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Prepress proofing

Index Prepress proofing

A contract proof usually serves as an agreement between customer and printer and as a color reference guide for adjusting the press before the final press run. [1]

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Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen with the formula NH3.

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Approval proofer

The Approval proofer, also known as the Approval Digital Imaging System or Kodak Approval System, was designed for use in Prepress proofing, especially for the highest quality contract proofs.

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Calibration in measurement technology and metrology is the comparison of measurement values delivered by a device under test with those of a calibration standard of known accuracy.

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Cellulose acetate

Cellulose acetate is the acetate ester of cellulose.

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Color (American English) or colour (Commonwealth English) is the characteristic of human visual perception described through color categories, with names such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple.

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Color calibration

The aim of color calibration is to measure and/or adjust the color response of a device (input or output) to a known state.

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Color management

In digital imaging systems, color management is the controlled conversion between the color representations of various devices, such as image scanners, digital cameras, monitors, TV screens, film printers, computer printers, offset presses, and corresponding media.

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Computer to plate

Computer-to-plate (CTP) is an imaging technology used in modern printing processes.

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Computer-aided design

Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computer systems to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design.

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Creo (company)

Creo, now part of Eastman Kodak Company, was a Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada-based company involved in imaging and software technology for computer to plate and digital printing.

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Dye-sublimation printer

A dye-sublimation printer is a computer printer which uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric.

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Flexography (often abbreviated to flexo) is a form of printing process which utilizes a flexible relief plate.

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Galley proof

In printing and publishing, proofs are the preliminary versions of publications meant for review by authors, editors, and proofreaders, often with extra-wide margins.

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In color reproduction, including computer graphics and photography, the gamut, or color gamut, is a certain complete subset of colors.

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ICC profile

In color management, an ICC profile is a set of data that characterizes a color input or output device, or a color space, according to standards promulgated by the International Color Consortium (ICC).

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Inkjet printing

Inkjet printing is a type of computer printing that recreates a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto paper, plastic, or other substrates.

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Iris printer

An Iris printer is a large-format color inkjet printer introduced in 1985 by Iris Graphics, originally of Stoneham, Massachusetts and currently manufactured by the Graphic Communications Group of Eastman Kodak, designed for prepress proofing.

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Johannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg (– February 3, 1468) was a German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer, and publisher who introduced printing to Europe with the printing press.

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The Eastman Kodak Company (referred to simply as Kodak) is an American technology company that produces imaging products with its historic basis on photography.

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Lamination is the technique of manufacturing a material in multiple layers, so that the composite material achieves improved strength, stability, sound insulation, appearance or other properties from the use of differing materials.

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Machine press

A forming press, commonly shortened to press, is a machine tool that changes the shape of a workpiece by the application of pressure.

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Moiré pattern

In mathematics, physics, and art, a moiré pattern or moiré fringes are large-scale interference patterns that can be produced when an opaque ruled pattern with transparent gaps is overlaid on another similar pattern.

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Online artwork proofing, feedback, review and approval tool

An online artwork proofing, feedback, review and approval tool is a web-based collaborative software that helps studios with internal and client communication.

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Online proofing

Online proofing is the process undertaken by web designers, photographers, marketing agencies and video production companies, among others, to automate the review and approval of work online.

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Photoconductivity is an optical and electrical phenomenon in which a material becomes more electrically conductive due to the absorption of electromagnetic radiation such as visible light, ultraviolet light, infrared light, or gamma radiation.

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Prepress is the term used in the printing and publishing industries for the processes and procedures that occur between the creation of a print layout and the final printing.

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Press check (printing)

The printing press check is a step in the printing process.

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Printer (publishing)

In publishing, printers are both companies providing printing services and individuals who directly operate printing presses.

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Printing is a process for reproducing text and images using a master form or template.

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Printing press

A printing press is a device for applying pressure to an inked surface resting upon a print medium (such as paper or cloth), thereby transferring the ink.

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Process control

Automatic process control in continuous production processes is a combination of control engineering and chemical engineering disciplines that uses industrial control systems to achieve a production level of consistency, economy and safety which could not be achieved purely by human manual control.

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The RCA Corporation was a major American electronics company, which was founded as the Radio Corporation of America in 1919.

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Screen angle

In offset printing, the screen angle is the angle at which the halftones of a separated color is made output to a lithographic film, hence, printed on final product media.

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In chemistry, spectrophotometry is the quantitative measurement of the reflection or transmission properties of a material as a function of wavelength.

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Veris printer

The Veris printer is a medium format (4 up) 1500 DPI color inkjet printer manufactured by the Graphic Communications Group of Eastman Kodak, which is used for digital Prepress proofing.

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The 3M Company, formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, is an American multinational conglomerate corporation based in Maplewood, Minnesota, a suburb of St. Paul.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prepress_proofing

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