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Motorola 6809

Index Motorola 6809

The Motorola 6809 ("sixty-eight-oh-nine") is an 8-bit microprocessor CPU with some 16-bit features from Motorola. [1]

90 relations: Accumulator (computing), Acorn Eurocard systems, Addressing mode, Apple II, Assembly language, Australia, Bank switching, Boyer–Moore string-search algorithm, Burrell Smith, Byte, Byte (magazine), Central processing unit, Clock signal, Combinational logic, Defender (1981 video game), Dragon 32/64, Dual in-line package, Fairlight CMI, Floating-point arithmetic, FM-7, Freescale 68HC11, Freescale Semiconductor, Gyruss, Halt and Catch Fire, Hertz, Hitachi, Hitachi 6309, Index register, Instruction set architecture, Interrupt, Joust (video game), Kilobyte, Konami, LZ77 and LZ78, Mac OS 9, Mappy, Mebibyte, Memory management unit, Microcode, Microprocessor, Microware, MOS Technology 6502, Motorola, Motorola 6800, Motorola 68000, Motorola 68008, NXP Semiconductors, Orthogonality, OS-9, Paging, ..., PDF, Pinball, Pointer (computer programming), Position-independent code, Processor register, Program counter, Programmable logic array, Qualcomm, Reduced instruction set computer, Reentrancy (computing), Register-transfer level, Resident monitor, Robotron: 2084, Roc'n Rope, Rochester Electronics, Sinistar, Solid-state electronics, Source-code compatibility, SS-50 bus, Stack (abstract data type), SWTPC, Technicolor SA, The Simpsons (video game), Thomson MO5, Thomson TO7, Traffic light, TRS-80 Color Computer, UniFLEX, Usenet newsgroup, Vectrex, VERSAdos, VHDL, Video game console, Wales, Williams Pinball Controller, Wire wrap, WMS Industries, Zilog Z80, 16-bit, 8-bit. Expand index (40 more) »

Accumulator (computing)

In a computer's central processing unit (CPU), an accumulator is a register in which intermediate arithmetic and logic results are stored.

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Acorn Eurocard systems

The Acorn Eurocard systems were a series of modular microcomputer systems based on rack-mounted Eurocards developed by Acorn Computers from 1979 to 1982, aimed primarily at industrial and laboratory use, but also home enthusiasts.

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Addressing mode

Addressing modes are an aspect of the instruction set architecture in most central processing unit (CPU) designs.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Addressing mode · See more »

Apple II

The Apple II (stylized as Apple.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Apple II · See more »

Assembly language

An assembly (or assembler) language, often abbreviated asm, is a low-level programming language, in which there is a very strong (but often not one-to-one) correspondence between the assembly program statements and the architecture's machine code instructions.

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Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands.

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Bank switching

Bank switching is a technique used in computer design to increase the amount of usable memory beyond the amount directly addressable by the processor.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Bank switching · See more »

Boyer–Moore string-search algorithm

In computer science, the Boyer–Moore string-search algorithm is an efficient string-searching algorithm that is the standard benchmark for practical string-search literature.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Boyer–Moore string-search algorithm · See more »

Burrell Smith

Burrell Carver Smith (born December 16, 1955) is an American engineer who, while working at Apple Computer, designed the motherboard (digital circuit board) for the original Macintosh.

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The byte is a unit of digital information that most commonly consists of eight bits, representing a binary number.

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Byte (magazine)

Byte was an American microcomputer magazine, influential in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s because of its wide-ranging editorial coverage.

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Central processing unit

A central processing unit (CPU) is the electronic circuitry within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program by performing the basic arithmetic, logical, control and input/output (I/O) operations specified by the instructions.

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Clock signal

In electronics and especially synchronous digital circuits, a clock signal is a particular type of signal that oscillates between a high and a low state and is used like a metronome to coordinate actions of digital circuits.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Clock signal · See more »

Combinational logic

In digital circuit theory, combinational logic (sometimes also referred to as time-independent logic) is a type of digital logic which is implemented by Boolean circuits, where the output is a pure function of the present input only.

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Defender (1981 video game)

Defender is an arcade video game developed and released by Williams Electronics in February 1981.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Defender (1981 video game) · See more »

Dragon 32/64

The Dragon 32 and Dragon 64 are home computers that were built in the 1980s.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Dragon 32/64 · See more »

Dual in-line package

In microelectronics, a dual in-line package (DIP or DIL), or dual in-line pin package (DIPP) is an electronic component package with a rectangular housing and two parallel rows of electrical connecting pins.

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Fairlight CMI

The Fairlight CMI (short for Computer Musical Instrument) is a digital synthesizer, sampler and digital audio workstation introduced in 1979 by the founders of Fairlight, Peter Vogel and Kim Ryrie, — with links to some Fairlight history and photos developed based on the commercial license of Qasar M8 dual-MC6800 microprocessor musical instrument originally developed by Tony Furse of Creative Strategies in Sydney, Australia.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Fairlight CMI · See more »

Floating-point arithmetic

In computing, floating-point arithmetic is arithmetic using formulaic representation of real numbers as an approximation so as to support a trade-off between range and precision.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Floating-point arithmetic · See more »


The FM-7 ("Fujitsu Micro 7") is a home computer created by Fujitsu, first released in 1982, sold in Japan and Spain.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and FM-7 · See more »

Freescale 68HC11

The 68HC11 (6811 or HC11 for short) is an 8-bit microcontroller (µC) family introduced by Motorola in 1985.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Freescale 68HC11 · See more »

Freescale Semiconductor

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. was an American multinational corporation headquartered in Austin, Texas, with design, research and development, manufacturing and sales operations in more than 75 locations in 19 countries.

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is a fixed shooter arcade game designed by Yoshiki Okamoto and released by Konami in 1983.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Gyruss · See more »

Halt and Catch Fire

In computer engineering, Halt and Catch Fire, known by the assembly mnemonic HCF, is an idiom referring to a computer machine code instruction that causes the computer's central processing unit (CPU) to cease meaningful operation, typically requiring a restart of the computer.

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The hertz (symbol: Hz) is the derived unit of frequency in the International System of Units (SI) and is defined as one cycle per second.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Hertz · See more »


() is a Japanese multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Hitachi · See more »

Hitachi 6309

The 6309 is Hitachi's CMOS version of the Motorola 6809 microprocessor.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Hitachi 6309 · See more »

Index register

An index register in a computer's CPU is a processor register used for modifying operand addresses during the run of a program, typically for doing vector/array operations.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Index register · See more »

Instruction set architecture

An instruction set architecture (ISA) is an abstract model of a computer.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Instruction set architecture · See more »


In system programming, an interrupt is a signal to the processor emitted by hardware or software indicating an event that needs immediate attention.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Interrupt · See more »

Joust (video game)

Joust is an arcade game developed by Williams Electronics and released in 1982.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Joust (video game) · See more »


The kilobyte is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Kilobyte · See more »


, commonly referred to as Konami, is a Japanese entertainment and gaming conglomerate.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Konami · See more »

LZ77 and LZ78

LZ77 and LZ78 are the two lossless data compression algorithms published in papers by Abraham Lempel and Jacob Ziv in 1977 and 1978.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and LZ77 and LZ78 · See more »

Mac OS 9

Mac OS 9 is the ninth and final major release of Apple's classic Mac OS operating system.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Mac OS 9 · See more »


is an arcade game by Namco.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Mappy · See more »


The mebibyte is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Mebibyte · See more »

Memory management unit

A memory management unit (MMU), sometimes called paged memory management unit (PMMU), is a computer hardware unit having all memory references passed through itself, primarily performing the translation of virtual memory addresses to physical addresses.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Memory management unit · See more »


Microcode is a computer hardware technique that imposes an interpreter between the CPU hardware and the programmer-visible instruction set architecture of the computer.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Microcode · See more »


A microprocessor is a computer processor that incorporates the functions of a central processing unit on a single integrated circuit (IC), or at most a few integrated circuits.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Microprocessor · See more »


Microware was a US corporation based in Clive, Iowa that produced the OS-9 real-time operating system.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Microware · See more »

MOS Technology 6502

The MOS Technology 6502 (typically "sixty-five-oh-two" or "six-five-oh-two") William Mensch and the moderator both pronounce the 6502 microprocessor as "sixty-five-oh-two".

New!!: Motorola 6809 and MOS Technology 6502 · See more »


Motorola, Inc. was an American multinational telecommunications company founded on September 25, 1928, based in Schaumburg, Illinois.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Motorola · See more »

Motorola 6800

The 6800 ("sixty-eight hundred") is an 8-bit microprocessor designed and first manufactured by Motorola in 1974.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Motorola 6800 · See more »

Motorola 68000

The Motorola 68000 ("'sixty-eight-thousand'"; also called the m68k or Motorola 68k, "sixty-eight-kay") is a 16/32-bit CISC microprocessor, which implements a 32-bit instruction set, with 32-bit registers and 32-bit internal data bus, but with a 16-bit data ALU and two 16-bit arithmetic ALUs and a 16-bit external data bus, designed and marketed by Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Motorola 68000 · See more »

Motorola 68008

The Motorola 68008 is an 8/16/32-bit microprocessor made by Motorola.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Motorola 68008 · See more »

NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors N.V. is a Dutch global semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and NXP Semiconductors · See more »


In mathematics, orthogonality is the generalization of the notion of perpendicularity to the linear algebra of bilinear forms.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Orthogonality · See more »


OS-9 is a family of real-time, process-based, multitasking, multi-user operating systems, developed in the 1980s, originally by Microware Systems Corporation for the Motorola 6809 microprocessor.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and OS-9 · See more »


In computer operating systems, paging is a memory management scheme by which a computer stores and retrieves data from secondary storage for use in main memory.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Paging · See more »


The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format developed in the 1990s to present documents, including text formatting and images, in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and PDF · See more »


Pinball is a type of arcade game, in which points are scored by a player manipulating one or more steel balls on a play field inside a glass-covered cabinet called a pinball table (or "pinball machine").

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Pinball · See more »

Pointer (computer programming)

In computer science, a pointer is a programming language object that stores the memory address of another value located in computer memory.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Pointer (computer programming) · See more »

Position-independent code

In computing, position-independent code (PIC) or position-independent executable (PIE) is a body of machine code that, being placed somewhere in the primary memory, executes properly regardless of its absolute address.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Position-independent code · See more »

Processor register

In computer architecture, a processor register is a quickly accessible location available to a computer's central processing unit (CPU).

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Processor register · See more »

Program counter

The program counter (PC), commonly called the instruction pointer (IP) in Intel x86 and Itanium microprocessors, and sometimes called the instruction address register (IAR), the instruction counter, or just part of the instruction sequencer, is a processor register that indicates where a computer is in its program sequence.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Program counter · See more »

Programmable logic array

A programmable logic array (PLA) is a kind of programmable logic device used to implement combinational logic circuits.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Programmable logic array · See more »


Qualcomm is an American multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company that designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Qualcomm · See more »

Reduced instruction set computer

A reduced instruction set computer, or RISC (pronounced 'risk'), is one whose instruction set architecture (ISA) allows it to have fewer cycles per instruction (CPI) than a complex instruction set computer (CISC).

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Reduced instruction set computer · See more »

Reentrancy (computing)

In computing, a computer program or subroutine is called reentrant if it can be interrupted in the middle of its execution and then safely be called again ("re-entered") before its previous invocations complete execution.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Reentrancy (computing) · See more »

Register-transfer level

In digital circuit design, register-transfer level (RTL) is a design abstraction which models a synchronous digital circuit in terms of the flow of digital signals (data) between hardware registers, and the logical operations performed on those signals.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Register-transfer level · See more »

Resident monitor

In computing, a resident monitor is a type of system software program that was used in many early computers from the 1950s to 1970s.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Resident monitor · See more »

Robotron: 2084

Robotron: 2084 (also referred to as Robotron) is an arcade video game developed by Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar of Vid Kidz and released by Williams Electronics (part of WMS Industries) in 1982.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Robotron: 2084 · See more »

Roc'n Rope

is a 1983 arcade game developed and published by Konami (published by Kosuka/Interlogic in some markets).

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Roc'n Rope · See more »

Rochester Electronics

Rochester Electronics, LLC is a semiconductor distributor and manufacturer headquartered in Newburyport, Massachusetts, United States.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Rochester Electronics · See more »


Sinistar is a multi-directional shooter arcade game developed and manufactured by Williams Electronics.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Sinistar · See more »

Solid-state electronics

Solid-state electronics means semiconductor electronics; electronic equipment using semiconductor devices such as semiconductor diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits (ICs).

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Solid-state electronics · See more »

Source-code compatibility

Source-code compatibility (source-compatible) means that a program can run on computers (or operating systems), independently of binary-code compatibility and that the source code is needed for portability.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Source-code compatibility · See more »

SS-50 bus

The SS-50 bus was an early computer bus designed as a part of the SWTPC 6800 Computer System that used the Motorola 6800 CPU.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and SS-50 bus · See more »

Stack (abstract data type)

In computer science, a stack is an abstract data type that serves as a collection of elements, with two principal operations.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Stack (abstract data type) · See more »


The U.S. company SWTPC started in 1964 as DEMCO (Daniel E. Meyer Company).

New!!: Motorola 6809 and SWTPC · See more »

Technicolor SA

Technicolor SA, formerly Thomson SARL and Thomson Multimedia, is a French multinational corporation that provides services and products for the communication, media and entertainment industries.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Technicolor SA · See more »

The Simpsons (video game)

The Simpsons is an arcade beat 'em up developed by Konami released in 1991, and the second video game based on The Simpsons franchise, following Bart vs. the Space Mutants.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and The Simpsons (video game) · See more »

Thomson MO5

The Thomson MO5 is a home computer introduced in France in 1984 to compete against systems such as the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Thomson MO5 · See more »

Thomson TO7

The Thomson TO7, also called Thomson 9000 is a home computer introduced by Thomson SA in November 1982, with an original retail price of 3750 Franc.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Thomson TO7 · See more »

Traffic light

Traffic lights, also known as traffic signals, traffic lamps, traffic semaphore, signal lights, stop lights, robots (in South Africa and most of Africa), and traffic control signals (in technical parlance), are signalling devices positioned at road intersections, pedestrian crossings, and other locations to control flows of traffic.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Traffic light · See more »

TRS-80 Color Computer

The RadioShack TRS-80 Color Computer (also marketed as the Tandy Color Computer and sometimes nicknamed the CoCo) is a line of home computers based on the Motorola 6809 processor.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and TRS-80 Color Computer · See more »


UniFLEX is a Unix-like operating system developed by Technical Systems Consultants (TSC) for the Motorola 6809 family which allowed multitasking and multiprocessing.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and UniFLEX · See more »

Usenet newsgroup

A Usenet newsgroup is a repository usually within the Usenet system, for messages posted from many users in different locations using Internet.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Usenet newsgroup · See more »


The Vectrex is a vector display-based home video game console that was developed by Western Technologies/Smith Engineering.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Vectrex · See more »


VERSAdos is an operating system dating back to the early 1980s for use on the Motorola 68000 development system called the EXORmacs which featured the VMEbus and an array of option cards.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and VERSAdos · See more »


VHDL (VHSIC Hardware Description Language) is a hardware description language used in electronic design automation to describe digital and mixed-signal systems such as field-programmable gate arrays and integrated circuits.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and VHDL · See more »

Video game console

A video game console is an electronic, digital or computer device that outputs a video signal or visual image to display a video game that one or more people can play.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Video game console · See more »


Wales (Cymru) is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and the island of Great Britain.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Wales · See more »

Williams Pinball Controller

The Williams Pinball Controller (WPC) is an arcade system board used for several pinball games designed by Williams and Midway (under the Bally name) between 1990 and early 1999.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Williams Pinball Controller · See more »

Wire wrap

Wire wrap was invented to wire telephone crossbar switches, and later adapted to construct electronic circuit boards.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Wire wrap · See more »

WMS Industries

WMS Industries, Inc. is an American electronic gaming and amusement manufacturer in Enterprise, Nevada.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and WMS Industries · See more »

Zilog Z80

The Z80 CPU is an 8-bit based microprocessor.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and Zilog Z80 · See more »


16-bit microcomputers are computers in which 16-bit microprocessors were the norm.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and 16-bit · See more »


8-bit is also a generation of microcomputers in which 8-bit microprocessors were the norm.

New!!: Motorola 6809 and 8-bit · See more »

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motorola_6809

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