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Index Kaarta

Kaarta, or Ka'arta, was a short-lived Bambara kingdom in what is today the western half of Mali. [1]

18 relations: Bamana Empire, Bambara people, Bitòn Coulibaly, El Hadj Umar Tall, France, French West Africa, Ghana Empire, Imamate of Futa Toro, Jihad, Khasso, Louis Archinard, Louis Brière de l'Isle, Mali, Nioro du Sahel, Ségou, Senegal River, Toucouleur Empire, West Africa.

Bamana Empire

The Bamana Empire (also Bambara Empire or Ségou Empire) was a large West African state based at Ségou, now in Mali.

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Bambara people

The Bambara (Bamana or Banmana) are a Mandé ethnic group native to much of West Africa, primarily southern Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso and Senegal.

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Bitòn Coulibaly

Bitòn Coulibaly (also Mamary Coulibaly, 1689?–1755) founded the Bambara Empire in what is now Mali's Ségou Region and Mopti Region.

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El Hadj Umar Tall

al-Hajj Umar ibn Sa'id al-Futi Tal (حاج عمر بن سعيد طعل), (c. 1794–1864 CE), Umar Saidou Tall, born in Futa Tooro, Senegambia, was a West African political leader, Islamic scholar, Tijani Sufi and Toucouleur military commander who founded a brief empire encompassing much of what is now Guinea, Senegal, and Mali.

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France, officially the French Republic (République française), is a sovereign state whose territory consists of metropolitan France in Western Europe, as well as several overseas regions and territories.

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French West Africa

French West Africa (Afrique occidentale française, AOF) was a federation of eight French colonial territories in Africa: Mauritania, Senegal, French Sudan (now Mali), French Guinea, Ivory Coast, Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso), Dahomey (now Benin) and Niger.

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Ghana Empire

The Ghana Empire (700 until 1240), properly known as Awkar (Ghana or Ga'na being the title of its ruler), was located in the area of present-day southeastern Mauritania and western Mali.

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Imamate of Futa Toro

The Imamate of Futa Toro (1776-1861) was a pre-colonial West African theocratic state of the Fula-speaking people (Fulɓe and Toucouleurs) centered on the middle valley of the Senegal River.

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Jihad (جهاد) is an Arabic word which literally means striving or struggling, especially with a praiseworthy aim.

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Khasso or Xaaso was a West African kingdom of the 17th to 19th centuries, occupying territory in what is today Senegal and the Kayes Region of Mali.

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Louis Archinard

Louis Archinard (11 February 1850 – 8 May 1932) was a French Army general at the time of the Third Republic, who contributed to the colonial conquest of French West Africa.

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Louis Brière de l'Isle

Louis Alexandre Esprit Gaston Brière de l'Isle (24 June 1827 – 19 June 1897) was a French Army general who achieved distinction firstly as Governor of Senegal (1876–81), and then as general-in-chief of the Tonkin Expeditionary Corps during the Sino-French War (August 1884–April 1885).

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Mali, officially the Republic of Mali (République du Mali), is a landlocked country in West Africa, a region geologically identified with the West African Craton.

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Nioro du Sahel

Nioro du Sahel often referred to as simply Nioro is a town and urban commune in the Kayes Region of western Mali, 241 km from the city of Kayes.

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Ségou (also Segou, Segu, Seku) is a town and an urban commune in south-central Mali that lies northeast of Bamako on the River Niger.

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Senegal River

The Senegal River (نهر السنغال, Fleuve Sénégal) is a long river in West Africa that forms the border between Senegal and Mauritania.

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Toucouleur Empire

The Toucouleur Empire (also known as the Tijaniyya Jihad state or the Segu Tukulor) (1861–1890) was founded in the mid-nineteenth century by El Hadj Umar Tall of the Toucouleur people, in part of present-day Mali.

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West Africa

West Africa, also called Western Africa and the West of Africa, is the westernmost region of Africa.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaarta

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