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An oxytone (from the ὀξύτονος,, 'sharp-sounding') is a word with the stress on the last syllable, such as the English words correct and reward. [1]

9 relations: Barytone, English language, Paroxytone, Penult, Perispomenon, Proparoxytone, Stress (linguistics), Syllable, Ultima (linguistics).


In Ancient Greek grammar, a barytone is a word without any accent on the last syllable.

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English language

English is a West Germanic language that was first spoken in early medieval England and is now a global lingua franca.

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Paroxytone (παροξύτονος) is a linguistic term for a word with stress on the penultimate syllable, that is, the second last syllable, such as the English word potato.

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Penult is a linguistics term for the second to last syllable of a word.

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In Ancient Greek grammar, a perispomenon (περισπώμενον) is a word with a high-low pitch contour on the last syllable, indicated in writing by a circumflex accent mark.

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Proparoxytone (προπαροξύτονος) is a linguistic term for a word with stress on the antepenultimate (third last) syllable such as the English words "cinema" and "operational".

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Stress (linguistics)

In linguistics, and particularly phonology, stress or accent is relative emphasis or prominence given to a certain syllable in a word, or to a certain word in a phrase or sentence.

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A syllable is a unit of organization for a sequence of speech sounds.

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Ultima (linguistics)

In linguistics, the ultima is the last syllable of a word, the penult is the next-to-last syllable, and the antepenult is third-from-last syllable.

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Oxitone, Oxytonic, Oxytonic accent.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxytone

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