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Imprint (trade name)

Index Imprint (trade name)

An imprint of a publisher is a trade name under which it publishes a work. [1]

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Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble, Inc., a Fortune 500 company, is the bookseller with the largest number of retail outlets in the United States, and a retailer of content, digital media, and educational products.

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A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer.

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Demography (from prefix demo- from Ancient Greek δῆμος dēmos meaning "the people", and -graphy from γράφω graphō, implies "writing, description or measurement") is the statistical study of populations, especially human beings.

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Ephemerality (from Greek εφήμερος – ephemeros, literally "lasting only one day") is the concept of things being transitory, existing only briefly.

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A goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envisions, plans and commits to achieve.

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Market segmentation

Market segmentation is the process of dividing a broad consumer or business market, normally consisting of existing and potential customers, into sub-groups of consumers (known as segments) based on some type of shared characteristics.

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Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships.

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Penguin Group

The Penguin Group is a trade book publisher and part of Penguin Random House.

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Publishing is the dissemination of literature, music, or information—the activity of making information available to the general public.

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In business, a takeover is the purchase of one company (the target) by another (the acquirer, or bidder).

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Trade name

A trade name, trading name, or business name is a pseudonym frequently used by companies to operate under a name different from their registered, legal name.

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Viking Press

Viking Press is an American publishing company now owned by Penguin Random House.

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Imprint (publishing), In aedibus, Publisher imprint, Publisher's imprint, Publishing label.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imprint_(trade_name)

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