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Märklin Digital

Index Märklin Digital

Märklin Digital was among the earlier digital model railway control systems. [1]

17 relations: Alternating current, Bit, Digital Command Control, DIP switch, Direct current, Faulhaber, Feedback, Integrated circuit, Märklin, Motorola, National Model Railroad Association, Nuremberg, Nuremberg International Toy Fair, Potentiometer, Pulse-width modulation, Relay, Three-valued logic.

Alternating current

Alternating current (AC) is an electric current which periodically reverses direction, in contrast to direct current (DC) which flows only in one direction.

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The bit (a portmanteau of binary digit) is a basic unit of information used in computing and digital communications.

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Digital Command Control

Digital Command Control (DCC) is a standard for a system to operate model railways digitally.

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DIP switch

A DIP switch is a manual electric switch that is packaged with others in a group in a standard dual in-line package (DIP).

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Direct current

Direct current (DC) is the unidirectional flow of electric charge.

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Faulhaber is a German surname.

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Feedback occurs when outputs of a system are routed back as inputs as part of a chain of cause-and-effect that forms a circuit or loop.

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Integrated circuit

An integrated circuit or monolithic integrated circuit (also referred to as an IC, a chip, or a microchip) is a set of electronic circuits on one small flat piece (or "chip") of semiconductor material, normally silicon.

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Motorola, Inc. was an American multinational telecommunications company founded on September 25, 1928, based in Schaumburg, Illinois.

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National Model Railroad Association

The National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) is a non-profit organization for those involved in the hobby or business of model railroading.

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Nuremberg (Nürnberg) is a city on the river Pegnitz and on the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal in the German state of Bavaria, in the administrative region of Middle Franconia, about north of Munich.

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Nuremberg International Toy Fair

The Nuremberg International Toy Fair (German: Spielwarenmesse) is the largest international trade fair for toys and games hold annually since 1949.

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A potentiometer is a three-terminal resistor with a sliding or rotating contact that forms an adjustable voltage divider.

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Pulse-width modulation

Pulse-width modulation (PWM), or pulse-duration modulation (PDM), is a modulation technique used to encode a message into a pulsing signal.

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A relay is an electrically operated switch.

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Three-valued logic

In logic, a three-valued logic (also trinary logic, trivalent, ternary, or trilean, sometimes abbreviated 3VL) is any of several many-valued logic systems in which there are three truth values indicating true, false and some indeterminate third value.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Märklin_Digital

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