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K30 Biho

Index K30 Biho

The South Korean K30 Biho (Flying Tiger) twin 30 mm self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon was developed to meet the operational requirements of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces for a highly mobile short range air defense system suited to the operational and terrain conditions of the Korean peninsula. [1]

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Agency for Defense Development

Agency for Defense Development was established in August 1970 under the banner of the self-reliable defense.

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Allison Transmission

Allison Transmission is an American manufacturer of commercial duty automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems.

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Chiron (missile)

The KP-SAM Shin-Gung or Shin-Kung (Korean: hangul: 신궁, hanja: 新弓) is a South Korean shoulder-launched surface-to-air missile manufactured by LIG Nex1.

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Defense Acquisition Program Administration

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA for short) is an executive branch of the South Korean Government.

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Doosan Group

Doosan Group is a South Korean conglomerate company.

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Electro-optical MASINT

Electro-optical MASINT is a subdiscipline of Measurement and Signature Intelligence, (MASINT) and refers to intelligence gathering activities which bring together disparate elements that do not fit within the definitions of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), or Human Intelligence (HUMINT).

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Fire-control system

A fire-control system is a number of components working together, usually a gun data computer, a director, and radar, which is designed to assist a weapon system in hitting its target.

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Flakpanzer Gepard

The Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard ("anti-aircraft cannon tank Cheetah", better known as the Flakpanzer Gepard) is an all-weather-capable German self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (SPAAG).

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Forward-looking infrared

Forward-looking infrared (FLIR) cameras, typically used on military and civilian aircraft, use a thermographic camera that senses infrared radiation.

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Identification friend or foe

Identification, friend or foe (IFF) is an identification system designed for command and control.

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The K200 KIFV (Korea Infantry Fighting Vehicle) is a South Korean infantry fighting vehicle, originally produced by Daewoo Heavy Industries as a domestic replacement for older armored personnel carriers, such as the M113, in front line service with the Republic of Korea Armed Forces at the time of the K200's development.

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Laser rangefinder

A laser rangefinder is a rangefinder that uses a laser beam to determine the distance to an object.

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MAN SE (abbreviation of Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg), formerly MAN AG, is a German mechanical engineering company and parent company of the MAN Group.

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Man-portable air-defense system

Man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS or MPADS) are shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles (SLSAMs).

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Marksman anti-aircraft system

Marksman is a British short range air defense system developed by Marconi, consisting of a turret, a Marconi Series 400 radar and two Swiss Oerlikon 35 mm anti-aircraft autocannons.

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Night vision

Night vision is the ability to see in low-light conditions.

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A periscope is an instrument for observation over, around or through an object, obstacle or condition that prevents direct line-of-sight observation from an observer's current position.

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Pulse-Doppler radar

A pulse-Doppler radar is a radar system that determines the range to a target using pulse-timing techniques, and uses the Doppler effect of the returned signal to determine the target object's velocity.

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PZA Loara

The PZA Loara (Polish: Przeciwlotniczy Zestaw Artyleryjski or "anti-aircraft artillery system") is a Polish armored radar-directed self-propelled anti-aircraft gun system.

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Radar warning receiver

Radar warning receiver (RWR) systems detect the radio emissions of radar systems.

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Republic of Korea Armed Forces

The Republic of Korea Armed Forces, also known as the ROK Armed Forces, are the armed forces of South Korea.

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Republic of Korea Army

The Republic of Korea Army (ROKA; 대한민국 육군; Hanja: 大韓民國 陸軍; Revised Romanization: Daehanminguk Yuk-gun), also known as the ROK Army, is the army of South Korea, responsible for ground-based warfare.

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S&T Dynamics

S&T Dynamics is a South Korean weapons, windpower, auto parts and casting and machine tools manufacturer founded in 1959.

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Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon

An anti-aircraft vehicle, also known as a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (SPAAG) or self-propelled air defense system (SPAD), is a mobile vehicle with a dedicated anti-aircraft capability.

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Short range air defense

Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) is a group of anti-aircraft weapons and tactics that have to do with defense against low-altitude air threats, primarily helicopters and low-flying close air support aircraft such as the A-10 or Sukhoi Su-25.

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Surface-to-air missile

A surface-to-air missile (SAM, pronunced), or ground-to-air missile (GTAM, pronounced), is a missile designed to be launched from the ground to destroy aircraft or other missiles.

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Type 87 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun

The is a Japanese air defense weapon built around the Oerlikon 35 mm twin cannon system as used on the Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft gun. The system uses a modified Type 74 tank chassis. It is also nicknamed by field officers as "Guntank" after the similar-looking mobile suit in the Mobile Suit Gundam series.

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Type 95 SPAAA

The Type 95 (PLA military designation: PGZ95 –; pinyin: 95 shi zixing gaoshepao, "Type 95 self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery") is a Chinese self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle.

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X band

The X band is the designation for a band of frequencies in the microwave radio region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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2K22 Tunguska

The 2K22 Tunguska (2К22 "Тунгуска".; Tunguska) is a Russian tracked self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon armed with a surface-to-air gun and missile system.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K30_Biho

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