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The oersted (symbol Oe) is the unit of the auxiliary magnetic field '''H''' in the centimetre–gram–second system of units (CGS). [1]

20 relations: Ampere, Centimetre–gram–second system of units, Denmark, Dyne, Force between magnets, Gauss (unit), Gaussian units, Hans Christian Ørsted, International Bureau of Weights and Measures, International Electrotechnical Commission, International System of Units, Magnetic field, Magnetic moment, Magnetomotive force, Maxwell (unit), Newton (unit), Permeability (electromagnetism), Solenoid, Tesla (unit), Weber (unit).


The ampere (symbol: A), often shortened to "amp",SI supports only the use of symbols and deprecates the use of abbreviations for units.

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Centimetre–gram–second system of units

The centimetre–gram–second system of units (abbreviated CGS or cgs) is a variant of the metric system based on the centimetre as the unit of length, the gram as the unit of mass, and the second as the unit of time.

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Denmark (Danmark), officially the Kingdom of Denmark,Kongeriget Danmark,.

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The dyne (symbol dyn, from Greek δύναμις, dynamis, meaning power, force) is a derived unit of force specified in the centimetre–gram–second (CGS) system of units, a predecessor of the modern SI.

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Force between magnets

Magnets exert forces and torques on each other due to the rules of electromagnetism.

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Gauss (unit)

The gauss, abbreviated as G or Gs, is the cgs unit of measurement of magnetic flux density (or "magnetic induction") (B).

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Gaussian units

Gaussian units constitute a metric system of physical units.

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Hans Christian Ørsted

Hans Christian Ørsted (often rendered Oersted in English; 14 August 17779 March 1851) was a Danish physicist and chemist who discovered that electric currents create magnetic fields, which was the first connection found between electricity and magnetism.

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International Bureau of Weights and Measures

The International Bureau of Weights and Measures (Bureau international des poids et mesures) is an intergovernmental organization established by the Metre Convention, through which Member States act together on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.

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International Electrotechnical Commission

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC; in French: Commission électrotechnique internationale) is an international standards organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies – collectively known as "electrotechnology".

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International System of Units

The International System of Units (SI, abbreviated from the French Système international (d'unités)) is the modern form of the metric system, and is the most widely used system of measurement.

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Magnetic field

A magnetic field is a vector field that describes the magnetic influence of electrical currents and magnetized materials.

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Magnetic moment

The magnetic moment is a quantity that represents the magnetic strength and orientation of a magnet or other object that produces a magnetic field.

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Magnetomotive force

In physics, the magnetomotive force is a quantity appearing in the equation for the magnetic flux in a magnetic circuit, often called Ohm's law for magnetic circuits.

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Maxwell (unit)

The maxwell (symbol: Mx) is the CGS (centimetre-gram-second) unit of magnetic flux.

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Newton (unit)

The newton (symbol: N) is the International System of Units (SI) derived unit of force.

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Permeability (electromagnetism)

In electromagnetism, permeability is the measure of the ability of a material to support the formation of a magnetic field within itself.

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A solenoid (/ˈsolə.nɔɪd/) (from the French solénoïde, derived in turn from the Greek solen ("pipe, channel") and eidos ("form, shape")) is a coil wound into a tightly packed helix.

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Tesla (unit)

The tesla (symbol T) is a derived unit of magnetic flux density (informally, magnetic field strength) in the International System of Units.

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Weber (unit)

In physics, the weber (symbol: Wb) is the SI unit of magnetic flux.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oersted

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