aggregates syndicated web content such as online newspapers, blogs, podcasts, and video blogs (vlogs) in one location for easy viewing.

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The NewsGuild-CWA is a labor union founded by newspaper journalists in 1933.

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Nicolas Berggruen

Nicolas Berggruen (born 10 August 1961) is a philanthropist and investor.

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Nieman Foundation for Journalism

The Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University is the primary journalism institution at Harvard.

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Oath Inc.

No description.

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The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is an American public broadcaster and television program distributor.

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Peabody Award

The George Foster Peabody Awards (or simply Peabody Awards) program, named for American businessman and philanthropist George Peabody, honor the most powerful, enlightening, and invigorating stories in television, radio, and online media.

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Phil Radford

Philip David Radford (born January 2, 1976) is an American environmental, clean energy and democracy leader who served as the youngest executive director of Greenpeace USA.

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Politico, known earlier as The Politico, is an American political journalism company based in Arlington County, Virginia, that covers politics and policy in the United States and internationally.

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Prejudice (legal term)

Prejudice is a legal term with different meanings when used in criminal, civil or common law.

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Pulitzer Prize

The Pulitzer Prize is an award for achievements in newspaper, magazine and online journalism, literature, and musical composition in the United States.

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PZ Myers

Paul Zachary "PZ" Myers (born March 9, 1957) is an American biologist who founded and writes the Pharyngula science-blog.

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Quantcast is an American technology company, founded in 2006, that specializes in AI-driven real-time advertising, audience insights & measurement. The company claims that it has accurate audience measurement to over 100 million web destinations.Are You Building A 21st Century Brand? Rte.ie (2018-04-05). Retrieved on 2018-05-24. It has offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, and Sweden.

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Quebec (Québec)According to the Canadian government, Québec (with the acute accent) is the official name in French and Quebec (without the accent) is the province's official name in English; the name is.

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Reuters is an international news agency headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

New!!: HuffPost and Reuters · See more »

Robert Reich

Robert Bernard Reich (born June 24, 1946) is an American political commentator, professor, and author.

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Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is an American monthly magazine that focuses on popular culture.

New!!: HuffPost and Rolling Stone · See more »

Roy Sekoff

Roy Sekoff is the founding editor of The Huffington Post.

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Rush Limbaugh

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III (born January 12, 1951) is an American radio talk show host and conservative political commentator.

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SAGE Publications

SAGE Publishing is an independent publishing company founded in 1965 in New York by Sara Miller McCune and now based in California.

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Salon (website)

Salon is an American news and opinion website, created by David Talbot in 1995 and currently owned by the Salon Media Group.

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Saruman the White is a fictional character and a major antagonist in J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings.

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ScienceBlogs was an invitation-only blog network and virtual community that operated for a little less than twelve years, from 2006 to 2017.

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Scoop (news)

In journalism, a scoop or exclusive is an item of news reported by one journalist or news organization before others, and of exceptional originality, importance, surprise, excitement, or secrecy.

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SoftBank Capital

SoftBank Capital is a venture capital group in the United States, focusing on technology and telecom early stage businesses.

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Spanish language

Spanish or Castilian, is a Western Romance language that originated in the Castile region of Spain and today has hundreds of millions of native speakers in Latin America and Spain.

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Steven Novella

Steven Paul Novella (born July 29, 1964) is an American clinical neurologist and assistant professor at Yale University School of Medicine.

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Suffolk University

Suffolk University is a private, non-sectarian research university located in downtown Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

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TechCrunch is an American online publisher of technology industry news founded in 2005 by Archimedes Ventures whose partners were Michael Arrington and Keith Teare.

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The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail is a Canadian newspaper printed in five cities in western and central Canada.

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The Guardian

The Guardian is a British daily newspaper.

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The New York Times

The New York Times (sometimes abbreviated as The NYT or The Times) is an American newspaper based in New York City with worldwide influence and readership.

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The Observer

The Observer is a British newspaper published on Sundays.

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The Times

The Times is a British daily (Monday to Saturday) national newspaper based in London, England.

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The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is a U.S. business-focused, English-language international daily newspaper based in New York City.

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The Washington Post

The Washington Post is a major American daily newspaper founded on December 6, 1877.

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Time (magazine)

Time is an American weekly news magazine and news website published in New York City.

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Tony Blair

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born 6 May 1953) is a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007 and Leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007.

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Truthdig is a news website that provides a mix of long-form articles, blog items, curated links, interviews, arts criticism and commentary on current events delivered from a politically progressive, left-leaning point of view.

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United States presidential election, 2016

The United States presidential election of 2016 was the 58th quadrennial American presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

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Vaccine controversies

Vaccine controversies have occurred since almost 80 years before the terms vaccine and vaccination were introduced, and continue to this day.

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Verizon Communications

Verizon Communications Inc., or simply Verizon, is an American multinational telecommunications conglomerate and a corporate component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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A video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog, is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television.

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Webby Award

A Webby Award is an award for excellence on the Internet presented annually by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, a judging body composed of over two thousands industry experts and technology innovators.

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Westword is a free alternative weekly newspaper based in Denver, Colorado.

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Wil Wheaton

Richard William Wheaton III (born July 29, 1972) is an American actor, blogger, voice actor and writer.

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Yo-Yo Ma

Yo-Yo Ma (born October 7, 1955) is a French-born American cellist.

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