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OpenEXR is a high dynamic range raster file format, released as an open standard along with a set of software tools created by Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), under a free software license similar to the BSD license. [1]

36 relations: Academy Award for Technical Achievement, Alpha compositing, Application programming interface, BSD licenses, C++, Computer graphics, Deep image compositing, DEFLATE, Digital compositing, DreamWorks Animation, File format, Filmmaking, Free software license, High dynamic range, High-dynamic-range imaging, Huffman coding, Industrial Light & Magic, Library (computing), Linux, Lossless compression, Lossy compression, MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Mipmap, Open standard, Open-source model, Pixar, Raster graphics, Run-length encoding, Scan line, Specularity, Television show, Thread pool, Truevision TGA, Wavelet, Zip (file format).

Academy Award for Technical Achievement

The Technical Achievement Award is one of three Scientific and Technical Awards given from time to time by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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Alpha compositing

In computer graphics, alpha compositing is the process of combining an image with a background to create the appearance of partial or full transparency.

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Application programming interface

In computer programming, an application programming interface (API) is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building software.

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BSD licenses

BSD licenses are a family of permissive free software licenses, imposing minimal restrictions on the use and redistribution of covered software.

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C++ ("see plus plus") is a general-purpose programming language.

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Computer graphics

Computer graphics are pictures and films created using computers.

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Deep image compositing

Deep image compositing is a recently emerged way of compositing and rendering digital images.

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In computing, Deflate is a lossless data compression algorithm and associated file format that uses a combination of the LZ77 algorithm and Huffman coding.

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Digital compositing

Digital compositing is the process of digitally assembling multiple images to make a final image, typically for print, motion pictures or screen display.

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DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation, LLC (more commonly known as DreamWorks Animation and DreamWorks Animation SKG, or simply DreamWorks) is an American animation studio that is a subsidiary of Universal Pictures.

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File format

A file format is a standard way that information is encoded for storage in a computer file.

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Filmmaking (or, in an academic context, film production) is the process of making a film, generally in the sense of films intended for extensive theatrical exhibition.

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Free software license

A free software license is a notice that grants the recipient of a piece of software extensive rights to modify and redistribute that software.

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High dynamic range

High dynamic range (HDR) is a dynamic range higher than what is considered to be standard dynamic range.

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High-dynamic-range imaging

High-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI) is a high dynamic range (HDR) technique used in imaging and photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques.

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Huffman coding

In computer science and information theory, a Huffman code is a particular type of optimal prefix code that is commonly used for lossless data compression.

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Industrial Light & Magic

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) is an American motion picture visual effects company that was founded in May 1975 by George Lucas.

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Library (computing)

In computer science, a library is a collection of non-volatile resources used by computer programs, often for software development.

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Linux is a family of free and open-source software operating systems built around the Linux kernel.

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Lossless compression

Lossless compression is a class of data compression algorithms that allows the original data to be perfectly reconstructed from the compressed data.

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Lossy compression

In information technology, lossy compression or irreversible compression is the class of data encoding methods that uses inexact approximations and partial data discarding to represent the content.

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macOS (previously and later) is a series of graphical operating systems developed and marketed by Apple Inc. since 2001.

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Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is a group of several graphical operating system families, all of which are developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft.

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In computer graphics, mipmaps (also MIP maps) or pyramids are pre-calculated, optimized sequences of images, each of which is a progressively lower resolution representation of the same image.

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Open standard

An open standard is a standard that is publicly available and has various rights to use associated with it, and may also have various properties of how it was designed (e.g. open process).

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Open-source model

The open-source model is a decentralized software-development model that encourages open collaboration.

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Pixar Animation Studios, commonly referred to as Pixar, is an American computer animation movie studio based in Emeryville, California that is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, owned by The Walt Disney Company.

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Raster graphics

In computer graphics, a raster graphics or bitmap image is a dot matrix data structure that represents a generally rectangular grid of pixels (points of color), viewable via a monitor, paper, or other display medium.

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Run-length encoding

Run-length encoding (RLE) is a very simple form of lossless data compression in which runs of data (that is, sequences in which the same data value occurs in many consecutive data elements) are stored as a single data value and count, rather than as the original run.

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Scan line

A scan line (also scanline) is one line, or row, in a raster scanning pattern, such as a line of video on a cathode ray tube (CRT) display of a television set or computer monitor.

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Specularity is the visual appearance of specular reflections.

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Television show

A television show (often simply TV show) is any content produced for broadcast via over-the-air, satellite, cable, or internet and typically viewed on a television set, excluding breaking news, advertisements, or trailers that are typically placed between shows.

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Thread pool

In computer programming, a thread pool is a software design pattern for achieving concurrency of execution in a computer program.

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Truevision TGA

Truevision TGA, often referred to as TARGA, is a raster graphics file format created by Truevision Inc. (now part of Avid Technology).

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A wavelet is a wave-like oscillation with an amplitude that begins at zero, increases, and then decreases back to zero.

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Zip (file format)

ZIP is an archive file format that supports lossless data compression.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenEXR

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