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IAI Kfir

Index IAI Kfir

The Israel Aircraft Industries Kfir (כְּפִיר, "Lion Cub") is an Israeli-built all-weather, multirole combat aircraft based on a modified French Dassault Mirage 5 airframe, with Israeli avionics and an Israeli-built version of the General Electric J79 turbojet engine. [1]

116 relations: Active electronically scanned array, Aggressor squadron, AGM-45 Shrike, AGM-65 Maverick, AIM-9 Sidewinder, Airborne Tactical Advantage Company, Argentine Air Force, Atlas Cheetah, Attack aircraft, Avionics, Bandaranaike International Airport, Belarus, Bulgarian Air Force, Captain Germán Olano Moreno Air Base, Cartagena, Colombia, Cenepa War, Cessna T-37 Tweet, Colombia, Colombia–Israel relations, Colombian Air Force, Convair F-102 Delta Dagger, Convair F-106 Delta Dart, Dassault Aviation, Dassault Mirage 5, Dassault Mirage F1, Dassault Mirage III, DEFA cannon, Dissimilar air combat training, Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, Drop tank, Ecuador, Ecuadorian Air Force, EL/M-2032, Elta Systems, Federal Aviation Administration, Fighter-bomber, French Air Force, Gallon, General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon, General Electric J79, General-purpose bomb, Griffin LGB, Hardpoint, Hawker Hunter, HighBeam Research, HOTAS, IAI Nammer, IAI Nesher, Iron Eagle, Israel Aerospace Industries, ..., Israeli Air Force, John W. R. Taylor, Lebanon, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, Licensed production, List of fighter aircraft, Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, Los Angeles Times, Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Matra Durandal, McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II, Middle East Policy, Mikoyan MiG-29, Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21, Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23, Ministry of Defense (Israel), Multi-function display, Multirole combat aircraft, Nautical mile, Naval air station, Naval Air Station Fallon, Naval Air Station Oceana, Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center, Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport, No. 10 Squadron SLAF, Northrop F-5, Paveway, Peru, Peruvian Air Force, Python (missile), Rolls-Royce Spey, Russian Air Force, Saab 35 Draken, Saab 37 Viggen, SEPECAT Jaguar, Simón Bolívar International Airport (Venezuela), Six-Day War, SMKB, SNEB, Snecma Atar, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Air Force, Sri Lankan Civil War, Sukhoi Su-25, Tupolev Tu-160, Turbofan, Turbojet, United States Department of State, United States Marine Corps, United States Marine Corps Reserve, United States Navy, United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program, VF-43, VMFT-401, Warsaw Pact, Wiley-Blackwell, Yom Kippur War, 101 Squadron (Israel), 109 Squadron (Israel), 113 Squadron (Israel), 149 Squadron (Israel), 1982 Lebanon War, 254 Squadron (Israel), 30 mm caliber, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing. Expand index (66 more) »

Active electronically scanned array

An active electronically scanned array (AESA), is a type of phased array antenna, that is a computer-controlled array antenna in which the beam of radio waves can be electronically steered to point in different directions without moving the antenna.

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Aggressor squadron

An aggressor squadron or adversary squadron (in the US Navy and USMC) is a squadron that is trained to act as an opposing force in military wargames.

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AGM-45 Shrike

AGM-45 Shrike is an American anti-radiation missile designed to home in on hostile anti-aircraft radar.

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AGM-65 Maverick

The AGM-65 Maverick is an air-to-surface missile (AGM) designed for close air support.

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AIM-9 Sidewinder

The AIM-9 Sidewinder is a short-range air-to-air missile developed by the United States Navy at China Lake, California, in the 1950s, and subsequently adopted by the United States Air Force.

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Airborne Tactical Advantage Company

Airborne Tactical Advantage Company (ATAC), is a government contractor based in Newport News, Virginia, USA.

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Argentine Air Force

The Argentine Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Argentina, or simply FAA) is the national aviation branch of the Armed Forces of the Argentine Republic.

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Atlas Cheetah

The Atlas Cheetah is a South African fighter aircraft developed for the South African Air Force (SAAF), and currently operated by the Ecuadorian Air Force (FAE).

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Attack aircraft

An attack aircraft, strike aircraft, or attack bomber, is a tactical military aircraft that has a primary role of carrying out airstrikes with greater precision than bombers, and is prepared to encounter strong low-level air defenses while pressing the attack.

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Avionics are the electronic systems used on aircraft, artificial satellites, and spacecraft.

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Bandaranaike International Airport

Bandaranaike International Airport (බණ්ඩාරනායක ජාත්‍යන්තර ගුවන්තොටුපළ; பண்டாரநாயக்க பன்னாட்டு வானுர்தி நிலையம்), colloquially known as Katunayake Airport and Colombo International Airport, is the main international airport serving Sri Lanka.

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Belarus (Беларусь, Biełaruś,; Беларусь, Belarus'), officially the Republic of Belarus (Рэспубліка Беларусь; Республика Беларусь), formerly known by its Russian name Byelorussia or Belorussia (Белоруссия, Byelorussiya), is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe bordered by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest.

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Bulgarian Air Force

The Bulgarian Air Force (Voennovëzdušni sili) is one of the three branches of the Military of Bulgaria, the other two being the Bulgarian Navy and Bulgarian land forces.

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Captain Germán Olano Moreno Air Base

Captain Germán Olano Moreno Air Base (Base Aérea Capitán Germán Olano Moreno) is a Colombian military base assigned to the Colombian Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Colombiana or FAC) Combat Air Command No.

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Cartagena, Colombia

The city of Cartagena, known in the colonial era as Cartagena de Indias (Cartagena de Indias), is a major port founded in 1533, located on the northern coast of Colombia in the Caribbean Coast Region.

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Cenepa War

The Cenepa War (January 26 – February 28, 1995), also known as the Alto Cenepa War, was a brief and localized military conflict between Ecuador and Peru, fought over control of an area in Peruvian territory (i.e. in the eastern side of the Cordillera del Cóndor, Province of Condorcanqui, Región Amazonas, Republic of Perú) near the border between the two countries (see map shown in the infobox).

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Cessna T-37 Tweet

The Cessna T-37 Tweet (designated Model 318 by Cessna) is a small, economical twin-engined jet trainer type which flew for decades as a primary trainer for the United States Air Force (USAF) and in the air forces of several other nations.

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Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a sovereign state largely situated in the northwest of South America, with territories in Central America.

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Colombia–Israel relations

Colombia–Israel relations are the diplomatic relations between Colombia and Israel which were officially established in the mid-1950s.

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Colombian Air Force

The Colombian Air Force or FAC (Fuerza Aérea Colombiana) is the Air Force of the Republic of Colombia.

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Convair F-102 Delta Dagger

The Convair F-102 Delta Dagger was an American interceptor aircraft that was built as part of the backbone of the United States Air Force's air defenses in the late 1950s.

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Convair F-106 Delta Dart

The Convair F-106 Delta Dart was the primary all-weather interceptor aircraft of the United States Air Force from the 1960s through the 1980s.

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Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation SA is an international French aircraft manufacturer of military, regional, and business jets, a subsidiary of Dassault Group.

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Dassault Mirage 5

The Dassault Mirage 5 is a supersonic attack aircraft designed in France by Dassault Aviation during the 1960s and manufactured in France and a number of other countries.

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Dassault Mirage F1

The Dassault Mirage F1 is a French fighter and attack aircraft designed and manufactured by Dassault Aviation.

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Dassault Mirage III

The Dassault Mirage III is a family of single-seat, single-engine, fighter aircraft developed and manufactured by French aircraft company Dassault Aviation.

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DEFA cannon

The DEFA cannon (Direction des Études et Fabrications d'Armement) is a family of widely used French-made aircraft revolver cannons firing the standard 30 mm caliber NATO rounds.

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Dissimilar air combat training

Dissimilar air combat training (DACT) was introduced as a formal part of US air combat training after disappointing aerial combat exchange rates in the Vietnam War.

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Douglas A-4 Skyhawk

The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk is a single seat subsonic carrier-capable attack aircraft developed for the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps in the early 1950s.

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Drop tank

In aviation, a drop tank (external tank, wing tank, or belly tank) is used to describe auxiliary fuel tanks externally carried by aircraft.

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Ecuador (Ikwadur), officially the Republic of Ecuador (República del Ecuador, which literally translates as "Republic of the Equator"; Ikwadur Ripuwlika), is a representative democratic republic in northwestern South America, bordered by Colombia on the north, Peru on the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

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Ecuadorian Air Force

The Ecuadorian Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana, FAE) is the Air arm of the Military of Ecuador and responsible for the protection of the Ecuadorian airspace.

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The EL/M-2032 is an advanced pulse Doppler, multimode planar array fire-control radar intended for multi-role fighter aircraft originated from the Lavi project.

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Elta Systems

ELTA Systems Ltd is an Israeli provider of defense products and services specializing in radar, C4ISTAR, RF, SIGINT and EW products.

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Federal Aviation Administration

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States is a national authority with powers to regulate all aspects of civil aviation.

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A fighter-bomber is a fighter aircraft that has been modified, or used primarily, as a light bomber or attack aircraft.

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French Air Force

The French Air Force (Armée de l'Air Française), literally Aerial Army) is the air force of the French Armed Forces. It was formed in 1909 as the Service Aéronautique, a service arm of the French Army, then was made an independent military arm in 1934. The number of aircraft in service with the French Air Force varies depending on source, however sources from the French Ministry of Defence give a figure of 658 aircraft in 2014. The French Air Force has 241 combat aircraft in service, with the majority being 133 Dassault Mirage 2000 and 108 Dassault Rafale. As of early 2017, the French Air Force employs a total of 41,160 regular personnel. The reserve element of the air force consisted of 5,187 personnel of the Operational Reserve. The Chief of Staff of the French Air Force (CEMAA) is a direct subordinate of the Chief of the Defence Staff (CEMA).

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The gallon is a unit of measurement for fluid capacity in both the US customary units and the British imperial systems of measurement.

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General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon

The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon is a single-engine supersonic multirole fighter aircraft originally developed by General Dynamics (now Lockheed Martin) for the United States Air Force (USAF).

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General Electric J79

The General Electric J79 is an axial-flow turbojet engine built for use in a variety of fighter and bomber aircraft and a supersonic cruise missile.

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General-purpose bomb

A general-purpose bomb is an air-dropped bomb intended as a compromise between blast damage, penetration, and fragmentation in explosive effect.

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Griffin LGB

The Griffin Laser Guided Bomb (Griffin LGB) is a laser-guided bomb system made by Israel Aerospace Industries' MBT missile division.

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A hardpoint (more formally known as a station or weapon station) is a location on an airframe designed to carry an external or internal load.

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Hawker Hunter

The Hawker Hunter is a transonic British jet-powered fighter aircraft that was developed by Hawker Aircraft for the Royal Air Force (RAF) during the late 1940s and early 1950s.

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HighBeam Research

HighBeam Research is a paid search engine and full text online archive owned by Gale, a subsidiary Cengage, for thousands of newspapers, magazines, academic journals, newswires, trade magazines, and encyclopedias in English.

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HOTAS, an acronym of Hands On Throttle-And-Stick, is the name given to the concept of placing buttons and switches on the throttle lever and flight control stick in an aircraft's cockpit, allowing pilots to access vital cockpit functions and fly the aircraft without having to remove their hands from the controls.

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IAI Nammer

The IAI Nammer (נמר "Leopard") was a fighter aircraft developed in the Israeli aerospace manufacturing Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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IAI Nesher

The Israel Aircraft Industries Nesher (Hebrew: נשר, "Vulture" – often mistranslated as "Eagle") was the Israeli version of the French Dassault Mirage 5 multirole fighter.

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Iron Eagle

Iron Eagle is a 1986 Metrocolor American-Canadian action film directed by Sidney J. Furie and starring Jason Gedrick and Louis Gossett, Jr. While it received mixed reviews, the film earned US$24,159,872 at the U.S. box office.

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Israel Aerospace Industries

Israel Aerospace Industries (Hebrew: התעשייה האווירית לישראל ha-ta'asiya ha-avirit le-yisra'el) or IAI (תע"א) is Israel's prime aerospace and aviation manufacturer, producing aerial and astronautic systems for both military and civilian usage.

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Israeli Air Force

The Israeli Air Force (IAF; זְרוֹעַ הָאֲוִיר וְהֶחָלָל, Zroa HaAvir VeHahalal, "Air and Space Arm", commonly known as, Kheil HaAvir, "Air Corps") operates as the aerial warfare branch of the Israel Defense Forces.

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John W. R. Taylor

John William Ransom Taylor, OBE Hon DEng FRAeS FRHistS AFIAA, (8 June 1922 – 12 December 1999) was a British aviation expert and editor.

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Lebanon (لبنان; Lebanese pronunciation:; Liban), officially known as the Lebanese RepublicRepublic of Lebanon is the most common phrase used by Lebanese government agencies.

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Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (translit, translit, commonly known as the LTTE or the Tamil Tigers) was a Tamil militant organization that was based in northeastern Sri Lanka.

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Licensed production

Licensed production refers to the local production under license of technology developed elsewhere.

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List of fighter aircraft

This is a list of military aircraft that are primarily designed for air-to-air combat and thus does not include aircraft intended for other roles where they have some secondary air-to-air capability, such as with many ground attack aircraft.

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Lockheed F-104 Starfighter

The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter is a single-engine, supersonic interceptor aircraft which later became widely used as an attack aircraft.

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Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times is a daily newspaper which has been published in Los Angeles, California since 1881.

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Marine Corps Air Station Yuma

Marine Corps Air Station Yuma or MCAS Yuma is a United States Marine Corps air station which is the home to multiple squadrons of AV-8B Harrier IIs and F-35B Lightning IIs of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron 1 (MAWTS-1), Marine Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron 1 (VMX-1) and Marine Fighter Training Squadron 401 (VMFT-401), an air combat adversary squadron of the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing of the Marine Corps Reserve.

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Matra Durandal

Named for a mythical medieval French sword, the Durandal is an anti-runway penetration bomb developed by the French company Matra (now MBDA), designed to destroy airport and airfield runways and exported to a number of countries worldwide.

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McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

The McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle is an American twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter aircraft designed by McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) to gain and maintain air supremacy in all aspects of aerial combat.

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McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II

The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II is a tandem two-seat, twin-engine, all-weather, long-range supersonic jet interceptor and fighter-bomber originally developed for the United States Navy by McDonnell Aircraft.

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Middle East Policy

Middle East Policy is an academic peer-reviewed journal on the Middle East region in the field of foreign policy founded in 1982, published quarterly by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the Middle East Policy Council.

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Mikoyan MiG-29

The Mikoyan MiG-29 (Микоян МиГ-29; NATO reporting name: Fulcrum) is a twin-engine jet fighter aircraft designed in the Soviet Union.

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Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 (Микоян и Гуревич МиГ-21; NATO reporting name: Fishbed) is a supersonic jet fighter and interceptor aircraft, designed by the Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau in the Soviet Union.

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Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23 (Микоян и Гуревич МиГ-23; NATO reporting name: Flogger) is a variable-geometry fighter aircraft, designed by the Mikoyan-Gurevich design bureau in the Soviet Union.

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Ministry of Defense (Israel)

The Ministry of Defense (מִשְׂרַד הַבִּטָּחוֹן, Misrad HaBitahon) of the government of Israel, is the governmental department responsible for defending the State of Israel from internal and external military threats.

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Multi-function display

A multifunction display (MFD) is a small-screen (CRT or LCD) surrounded by multiple soft keys (configurable buttons) that can be used to display information to the user in numerous configurable ways.

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Multirole combat aircraft

A multirole combat aircraft (MRCA) is a combat aircraft intended to perform different roles in combat.

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Nautical mile

A nautical mile is a unit of measurement defined as exactly.

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Naval air station

A naval air station is a military air base, and consists of a permanent land-based operations locations for the military aviation division of the relevant branch of a navy (Naval aviation).

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Naval Air Station Fallon

Naval Air Station Fallon or NAS Fallon is the United States Navy's premier air-to-air and air-to-ground training facility.

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Naval Air Station Oceana

Naval Air Station Oceana or NAS Oceana is a military airport located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and is a United States Navy Master Jet Base.

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Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center

The Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center (NAWDC, pronounced NAW-DIK) was formerly known as the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center (NSAWC, pronounced "EN-SOCK") at Naval Air Station Fallon located in the city of Fallon in western Nevada.

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Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport

Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport is an airport located in Newport News, Virginia, and serves the Hampton Roads metropolitan area along with Norfolk International Airport in Norfolk.

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No. 10 Squadron SLAF


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Northrop F-5

The Northrop F-5A and F-5B Freedom Fighter and the F-5E and F-5F Tiger II are part of a supersonic light fighter family, initially designed in the late 1950s by Northrop Corporation.

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Paveway is a series of laser-guided bombs (LGBs).

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Peru (Perú; Piruw Republika; Piruw Suyu), officially the Republic of Peru, is a country in western South America.

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Peruvian Air Force

The Peruvian Air Force (Fuerza Aérea del Perú, FAP) is the branch of the Peruvian Armed Forces tasked with defending the nation and its interests through the use of air power.

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Python (missile)

The Rafael Python is a family of air-to-air missiles (AAMs) built by the Israeli weapons manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, formerly RAFAEL Armament Development Authority.

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Rolls-Royce Spey

The Rolls-Royce Spey (company designations RB.163 and RB.168 and RB.183) is a low-bypass turbofan engine originally designed and manufactured by Rolls-Royce that has been in widespread service for over 40 years.

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Russian Air Force

The Russian Air Force (r, literally "military air forces of Russia") is a branch of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the latter being formed on 1 August 2015 with the merger of the Russian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces.

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Saab 35 Draken

The Saab 35 Draken ("the kite" or "the dragon") was a Swedish fighter aircraft developed and manufactured by Saab between 1955 and 1974.

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Saab 37 Viggen

The Saab 37 Viggen ("Thunderbolt") is a retired Swedish single-seat, single-engine, short-medium range combat aircraft.

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The SEPECAT Jaguar is a British-French jet attack aircraft originally used by the British Royal Air Force and the French Air Force in the close air support and nuclear strike role.

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Simón Bolívar International Airport (Venezuela)

Simón Bolívar International Airport or Maiquetía "Simón Bolívar" International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Maiquetia "Simón Bolívar") is an international airport located in Maiquetía, Vargas, Venezuela about from downtown Caracas, the capital of the country.

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Six-Day War

The Six-Day War (Hebrew: מלחמת ששת הימים, Milhemet Sheshet Ha Yamim; Arabic: النكسة, an-Naksah, "The Setback" or حرب ۱۹٦۷, Ḥarb 1967, "War of 1967"), also known as the June War, 1967 Arab–Israeli War, or Third Arab–Israeli War, was fought between 5 and 10 June 1967 by Israel and the neighboring states of Egypt (known at the time as the United Arab Republic), Jordan, and Syria.

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The SMKB (Smart-MK-Bomb) is a guidance kit that turns a standard Mk 82 (500 lbs) and Mk 83 (1.000 lbs) into a Precision-guided weapon, respectively called SMKB-82 and SMKB-83.

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The SNEB rocket (Societe Nouvelle des Etablissements Edgar Brandt) is an unguided air-to-ground rocket projectile (RP) manufactured by the French company TDA Armements, designed for launch by combat aircraft and helicopters.

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Snecma Atar

The Snecma Atar is a French axial-flow turbojet engine built by Snecma.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka (Sinhala: ශ්‍රී ලංකා; Tamil: இலங்கை Ilaṅkai), officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is an island country in South Asia, located in the Indian Ocean to the southwest of the Bay of Bengal and to the southeast of the Arabian Sea.

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Sri Lanka Air Force

The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) (Śrī Laṃkā guwan hamudāva; Ilaṅkai vimāṉappaṭai) is the air arm and the youngest of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.

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Sri Lankan Civil War

The Sri Lankan Civil War was an armed conflict fought on the island of Sri Lanka.

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Sukhoi Su-25

The Sukhoi Su-25 Grach (Грач (rook); NATO reporting name: Frogfoot) is a single-seat, twin-engine jet aircraft developed in the Soviet Union by Sukhoi.

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Tupolev Tu-160

The Tupolev Tu-160 (White Swan; NATO reporting name: Blackjack) is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing heavy strategic bomber designed by the Tupolev Design Bureau in the Soviet Union.

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The turbofan or fanjet is a type of airbreathing jet engine that is widely used in aircraft propulsion.

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The turbojet is an airbreathing jet engine, typically used in aircraft.

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United States Department of State

The United States Department of State (DOS), often referred to as the State Department, is the United States federal executive department that advises the President and represents the country in international affairs and foreign policy issues.

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United States Marine Corps

The United States Marine Corps (USMC), also referred to as the United States Marines, is a branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for conducting amphibious operations with the United States Navy.

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United States Marine Corps Reserve

The Marine Forces Reserve (MARFORRES or MFR), also known as the United States Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR) and the U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve, is the reserve force of the United States Marine Corps.

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United States Navy

The United States Navy (USN) is the naval warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the seven uniformed services of the United States.

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United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program

The United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program (SFTI program), more popularly known as Topgun or TOPGUN, teaches fighter and strike tactics and techniques to selected Naval Aviators and Naval flight officers, who return to their operating units as surrogate instructors.

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VF-43 was a Fighter Squadron of the U.S. Navy.

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Marine Fighter Training Squadron 401 (VMFT-401) is a United States Marine Corps Reserve fighter squadron flying the F-5N Tiger II.

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Warsaw Pact

The Warsaw Pact, formally known as the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance, was a collective defence treaty signed in Warsaw, Poland among the Soviet Union and seven Soviet satellite states of Central and Eastern Europe during the Cold War.

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Wiley-Blackwell is the international scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly publishing business of John Wiley & Sons.

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Yom Kippur War

The Yom Kippur War, Ramadan War, or October War (or מלחמת יום כיפור,;,, or حرب تشرين), also known as the 1973 Arab–Israeli War, was a war fought from October 6 to 25, 1973, by a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria against Israel.

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101 Squadron (Israel)

101 Squadron of the Israeli Air Force, also known as the First Fighter Squadron, is Israel's first fighter squadron, formed on May 20, 1948, six days after Israel declared its independence.

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109 Squadron (Israel)

The 109 Squadron of the Israeli Air Force, also known as The Valley Squadron, began operating the De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI and PR Mk XVI in July 1951.

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113 Squadron (Israel)

The 113 Squadron of the Israeli Air Force, also known as the Tayeset Ha'Tsira'a (Hornet or Wasp Squadron), was formed on October 4, 1955.

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149 Squadron (Israel)

149 Squadron, often referred to as the Smashing or Shattering Parrot (התוכי המנפץ) squadron is a former unit of the Israeli Air Force.

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1982 Lebanon War

The 1982 Lebanon War, dubbed Operation Peace for Galilee (מבצע שלום הגליל, or מבצע של"ג Mivtsa Shlom HaGalil or Mivtsa Sheleg) by the Israeli government, later known in Israel as the Lebanon War or the First Lebanon War (מלחמת לבנון הראשונה, Milhemet Levanon Harishona), and known in Lebanon as "the invasion" (الاجتياح, Al-ijtiyāḥ), began on 6 June 1982, when the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) invaded southern Lebanon, after repeated attacks and counter-attacks between the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) operating in southern Lebanon and the IDF that had caused civilian casualties on both sides of the border.

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254 Squadron (Israel)

254 Squadron, also known as the Midland Squadron (טייסת מרכז המדינה), is a former unit of the Israeli Air Force.

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30 mm caliber

The 30 mm caliber is a specific size of autocannon ammunition.

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4th Marine Aircraft Wing

The 4th Marine Aircraft Wing is the reserve airwing of the United States Marine Corps.

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