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Juggling pattern

Index Juggling pattern

A juggling pattern or juggling trick is a specific manipulation of props during the practice of juggling. [1]

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Cascade (juggling)

In toss juggling, a cascade is the simplest juggling pattern achievable with an odd number of props.

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Claw (juggling)

In toss juggling, a claw (also called a snatch) is a trick where the hand throwing or catching a ball is turned upside down so that the palm of the hand faces the ground.

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Two-dimensional rotation can occur in two possible directions.

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Fountain (juggling)

The fountain is a juggling pattern that is the method most often used for juggling an even number of objects.

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Haggis and Charlie

Haggis and Charlie are a comedy juggling act formed in 1984 by Haggis McLeod and Charlie Dancey.

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Juggling is a physical skill, performed by a juggler, involving the manipulation of objects for recreation, entertainment, art or sport.

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Juggling ball

A set of juggling beanbags Juggling balls, or simply balls, are a popular prop used by jugglers, either on their own—usually in sets of three or more—or in combination with other props such as clubs or rings.

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Juggling club

Juggling clubs are a prop used by jugglers.

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Juggling notation

Juggling notation is the written depiction of concepts and practices in juggling.

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Juggling pattern

A juggling pattern or juggling trick is a specific manipulation of props during the practice of juggling.

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Juggling ring

Juggling rings, or simply "rings", are a popular prop used by jugglers, usually in sets of three or more, or in combination with other props such as balls or clubs.

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Juggling terminology

Juggling terminology, juggling (especially toss juggling) terms.

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List of siteswaps

Below is a list of siteswaps or juggling patterns by siteswap.

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List of skill toys

A skill toy is an object or theatrical prop used for dexterity play or an object manipulation performance.

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Luke Burrage

Luke Burrage (born 26 August 1980) is a British juggler, musician, entertainer and author.

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Mills' Mess

In toss juggling, Mills Mess is a popular juggling pattern, typically performed with three balls although the props used and the number of objects can be different.

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Motor coordination

Motor coordination is the combination of body movements created with the kinematic (such as spatial direction) and kinetic (force) parameters that result in intended actions.

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Multiplex (juggling)

Multiplexing is a juggling trick or form of toss juggling where more than one ball is in the hand at the time of the throw.

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Musical technique

Musical technique is the ability of instrumental and vocal musicians to exert optimal control of their instruments or vocal cords in order to produce the precise musical effects they desire.

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Passing (juggling)

Passing is the act of juggling between two or more people.

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Shower (juggling)

In toss juggling, the shower is a juggling pattern for 3 or more objects, most commonly balls or bean bags, where objects are thrown in a circular motion.

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Siteswap is a juggling notation used to describe or represent juggling patterns.

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Synchronization is the coordination of events to operate a system in unison.

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Toss juggling

Toss juggling is the form of juggling which is most recognisable as 'juggling'.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juggling_pattern

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