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Index Macrolepiota

Macrolepiota is a genus of white spored, gilled mushrooms of the family Agaricaceae. [1]

29 relations: Agaricaceae, Agaricales, Agaricomycetes, Basidiomycota, Chinese cuisine, Circumscription (taxonomy), Clade, Fungus, Genus, Giovanni Antonio Scopoli, Index Fungorum, Johannes Rick, List of Agaricaceae genera, List of Agaricales genera, Macrolepiota albuminosa, Macrolepiota clelandii, Macrolepiota eucharis, Macrolepiota excoriata, Macrolepiota mastoidea, Macrolepiota phaeodisca, Macrolepiota procera, Macrolepiota subcitrophylla, Marcel Locquin, Molecular phylogenetics, Mushroom, MycoBank, Rolf Singer, Spore, Type species.


The Agaricaceae are a family of basidiomycete fungi and include the genus Agaricus, as well as basidiomycetes previously classified in the families Tulostomataceae, Lepiotaceae, and Lycoperdaceae.

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The fungal order Agaricales, also known as gilled mushrooms (for their distinctive gills) or euagarics, contains some of the most familiar types of mushrooms.

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The Agaricomycetes are a class of fungi in the division Basidiomycota.

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Basidiomycota is one of two large divisions that, together with the Ascomycota, constitute the subkingdom Dikarya (often referred to as the "higher fungi") within the kingdom Fungi.

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Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine is an important part of Chinese culture, which includes cuisine originating from the diverse regions of China, as well as from Chinese people in other parts of the world.

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Circumscription (taxonomy)

In biological taxonomy, circumscription is the definition of a taxon, that is, a group of organisms.

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A clade (from κλάδος, klados, "branch"), also known as monophyletic group, is a group of organisms that consists of a common ancestor and all its lineal descendants, and represents a single "branch" on the "tree of life".

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A fungus (plural: fungi or funguses) is any member of the group of eukaryotic organisms that includes microorganisms such as yeasts and molds, as well as the more familiar mushrooms.

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A genus (genera) is a taxonomic rank used in the biological classification of living and fossil organisms, as well as viruses, in biology.

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Giovanni Antonio Scopoli

Giovanni Antonio Scopoli (sometimes Latinized as Johannes Antonius Scopolius) (3 June 1723 – 8 May 1788) was an Italian physician and naturalist.

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Index Fungorum

Index Fungorum is an international project to index all formal names (scientific names) in the Fungus Kingdom.

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Johannes Rick

Johannes (João Evangelista) Rick (19 January 1869 – 1946) was an Austrian-born Brazilian priest and mycologist considered the "father of Brazilian mycology".

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List of Agaricaceae genera

This is a list of genera in the Agaricaceae family of mushroom-forming fungi.

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List of Agaricales genera

This is a list of genera in the Agaricales order of mushroom-forming fungi.

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Macrolepiota albuminosa

Macrolepiota albuminosa is a species of agaric fungus in the family Agaricaceae that is an obligate symbiote of termites.

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Macrolepiota clelandii

Macrolepiota clelandii, commonly known as the slender parasol or graceful parasol, is a species of mushroom-forming fungus in the family Lepiotaceae.

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Macrolepiota eucharis

Macrolepiota eucharis is a species of agaric fungus in the family Agaricaceae.

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Macrolepiota excoriata

Macrolepiota excoriata is a mushroom in the family Agaricaceae.

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Macrolepiota mastoidea

Macrolepiota mastoidea is a European species of edible mushroom.

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Macrolepiota phaeodisca

Macrolepiota phaeodisca is a species of mushroom in the family Agaricaceae.

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Macrolepiota procera

The parasol mushroom (Macrolepiota procera or Lepiota procera) is a basidiomycete fungus with a large, catty, prominent fruiting body resembling a parasol.

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Macrolepiota subcitrophylla

Macrolepiota subcitrophylla is a species of agaric fungus in the family Agaricaceae.

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Marcel Locquin

Marcel Locquin, born May 6, 1922 in Lyon, France, died March 18, 2009, was a French mycologist.

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Molecular phylogenetics

Molecular phylogenetics is the branch of phylogeny that analyzes genetic, hereditary molecular differences, predominately in DNA sequences, to gain information on an organism's evolutionary relationships.

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A mushroom, or toadstool, is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source.

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MycoBank is an online database, documenting new mycological names and combinations, eventually combined with descriptions and illustrations.

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Rolf Singer

Rolf Singer (June 23, 1906 – January 18, 1994) was a German-born mycologist and one of the most important taxonomists of gilled mushrooms (agarics) in the 20th century.

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In biology, a spore is a unit of sexual or asexual reproduction that may be adapted for dispersal and for survival, often for extended periods of time, in unfavourable conditions.

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Type species

In zoological nomenclature, a type species (species typica) is the species name with which the name of a genus or subgenus is considered to be permanently taxonomically associated, i.e., the species that contains the biological type specimen(s).

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Lepiotella, Rickella, Volvolepiota.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macrolepiota

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