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L 1159-16

Index L 1159-16

L 1159-16 is a red dwarf in the northern constellation of Aries. [1]

15 relations: Apparent magnitude, Aries (constellation), Centre de données astronomiques de Strasbourg, Constellation, Flare star, Gliese Catalogue of Nearby Stars, List of nearest stars and brown dwarfs, Naked eye, Red dwarf, Star catalogue, Sun, The Astronomical Journal, The Astrophysical Journal, Variable star designation, 2MASS.

Apparent magnitude

The apparent magnitude of a celestial object is a number that is a measure of its brightness as seen by an observer on Earth.

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Aries (constellation)

Aries is one of the constellations of the zodiac.

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Centre de données astronomiques de Strasbourg

The Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS; English translation: Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center) is a data hub which collects and distributes astronomical information.

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A constellation is a group of stars that are considered to form imaginary outlines or meaningful patterns on the celestial sphere, typically representing animals, mythological people or gods, mythological creatures, or manufactured devices.

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Flare star

A flare star is a variable star that can undergo unpredictable dramatic increases in brightness for a few minutes.

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Gliese Catalogue of Nearby Stars

The Gliese Catalogue of Nearby Stars is a modern star catalogue of stars located within 25 parsecs (81.54 ly) of the Earth.

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List of nearest stars and brown dwarfs

The following two lists include all the known stars and brown dwarfs that are within of the Sun, or were/will be within in the astronomically near past or future.

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Naked eye

Naked eye, also called bare eye or unaided eye, is the practice of engaging in visual perception unaided by a magnifying or light-collecting optical instrument, such as a telescope or microscope.

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Red dwarf

A red dwarf (or M dwarf) is a small and relatively cool star on the main sequence, of M spectral type.

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Star catalogue

A star catalogue (Commonwealth English) or star catalog (American English), is an astronomical catalogue that lists stars.

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The Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System.

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The Astronomical Journal

The Astronomical Journal (often abbreviated AJ in scientific papers and references) is a peer-reviewed monthly scientific journal owned by the American Astronomical Society and currently published by IOP Publishing.

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The Astrophysical Journal

The Astrophysical Journal, often abbreviated ApJ (pronounced "ap jay") in references and speech, is a peer-reviewed scientific journal of astrophysics and astronomy, established in 1895 by American astronomers George Ellery Hale and James Edward Keeler.

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Variable star designation

Variable stars are designated using a variation on the Bayer designation format of an identifying label (as described below) combined with the Latin genitive of the name of the constellation in which the star lies.

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The Two Micron All-Sky Survey, or 2MASS, was an astronomical survey of the whole sky in the infrared spectrum and one of the most ambitious such projects.

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GJ 83.1, Gliese 83.1, LHS 11, Luyten 1159-16, Rob 95, TZ Arietis, Wo 9066.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L_1159-16

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