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MIPS architecture

Index MIPS architecture

MIPS (an acronym for Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages) is a reduced instruction set computer (RISC) instruction set architecture (ISA)Price, Charles (September 1995). [1]

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Addressing mode

Addressing modes are an aspect of the instruction set architecture in most central processing unit (CPU) designs.

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Advanced Computing Environment

The Advanced Computing Environment (ACE) was defined by an industry consortium in the early 1990s to be the next generation commodity computing platform, the successor to personal computers based on Intel's 32-bit instruction set architecture.

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Advanced RISC Computing

Advanced RISC Computing (ARC) is a specification promulgated by a defunct consortium of computer manufacturers (the Advanced Computing Environment project), setting forth a standard MIPS RISC-based computer hardware and firmware environment.

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Backward compatibility

Backward compatibility is a property of a system, product, or technology that allows for interoperability with an older legacy system, or with input designed for such a system, especially in telecommunications and computing.

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Bipolar Integrated Technology

Bipolar Integrated Technology was a semiconductor company based in Beaverton, Oregon which sold products implemented with ECL technology.

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Bitwise operation

In digital computer programming, a bitwise operation operates on one or more bit patterns or binary numerals at the level of their individual bits.

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Broadcom Inc.

Broadcom Inc. (formerly Avago Technologies) is a designer, developer and global supplier of products based on analog and digital semiconductor technologies within four primary markets: wired infrastructure, wireless communications, enterprise storage, and industrial & others.

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Business Wire

Business Wire is a company that disseminates full-text press releases from thousands of companies and organizations worldwide to news media, financial markets, disclosure systems, investors, information web sites, databases, bloggers, social networks and other audiences.

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Cache control instruction

In computing, a cache control instruction is a hint embedded in the instruction stream of a processor intended to improve the performance of hardware caches, using foreknowledge of the memory access pattern supplied by the programmer or compiler.

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Cache prefetching

Cache prefetching is a technique used by computer processors to boost execution performance by fetching instructions or data from their original storage in slower memory to a faster local memory before it is actually needed (hence the term 'prefetch').

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Cavium is a fabless semiconductor company based in San Jose, California, specializing in ARM-based and MIPS-based network, video and security processors and SoCs.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Cavium · See more »

Computer architecture

In computer engineering, computer architecture is a set of rules and methods that describe the functionality, organization, and implementation of computer systems.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Computer architecture · See more »

Computer memory

In computing, memory refers to the computer hardware integrated circuits that store information for immediate use in a computer; it is synonymous with the term "primary storage".

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A coprocessor is a computer processor used to supplement the functions of the primary processor (the CPU).

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DEC Alpha

Alpha, originally known as Alpha AXP, is a 64-bit reduced instruction set computing (RISC) instruction set architecture (ISA) developed by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), designed to replace their 32-bit VAX complex instruction set computer (CISC) ISA.

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Delay slot

In computer architecture, a delay slot is an instruction slot that gets executed without the effects of a preceding instruction.

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Digital Equipment Corporation

Digital Equipment Corporation, also known as DEC and using the trademark Digital, was a major American company in the computer industry from the 1950s to the 1990s.

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Digital signal processing

Digital signal processing (DSP) is the use of digital processing, such as by computers or more specialized digital signal processors, to perform a wide variety of signal processing operations.

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The DLX (pronounced "Deluxe") is a RISC processor architecture designed by John L. Hennessy and David A. Patterson, the principal designers of the Stanford MIPS and the Berkeley RISC designs (respectively), the two benchmark examples of RISC design (named after the Berkeley design).

New!!: MIPS architecture and DLX · See more »

EE Times

EE Times (Electronic Engineering Times) is an online electronics industry magazine published in the United States by AspenCore Media an Arrow Electronics company.

New!!: MIPS architecture and EE Times · See more »

Embedded system

An embedded system is a computer system with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electrical system, often with real-time computing constraints.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Embedded system · See more »

Emotion Engine

The Emotion Engine is a central processing unit developed and manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment and Toshiba for use in the PlayStation 2 video game console.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Emotion Engine · See more »


Endianness refers to the sequential order in which bytes are arranged into larger numerical values when stored in memory or when transmitted over digital links.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Endianness · See more »

Floating-point arithmetic

In computing, floating-point arithmetic is arithmetic using formulaic representation of real numbers as an approximation so as to support a trade-off between range and precision.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Floating-point arithmetic · See more »

Floating-point unit

A floating-point unit (FPU, colloquially a math coprocessor) is a part of a computer system specially designed to carry out operations on floating point numbers.

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Gemplus International

Gemplus International SA was based in Luxembourg and acquired by the Texas Pacific Group in 2000 a provider of smart cards and related technologies until its June 2, 2006 merger with rival Axalto; the combined entity is known as Gemalto.

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Glossary of computer hardware terms

This is a glossary of terms relating to computer hardware – physical computer hardware, architectural issues, and peripherals.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Glossary of computer hardware terms · See more »


GXemul (formerly known as mips64emul) is a computer architecture emulator being developed by Anders Gavare.

New!!: MIPS architecture and GXemul · See more »

Imagination Technologies

Imagination Technologies Group plc is a British-based technology company, focusing on semiconductor and related intellectual property licensing.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Imagination Technologies · See more »

Ingenic Semiconductor

Ingenic Semiconductor is a Chinese fabless semiconductor company based in Beijing, China founded in 2005.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Ingenic Semiconductor · See more »

Instruction set architecture

An instruction set architecture (ISA) is an abstract model of a computer.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Instruction set architecture · See more »

Integrated Device Technology

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. is a publicly traded American corporation headquartered in San Jose, California, that designs, manufactures, and markets low-power, high-performance mixed-signal semiconductor solutions for the advanced communications, computing, and consumer industries.

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John L. Hennessy

John Leroy Hennessy (born September 22, 1952) is an American computer scientist, academician, businessman and Chairman of Alphabet Inc..

New!!: MIPS architecture and John L. Hennessy · See more »

List of MIPS architecture processors

This is a list of processors that implement the MIPS instruction set architecture, sorted by year, process size, frequency, die area, and so on.

New!!: MIPS architecture and List of MIPS architecture processors · See more »

Load/store architecture

In computer engineering, a load/store architecture is an instruction set architecture that divides instructions into two categories: memory access (load and store between memory and registers), and ALU operations (which only occur between registers).

New!!: MIPS architecture and Load/store architecture · See more »


Loongson is a family of general-purpose MIPS64 CPUs developed at the Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in China.

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LSI Corporation

LSI Corporation was an American company based in San Jose, California which designed semiconductors and software that accelerate storage and networking in data centers, mobile networks and client computing.

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The MDMX (MIPS Digital Media eXtension), also known as MaDMaX, is an extension to the MIPS architecture released in October 1996 at the Microprocessor Forum.

New!!: MIPS architecture and MDMX · See more »

Microprocessor Report

Microprocessor Report, is a publication for engineers and other industry professionals on microprocessors.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Microprocessor Report · See more »

MIPS architecture processors

Since 1985, numerous processors implementing some version of the MIPS architecture have been designed and widely used.

New!!: MIPS architecture and MIPS architecture processors · See more »

MIPS Technologies

MIPS Technologies, Inc., formerly MIPS Computer Systems, Inc., is an American fabless semiconductor design company that is most widely known for developing the MIPS architecture and a series of RISC CPU chips based on it.

New!!: MIPS architecture and MIPS Technologies · See more »


MIPS-3D is an extension to the MIPS V instruction set architecture (ISA) that added 13 new instructions for improving the performance of 3D graphics applications.

New!!: MIPS architecture and MIPS-3D · See more »

Morgan Kaufmann Publishers

Morgan Kaufmann Publishers is a Burlington, Massachusetts (San Francisco, California until 2008) based publisher specializing in computer science and engineering content.

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Multiply–accumulate operation

In computing, especially digital signal processing, the multiply–accumulate operation is a common step that computes the product of two numbers and adds that product to an accumulator.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Multiply–accumulate operation · See more »

Multithreading (computer architecture)

In computer architecture, multithreading is the ability of a central processing unit (CPU) or a single core in a multi-core processor to execute multiple processes or threads concurrently, appropriately supported by the operating system.

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is a Japanese multinational provider of information technology (IT) services and products, headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

New!!: MIPS architecture and NEC · See more »

New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University (NMSU or NM State) is a public, land-grant, research university in Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States, and the flagship campus of NMSU System.

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Nintendo 64

The, stylized as NINTENDO64 and abbreviated to N64, is Nintendo's third home video game console for the international market.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Nintendo 64 · See more »

NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors N.V. is a Dutch global semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

New!!: MIPS architecture and NXP Semiconductors · See more »


OVPsim is a multiprocessor platform emulator (often called a full-system simulator) used to run unchanged production binaries of the target hardware.

New!!: MIPS architecture and OVPsim · See more »

Personal computer

A personal computer (PC) is a multi-purpose computer whose size, capabilities, and price make it feasible for individual use.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Personal computer · See more »


Koninklijke Philips N.V. (Philips, stylized as PHILIPS) is a Dutch multinational technology company headquartered in Amsterdam currently focused in the area of healthcare.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Philips · See more »


is a gaming brand that consists of four home video game consoles, as well as a media center, an online service, a line of controllers, two handhelds and a phone, as well as multiple magazines.

New!!: MIPS architecture and PlayStation · See more »

PlayStation (console)

The PlayStation (officially abbreviated to PS, and commonly known as the PS1 or its codename, PSX) is a home video game console developed and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment.

New!!: MIPS architecture and PlayStation (console) · See more »

PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 (PS2) is a home video game console that was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment.

New!!: MIPS architecture and PlayStation 2 · See more »

PlayStation Portable

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a handheld game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment.

New!!: MIPS architecture and PlayStation Portable · See more »

Predication (computer architecture)

In computer science, predication is an architectural feature that provides an alternative to conditional branch instructions.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Predication (computer architecture) · See more »

Pyramid Technology

Pyramid Technology Corporation was a computer company that produced a number of RISC-based minicomputers at the upper end of the performance range.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Pyramid Technology · See more »


QEMU (short for Quick Emulator) is a free and open-source emulator that performs hardware virtualization.

New!!: MIPS architecture and QEMU · See more »

Quality of service

Quality of service (QoS) is the description or measurement of the overall performance of a service, such as a telephony or computer network or a cloud computing service, particularly the performance seen by the users of the network.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Quality of service · See more »

Quantum Effect Devices

Quantum Effect Devices (QED) was a microprocessor design company incorporated in 1991 as Quantum Effect Design.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Quantum Effect Devices · See more »


The R10000, code-named "T5", is a RISC microprocessor implementation of the MIPS IV instruction set architecture (ISA) developed by MIPS Technologies, Inc. (MTI), then a division of Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI).

New!!: MIPS architecture and R10000 · See more »

R2000 (microprocessor)

The R2000 is a 32 bit microprocessor chip set developed by MIPS Computer Systems that implemented the MIPS I instruction set architecture (ISA).

New!!: MIPS architecture and R2000 (microprocessor) · See more »


The R4000 is a microprocessor developed by MIPS Computer Systems that implements the MIPS III instruction set architecture (ISA).

New!!: MIPS architecture and R4000 · See more »


The R4200 is a microprocessor designed by MIPS Technologies, Inc. (MTI) that implemented the MIPS III instruction set architecture (ISA).

New!!: MIPS architecture and R4200 · See more »


The R4600, code-named "Orion", is a microprocessor developed by Quantum Effect Design (QED) that implemented the MIPS III instruction set architecture (ISA).

New!!: MIPS architecture and R4600 · See more »


The R5000 is a microprocessor that implements the MIPS IV instruction set architecture (ISA) developed by Quantum Effect Design (QED).

New!!: MIPS architecture and R5000 · See more »


The R6000, not to be confused with the IBM RAD6000, is a microprocessor chip set developed by MIPS Computer Systems that implemented the MIPS II instruction set architecture (ISA).

New!!: MIPS architecture and R6000 · See more »


The R8000 is a microprocessor chipset developed by MIPS Technologies, Inc. (MTI), Toshiba, and Weitek.

New!!: MIPS architecture and R8000 · See more »

Reduced instruction set computer

A reduced instruction set computer, or RISC (pronounced 'risk'), is one whose instruction set architecture (ISA) allows it to have fewer cycles per instruction (CPI) than a complex instruction set computer (CISC).

New!!: MIPS architecture and Reduced instruction set computer · See more »

Renesas Electronics

is a Japanese semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Renesas Electronics · See more »

Residential gateway

In telecommunications networking, a residential gateway (more commonly known as a home router or home gateway) is a device that allows a local area network (LAN) to connect to a wide area network (WAN) via a modem.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Residential gateway · See more »

RMI Corporation

RMI Corporation, formerly Raza Microelectronics, Inc., was a privately held fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Cupertino, California, which specialized in designing system-on-a-chip processors for computer networking (known as network processors) and consumer media applications.

New!!: MIPS architecture and RMI Corporation · See more »

Router (computing)

A router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Router (computing) · See more »

Server (computing)

In computing, a server is a computer program or a device that provides functionality for other programs or devices, called "clients".

New!!: MIPS architecture and Server (computing) · See more »


SiCortex was a supercomputer manufacturer founded in 2003 and headquartered in Maynard, Massachusetts.

New!!: MIPS architecture and SiCortex · See more »

Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme

Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme, AG (SNI) was formed in 1990 by the merger of Nixdorf Computer and the Data Information Services (DIS) division of Siemens.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme · See more »

Silicon Graphics

Silicon Graphics, Inc. (later rebranded SGI, historically known as Silicon Graphics Computer Systems or SGCS) was an American high-performance computing manufacturer, producing computer hardware and software.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Silicon Graphics · See more »


Single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) is a class of parallel computers in Flynn's taxonomy.

New!!: MIPS architecture and SIMD · See more »


Simics is a full-system simulator used to run unchanged production binaries of the target hardware at high-performance speeds.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Simics · See more »

Smart card

A smart card, chip card, or integrated circuit card (ICC), is any pocket-sized card that has embedded integrated circuits.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Smart card · See more »


is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Sony · See more »


SPIM is a MIPS processor simulator, designed to run assembly language code for this architecture.

New!!: MIPS architecture and SPIM · See more »


A supercomputer is a computer with a high level of performance compared to a general-purpose computer.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Supercomputer · See more »

Symmetric multiprocessing

Symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) involves a multiprocessor computer hardware and software architecture where two or more identical processors are connected to a single, shared main memory, have full access to all input and output devices, and are controlled by a single operating system instance that treats all processors equally, reserving none for special purposes.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Symmetric multiprocessing · See more »


Synopsys, Inc., an American company, is the leading company by sales in the Electronic Design Automation industry.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Synopsys · See more »

Tandem Computers

Tandem Computers, Inc. was the dominant manufacturer of fault-tolerant computer systems for ATM networks, banks, stock exchanges, telephone switching centers, and other similar commercial transaction processing applications requiring maximum uptime and zero data loss.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Tandem Computers · See more »


Tetraphobia (from Greek τετράς—tetras, "four" and φόβος—phobos, "fear") is the practice of avoiding instances of the number.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Tetraphobia · See more »


The TOP500 project ranks and details the 500 most powerful non-distributed computer systems in the world.

New!!: MIPS architecture and TOP500 · See more »


, commonly known as Toshiba, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Toshiba · See more »

Video game console

A video game console is an electronic, digital or computer device that outputs a video signal or visual image to display a video game that one or more people can play.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Video game console · See more »


A workstation is a special computer designed for technical or scientific applications.

New!!: MIPS architecture and Workstation · See more »

64-bit computing

In computer architecture, 64-bit computing is the use of processors that have datapath widths, integer size, and memory address widths of 64 bits (eight octets).

New!!: MIPS architecture and 64-bit computing · See more »

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIPS_architecture

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