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Nissan Silvia

Index Nissan Silvia

The Nissan Silvia is the name given to the company's long-running line of sport coupes based on the Nissan S platform. [1]

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Albrecht von Goertz

Albrecht Graf von Schlitz genannt von Goertz von Wrisberg (en: Count Albrecht von Goertz, widely known as Albrecht Goertz) (12 January 1914 – 27 October 2006) was a German industrial designer who designed cars for BMW including the BMW 503 and BMW 507.

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Anime is a style of hand-drawn and computer animation originating in, and commonly associated with, Japan.

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Anti-roll bar

An anti-roll bar (roll bar, anti-sway bar, sway bar, stabilizer bar) is a part of many automobile suspensions that helps reduce the body roll of a vehicle during fast cornering or over road irregularities.

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Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands.

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is a company focused on tuning and converting Nissan cars.

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Automatic transmission

An automatic transmission, also called auto, self-shifting transmission, n-speed automatic (where n is its number of forward gear ratios), or AT, is a type of motor vehicle transmission that can automatically change gear ratios as the vehicle moves, freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually.

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Autoweek is a car culture publication based in Detroit, Michigan.

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A ball is a round object (usually spherical but sometimes ovoid) with various uses.

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Ball bearing

A ball bearing is a type of rolling-element bearing that uses balls to maintain the separation between the bearing races.

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A camshaft is a shaft to which a cam is fastened or of which a cam forms an integral part.

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Canada is a country located in the northern part of North America.

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Car of the Year Japan

The annual Car of the Year Japan award, also known as Japan Car of the Year (or JCOTY), is given to newly released, or redesigned vehicles released to the Japanese car buying market from November 1 of the previous year, to October 31 of the current, and each award spans two calendar years.

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Car platform

A car platform is a shared set of common design, engineering, and production efforts, as well as major components over a number of outwardly distinct models and even types of cars, often from different, but related marques.

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Cherry blossom

A cherry blossom is the flower of any of several trees of genus Prunus, particularly the Japanese cherry, Prunus serrulata, which is called sakura after the Japanese (桜 or 櫻; さくら).

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Compression ratio

The static compression ratio of an internal combustion engine or external combustion engine is a value that represents the ratio of the volume of its combustion chamber from its largest capacity to its smallest capacity.

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A convertible or cabriolet is a passenger car that can be driven with or without a roof in place.

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A coupé — also known as coupe — is a car with a fixed-roof body style usually with two doors, however some four-door cars have been marketed as four door coupés or quad coupés due to their coupé-like roofline at the rear.

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Datsun 510

The Datsun 510 was a series of the Datsun Bluebird sold from 1968 to 1973, and offered outside the U.S. and Canada as the Datsun 1600.

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Datsun Sports

The Datsun Sports (called Datsun Fairlady in the Japanese and Australian markets), was a series of roadsters produced by Nissan in the 1960s.

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Drifting (motorsport)

Drifting is a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers, with loss of traction in the rear wheels or all tires, while maintaining control and driving the car through the entirety of a corner.

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Dual ignition

Dual Ignition is a system for spark-ignition engines, whereby critical ignition components, such as spark plugs and magnetos, are duplicated.

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Europe is a continent located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere and mostly in the Eastern Hemisphere.

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The term export means sending of goods or services produced in one country to another country.

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A fastback is an automotive styling feature where the rear of the car has a single slope from the roof to the rear bumper.

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Ferrari 456

The Ferrari 456 and 456M (Type F116) are front-engined grand tourers which were produced by Ferrari from 1992 to 2003.

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Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout

In automotive design, an FR, or front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout is one where the engine is located at the front of the vehicle and driven wheels are located at the rear.

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Fuel injection

Fuel injection is the introduction of fuel in an internal combustion engine, most commonly automotive engines, by the means of an injector.

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Garrett AiResearch

Garrett AiResearch was a manufacturer of turboprop engines and turbochargers, and a pioneer in numerous aerospace technologies.

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A genus (genera) is a taxonomic rank used in the biological classification of living and fossil organisms, as well as viruses, in biology.

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Grey import vehicle

Grey import vehicles are new or used motor vehicles and motorcycles legally imported from another country through channels other than the maker's official distribution system.

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Ground effect (cars)

In car design, ground effect is a series of aerodynamic effects which have been exploited to create downforce, particularly in racing cars.

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Group B

Group B was a set of regulations introduced in 1982 for competition vehicles in sportscar racing and rallying regulated by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).

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A hatchback is a car with a hatch-type rear door that opens upwards and often a shared volume for the passenger and cargo areas.

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Head-up display

A head-up display or heads-up display, also known as a HUD, is any transparent display that presents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints.

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Hiratsuka, Kanagawa

is a city located in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

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HKS (company)

is a publicly traded company headquartered in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan specializing in the production and sales of aftermarket and accessory automotive parts and components.

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Homologation (motorsport)

In motorsports, homologation is the approval process through which a vehicle, a race track, or a standardised part is required to go for certification to race in a given league or series.

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Honda Integra

The Honda Integra (sold in some markets as Acura Integra and Rover 416i) is an automobile produced by Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda from 1985 to 2006.

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Honda NSX

The Honda NSX, marketed in North America as the Acura NSX, is a two-seat, mid-engine sports car manufactured by Honda/Acura.

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Honda Prelude

The Honda Prelude is a sports coupé which was produced by Japanese car manufacturer Honda from 1978 until 2001.

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Horsepower (hp) is a unit of measurement of power (the rate at which work is done).

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IHI Corporation

, formerly known as, is a Japanese company which produces ships, aircraft engines, turbochargers for automobiles, industrial machines, power station boilers and other facilities, suspension bridges and other transport-related machinery.

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Independent suspension

Independent suspension is a broad term for any automobile suspension system that allows each wheel on the same axle to move vertically (i.e. reacting to a bump in the road) independently of the others.

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Infiniti G-series (Q40/Q60)

The Infiniti G-series is a line of compact executive/entry-level luxury sports car produced by the Infiniti division of Nissan for the 1991–1996 and 1999–present model years.

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Initial D

is a Japanese sports manga series written and illustrated by Shuichi Shigeno.

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Inline-four engine

The inline-four engine or straight-four engine is a type of inline internal combustion four-cylinder engine with all four cylinders mounted in a straight line, or plane along the crankcase.

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An intercooler is any mechanical device used to cool a fluid, including liquids or gases, between stages of a multi-stage compression process, typically a heat exchanger that removes waste heat in a gas compressor.

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Isuzu 117 Coupé

The Isuzu 117 Coupé is a compact Gran Turismo type 2-door fastback coupé which was produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Isuzu between 1968 and 1981.

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Japan (日本; Nippon or Nihon; formally 日本国 or Nihon-koku, lit. "State of Japan") is a sovereign island country in East Asia.

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Japanese language

is an East Asian language spoken by about 128 million people, primarily in Japan, where it is the national language.

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Japanese yen

The is the official currency of Japan.

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Jatco 3N71 transmission

The Jatco 3N71 transmission was the first 3-speed automatic transmission from Nissan.

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Jatco 4N71 transmission

The 4N71 was a 4-speed automatic transmission from Nissan Motors.

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Kanda, Fukuoka

is a town located in Miyako District, Fukuoka Prefecture, on the Japanese home island of Kyushu, which is one of the four main islands.

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Leaf spring

A leaf spring is a simple form of spring commonly used for the suspension in wheeled vehicles.

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Limited-slip differential

A limited-slip differential (LSD) is a type of differential that allows its two output shafts to rotate at different speeds but limits the maximum difference between the two shafts.

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are comics created in Japan or by creators in the Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century.

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Manual transmission

A manual transmission, also known as a manual gearbox, a standard transmission or colloquially in some countries (e.g. the United States) as a stick shift is a type of transmission used in motor vehicle applications.

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Mark Skaife

Mark Stephen Skaife (born 3 April 1967 in Gosford, New South Wales) is a retired Australian motor racing driver.

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Mazda Capella

The Mazda Capella is a mid-size car that was manufactured by Mazda from 1970 to 2002.

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Mazda MX-6

The Mazda MX-6 is a front-wheel drive sport coupé that was produced by Mazda between 1987 and 1997.

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Mexico (México; Mēxihco), officially called the United Mexican States (Estados Unidos Mexicanos) is a federal republic in the southern portion of North America.

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Mitsubishi Eclipse

The Mitsubishi Eclipse is a sport compact car that was produced by Mitsubishi in four generations between 1989 and 2011.

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, also known as a Lan Evo or just Evo, is a sports sedan based on the Lancer that was manufactured by Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors from 1992 until 2016.

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Mitsuoka Le-Seyde

The Mitsuoka Le-Seyde was a limited produced car, based on the Nissan Silvia S13.

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Momo (company)

MOMO Srl is a design company headquartered in Milan, Italy that makes accessories and parts for automobiles.

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Nissan Variable Timing control (VTC unlike the title of this article suggests) or Nissan Valve Timing Control System (commonly known as N-VTC, VTC, NVCS or NVTCS) is an automobile variable valve timing technology developed by Nissan.

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, usually shortened to Nissan (or; Japanese), is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Nishi-ku, Yokohama.

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Nissan 180SX

The Nissan 180SX is a fastback automobile that was produced by Nissan Motors between 1988 and 1998.

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Nissan 200SX

The Nissan 200SX (originally Datsun 200SX until the early 1980s) is an automobile nameplate that has been used on various export specification Nissan automobiles between 1975 and 2002.

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Nissan 240SX

The 240SX is a sports car that was introduced to the North American market by Nissan in 1988 for the following model year.

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Nissan 350Z

The Nissan 350Z (known as Nissan Fairlady Z in Japan) is a two-door, two-seater sports car that was manufactured by Nissan Motors from 2002 to 2009 and marks the fifth generation of Nissan's Z-car line.

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Nissan Bluebird

The Nissan Bluebird is a compact car with a model name introduced in 1957.

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Nissan CA engine

The CA engine is a 1.6 L to 2.0 L Inline-4 piston engine from Nissan designed for a variety of smaller Nissan vehicles to replace the Z engine and some smaller, four-cylinder L series engines.

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Nissan Cefiro

The Nissan Cefiro is a luxury car that was produced by the Japanese automobile manufacture Nissan Motors.

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Nissan FJ engine

The Nissan FJ series engine was a straight-4 DOHC 2- or 2.4 L internal combustion engine produced by Nissan in the 1980s, in 2.4 L guise as a rally motor for the 240RS, and 2.0 L for general production models.

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Nissan FM platform

The Nissan FM platform is a modern FR automobile layout.

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Nissan L engine

The Nissan L series of automobile engines was produced from 1967 through 1986 in both inline-four and inline-six configurations ranging from 1.3 L to 2.8 L. This was the engine of the dependable Datsun 510, iconic Datsun 240Z sports car, and debut upscale Nissan Maxima.

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Nissan Leopard

The Nissan Leopard is a line of sport/luxury cars built by Japanese carmaker Nissan.

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Nissan Lucino

The Nissan Lucino is a small automobile nameplate used by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan between 1994 and 2000.

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Nissan MID4

First unveiled at the 1985 Frankfurt Autoshow, the MID4 was a concept car designed by Nissan to originally go on sale in the mid-late 1980s.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Nissan MID4 · See more »

Nissan NAPS

NAPS stands for Nissan Anti Pollution System a moniker used in Japan to identify vehicles built with emission control technology.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Nissan NAPS · See more »

Nissan S platform

The Nissan S-platform was Nissan's rear wheel drive sports automobile platform, produced from model year 1976 to 2002.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Nissan S platform · See more »

Nissan Shatai

Nissan Shatai Co., Ltd. is a Japanese automobile contract manufacturer for Nissan that is headquartered in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa.

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Nissan Silvia

The Nissan Silvia is the name given to the company's long-running line of sport coupes based on the Nissan S platform.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Nissan Silvia · See more »

Nissan Skyline

The Nissan Skyline (Japanese: 日産・スカイライン Nissan Sukairain) is a line of compact cars, sports cars and compact executive cars originally produced by the Prince Motor Company starting in 1957, and then by Nissan after the two companies merged in 1967.

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Nissan SR engine

The Nissan SR engine is a 1.6 L, 1.8 L, or 2.0 L straight-4 4-stroke internal combustion gasoline engine manufactured by Nissan Motors.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Nissan SR engine · See more »

Nissan SR20DET

The SR20DET is part of the SR family of engines from Nissan.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Nissan SR20DET · See more »

Nissan Sunny

The Nissan Sunny is a midsize sedan car built by the Japanese automaker Nissan from 1966 to 2006.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Nissan Sunny · See more »

Nissan VG engine

The VG engine family consists of V6 piston engines designed and produced by Nissan for several vehicles in the Nissan lineup.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Nissan VG engine · See more »

Nissan Violet

The Nissan Violet appeared in Japan in 1973, and was exclusive to Japanese Nissan dealerships called Nissan Cherry Store as a larger companion to the Nissan Cherry.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Nissan Violet · See more »

Nissan Z engine

The Nissan Z engine is a series of automobile and light truck engines that was engineered by Nissan Machinery, manufactured by the Nissan Motor Company from 1979 through August 1989.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Nissan Z engine · See more »

Nissan Z-car

The Nissan Z-car is a sports car which has been manufactured by Nissan Motors Ltd, in six generations, since 1969.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Nissan Z-car · See more »

North America

North America is a continent entirely within the Northern Hemisphere and almost all within the Western Hemisphere; it is also considered by some to be a northern subcontinent of the Americas.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and North America · See more »

Overhead camshaft

Overhead camshaft, commonly abbreviated to OHC, is a valvetrain configuration which places the camshaft of an internal combustion engine of the reciprocating type within the cylinder heads ("above" the pistons and combustion chambers) and drives the valves or lifters in a more direct manner compared with overhead valves (OHV) and pushrods.

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Playing card

A playing card is a piece of specially prepared heavy paper, thin cardboard, plastic-coated paper, cotton-paper blend, or thin plastic, marked with distinguishing motifs and used as one of a set for playing card games.

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Queen Silvia of Sweden

Queen Silvia of Sweden (born Silvia Renate Sommerlath on 23 December 1943) is the spouse of King Carl XVI Gustaf and mother of the heir apparent to the throne, Crown Princess Victoria.

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Rally is a form of motorsport that takes place on public or private roads with modified production or specially built road-legal cars.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Rallying · See more »

Retractable hardtop

A retractable hardtop — also known as "coupé convertible" or "coupé cabriolet" — is a car with an automatically operated, self-storing hardtop, as opposed to the folding textile-based roof used by traditional convertible cars.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Retractable hardtop · See more »

Seibu Keisatsu

is a television drama series produced by and broadcast on TV Asahi.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Seibu Keisatsu · See more »


A is a Nissan 180SX with a Nissan Silvia's headlights, front fenders, hood, and front bumper installed, hence the 'Sil' in front and the 'eighty' rear.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Sileighty · See more »

Spoiler (car)

A spoiler is an automotive aerodynamic device whose intended design function is to 'spoil' unfavorable air movement across a body of a vehicle in motion, usually described as turbulence or drag.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Spoiler (car) · See more »

Sports car

A sports car, or sportscar, is a small, usually two-seater, two-door automobile designed for spirited performance and nimble handling.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Sports car · See more »

Straight-six engine

The straight-six engine or inline-six engine (often abbreviated I6 or L6) is an internal combustion engine with the cylinders mounted in a straight line along the crankcase with all the pistons driving a common crankshaft (straight engine).

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Straight-six engine · See more »

SU Carburettor

SU carburettors are a brand of carburettor of the constant depression type.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and SU Carburettor · See more »

Super GT

Super GT (stylized as SUPER GT) is a grand touring car racing series that began in 1993.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Super GT · See more »


is a Japanese word literally meaning "pass".

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Tōge · See more »

Teknikens Värld

Teknikens värld (World of Technology) is a leading motor magazine published in Stockholm, Sweden.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Teknikens Värld · See more »

Tokyo Motor Show

The is a biennial auto show held in October–November at the Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Tokyo Motor Show · See more »

Toyota Celica

The or was an automobile produced by Toyota from 1970 to 2006.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Toyota Celica · See more »

Trim level (automobile)

Trim levels are used by manufacturers to identify a vehicle's level of equipment or special features.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Trim level (automobile) · See more »


A turbocharger, or colloquially turbo, is a turbine-driven forced induction device that increases an internal combustion engine's efficiency and power output by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Turbocharger · See more »

Typical warbler

The typical warblers are small birds belonging to the genus Sylvia in the "Old World warbler" (or sylviid warbler) family Sylviidae.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Typical warbler · See more »

United States

The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S.) or America, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and United States · See more »

V6 engine

A V6 engine is a V engine with six cylinders mounted on the crankshaft in two banks of three cylinders, usually set at either a 60 or 90 degree angle to each other.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and V6 engine · See more »

Variable Cam Timing

Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) is an automobile variable valve timing technology developed by Ford.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Variable Cam Timing · See more »

Wankel engine

The Wankel engine is a type of internal combustion engine using an eccentric rotary design to convert pressure into rotating motion.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Wankel engine · See more »


The watt (symbol: W) is a unit of power.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Watt · See more »


In both road and rail vehicles, the wheelbase is the distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Wheelbase · See more »

World Rally Championship

The World Rally Championship (WRC) is a rallying series organised by the FIA, culminating with a champion driver and manufacturer.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and World Rally Championship · See more »

Zama, Kanagawa

is a city located in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Zama, Kanagawa · See more »

Zimmer (automobile)

Zimmer was an American automaker, based in Syracuse, New York.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and Zimmer (automobile) · See more »

1987 Australian 2.0 Litre Touring Car Championship

The 1987 Australian 2.0 Litre Touring Car Championship was a CAMS sanctioned Australian motor racing title Retrieved on 10 March 2013 open to Group A Touring Cars of under 2.0 litre engine capacity.

New!!: Nissan Silvia and 1987 Australian 2.0 Litre Touring Car Championship · See more »

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_Silvia

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