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Life satisfaction

Index Life satisfaction

Life satisfaction is the way in which people show their emotions and feelings (moods) and how they feel about their directions and options for the future. [1]

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The Afrobarometer is a pan-African, independent, non-partisan research network that measures public attitudes on economic, political, and social matters in Africa.

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Agreeableness is a personality trait manifesting itself in individual behavioral characteristics that are perceived as kind, sympathetic, cooperative, warm, and considerate.

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Attitude (psychology)

In psychology, attitude is a psychological construct, a mental and emotional entity that inheres in, or characterizes a person.

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Broad measures of economic progress

Although for many decades, it was customary to focus on GDP and other measures of national income, there has been growing interest in developing broad measures of economic well-being.

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Central Intelligence Agency

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States federal government, tasked with gathering, processing, and analyzing national security information from around the world, primarily through the use of human intelligence (HUMINT).

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Chronotype refers to the behavioral manifestation of underlying circadian rhythms of myriad physical processes.

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Conscientiousness is the personality trait of being careful, or vigilant.

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Democracy Ranking

The Democracy Ranking is an index compiled by the Association for Development and Advancement of the Democracy Award, an Austria-based non-partisan organization.

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Demographic economics

Demographic economics or population economics is the application of economic analysis to demography, the study of human populations, including size, growth, density, distribution, and vital statistics.

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Disability-adjusted life year

The disability-adjusted life year (DALY) is a measure of overall disease burden, expressed as the number of years lost due to ill-health, disability or early death.

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Dov Shmotkin

Dov Shmotkin (born 1949) is Professor Emeritus in the School of Psychological Sciences and Head of the Herczeg Institute on Aging at Tel Aviv University.

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Economic development

economic development wikipedia Economic development is the process by which a nation improves the economic, political, and social well-being of its people.

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Economic materialism

Materialism is a personal attitude which attaches importance to acquiring and consuming material goods.

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Economics is the social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

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Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.

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Emotion is any conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a certain degree of pleasure or displeasure.

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Environmental full-cost accounting

Environmental full-cost accounting (EFCA) is a method of cost accounting that traces direct costs and allocates indirect costs by collecting and presenting information about the possible environmental, social and economical costs and benefits or advantagesin short, about the "triple bottom line"for each proposed alternative.

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Ethics of care

The ethics of care (alternatively care ethics or EoC) is a normative ethical theory that holds that moral action centers on interpersonal relationships and care or benevolence as a virtue.

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Eudaimonia (Greek: εὐδαιμονία), sometimes anglicized as eudaemonia or eudemonia, is a Greek word commonly translated as happiness or welfare; however, "human flourishing or prosperity" has been proposed as a more accurate translation.

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Extraversion and introversion

The trait of extraversion–introversion is a central dimension of human personality theories.

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The future is what will happen in the time after the present.

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Gender Development Index

The Gender Development Index (GDI) is an index designed to measure of gender equality.

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Genuine progress indicator

Genuine progress indicator (GPI) is a metric that has been suggested to replace, or supplement, gross domestic product (GDP).

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Global Peace Index

Global Peace Index (GPI) measures the relative position of nations' and regions' peacefulness.

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Green gross domestic product

The green gross domestic product (green GDP or GGDP) is an index of economic growth with the environmental consequences of that growth factored into a country's conventional GDP.

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Green national product

There is a criticism of the gross national product.

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Gross National Happiness

Gross National Happiness (also known by the acronym: GNH) is a philosophy that guides the government of Bhutan.

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Gross National Well-being

Gross National Wellness (GNW) is a socioeconomic development and measurement framework.

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Happiness economics

The economics of happiness or happiness economics is the quantitative and theoretical study of happiness, positive and negative affect, well-being, quality of life, life satisfaction and related concepts, typically combining economics with other fields such as psychology, health and sociology.

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Happy Planet Index

The Happy Planet Index (HPI) is an index of human well-being and environmental impact that was introduced by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) in July 2006.

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Hedonic treadmill

The hedonic treadmill, also known as hedonic adaptation, is the observed tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness despite major positive or negative events or life changes.

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Homeostasis is the tendency of organisms to auto-regulate and maintain their internal environment in a stable state.

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Hope is an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes with respect to events and circumstances in one's life or the world at large.

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Human Development and Capability Association

The Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA) was launched in September 2004 at the Fourth Capability Conference in Pavia, Italy.

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Human Development Index

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a composite statistic (composite index) of life expectancy, education, and per capita income indicators, which are used to rank countries into four tiers of human development.

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Human Poverty Index

The Human Poverty Index (HPI) was an indication of the standard of living in a country, developed by the United Nations (UN) to complement the Human Development Index (HDI) and was first reported as part of the Human Development Report in 1997.

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Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare

The Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW) is an economic indicator intended to replace the Gross Domestic Product, which is the main macroeconomic indicator of System of National Accounts (SNA).

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International Association for Feminist Economics

The International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) is a non-profit international association dedicated to raising awareness and inquiry of feminist economics.

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International development

International development or global development is a wide concept concerning level of development on an international scale.

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Law of social cycle

The law of social cycle is a social cycle theory developed by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar.

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Legatum Prosperity Index

The Legatum Prosperity Index is an annual ranking developed by the Legatum Institute, a division of the private investment firm Legatum.

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Leisure satisfaction

"Leisure refers to activities that a person voluntarily engages in when they are free from any work, social or familial responsibilities."Joudrey, A. D., & Wallace, J.E. (2009) Leisure as a Coping Resource: A Test of the Job Demand-Control-Support Model.

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Living Planet Index

The Living Planet Index (LPI) is an indicator of the state of global biological diversity, based on trends in vertebrate populations of species from around the world.

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Millennium Development Goals

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were the eight international development goals for the year 2015 that had been established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000, following the adoption of the United Nations Millennium Declaration.

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Money-rich, time-poor

Money-rich, time-poor is an expression which arose in Britain at the end of the 20th century to describe groups of people who, whilst having a high disposable income through well-paid employment, have relatively little leisure time as a result.

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Neuroticism is one of the Big Five higher-order personality traits in the study of psychology.

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New Economics Foundation

The New Economics Foundation (NEF) is a British think-tank that aims to help build a "new economy where people are really in control".

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OECD Better Life Index

The OECD Better Life Index, in May 2011 by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development following a decade of work on this issue, is a first attempt to bring together internationally comparable measures of well-being in line with the recommendations of the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress also known as the Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi Commission.

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Openness to experience

Openness to experience is one of the domains which are used to describe human personality in the Five Factor Model.

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Optimism is a mental attitude reflecting a belief or hope that the outcome of some specific endeavor, or outcomes in general, will be positive, favorable, and desirable.

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Personality is defined as the set of habitual behaviors, cognitions and emotional patterns that evolve from biological and environmental factors.

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In sociology, post-materialism is the transformation of individual values from materialist, physical, and economic to new individual values of autonomy and self-expression.

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Progress (history)

In historiography, progress (from Latin progressus, "advance", "(a) step onwards") is the study of how specific societies improved over time in terms of science, technology, modernization, liberty, democracy, longevity, quality of life, freedom from pollution and so on.

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Progressive Utilization Theory

Progressive Utilization Theory (Prout), also known by the acronym PROUT, is a socioeconomic and political theory developed by philosopher and spiritual leader Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar.

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Psychometrics is a field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement.

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Quality of life

Quality of life (QOL) is the general well-being of individuals and societies, outlining negative and positive features of life.

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Satisfaction with Life Index

The Satisfaction with Life Index was created by Adrian G. White, an analytic social psychologist at the University of Leicester, using data from a metastudy.

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Self-esteem reflects an individual's overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own worth.

New!!: Life satisfaction and Self-esteem · See more »

Subjective well-being

Subjective well-being (SWB) is a self-reported measure of well-being, typically obtained by questionnaire.

New!!: Life satisfaction and Subjective well-being · See more »

Sustainable development

Sustainable development is the organizing principle for meeting human development goals while at the same time sustaining the ability of natural systems to provide the natural resources and ecosystem services upon which the economy and society depend.

New!!: Life satisfaction and Sustainable development · See more »

System of National Accounts

The System of National Accounts (often abbreviated as SNA; formerly the United Nations System of National Accounts or UNSNA) is an international standard system of national accounts, the first international standard being published in 1953.

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The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO; Organisation des Nations unies pour l'éducation, la science et la culture) is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) based in Paris.

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Welfare economics

Welfare economics is a branch of economics that uses microeconomic techniques to evaluate well-being (welfare) at the aggregate (economy-wide) level.

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Where-to-be-born Index

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s where-to-be-born index (previously called the quality-of-life index, abbreviated QLI) attempts to measure which country will provide the best opportunities for a healthy, safe and prosperous life in the years ahead.

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Wikiprogress is an online platform for sharing information on the measurement of social, economic and environmental progress.

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World Happiness Report

The World Happiness Report is an annual publication of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network which contains rankings of national happiness and analysis of the data from various perspectives.

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World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO; French: Organisation mondiale de la santé) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is concerned with international public health.

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World Values Survey

The World Values Survey (WVS) is a global research project that explores people’s values and beliefs, how they change over time and what social and political impact they have.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_satisfaction

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