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Quality assurance

Index Quality assurance

Quality assurance (QA) is a way of preventing mistakes and defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers; which ISO 9000 defines as "part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled". [1]

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The Admiralty, originally known as the Office of the Admiralty and Marine Affairs, was the government department responsible for the command of the Royal Navy firstly in the Kingdom of England, secondly in the Kingdom of Great Britain, and from 1801 to 1964, the United Kingdom and former British Empire.

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Advanced product quality planning

Advanced product quality planning (or APQP) is a framework of procedures and techniques used to develop products in industry, particularly the automotive industry.

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American Society for Quality

The American Society for Quality (ASQ), formerly the American Society for Quality Control (ASQC), is a knowledge-based global community of quality professionals, with nearly 80,000 members dedicated to promoting and advancing quality tools, principles, and practices in their workplaces and communities.

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Assembly line

An assembly line is a manufacturing process (often called a progressive assembly) in which parts (usually interchangeable parts) are added as the semi-finished assembly moves from workstation to workstation where the parts are added in sequence until the final assembly is produced.

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Best practice

A best practice is a method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to any alternatives because it produces results that are superior to those achieved by other means or because it has become a standard way of doing things, e.g., a standard way of complying with legal or ethical requirements.

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Business is the activity of making one's living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (goods and services).

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Calibration in measurement technology and metrology is the comparison of measurement values delivered by a device under test with those of a calibration standard of known accuracy.

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Capability Maturity Model Integration

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process level improvement training and appraisal program.

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Confidence has a common meaning of a certainty about handling something, such as work, family, social events, or relationships.

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Construction is the process of constructing a building or infrastructure.

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A consultant (from consultare "to deliberate") is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing (and public relations), finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.

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A consumer is a person or organization that use economic services or commodities.

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Data integrity

Data integrity is the maintenance of, and the assurance of the accuracy and consistency of, data over its entire life-cycle, and is a critical aspect to the design, implementation and usage of any system which stores, processes, or retrieves data.

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Data quality

Data quality refers to the condition of a set of values of qualitative or quantitative variables.

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Departmentalization (or departmentalisation) refers to the process of grouping activities into departments.

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In physics and mathematics, the dimension of a mathematical space (or object) is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify any point within it.

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Division of labour

The division of labour is the separation of tasks in any system so that participants may specialize.

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Douglas MacArthur

Douglas MacArthur (26 January 18805 April 1964) was an American five-star general and Field Marshal of the Philippine Army.

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Emerald Group Publishing

Emerald Publishing Limited is a scholarly publisher of academic journals and books in the fields of management, business, education, library studies, health care, and engineering.

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Exchangeable random variables

In statistics, an exchangeable sequence of random variables (also sometimes interchangeable) is a sequence such that future observations behave like earlier observations.

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Failure mode and effects analysis

Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)—also "failure modes", plural, in many publications—was one of the first highly structured, systematic techniques for failure analysis.

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Farm assurance

Farm assurance is product certification for agricultural products that emphasises the principles of quality assurance.

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A guild is an association of artisans or merchants who oversee the practice of their craft/trade in a particular area.

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GxP is a general abbreviation for the "good practice" quality guidelines and regulations.

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Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air.

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Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840.

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An inspection is, most generally, an organized examination or formal evaluation exercise.

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Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, or moral uprightness.

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International standard

International standards are standards developed by international standards organizations.

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ISO 9000

The ISO 9000 family of quality management systems standards is designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or service.

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ISO/IEC 17025

ISO/IEC 17025 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories is the main ISO standard used by testing and calibration laboratories.

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Japan (日本; Nippon or Nihon; formally 日本国 or Nihon-koku, lit. "State of Japan") is a sovereign island country in East Asia.

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John Wiley & Sons

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., also referred to as Wiley, is a global publishing company that specializes in academic publishing.

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John, King of England

John (24 December 1166 – 19 October 1216), also known as John Lackland (Norman French: Johan sanz Terre), was King of England from 1199 until his death in 1216.

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Joseph M. Juran

Joseph Moses Juran (December 24, 1904 – February 28, 2008) was a Romanian-born American engineer and management consultant.

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In engineering, maintainability is the ease with which a product can be maintained in order to.

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Management (or managing) is the administration of an organization, whether it is a business, a not-for-profit organization, or government body.

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Marketing Accountability Standards Board

The Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB), authorized by the Marketing Accountability Foundation,MASB.

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Mass production

Mass production, also known as flow production or continuous production, is the production of large amounts of standardized products, including and especially on assembly lines.

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Measurement system analysis

A measurement systems analysis (MSA) is a thorough assessment of a measurement process, and typically includes a specially designed experiment that seeks to identify the components of variation in that measurement process.

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Mechanization or mechanisation (British English) is the process of changing from working largely or exclusively by hand or with animals to doing that work with machinery.

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Medical device

A medical device is any apparatus, appliance, software, material, or other article—whether used alone or in combination, including the software intended by its manufacturer to be used specifically for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes and necessary for its proper application—intended by the manufacturer to be used for human beings for the purpose of.

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Middle Ages

In the history of Europe, the Middle Ages (or Medieval Period) lasted from the 5th to the 15th century.

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Mission assurance

Mission Assurance is a full life-cycle engineering process to identify and mitigate design, production, test, and field support deficiencies threatening mission success.

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A mold or mould (is a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae.

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Motivation is the reason for people's actions, desires, and needs.

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Organizational culture

Organizational culture encompasses values and behaviours that "contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization".

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Paint is any liquid, liquefiable, or mastic composition that, after application to a substrate in a thin layer, converts to a solid film.

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A people is a plurality of persons considered as a whole, as is the case with an ethnic group or nation.

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Picatinny Arsenal

The Picatinny Arsenal is an American military research and manufacturing facility located on of land in Jefferson and Rockaway Township in Morris County, New Jersey, United States, encompassing Picatinny Lake and Lake Denmark.

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Piece work

Piece work (or piecework) is any type of employment in which a worker is paid a fixed piece rate for each unit produced or action performed regardless of time.

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Product (business)

In marketing, a product is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need.

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Production assurance

Production assurance is a way to ensure a productive capacity meets its intended end-results such as customer requirements, planned production levels, safety, reliability, risk and direct economic cost.

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Program assurance

Program assurance is a systematic approach to measure the likelihood of success of a program and proposing improvements that will ensure success.

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QA/QC is the combination of quality assurance, the process or set of processes used to measure and assure the quality of a product, and quality control, the process of ensuring products and services meet consumer expectations.

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Quality (business)

In business, engineering, and manufacturing, quality has a pragmatic interpretation as the non-inferiority or superiority of something; it's also defined as being suitable for its intended purpose (fitness for purpose) while satisfying customer expectations.

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Quality control

Quality control, or QC for short, is a process by which entities review the quality of all factors involved in production.

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Quality engineering

Quality engineering is the management, development, operation and maintenance of IT systems and enterprise architectures with a high quality standard.

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Quality function deployment

Quality function deployment (QFD) is a method developed in Japan beginning in 1966 to help transform the voice of the customer into engineering characteristics for a product.

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Quality infrastructure

Quality infrastructure relates to all fields of metrology, standardization and testing, of quality management and conformity assessment, including certification and accreditation.

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Quality management

Quality management ensures that an organization, product or service is consistent.

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Quality management system

A quality management system (QMS) is a collection of business processes focused on consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing their satisfaction.

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Regulatory compliance

In general, compliance means conforming to a rule, such as a specification, policy, standard or law.

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Reliability engineering

Reliability engineering is a sub-discipline of systems engineering that emphasizes dependability in the lifecycle management of a product.

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A ringtest is part of an external quality assurance programme for a measuring method.

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Safety is the state of being "safe" (from French sauf), the condition of being protected from harm or other non-desirable outcomes.

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Sampling (statistics)

In statistics, quality assurance, and survey methodology, sampling is the selection of a subset (a statistical sample) of individuals from within a statistical population to estimate characteristics of the whole population.

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Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys (23 February 1633 – 26 May 1703) was an administrator of the navy of England and Member of Parliament who is most famous for the diary he kept for a decade while still a relatively young man.

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Six Sigma

Six Sigma (6σ) is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement.

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Software engineering

Software engineering is the application of engineering to the development of software in a systematic method.

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Software testing

Software testing is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the software product or service under test.

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Specification (technical standard)

A specification often refers to a set of documented requirements to be satisfied by a material, design, product, or service.

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Statistical process control

Statistical process control (SPC) is a method of quality control which employs statistical methods to monitor and control a process.

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Strategic business unit

In business, a strategic business unit (SBU) is a profit center which focuses on product offering and market segment.

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Stress testing

Stress testing (sometimes called torture testing) is a form of deliberately intense or thorough testing used to determine the stability of a given system or entity.

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Team building

Team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks.

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Temperature is a physical quantity expressing hot and cold.

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Total quality management

Total quality management (TQM) consists of organization-wide efforts to install and make a permanent climate in which an organization continuously improves its ability to deliver high-quality products and services to customers.

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Training is teaching, or developing in oneself or others, any skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies.

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Verification and validation

Verification and validation are independent procedures that are used together for checking that a product, service, or system meets requirements and specifications and that it fulfills its intended purpose.

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Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon whereby oscillations occur about an equilibrium point.

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W. Edwards Deming

William Edwards Deming (October 14, 1900 – December 20, 1993) was an American engineer, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and management consultant.

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Walter A. Shewhart

Walter Andrew Shewhart (pronounced like "shoe-heart", March 18, 1891 – March 11, 1967) was an American physicist, engineer and statistician, sometimes known as the father of statistical quality control and also related to the Shewhart cycle.

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Weakness or asthenia is a symptom of a number of different conditions.

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William Ernest Johnson

William Ernest Johnson (23 June 1858 – 14 January 1931), usually cited as W. E. Johnson, was a British philosopher and logician mainly remembered for his Logic (1921–1924), in 3 volumes.

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World War I

World War I (often abbreviated as WWI or WW1), also known as the First World War, the Great War, or the War to End All Wars, was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quality_assurance

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