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Index Neuilly-sur-Seine

Neuilly-sur-Seine is a French commune just west of Paris, in the department of Hauts-de-Seine. [1]

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Académie française

The Académie française is the pre-eminent French council for matters pertaining to the French language.

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Adrien Étienne Gaudez

Adrien Étienne Gaudez (2 February 1845 – 23 January 1902) was a French sculptor who worked in the 19th century.

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Ahmad Shah Qajar

Ahmad Shāh Qājār (احمد شاه قاجار; 21 January 1898 – 21 February 1930) was Shah of Persia (Iran) from 16 July 1909 to 15 December 1925, and the last ruling member of the Qajar dynasty.

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Albert Uderzo

Alberto Aleandro Uderzo (born 25 April 1927), known as Albert Uderzo, is a French comic book artist and scriptwriter.

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Allan Nyom

Allan-Roméo Nyom (born 10 May 1988) is a Cameroonian professional footballer who plays as a right back for Championship club West Bromwich Albion.

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American Hospital of Paris

The American Hospital of Paris, founded in 1906, is a private, not-for-profit hospital that is certified under the French healthcare system.

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Anaïs Nin

Angela Anaïs Juana Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell (February 21, 1903 – January 14, 1977), known professionally as Anaïs Nin, was a French-American diarist, essayist, novelist, and writer of short stories and erotica.

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André Beaufre

André Beaufre (25 January 1902 – 13 February 1975) was a French Army officer and military strategist who attained the rank of Général d'Armée (Army General) before his retirement in 1961.

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Aristotle Onassis

Aristotle Socrates Onassis (Αριστοτέλης Ωνάσης, Aristotelis Onasis; 20 January 1906 – 15 March 1975), commonly called Ari or Aristo Onassis, was a Greek shipping magnate who amassed the world's largest privately owned shipping fleet and was one of the world's richest and most famous men.

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Édith Piaf

Édith Piaf (19 December 1915 – 10 October 1963; nee Édith Giovanna Gassion) was a French singer, songwriter, cabaret performer and film actress noted as France's national chanteuse and one of the country's most widely known international stars.

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Île-de-France ("Island of France"), also known as the région parisienne ("Parisian Region"), is one of the 18 regions of France and includes the city of Paris.

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In France, a banlieue is a suburb of a large city.

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Basilica of St Denis

The Basilica of Saint Denis (Basilique royale de Saint-Denis, or simply Basilique Saint-Denis) is a large medieval abbey church in the city of Saint-Denis, now a northern suburb of Paris.

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Basque pelota at the 1900 Summer Olympics

At the 1900 Summer Olympics, a Basque pelota tournament was contested.

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Bette Davis

Ruth Elizabeth "Bette" Davis (April 5, 1908 – October 6, 1989) was an American actress of film, television, and theater.

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Bois de Boulogne

The Bois de Boulogne is a large public park located along the western edge of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, near the suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt and Neuilly-sur-Seine.

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Boulogne-Billancourt (often colloquially called simply Boulogne, until 1924 Boulogne-sur-Seine) is a commune in the western suburbs of Paris, France.

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Bulgaria (България, tr.), officially the Republic of Bulgaria (Република България, tr.), is a country in southeastern Europe.

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Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas S. A. (formerly BVQI, Bureau Veritas Quality International) is an international certification agency.

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Carole Bouquet

Carole Bouquet (born 18 August 1957) is a French actress and fashion model, who has appeared in more than 50 films since 1977.

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Chanel S.A. is a French, privately held company owned by Alain Wertheimer and Gérard Wertheimer, grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer, who was an early business partner of the couturière Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel.

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A chanson ("song", from Latin cantio, gen. cantionis) is in general any lyric-driven French song, usually polyphonic and secular.

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A charter is the grant of authority or rights, stating that the granter formally recognizes the prerogative of the recipient to exercise the rights specified.

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Christoph H. Müller

Christoph H. Müller (born 1967) is a musician and composer born in Stuttgart, Germany and raised in Switzerland.

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Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine

Clichy (sometimes unofficially Clichy-la-Garenne) is a commune in the northwestern suburbs of Paris, France.

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Communes of France

The commune is a level of administrative division in the French Republic.

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Communes of the Hauts-de-Seine department

The following is a list of the 36 communes of the Hauts-de-Seine department of France.

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Daft Punk

Daft Punk are a French electronic music duo from Paris formed in 1993 by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.

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David Servan-Schreiber

David Servan-Schreiber (April 21, 1961 – July 24, 2011) was a French physician, neuroscientist and author.

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Departments of France

In the administrative divisions of France, the department (département) is one of the three levels of government below the national level ("territorial collectivities"), between the administrative regions and the commune.

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Dominique Gaston André Strauss-Kahn (born 25 April 1949) is a French politician, former managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and a controversial figure in the French Socialist Party due to his involvement in several financial and sexual scandals.

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Edward VIII

Edward VIII (Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David; 23 June 1894 – 28 May 1972) was King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Empire, and Emperor of India, from 20 January 1936 until his abdication on 11 December the same year, after which he became the Duke of Windsor.

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Eurodance (sometimes known as Euro-NRG or Euro) is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in the late 1980s in Europe.

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Fable is a literary genre: a succinct fictional story, in prose or verse, that features animals, legendary creatures, plants, inanimate objects, or forces of nature that are anthropomorphized (given human qualities, such as the ability to speak human language) and that illustrates or leads to a particular moral lesson (a "moral"), which may at the end be added explicitly as a pithy maxim or saying.

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Forêt de Rouvray

The once vast Forêt de Rouvray ("Forest of Rouvray", from Gallo-Romance ROBORETU “oak wood″ or more probably French rouvre “sessile oak” and old suffix -ey (ill spelled as -ay, modern -aie), meaning a “collection of the same trees”) was a forest that extended from west of Paris in the Île-de-France region westwards into Normandy, virtually unbroken, threaded by the winding loops of the River Seine, traversed by forest traces and dotted with isolated woodland hamlets, as far as Rouen.

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François Truffaut

François Roland Truffaut (6 February 1932 – 21 October 1984) was a French film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, and film critic, as well as one of the founders of the French New Wave.

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Françoise Bettencourt Meyers

Françoise Bettencourt Meyers is a French heiress and author of Bible commentaries and works on Jewish-Christian relations.

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French Revolution

The French Revolution (Révolution française) was a period of far-reaching social and political upheaval in France and its colonies that lasted from 1789 until 1799.

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Gallo-Roman culture

The term "Gallo-Roman" describes the Romanized culture of Gaul under the rule of the Roman Empire.

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Gaul (Latin: Gallia) was a region of Western Europe during the Iron Age that was inhabited by Celtic tribes, encompassing present day France, Luxembourg, Belgium, most of Switzerland, Northern Italy, as well as the parts of the Netherlands and Germany on the west bank of the Rhine.

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Gotan Project

Gotan Project is a musical group based in Paris (France), consisting of musicians Eduardo Makaroff (Argentine), Philippe Cohen Solal (French) and Christoph H. Müller (Swiss), a former member of Touch El Arab.

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Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo

Guillaume Emmanuel de Homem-Christo (born 8 February 1974).

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Hanau is a town in the Main-Kinzig-Kreis, in Hesse, Germany.

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Hauts-de-Seine (literally Seine Heights) is a department of France.

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Ilona Mitrecey

Ilona Mitrecey (born 1 September 1993 in Fontenay-aux-Roses, Hauts-de-Seine), more commonly known as Ilona, is a French singer.

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Iran (ایران), also known as Persia, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran (جمهوری اسلامی ایران), is a sovereign state in Western Asia. With over 81 million inhabitants, Iran is the world's 18th-most-populous country. Comprising a land area of, it is the second-largest country in the Middle East and the 17th-largest in the world. Iran is bordered to the northwest by Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan, to the north by the Caspian Sea, to the northeast by Turkmenistan, to the east by Afghanistan and Pakistan, to the south by the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, and to the west by Turkey and Iraq. The country's central location in Eurasia and Western Asia, and its proximity to the Strait of Hormuz, give it geostrategic importance. Tehran is the country's capital and largest city, as well as its leading economic and cultural center. Iran is home to one of the world's oldest civilizations, beginning with the formation of the Elamite kingdoms in the fourth millennium BCE. It was first unified by the Iranian Medes in the seventh century BCE, reaching its greatest territorial size in the sixth century BCE, when Cyrus the Great founded the Achaemenid Empire, which stretched from Eastern Europe to the Indus Valley, becoming one of the largest empires in history. The Iranian realm fell to Alexander the Great in the fourth century BCE and was divided into several Hellenistic states. An Iranian rebellion culminated in the establishment of the Parthian Empire, which was succeeded in the third century CE by the Sasanian Empire, a leading world power for the next four centuries. Arab Muslims conquered the empire in the seventh century CE, displacing the indigenous faiths of Zoroastrianism and Manichaeism with Islam. Iran made major contributions to the Islamic Golden Age that followed, producing many influential figures in art and science. After two centuries, a period of various native Muslim dynasties began, which were later conquered by the Turks and the Mongols. The rise of the Safavids in the 15th century led to the reestablishment of a unified Iranian state and national identity, with the country's conversion to Shia Islam marking a turning point in Iranian and Muslim history. Under Nader Shah, Iran was one of the most powerful states in the 18th century, though by the 19th century, a series of conflicts with the Russian Empire led to significant territorial losses. Popular unrest led to the establishment of a constitutional monarchy and the country's first legislature. A 1953 coup instigated by the United Kingdom and the United States resulted in greater autocracy and growing anti-Western resentment. Subsequent unrest against foreign influence and political repression led to the 1979 Revolution and the establishment of an Islamic republic, a political system that includes elements of a parliamentary democracy vetted and supervised by a theocracy governed by an autocratic "Supreme Leader". During the 1980s, the country was engaged in a war with Iraq, which lasted for almost nine years and resulted in a high number of casualties and economic losses for both sides. According to international reports, Iran's human rights record is exceptionally poor. The regime in Iran is undemocratic, and has frequently persecuted and arrested critics of the government and its Supreme Leader. Women's rights in Iran are described as seriously inadequate, and children's rights have been severely violated, with more child offenders being executed in Iran than in any other country in the world. Since the 2000s, Iran's controversial nuclear program has raised concerns, which is part of the basis of the international sanctions against the country. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, an agreement reached between Iran and the P5+1, was created on 14 July 2015, aimed to loosen the nuclear sanctions in exchange for Iran's restriction in producing enriched uranium. Iran is a founding member of the UN, ECO, NAM, OIC, and OPEC. It is a major regional and middle power, and its large reserves of fossil fuels – which include the world's largest natural gas supply and the fourth-largest proven oil reserves – exert considerable influence in international energy security and the world economy. The country's rich cultural legacy is reflected in part by its 22 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the third-largest number in Asia and eleventh-largest in the world. Iran is a multicultural country comprising numerous ethnic and linguistic groups, the largest being Persians (61%), Azeris (16%), Kurds (10%), and Lurs (6%).

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Jacques Prévert

Jacques Prévert (4 February 190011 April 1977) was a French poet and screenwriter.

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Jacques Zwobada

Jacques Zwobada, also spelt in other ways, such as Swobada and Zwoboda (6 August 1900 – 6 September 1967), was a French sculptor and designer.

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JCDecaux Group (JCDecaux SA) is a multinational corporation based in Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris, France, known for its bus-stop advertising systems, billboards, public bicycle rental systems, and street furniture.

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Jean de La Fontaine

Jean de La Fontaine (8 July 162113 April 1695) was a French fabulist and one of the most widely read French poets of the 17th century.

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Jean Raspail

Jean Raspail (born 5 July 1925) is a French author, traveler and explorer.

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Jean Riboud

Jean Riboud (15 November 1919 – 20 October 1985) was a French socialist, corporate executive and the chairman of Schlumberger, the largest oilfield services company in the world.

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Jean-Paul Belmondo

Jean-Paul Belmondo (born 9 April 1933) is a French actor initially associated with the New Wave of the 1960s and one of the biggest French film stars of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

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Jonathan Bru

Jonathan Bru (born 2 May 1985) is a retiredMauritian professional footballer who played as a defensive midfielder.

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July Monarchy

The July Monarchy (Monarchie de Juillet) was a liberal constitutional monarchy in France under Louis Philippe I, starting with the July Revolution of 1830 and ending with the Revolution of 1848.

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Les Sablons (Paris Métro)

Les Sablons (Jardin d'Acclimatation) is a station on Paris Métro Line 1 in the commune of Neuilly-sur-Seine.

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Levallois-Perret is a commune in the northwestern suburbs of Paris, France.

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Liceo Español Luis Buñuel

Liceo Español Luis Buñuel (LELB, Spanish Lycee “Luis Buñuel", Lycée Espagnol Luis Buñuel) is a Spanish international school in Neuilly sur Seine, France, in the Paris metropolitan area.

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Liliane Bettencourt

Liliane Henriette Charlotte Bettencourt (née Schueller; 21 October 1922 – 21 September 2017) was a French heiress, socialite and businesswoman.

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Ludovic Valbon

Ludovic Valbon (born 22 May 1976 in Neuilly-sur-Seine) is a French rugby union footballer.

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Lund is a city in the province of Scania, southern Sweden.

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Lycée Pasteur (Neuilly-sur-Seine)

The Lycée Pasteur (French: Lycée Pasteur de Neuilly-sur-Seine) is a French state-run secondary school in Neuilly-sur-Seine, on the outskirts of Paris.

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Marathon Media

Marathon Media (now known as Zodiak Kids Studios) is a worldwide French television production company based in Neuilly-sur-Seine that produces scripted live-action and cartoon shows for children.

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María Félix

María de los Ángeles Félix Güereña ((8 April 1914 – 8 April 2002) was a Mexican film actress and singer. Along with Pedro Armendáriz and Dolores del Río, she was one of the most successful figures of Latin American cinema in the 1940s and 1950s. She was known as La Doña, a name derived from her character in the film Doña Bárbara (1943), and María Bonita, thanks to the anthem composed exclusively for her, as a wedding gift by her second husband, the Mexican composer Agustín Lara. She completed a film career that included 47 films made in Mexico, Spain, France, Italy and Argentina.

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Marcel Duchamp

Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp (28 July 1887 – 2 October 1968) was a French-American painter, sculptor, chess player and writer whose work is associated with Cubism, conceptual art, and Dada, although he was careful about his use of the term Dada and was not directly associated with Dada groups.

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Marie Angliviel de la Beaumelle

Marie Angliviel de la Beaumelle, later Contessa Marie Brandolini d'Adda di Valmareno, (7 April 1963 - 30 May 2013) was a French-Italian glass maker.

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Marine Le Pen

Marion Anne Perrine "Marine" Le Pen (born 5 August 1968) is a French politician and lawyer serving as President of the National Rally political party (previously named National Front) since 2011, with a brief interruption in 2017.

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Martin Solveig

Martin Picandet (born 22 September 1976), better known by his stage name Martin Solveig, is a French DJ, singer, songwriter and record producer.

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Mary Wollstonecraft

Mary Wollstonecraft (27 April 1759 – 10 September 1797) was an English writer, philosopher, and advocate of women's rights.

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Marymount International School, Paris

Marymount International School Paris in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France is the oldest international school in the Paris metropolitan area and is part of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary network of Marymount schools.

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Métropole du Grand Paris

The Métropole du Grand Paris (meaning roughly "Metropolis of Greater Paris"There is no official or widely-used English translation yet.) is an administrative structure for cooperation covering the City of Paris and its nearest suburbs that surround it.

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Medieval Latin

Medieval Latin was the form of Latin used in the Middle Ages, primarily as a medium of scholarly exchange, as the liturgical language of Chalcedonian Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church, and as a language of science, literature, law, and administration.

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Mireille Mathieu

Mireille Mathieu (born 22 July 1946) is a French singer.

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Natalie Clifford Barney

Natalie Clifford Barney (October 31, 1876 – February 2, 1972) was an American playwright, poet and novelist who lived as an expatriate in Paris.

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National Rally (France)

The National Rally (Rassemblement national, RN), formerly known as the National Front (Front national,; FN) until 2018, is a right-wing populist and nationalist political party in France.

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Neuilly is a common place name in France, deriving from the male given name Nobilis or Novellius.

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Neuilly Yo Mama!

Neuilly Yo Mama! or Neuilly sa mère ! is a 2009 French comedy film directed by Gabriel Julien-Laferrière.

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Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa KOGF GCB (born 28 January 1955) is a French politician who served as President of France and ex officio Co-Prince of Andorra from 16 May 2007 until 15 May 2012.

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Normandy (Normandie,, Norman: Normaundie, from Old French Normanz, plural of Normant, originally from the word for "northman" in several Scandinavian languages) is one of the 18 regions of France, roughly referring to the historical Duchy of Normandy.

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Old Norse

Old Norse was a North Germanic language that was spoken by inhabitants of Scandinavia and inhabitants of their overseas settlements from about the 9th to the 13th century.

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Olivier Missoup

Olivier Missoup is a French rugby union player, born 5 February 1981 in Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine), who plays as a flanker for US Oyonnax (1.93 m, 95 kg).

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Paris Métro Line 1

Paris Métro Line 1 is one of the sixteen lines composing the Paris Métro (in Paris, France).

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Paris-Sorbonne University

Paris-Sorbonne University (also known as Paris IV; Université Paris-Sorbonne, Paris IV), was a public research university in Paris, France, from 1971 to 2017.

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A parlement, in the Ancien Régime of France, was a provincial appellate court.

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A patronymic, or patronym, is a component of a personal name based on the given name of one's father, grandfather (i.e., an avonymic), or an even earlier male ancestor.

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Paul Grimault

Paul Grimault (23 March 1905 in Neuilly-sur-Seine – 29 March 1994 in Le Mesnil-Saint-Denis) was one of the most important French animators.

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Pierre Ramond

Pierre Ramond (born 31 January 1943) is distinguished professor of physics at University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.

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Pont de Neuilly (Paris Métro)

Pont de Neuilly is a station on Paris Métro Line 1, situated in the prosperous suburban commune of Neuilly-sur-Seine.

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Porte Maillot (Paris Métro)

Porte Maillot is a station on Paris Métro Line 1 and as Neuilly – Porte Maillot on the RER C. The station replaces another station of the same name, the original terminus of Line 1, which was demolished and moved in 1936.

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Prince Aimone, Duke of Apulia

Prince Aimone of Savoy-Aosta, Duke of Apulia (Aimone Umberto Emanuele Filiberto Luigi Amedeo Elena Maria Fiorenzo di Savoia-Aosta; born 13 October 1967) is the second child and first son of Prince Amedeo, 5th Duke of Aosta, one of the two claimants to the former throne of Italy.

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Princess Olga, Duchess of Apulia

Princess Olga, Duchess of Apulia (née: Princess Olga Isabelle of Greece, Πριγκίπισσα Όλγα της Ελλάδας; born 17 November 1971) is the daughter of author Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark and his wife, Marina Karella, an artist and daughter of the Greek business magnate Theodore Karella.

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Quincy Jones

Quincy Delight Jones Jr. (born March 14, 1933), also known as "Q", is an American musician and record producer.

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René Semelaigne

René Semelaigne (12 December 1855 – 16 November 1934) was a French psychiatrist and biographer born in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

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Roger Martin du Gard

Roger Martin du Gard (23 March 1881 – 22 August 1958) was a French novelist, winner of the 1937 Nobel Prize for Literature.

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Schlumberger Limited is the world's largest oilfield services company.

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Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Jalacy "Screamin' Jay" Hawkins (July 18, 1929 – February 12, 2000) was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor.

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The Seine (La Seine) is a river and an important commercial waterway within the Paris Basin in the north of France.

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Sister city

Twin towns or sister cities are a form of legal or social agreement between towns, cities, counties, oblasts, prefectures, provinces, regions, states, and even countries in geographically and politically distinct areas to promote cultural and commercial ties.

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Sophie Marceau

Sophie Marceau (born Sophie Danièle Sylvie Maupu; 17 November 1966) is a French actress, director, screenwriter, and author.

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TeamTO is an independent French animation studio that produces TV series and film projects.

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Thales Group

Thales Group is a French multinational company that designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets.

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Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine

The Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine required Bulgaria to cede various territories, after Bulgaria had been one of the Central Powers defeated in World War I. The treaty was signed on 27 November 1919 at Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

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Uccle or Ukkel is one of the 19 municipalities located in the Brussels-Capital Region of Belgium.

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Vittorio De Sica

Vittorio De Sica (7 July 1901 – 13 November 1974) was an Italian director and actor, a leading figure in the neorealist movement.

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Wallis Simpson

Wallis Simpson (born Bessie Wallis Warfield; 19 June 1896 – 24 April 1986), later known as the Duchess of Windsor, was an American socialite whose intended marriage to the British king Edward VIII caused a constitutional crisis that led to Edward's abdication.

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Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky (Vasily Vasilyevich Kandinsky) (– 13 December 1944) was a Russian painter and art theorist.

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Windsor, Berkshire

Windsor is a historic market town and unparished area in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in Berkshire, England.

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17th arrondissement of Paris

The 17th arrondissement of Paris (XVIIe arrondissement) is one of the 20 arrondissements of the capital city of France.

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1900 Summer Olympics

The 1900 Summer Olympics (Les Jeux olympiques d'été de 1900), today officially known as the Games of the II Olympiad, was an international multi-sport event that took place in Paris, France, in 1900.

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