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KBC Bank

Index KBC Bank

KBC Bank N.V. is a Belgian universal multi-channel bank, focusing on private clients and small and medium-sized enterprises. [1]

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Almanij, meaning Algemene Maatschappij voor Nijverheidskrediet was a Belgian holding active in financial services.

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Apollo Global Management

Apollo Global Management, LLC is an American private equity firm, founded in 1990 by former Drexel Burnham Lambert banker Leon Black.

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Asset management

Asset management, broadly defined, refers to any system that monitors and maintains things of value to an entity or group.

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Československá obchodní banka

Československá obchodní banka, a.s. (ČSOB) is one of the largest commercial banks operating in the Czech Republic.

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Bankassurance, is a relationship between a bank and an insurance company, aimed at offering insurance products or insurance benefits to the bank's customers.

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A bank is a financial institution that accepts deposits from the public and creates credit.

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BankTrack is a global network of non-governmental organizations cooperating in the field of private banks and sustainability.

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Belgian Congo

The Belgian Congo (Congo Belge,; Belgisch-Congo) was a Belgian colony in Central Africa between 1908 and 1960 in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

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Brussels (Bruxelles,; Brussel), officially the Brussels-Capital Region (All text and all but one graphic show the English name as Brussels-Capital Region.) (Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest), is a region of Belgium comprising 19 municipalities, including the City of Brussels, which is the de jure capital of Belgium.

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Bukavu (former official names: Costermansville (French) and Costermansstad (Dutch)) is a city in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), lying at the extreme south-western edge of Lake Kivu, west of Cyangugu in Rwanda, and separated from it by the outlet of the Ruzizi River.

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Bulgaria (България, tr.), officially the Republic of Bulgaria (Република България, tr.), is a country in southeastern Europe.

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Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is an autonomous British Overseas Territory in the western Caribbean Sea.

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Central Europe

Central Europe is the region comprising the central part of Europe.

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The chairman (also chairperson, chairwoman or chair) is the highest officer of an organized group such as a board, a committee, or a deliberative assembly.

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Chief executive officer

Chief executive officer (CEO) is the position of the most senior corporate officer, executive, administrator, or other leader in charge of managing an organization especially an independent legal entity such as a company or nonprofit institution.

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Chief financial officer

The chief financial officer (CFO) is the officer of a company that has primary responsibility for managing the company's finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, record-keeping, and financial reporting.

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Convertible bond

In finance, a convertible bond or convertible note or convertible debt (or a convertible debenture if it has a maturity of greater than 10 years) is a type of bond that the holder can convert into a specified number of shares of common stock in the issuing company or cash of equal value.

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Dublin is the capital of and largest city in Ireland.

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Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is the eastern part of the European continent.

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Equity derivative

In finance, an equity derivative is a class of derivatives whose value is at least partly derived from one or more underlying equity securities.

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The euro (sign: €; code: EUR) is the official currency of the European Union.

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Euronext NV is a European stock exchange seated in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Lisbon, Dublin and Paris.

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European Commission

The European Commission (EC) is an institution of the European Union, responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, upholding the EU treaties and managing the day-to-day business of the EU.

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Factoring (finance)

Factoring is a financial transaction and a type of debtor finance in which a business sells its accounts receivable (i.e., invoices) to a third party (called a factor) at a discount.

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Fernand Collin

Fernand Collin (Antwerp, 18 December 1897 – 11 December 1990), was a Belgian businessman.

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Financial crisis of 2007–2008

The financial crisis of 2007–2008, also known as the global financial crisis and the 2008 financial crisis, is considered by many economists to have been the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

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Financial market

A financial market is a market in which people trade financial securities and derivatives such as futures and options at low transaction costs.

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Financial services

Financial services are the economic services provided by the finance industry, which encompasses a broad range of businesses that manage money, including credit unions, banks, credit-card companies, insurance companies, accountancy companies, consumer-finance companies, stock brokerages, investment funds, individual managers and some government-sponsored enterprises.

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Flanders (Vlaanderen, Flandre, Flandern) is the Dutch-speaking northern portion of Belgium, although there are several overlapping definitions, including ones related to culture, language, politics and history.

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Frank Donck

Frank Donck is a Belgian businessman.

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Full-time equivalent

Full-time equivalent (FTE) or whole time equivalent (WTE) is a unit that indicates the workload of an employed person (or student) in a way that makes workloads or class loads comparable across various contexts.

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Geneva (Genève, Genèva, Genf, Ginevra, Genevra) is the second-most populous city in Switzerland (after Zürich) and the most populous city of the Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

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Global Television Network

Global Television Network (more commonly called Global, or occasionally Global TV) is a privately owned Canadian English-language broadcast television network.

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Great Depression

The Great Depression was a severe worldwide economic depression that took place mostly during the 1930s, beginning in the United States.

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Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss.

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Inter-Alpha Group of Banks

The Inter-Alpha Group of Banks was created in 1971 by six banks in the European Community to provide a platform for the regular exchange of ideas and to explore areas for cooperation between its member banks.

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An investor is a person that allocates capital with the expectation of a future financial return.

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Jozef Van Waeyenberge

Jozef Van Waeyenberge is a Belgian businessman.

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K&H Bank

K&H Bank or Kereskedelmi és Hitelbank is one of the biggest commercial bank in Hungary, owned by KBC Bank of Belgium.

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KBC Bank Ireland

KBC Bank Ireland plc is a bank in Ireland with offices in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Belfast.

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KBL European Private Bankers

KBL European Private Bankers is a major Luxembourgish bank which was founded in 1949.

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Kinshasa (formerly Léopoldville (Léopoldville or Dutch)) is the capital and the largest city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Kisangani (formerly Stanleyville or Stanleystad) is the capital of Tshopo province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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A lease is a contractual arrangement calling for the lessee (user) to pay the lessor (owner) for use of an asset.

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Lubumbashi (former names: (French) and (Dutch)) in the southeastern part of Democratic Republic of the Congo is the second-largest city in the country, the largest being the capital, Kinshasa.

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Luc Debaillie

Luc Debaillie is a Belgian businessman.

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Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg; Luxembourg, Luxemburg), officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is a landlocked country in western Europe.

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Market capitalization

Market capitalization (market cap) is the market value of a publicly traded company's outstanding shares.

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Naamloze vennootschap

Naamloze vennootschap (correctly abbreviated nv, however, often abbreviated N.V. or NV) is a legal structure of a company (of the sort "public company") conformable law in the Netherlands, Belgium, Indonesia, and Suriname.

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Non-governmental organization

Non-governmental organizations, nongovernmental organizations, or nongovernment organizations, commonly referred to as NGOs, are usually non-profit and sometimes international organizations independent of governments and international governmental organizations (though often funded by governments) that are active in humanitarian, educational, health care, public policy, social, human rights, environmental, and other areas to effect changes according to their objectives.

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Nonrecourse debt

Nonrecourse debt or a nonrecourse loan is a secured loan (debt) that is secured by a pledge of collateral, typically real property, but for which the borrower is not personally liable.

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Paul Borghgraef

Paul Borghgraef (born 13 July 1954) is a Belgian businessman.

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Philippe Vlerick

Philippe baron Vlerick (born 8 June 1955), is a Belgian businessman.

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Portfolio (finance)

In finance, a portfolio is a collection of investments held by an investment company, hedge fund, financial institution or individual.

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Private banking

Private banking is banking, investment and other financial services provided by banks to high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) with high levels of income or sizable assets.

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Private equity

Private equity typically refers to investment funds organized as limited partnerships that are not publicly traded and whose investors are typically large institutional investors, university endowments, or wealthy individuals.

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Project finance

Project finance is the long-term financing of infrastructure and industrial projects based upon the projected cash flows of the project rather than the balance sheets of its sponsors.

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Public float

Public float or free float represents the portion of shares of a corporation that are in the hands of public investors as opposed to locked-in stock held by promoters, company officers, controlling-interest investors, or government.

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Public–private partnership

A public–private partnership (PPP, 3P or P3) is a cooperative arrangement between two or more public and private sectors, typically of a long-term nature.

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Reinsurance is insurance that is purchased by an insurance company.

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Remi Vermeiren

Remi Vermeiren (born 23 February 1940 in Dendermonde) is a Belgian banker and businessman.

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Renewable energy

Renewable energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat.

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Retail banking

Retail banking, also known as consumer banking, is the provision of services by a bank to the general public, rather than to companies, corporations or other banks, which are often described as wholesale banking.

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Rockox House

The Rockox House is a former residence of the Rockox family and Belgian private museum of KBC Bank in the city of Antwerp, Belgium.

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Slovakia (Slovensko), officially the Slovak Republic (Slovenská republika), is a landlocked country in Central Europe.

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Strategic management

In the field of management, strategic management involves the formulation and implementation of the major goals and initiatives taken by an organization's top management on behalf of owners, based on consideration of resources and an assessment of the internal and external environments in which the organization operates.

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Teacher Retirement System of Texas

Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) is a public pension plan of the State of Texas.

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United Bulgarian Bank

United Bulgarian Bank (UBB) is one of the leading Bulgarian commercial banks.

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Wallonia (Wallonie, Wallonie(n), Wallonië, Walonreye, Wallounien) is a region of Belgium.

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World War II

World War II (often abbreviated to WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, although conflicts reflecting the ideological clash between what would become the Allied and Axis blocs began earlier.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KBC_Bank

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