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NGC 6231

Index NGC 6231

NGC 6231 is an open cluster located near Zeta Scorpii. [1]

21 relations: Apparent magnitude, Carina–Sagittarius Arm, Edmond Halley, Giovanni Battista Hodierna, HD 151932, Jean-Philippe de Chéseaux, Light-year, Milky Way, Mu Scorpii, New General Catalogue, Nicolas-Louis de Lacaille, Open cluster, Palermo, Prawn Nebula, Scorpius, Solar System, Stellar classification, Wolf–Rayet star, Zeta Scorpii, Zeta1 Scorpii, Zeta2 Scorpii.

Apparent magnitude

The apparent magnitude of a celestial object is a number that is a measure of its brightness as seen by an observer on Earth.

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Carina–Sagittarius Arm

The Carina–Sagittarius Arm (also known as Sagittarius Arm or Sagittarius–Carina Arm, labeled -I) is generally thought to be a minor spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

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Edmond Halley

Edmond (or Edmund) Halley, FRS (–) was an English astronomer, geophysicist, mathematician, meteorologist, and physicist.

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Giovanni Battista Hodierna

Giovanni Battista Hodierna, also spelled as Odierna (April 13, 1597 – April 6, 1660) was an Italian astronomer at the court of Giulio Tomasi, Duke of Palma (Palma di Montechiaro).

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HD 151932

HD 151932, also known as WR 78, is a Wolf-Rayet star located in the constellation Scorpius, close to the galactic plane.

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Jean-Philippe de Chéseaux

Jean-Philippe Loys de Chéseaux (May 4, 1718 in Lausanne – November 30, 1751) was an astronomer from Lausanne in Switzerland.

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The light-year is a unit of length used to express astronomical distances and measures about 9.5 trillion kilometres or 5.9 trillion miles.

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Milky Way

The Milky Way is the galaxy that contains our Solar System.

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Mu Scorpii

The Bayer designation Mu Scorpii (μ Sco, μ Scorpii) is shared by two star systems, in the constellation Scorpius.

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New General Catalogue

The New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars (abbreviated as NGC) is a catalogue of deep-sky objects compiled by John Louis Emil Dreyer in 1888.

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Nicolas-Louis de Lacaille

Abbé Nicolas-Louis de Lacaille, formerly sometimes spelled de la Caille, (15 March 1713 – 21 March 1762) was a French astronomer.

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Open cluster

An open cluster is a group of up to a few thousand stars that were formed from the same giant molecular cloud and have roughly the same age.

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Palermo (Sicilian: Palermu, Panormus, from Πάνορμος, Panormos) is a city of Southern Italy, the capital of both the autonomous region of Sicily and the Metropolitan City of Palermo.

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Prawn Nebula

Prawn Nebula, IC 4628, is an emission nebula located in the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way, around 6000 light-years from Earth in the constellation Scorpius.

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Scorpius is one of the constellations of the zodiac.

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Solar System

The Solar SystemCapitalization of the name varies.

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Stellar classification

In astronomy, stellar classification is the classification of stars based on their spectral characteristics.

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Wolf–Rayet star

Wolf–Rayet stars, often abbreviated as WR stars, are a rare heterogeneous set of stars with unusual spectra showing prominent broad emission lines of highly ionised helium and nitrogen or carbon.

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Zeta Scorpii

The Bayer designation Zeta Scorpii (ζ Sco, ζ Scorpii) is shared by two stars in the constellation Scorpius.

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Zeta1 Scorpii

Zeta1 Scorpii (Zeta1 Sco, ζ1 Scorpii, ζ1 Sco) is a B-type hypergiant star in the constellation of Scorpius.

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Zeta2 Scorpii

Zeta2 Scorpii (Zeta2 Sco, ζ2 Scorpii, ζ2 Sco) is a K-type orange giant star in the constellation of Scorpius.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NGC_6231

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