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Jacobi (surname)

Index Jacobi (surname)

Jacobi is a surname of Ashkenazi Jewish origin. [1]

31 relations: Abraham Jacobi, Ashkenazi Jews, Bruce Jacobi, C. Hugo Jacobi, Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi, Carl Richard Jacobi, Carl Wigand Maximilian Jacobi, Claus Jacobi, Derek Jacobi, Frederick Jacobi, Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi, Hermann Jacobi, Hosea Jacobi, Jacob (name), Jacobs (surname), Jacobsen (surname), Jacoby (surname), Jakob, Johann Georg Jacobi, Johann Jacoby, Lotte Jacobi, Lou Jacobi, Lutz Jacobi, Mary Corinna Putnam Jacobi, Moritz von Jacobi, NASCAR, Otto Reinhold Jacobi, Paul Jacobi, Roland Jacobi, Valery Jacobi, Victor Jacobi.

Abraham Jacobi

Abraham Jacobi (6 May 1830 – 10 July 1919) was a German physician and pioneer of pediatrics, opening the first children's clinic in the United States.

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Ashkenazi Jews

Ashkenazi Jews, also known as Ashkenazic Jews or simply Ashkenazim (אַשְׁכְּנַזִּים, Ashkenazi Hebrew pronunciation:, singular:, Modern Hebrew:; also), are a Jewish diaspora population who coalesced in the Holy Roman Empire around the end of the first millennium.

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Bruce Jacobi

Harold "Bruce" Jacobi (June 23, 1935February 4, 1987) was an American race car driver.

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C. Hugo Jacobi

Charles Hugo Jacobi (April 18, 1846 – November 13, 1924) was an American businessman and politician.

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Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi

Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi (10 December 1804 – 18 February 1851) was a German mathematician, who made fundamental contributions to elliptic functions, dynamics, differential equations, and number theory.

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Carl Richard Jacobi

Carl Richard Jacobi (July 10, 1908 – August 25, 1997) was an American journalist and author.

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Carl Wigand Maximilian Jacobi

Carl Wigand Maximilian Jacobi (10 April 1775 – 18 May 1858) was a German psychiatrist.

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Claus Jacobi

Claus Jacobi (4 January 1927 – 17 August 2013) was the editor of the German news magazine Der Spiegel from 1962-1968.

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Derek Jacobi

Sir Derek George Jacobi, (born 22 October 1938) is an English actor and stage director.

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Frederick Jacobi

Frederick Jacobi (May 4, 1891 – October 24, 1952) was an American composer and teacher.

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Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi

Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi (25 January 1743 – 10 March 1819) was an influential German philosopher, literary figure, socialite, and the younger brother of poet Johann Georg Jacobi.

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Hermann Jacobi

Hermann Georg Jacobi (11 February 1850 – 19 October 1937) was an eminent German Indologist.

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Hosea Jacobi

Rabbi Dr.

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Jacob (name)

Jacob is a common male first name and a less well-known surname.

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Jacobs (surname)

Jacobs is a patronymic medieval surname.

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Jacobsen (surname)

Jacobsen is a Danish-Norwegian patronymic surname meaning "son of Jacob".

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Jacoby (surname)

Jacoby is a surname.

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Jakob may refer to:;People.

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Johann Georg Jacobi

Johann Georg Jacobi (September 2, 1740 – January 4, 1814) was a German poet.

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Johann Jacoby

Johann Jacoby (1 May 1805 in Königsberg – 6 March 1877 in Königsberg) was a Left-wing German-Jewish politician.

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Lotte Jacobi

Johanna Alexandra "Lotte" Jacobi (August 17, 1896 – May 6, 1990) was a German-American photographer.

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Lou Jacobi

Lou Jacobi (born Louis Harold Jacobovitch, December 28, 1913October 23, 2009) was a Canadian character actor.

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Lutz Jacobi

Lutske (Lutz) Jacobi (born December 13, 1955 in Katlijk) is a Dutch politician and former civil servant.

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Mary Corinna Putnam Jacobi

Mary Corinna Putnam (August 31, 1842 – June 10, 1906) was an esteemed American medical physician, teacher, scientist, writer, and suffragist.

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Moritz von Jacobi

Moritz Hermann (Boris Semyonovich) von Jacobi (Борис Семёнович (Морис-Герман) Якоби) (21 September 1801 – 10 March 1874) was a German and Russian engineer and physicist born in Potsdam.

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National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is an American auto racing sanctioning and operating company that is best known for stock-car racing.

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Otto Reinhold Jacobi

Otto Reinhold Jacobi (27 February 1812 in Königsberg – 8 February 1901 in Ardoch, North Dakota) was a German-Canadian artist.

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Paul Jacobi

Korvettenkapitän Paul Jacobi (14 July 1887 – 13 February 1915) was a German Naval officer killed during World War I. He commanded the 8th Torpedo boat half flotilla and was killed when his ship, Torpedoboot hit a British mine in the North Sea.

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Roland Jacobi

Roland Jacobi (9 March 1893 – 22 May 1951) was a male international table tennis player from Hungary.

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Valery Jacobi

Valery Ivanovich Jacobi (Валерий Иванович Якоби or Якобий;, Kudryakovo, Kazan Governorate, Russia - 13 May 1902, Nice, France) was a Russian painter and an older brother of Pavel Jacobi (1842–1913), a notable revolutionary and ethnographer.

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Victor Jacobi

Victor Jacobi, Jakobi Viktor (22 October 1883 – 10 December 1921) was a Hungarian operetta composer.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacobi_(surname)

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