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Nissan Leopard

Index Nissan Leopard

The Nissan Leopard is a line of sport/luxury cars built by Japanese carmaker Nissan. [1]

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Active suspension

Active suspension is a type of automotive suspension that controls the vertical movement of the wheels relative to the chassis or vehicle body with an onboard system, rather than in passive suspension where the movement is being determined entirely by the road surface.

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American Specialty Cars

American Specialty Cars (commonly known as ASC or American Sunroof Company) was an automobile supplier of highly engineered and designed roof systems, body systems and other specialty-vehicle systems for the world’s automakers.

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Automatic transmission

An automatic transmission, also called auto, self-shifting transmission, n-speed automatic (where n is its number of forward gear ratios), or AT, is a type of motor vehicle transmission that can automatically change gear ratios as the vehicle moves, freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually.

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Automobile layout

In automotive design, the automobile layout describes where on the vehicle the engine and drive wheels are found.

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CD player

A CD player is an electronic device that plays audio compact discs, which are a digital optical disc data storage format.

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A coupé — also known as coupe — is a car with a fixed-roof body style usually with two doors, however some four-door cars have been marketed as four door coupés or quad coupés due to their coupé-like roofline at the rear.

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Datsun 810

The Datsun 810 is a mid-size car that was sold in North America by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Datsun between February 1977 and 1981.

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Datsun Bluebird (910)

The Datsun Bluebird (910) is an automobile which was produced by Nissan from 1979 to 1984.

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Differential (mechanical device)

A differential is a gear train with three shafts that has the property that the rotational speed of one shaft is the average of the speeds of the others, or a fixed multiple of that average.

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Executive car

Executive car is a British term for an automobile larger than a large family car.

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Four-wheel drive

Four-wheel drive, also called 4×4 ("four by four") or 4WD, refers to a two-axled vehicle drivetrain capable of providing torque to all of its wheels simultaneously.

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Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout

In automotive design, an FR, or front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout is one where the engine is located at the front of the vehicle and driven wheels are located at the rear.

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Fuel injection

Fuel injection is the introduction of fuel in an internal combustion engine, most commonly automotive engines, by the means of an injector.

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Grand tourer

A grand tourer (gran turismo) (GT) is a performance and luxury automobile capable of high speed and long-distance driving.

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A hardtop is a rigid form of automobile roof, which for modern cars is typically constructed from metal.

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HICAS /hīkas/ (High Capacity Actively Controlled Steering) is Nissan's rear wheel steering system found on cars ranging from the more recent Skyline and Fairlady Z (300ZX) iterations to smaller models like the Nissan Cefiro (A31), 240SX/Silvia (S13 & S15)/180SX and Nissan Serena/Nissan Largo.

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() is a Japanese multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan.

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Honda Civic (fifth generation)

The fifth generation of the Honda Civic debuted in Japan on September 9, 1991.

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Honda Legend

The Honda Legend is a V6-engined full-size/ mid-size luxury/ executive car produced by the Japanese automaker Honda since 1985 that currently serves as its flagship vehicle and provides the basis for the Acura Legend, RL and RLX the flagship vehicle of Honda's luxury Acura division in North America.

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Horsepower (hp) is a unit of measurement of power (the rate at which work is done).

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is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Nissan.

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Infiniti J30

The Infiniti J30, or Nissan Leopard J Ferie in Japan, was a rear wheel drive luxury car.

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Infiniti M

The Infiniti M is a line of mid-size luxury (executive) cars from the Infiniti luxury division of Nissan.

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Inline-four engine

The inline-four engine or straight-four engine is a type of inline internal combustion four-cylinder engine with all four cylinders mounted in a straight line, or plane along the crankcase.

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An intercooler is any mechanical device used to cool a fluid, including liquids or gases, between stages of a multi-stage compression process, typically a heat exchanger that removes waste heat in a gas compressor.

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Japan (日本; Nippon or Nihon; formally 日本国 or Nihon-koku, lit. "State of Japan") is a sovereign island country in East Asia.

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Japanese asset price bubble

The was an economic bubble in Japan from 1986 to 1991 in which real estate and stock market prices were greatly inflated.

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Jerry Hirshberg

Gerald Paul "Jerry" Hirshberg (born 1940) is an American automotive designer, industrial designer, musician and painter.

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Lexus GS

The Lexus GS (Japanese: レクサス・GS, Rekusasu GS) is an executive car sold by Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota.

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The litre (SI spelling) or liter (American spelling) (symbols L or l, sometimes abbreviated ltr) is an SI accepted metric system unit of volume equal to 1 cubic decimetre (dm3), 1,000 cubic centimetres (cm3) or 1/1,000 cubic metre. A cubic decimetre (or litre) occupies a volume of 10 cm×10 cm×10 cm (see figure) and is thus equal to one-thousandth of a cubic metre. The original French metric system used the litre as a base unit. The word litre is derived from an older French unit, the litron, whose name came from Greek — where it was a unit of weight, not volume — via Latin, and which equalled approximately 0.831 litres. The litre was also used in several subsequent versions of the metric system and is accepted for use with the SI,, p. 124. ("Days" and "hours" are examples of other non-SI units that SI accepts.) although not an SI unit — the SI unit of volume is the cubic metre (m3). The spelling used by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures is "litre", a spelling which is shared by almost all English-speaking countries. The spelling "liter" is predominantly used in American English. One litre of liquid water has a mass of almost exactly one kilogram, because the kilogram was originally defined in 1795 as the mass of one cubic decimetre of water at the temperature of melting ice. Subsequent redefinitions of the metre and kilogram mean that this relationship is no longer exact.

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Luxury vehicle

Luxury vehicle is a marketing term for a vehicle that provides luxury—pleasant or desirable features beyond strict necessity—at increased expense.

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MacPherson strut

The MacPherson strut is a type of automotive suspension system that uses the top of a telescopic damper as the upper steering pivot.

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Manual transmission

A manual transmission, also known as a manual gearbox, a standard transmission or colloquially in some countries (e.g. the United States) as a stick shift is a type of transmission used in motor vehicle applications.

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Mazda Cosmo

The Mazda Cosmo is a grand touring coupé that was produced by Mazda from 1967 to 1995.

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Mid-size car

A mid-size car (occasionally referred to as an intermediate) is the North American/Australian standard for an automobile with a size equal to or greater than that of a compact.

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Mobile phone

A mobile phone, known as a cell phone in North America, is a portable telephone that can make and receive calls over a radio frequency link while the user is moving within a telephone service area.

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Multi-link suspension

A multi-link suspension is a type of vehicle suspension design typically used in independent suspensions, using three or more lateral arms, and one or more longitudinal arms.

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Musashimurayama, Tokyo

is a city located in the western side of Tokyo, Japan.

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, usually shortened to Nissan (or; Japanese), is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Nishi-ku, Yokohama.

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Nissan 300ZX

The Nissan 300ZX is a sports car in the Nissan Z-car family that was produced across two similar but unique generations.

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Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima is a mid-size car which has been manufactured by Nissan since 1992.

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Nissan Bluebird

The Nissan Bluebird is a compact car with a model name introduced in 1957.

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Nissan Cedric

The Nissan Cedric is a large automobile produced by Nissan since 1960.

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Nissan Cefiro

The Nissan Cefiro is a luxury car that was produced by the Japanese automobile manufacture Nissan Motors.

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Nissan Cima

The Nissan Cima (Japanese: 日産・シーマ Nissan Shīma) is a large full-size luxury sedan produced by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

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Nissan Gloria

The Gloria (日産・グロリア) is a large luxury car made from 1959 by the Prince Motor Company, and later by Nissan Motors since its merger with the former - hence being originally marketed as Prince Gloria and later as Nissan Gloria.

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Nissan L engine

The Nissan L series of automobile engines was produced from 1967 through 1986 in both inline-four and inline-six configurations ranging from 1.3 L to 2.8 L. This was the engine of the dependable Datsun 510, iconic Datsun 240Z sports car, and debut upscale Nissan Maxima.

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Nissan Laurel

The Nissan Laurel is a front-engine, rear-drive two- and four-door sedan manufactured and marketed by Nissan from 1969 to 2002.

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Nissan Maxima

The Nissan Maxima is a full-size / executive car (previously mid-size) manufactured by Nissan and sold primarily in North America, the Middle East, and China.

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Nissan NAPS

NAPS stands for Nissan Anti Pollution System a moniker used in Japan to identify vehicles built with emission control technology.

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Nissan NX

The Nissan NX is a front wheel drive 2-door sports car produced by Nissan Motors.

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Nissan Primera

The Nissan Primera is a large family car which was produced by the Japanese automaker Nissan from 1990 to 2007, for the Japanese and European markets.

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Nissan RB engine

The RB engine is a 2.0–3.0 L straight-6 four-stroke petrol/gasoline engine from Nissan, produced from 1985-2004.

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Nissan S130

The Nissan S130 is a sports coupé produced by Nissan in Japan from 1978 to 1983.

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Nissan Skyline

The Nissan Skyline (Japanese: 日産・スカイライン Nissan Sukairain) is a line of compact cars, sports cars and compact executive cars originally produced by the Prince Motor Company starting in 1957, and then by Nissan after the two companies merged in 1967.

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Nissan Sunny

The Nissan Sunny is a midsize sedan car built by the Japanese automaker Nissan from 1966 to 2006.

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Nissan VG engine

The VG engine family consists of V6 piston engines designed and produced by Nissan for several vehicles in the Nissan lineup.

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Nissan VH engine

The VH series consists of 4.1 and 4.5-litre engines built from 1989 to 2001 by the Nissan Motor Corporation.

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Nissan VQ engine

The VQ is a V6 piston engine produced by Nissan with displacements varying from 2.0 L to 4.0 L.

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Nissan Z-car

The Nissan Z-car is a sports car which has been manufactured by Nissan Motors Ltd, in six generations, since 1969.

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Overhead camshaft

Overhead camshaft, commonly abbreviated to OHC, is a valvetrain configuration which places the camshaft of an internal combustion engine of the reciprocating type within the cylinder heads ("above" the pistons and combustion chambers) and drives the valves or lifters in a more direct manner compared with overhead valves (OHV) and pushrods.

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Personal luxury car

A personal luxury car is an American car classification describing a highly styled, mass produced, luxury vehicle with an emphasis on image over practicality.

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Pillar (car)

Pillars are the vertical or near vertical supports of a car's window area or greenhouse—designated respectively as the A, B, C or (in larger cars) D-pillar, moving from the front to rear, in profile view.

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Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau is a furniture-maker founded in 1912 by Sardinian-born Renzo Frau in Turin, Italy, headquartered since the early 1960s in Tolentino, Italy and specializing in leather seating for interior and automotive applications.

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RCA connector

An RCA connector, sometimes called a phono connector or (in other languages) Cinch connector, is a type of electrical connector commonly used to carry audio and video signals.

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Badge engineering, sometimes called rebadging, is the practice of applying a different badge or trademark (brand, logo or manufacturer's name/make/marque) to an existing product (e.g., an automobile) and subsequently marketing the variant as a distinct product.

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Sedan (automobile)

A sedan (American, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand English) or saloon (British, Irish and Indian English) is a passenger car in a three-box configuration with A, B & C-pillars and principal volumes articulated in separate compartments for engine, passenger and cargo.

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Shinichiro Sakurai

was a Japanese engineer inducted into the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame (Japanese) - Japan Automotive Hall of Fame who originally worked for Prince Motor Company then later moved to Nissan.

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Sonar (originally an acronym for SOund Navigation And Ranging) is a technique that uses sound propagation (usually underwater, as in submarine navigation) to navigate, communicate with or detect objects on or under the surface of the water, such as other vessels.

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Straight-six engine

The straight-six engine or inline-six engine (often abbreviated I6 or L6) is an internal combustion engine with the cylinders mounted in a straight line along the crankcase with all the pistons driving a common crankshaft (straight engine).

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Subcompact car

A subcompact car is the American term for an automobile with a class size smaller than a compact car usually not exceeding in length, but larger than a microcar.

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Tochigi, Tochigi

is a city located in Tochigi Prefecture, in the northern Kantō region of Japan.

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Torque, moment, or moment of force is rotational force.

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, usually shortened to Toyota, is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan.

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Toyota Soarer

The Toyota Soarer is a personal luxury GT coupé that was produced from 1981 to 2005 by Toyota and was sold in Japan.

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A turbocharger, or colloquially turbo, is a turbine-driven forced induction device that increases an internal combustion engine's efficiency and power output by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber.

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V6 engine

A V6 engine is a V engine with six cylinders mounted on the crankshaft in two banks of three cylinders, usually set at either a 60 or 90 degree angle to each other.

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V8 engine

A V8 engine is an eight-cylinder V configuration engine with the cylinders mounted on the crankcase in two sets (or banks) of four, with all eight pistons driving a common crankshaft.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_Leopard

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