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Planet Mu

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Planet Mu is an English electronic music record label run by Mike Paradinas (also known as µ-Ziq). [1]

73 relations: Antwood, Benga (musician), Bit Meddler, Boxcutter (musician), Brad Laner, Breakage (musician), Breakcore, Broadstairs, Burial (musician), Capitol K, Ceephax Acid Crew, Dale Hawerchuk, DDamage, Decal, Distance (musician), DJ Hatcha, DJ Rashad, DJ Roc, Dubstep, EdIT, Electronic music, England, Equinox, FaltyDL, Frog Pocket, Ghetto house, Glossary of classical algebraic geometry, Horse Opera (album), IMO Records, Intelligent dance music, Jega (musician), Jlin (musician), John B, John Wizards, Julian Fane (musician), Keep Shelly In Athens, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Kenneth James Gibson, Konx-Om-Pax, Leafcutter John, List of electronic music record labels, London, Luke Vibert, Machinedrum, Mary Anne Hobbs, Meat Beat Manifesto, Mike Paradinas, Mileece, Miracle, MRK1, ..., Parson, Phthalocyanine, Pinch (dubstep musician), Poemss, Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish", Raoul Sinier, Record label, RP Boo, Silenus, Solar Bears (musical duo), Southern Studios, The Doubtful Guest, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Tim Exile, Tropics (musician), Tusken Raiders, Uniform, Various, Venetian Snares, Vex'd, Virgin Records, Virus Syndicate, Worcester. Expand index (23 more) »


Antwood is the alias of Tristan Douglas, a Canadian electronic music producer.

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Benga (musician)

Adegbenga Adejumo (born 28 November 1986), known as Benga, is a British musician from Croydon, known for being the pioneer of dubstep record production.

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Bit Meddler

Bit_Meddler is the alias of experimental musician Matt Anderson.

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Boxcutter (musician)

Boxcutter is the pseudonym for Barry Lynn (b. 1980), an electronic musician from Northern Ireland.

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Brad Laner

Brad Laner (born November 6, 1966 in Los Angeles, California) is an American musician and record producer best known for his work with the shoegaze band Medicine, which he founded and led.

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Breakage (musician)

Breakage (born James Boyle) is a British electronic producer and DJ.

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Breakcore (also called Hardcore Jungle) is a style of electronic dance music influenced by hardcore, jungle, digital hardcore and industrial music that is characterized by its use of heavy kick drums, breaks and a wide palette of sampling sources, played at high tempos.

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Broadstairs is a coastal town on the Isle of Thanet in the Thanet district of east Kent, England, about east of London.

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Burial (musician)

William Emmanuel Bevan, known by his recording alias Burial, is a British electronic musician from South London.

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Capitol K

Capitol K is the name under which Kristian Craig Robinson works as a musician, producer, recording engineer and label manager.

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Ceephax Acid Crew

Ceephax Acid Crew (real name Andy Jenkinson) is a British acid techno and drum and bass electronic musician.

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Dale Hawerchuk

Dale Hawerchuk (born April 4, 1963) is a Canadian ice hockey coach and former professional player.

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dDamage is French duo from Paris, France considered by many as French Touch black sheep artists who makes atypic music that includes influences of hip hop and electronic music with a twist of punk rock and industrial techno music.

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A decal or transfer is a plastic, cloth, paper or ceramic substrate that has printed on it a pattern or image that can be moved to another surface upon contact, usually with the aid of heat or water.

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Distance (musician)

Distance (born Greg Sanders) is a British dubstep producer and DJ.

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DJ Hatcha

Terry Leonard, known professionally as DJ Hatcha or just Hatcha, is a South London producer and DJ notable for his seminal work in the musical genre dubstep.

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DJ Rashad

Rashad Harden (October 9, 1979 – April 26, 2014), known as DJ Rashad, was a Chicago-based electronic musician, producer and DJ known as a pioneer in the footwork genre and founder of the Teklife crew.

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DJ Roc

August Wisbon (born September 11, 1989), known by DJ Roc, is an American DJ and record producer.

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Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London in the late 1990s.

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edIT (born Edward Ma) is an American electronic music producer and DJ based in Los Angeles, California.

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Electronic music

Electronic music is music that employs electronic musical instruments, digital instruments and circuitry-based music technology.

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England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.

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An equinox is commonly regarded as the moment the plane (extended indefinitely in all directions) of Earth's equator passes through the center of the Sun, which occurs twice each year, around 20 March and 22-23 September.

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Andrew Lustman, also known as FaltyDL, is an American, New York-based record producer and American electronic musician originally from New Haven, Connecticut.

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Frog Pocket

Frog Pocket is the recording name of John Charles Wilson, a Scottish musician.

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Ghetto house

Ghetto house, booty house or G-house is a genre of Chicago house which started being recognized as a distinct style from around 1992 onwards.

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Glossary of classical algebraic geometry

The terminology of algebraic geometry changed drastically during the twentieth century, with the introduction of the general methods, initiated by David Hilbert and the Italian school of algebraic geometry in the beginning of the century, and later formalized by André Weil, Jean-Pierre Serre and Alexander Grothendieck.

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Horse Opera (album)

Horse Opera was the 13th album of the Western swing trio Riders in the Sky, released in 1990, although most of it was recorded back in 1978 at the time of the band's first forming.

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IMO Records

IMO Records is a specialist online retailer of vinyl and electronic dubstep, drum and bass, and hardcore dance music.

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Intelligent dance music

Intelligent dance music (commonly abbreviated as IDM) is a form of electronic music that emerged in the early 1990s, characterized by an abstract or "cerebral" sound better suited for home listening than dancing.

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Jega (musician)

Jega is the recording name of Manchester-based electronic music artist Dylan Nathan.

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Jlin (musician)

Jerrilynn Patton (born July 30, 1987), known as Jlin, is an electronic musician from Gary, Indiana.

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John B

John B (born John Bryn Williams, 1977, Maidenhead, Berkshire, England) is an English DJ and electronic music producer.

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John Wizards

John Wizards is a South African band from Cape Town formed in 2010.

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Julian Fane (musician)

Julian Fane is an Electronic producer, vocalist and DJ.

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Keep Shelly In Athens

Keep Shelly In Athens are a Greek chillwave duo from Athens.

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Keith Fullerton Whitman

Keith Fullerton Whitman (born May 29, 1973) is an American electronic musician who has recorded albums influenced by many genres, including ambient music, drill and bass, and krautrock.

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Kenneth James Gibson

Kenneth James Gibson (born October 8, 1973), is a musician, record producer, composer, singer, and songwriter who has been releasing records since 1994.

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Konx-Om-Pax (born Tom Scholefield) is a Scottish electronic musician and graphical artist from Glasgow.

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Leafcutter John

Leafcutter John is the recording name of John Burton, a UK-based musician and artist.

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List of electronic music record labels

This is a list of notable electronic music record labels.

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London is the capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom.

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Luke Vibert

Luke Vibert is a British recording artist and producer known for his work in many subgenres of electronic music.

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Travis Stewart (born March 4, 1982), better known as Machinedrum, is an American electronic music producer and performer from North Carolina.

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Mary Anne Hobbs

Mary Anne Hobbs (born 16 May 1964) is an English DJ and music journalist from Lancashire, England.

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Meat Beat Manifesto

Meat Beat Manifesto, often shortened as Meat Beat, Manifesto or MBM, is an electronic music group originally consisting of Jack Dangers and Jonny Stephens, and formed in 1987 in Swindon, United Kingdom.

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Mike Paradinas

Michael Paradinas (born 26 September 1971), better known by his stage name μ-Ziq (pronounced "music"), is an English electronic musician from Wimbledon, London.

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Mileece is the stage name of Mileece Abson, an English sound artist and environmental designer.

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A miracle is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws.

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Mark Foster, known as MRK1 (formerly Mark One), is a dubstep, grime and bass music producer, originally from Manchester, England.

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In the pre-Reformation church, a parson is the priest of an independent parish church, that is, a parish church not under the control of a larger ecclesiastical or monastic organization.

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Phthalocyanine (H2Pc) is a large, aromatic, macrocyclic, organic compound with the formula (C8H4N2)4H2 and is of theoretical or specialized interest.

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Pinch (dubstep musician)

Rob Ellis, better known as Pinch, is a dubstep artist from Bristol, United Kingdom noted for his fusion of styles such as Reggae, World Music, and Dancehall with dubstep.

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Poemss is the debut studio album by Poemss.

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Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"

"Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"" is the 22nd episode of The Simpsons' seventh season.

New!!: Planet Mu and Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish" · See more »

Raoul Sinier

Raoul Sinier is a digital painter, film maker and electronic musician based in Paris.

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Record label

A record label, or record company, is a brand or trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos.

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RP Boo

Kavain Space, known as RP Boo, is a Chicago-based electronic musician, producer and DJ known as one of the originators of the footwork genre during the 1990s.

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In Greek mythology, Silenus (Greek: Σειληνός Seilēnos) was a companion and tutor to the wine god Dionysus.

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Solar Bears (musical duo)

Solar Bears were an electronic music duo from Ireland, composed of John Kowalski and Rian Trench.

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Southern Studios

Southern Studios is a recording studio in the Wood Green area of London.

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The Doubtful Guest

The Doubtful Guest is a short, illustrated book by Edward Gorey, first published by Doubleday in 1957.

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The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble is a Dutch dark jazz and experimental project formed in Utrecht in 2000.

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Tim Exile

Tim Exile (or Exile) is the recording alias of Tim Shaw, a producer and performer of electronic music spanning drum and bass, IDM, breakcore and gabber.

New!!: Planet Mu and Tim Exile · See more »

Tropics (musician)

Tropics is the stage name of English musician Christopher Ward.

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Tusken Raiders

Tusken Raiders (less formally referred to as "Sand People" or simply as "Tuskens"), are fictional creatures in the Star Wars universe.

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A uniform is a type of clothing worn by members of an organization while participating in that organization's activity.

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Various, or Various Production, is an English dubstep/electronic music duo formed in 2002.

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Venetian Snares

Aaron Funk (born January 11, 1975), known as Venetian Snares, is a Canadian electronic musician based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Vex'd were a British Dubstep duo signed to Planet Mu Records consisting of Jamie Teasdale and Roly Porter.

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Virgin Records

Virgin Records Ltd. was a British record label founded by entrepreneurs Richard Branson, Simon Draper, Nik Powell, and musician Tom Newman in 1972.

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Virus Syndicate

Virus Syndicate are a British grime collective from Manchester, centered on JSD and Nika D. They are known for their fusion of dubstep with grime, and have been lauded by The Daily Telegraph as "some of the tautest British MC-ing since the first Dizzee Rascal Album.".

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Worcester is a city in Worcestershire, England, southwest of Birmingham, west-northwest of London, north of Gloucester and northeast of Hereford.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planet_Mu

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