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Retroflex approximant

Index Retroflex approximant

The retroflex approximant is a type of consonant used in some languages. [1]

63 relations: Alveolar and postalveolar approximants, American English, Caipira dialect, Centro-Sul, Chinese characters, Chinese language, Consonant, Cretan Greek, Derung language, Dutch language, Dutch orthography, Dutch phonology, English language, English orthography, English phonology, Enindhilyagwa language, Faroese language, Faroese orthography, Faroese phonology, Greek alphabet, Greek language, Hiberno-English, Index of phonetics articles, International Phonetic Alphabet, Intervocalic consonant, Kannada, Kannada alphabet, Labialization, Language, Malayalam, Malayalam script, Mandarin Chinese, Mapuche language, Mapudungun alphabet, Minas Gerais, Modern Greek phonology, Mylopotamos, Crete, Paraná (state), Pashto, Pashto alphabet, Pashto phonology, Pinyin, Piracicaba, Pitjantjatjara dialect, Portuguese language, Portuguese orthography, Portuguese phonology, Prestige (sociolinguistics), R-colored vowel, Retroflex consonant, ..., Retroflex lateral flap, Romanization of Greek, São Paulo (state), Sfakia, Standard Chinese phonology, Tamil language, Tamil phonology, Tamil script, Uluru, West Country English, Western Desert language, X-SAMPA, Yaghan language. Expand index (13 more) »

Alveolar and postalveolar approximants

The alveolar approximant is a type of consonantal sound used in some spoken languages.

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American English

American English (AmE, AE, AmEng, USEng, en-US), sometimes called United States English or U.S. English, is the set of varieties of the English language native to the United States.

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Caipira dialect

Caipira ((Old Tupi ka'apir or kaa-pira, which means "bush cutter") is a Brazilian Portuguese dialect spoken in the State of São Paulo and adjacent parts of neighbouring Mato Grosso do Sul, Goiás, Minas Gerais, and Paraná.

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Centro-Sul (South-Central) is the Southeastern, Southern and Central-West regions of Brazil (see Brazil Regional Division), excluding the north of Minas Gerais and most of Mato Grosso and along with some of Tocantins.

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Chinese characters

Chinese characters are logograms primarily used in the writing of Chinese and Japanese.

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Chinese language

Chinese is a group of related, but in many cases mutually unintelligible, language varieties, forming a branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family.

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In articulatory phonetics, a consonant is a speech sound that is articulated with complete or partial closure of the vocal tract.

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Cretan Greek

Cretan Greek, or the Cretan dialect (κρητική διάλεκτος), is a variety of Modern Greek spoken in Crete and by the Cretan diaspora.

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Derung language

Dulong (simplified Chinese: 独龙语; traditional Chinese: 獨龍語; pinyin: Dúlóng) or Drung, Derung, Rawang, or Trung, is a Tibeto-Burman language in China.

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Dutch language

The Dutch language is a West Germanic language, spoken by around 23 million people as a first language (including the population of the Netherlands where it is the official language, and about sixty percent of Belgium where it is one of the three official languages) and by another 5 million as a second language.

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Dutch orthography

Dutch orthography uses the Latin alphabet and has evolved to suit the needs of the Dutch language.

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Dutch phonology

Dutch phonology is similar to that of other West Germanic languages.

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English language

English is a West Germanic language that was first spoken in early medieval England and is now a global lingua franca.

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English orthography

English orthography is the system of writing conventions used to represent spoken English in written form that allows readers to connect spelling to sound to meaning.

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English phonology

Like many other languages, English has wide variation in pronunciation, both historically and from dialect to dialect.

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Enindhilyagwa language

Enindhilyagwa (also Anindilyakwa and several other names; see below) is an Australian Aboriginal language spoken by the Warnindhilyagwa people on Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria in the Northern Territory of Australia.

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Faroese language

Faroese (føroyskt mál,; færøsk) is a North Germanic language spoken as a first language by about 66,000 people, 45,000 of whom reside on the Faroe Islands and 21,000 in other areas, mainly Denmark.

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Faroese orthography

Faroese orthography is the method employed to write the Faroese language, using a 29-letter Latin alphabet.

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Faroese phonology

Faroese has a phoneme inventory similar to closely related Icelandic but markedly different processes differentiate the two.

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Greek alphabet

The Greek alphabet has been used to write the Greek language since the late 9th or early 8th century BC.

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Greek language

Greek (Modern Greek: ελληνικά, elliniká, "Greek", ελληνική γλώσσα, ellinikí glóssa, "Greek language") is an independent branch of the Indo-European family of languages, native to Greece and other parts of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

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Hiberno‐English (from Latin Hibernia: "Ireland") or Irish English is the set of English dialects natively written and spoken within the island of Ireland (including both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland).

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Index of phonetics articles

No description.

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International Phonetic Alphabet

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet.

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Intervocalic consonant

In phonetics and phonology, an intervocalic consonant is a consonant that occurs in the middle of a word, between two vowels.

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Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ) is a Dravidian language spoken predominantly by Kannada people in India, mainly in the state of Karnataka, and by significant linguistic minorities in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala, Goa and abroad.

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Kannada alphabet

The Kannada Script (IAST: Kannaḍa lipi) is an abugida of the Brahmic family, used primarily to write the Kannada language, one of the Dravidian languages of South India especially in the state of Karnataka, Kannada script is widely used for writing Sanskrit texts in Karnataka.

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Labialization is a secondary articulatory feature of sounds in some languages.

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Language is a system that consists of the development, acquisition, maintenance and use of complex systems of communication, particularly the human ability to do so; and a language is any specific example of such a system.

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Malayalam is a Dravidian language spoken across the Indian state of Kerala by the Malayali people and it is one of 22 scheduled languages of India.

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Malayalam script

Malayalam script (/ Malayalam: മലയാളലിപി) is a Brahmic script used commonly to write the Malayalam language, which is the principal language of Kerala, India, spoken by 35 million people in the world.

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Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin is a group of related varieties of Chinese spoken across most of northern and southwestern China.

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Mapuche language

Mapuche or Mapudungun (from mapu 'land' and dungun 'speak, speech') is a language isolate spoken in south-central Chile and west central Argentina by the Mapuche people (from mapu 'land' and che 'people').

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Mapudungun alphabet

Mapudungun, the language of the Mapuche of modern south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina, did not have a writing system when the Spanish arrived.

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Minas Gerais

Minas Gerais is a state in the north of Southeastern Brazil.

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Modern Greek phonology

This article deals with the phonology and phonetics of Standard Modern Greek.

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Mylopotamos, Crete

Mylopotamos (Μυλοπόταμος; Mylopotamus in Latin) is a municipality in Rethymno regional unit, on Crete, southern Greece.

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Paraná (state)

Paraná is one of the 26 states of Brazil, in the south of the country, bordered on the north by São Paulo state, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, on the south by Santa Catarina state and the province of Misiones, Argentina, and on the west by Mato Grosso do Sul and Paraguay, with the Paraná River as its western boundary line.

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Pashto (پښتو Pax̌tō), sometimes spelled Pukhto, is the language of the Pashtuns.

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Pashto alphabet

The Pashto / Pukhto alphabet (پښتو الفبې or پښتو الپبې – Eastern dialect: pux̌to alifbe pukh'hto / pukhhto alifbe; Western dialect: paṣ̌to alipbe) is a modified form of the Persian alphabet known as Perso-Arabic, which is itself a derivative of the Arabic alphabet, with letters added to accommodate phonemes used in Pashto that are not found in either Arabic or Persian.

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Pashto phonology

Amongst the Iranian languages, the phonology of Pashto is of middle complexity, but its morphology is very complex.

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Hanyu Pinyin Romanization, often abbreviated to pinyin, is the official romanization system for Standard Chinese in mainland China and to some extent in Taiwan.

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Piracicaba is a city located in the Brazilian state of São Paulo.

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Pitjantjatjara dialect

Pitjantjatjara is a dialect of the Western Desert language traditionally spoken by the Pitjantjatjara people of Central Australia.

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Portuguese language

Portuguese (português or, in full, língua portuguesa) is a Western Romance language originating from the regions of Galicia and northern Portugal in the 9th century.

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Portuguese orthography

Portuguese orthography is based on the Latin alphabet and makes use of the acute accent, the circumflex accent, the grave accent, the tilde, and the cedilla to denote stress, vowel height, nasalization, and other sound changes.

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Portuguese phonology

The phonology of Portuguese can vary between dialects, in extreme cases leading to some difficulties in intelligibility.

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Prestige (sociolinguistics)

Prestige is the level of regard normally accorded a specific language or dialect within a speech community, relative to other languages or dialects.

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R-colored vowel

In phonetics, an r-colored or rhotic vowel (also called a retroflex vowel, vocalic r, or a rhotacized vowel) is a vowel that is modified in a way that results in a lowering in frequency of the third formant.

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Retroflex consonant

A retroflex consonant is a coronal consonant where the tongue has a flat, concave, or even curled shape, and is articulated between the alveolar ridge and the hard palate.

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Retroflex lateral flap

The retroflex lateral flap is a type of consonantal sound, used in some spoken languages.

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Romanization of Greek

Romanization of Greek is the transliteration (letter-mapping) or transcription (sound-mapping) of text from the Greek alphabet into the Latin alphabet.

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São Paulo (state)

São Paulo is one of the 26 states of the Federative Republic of Brazil and is named after Saint Paul of Tarsus.

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Sfakiá (Σφακιά) is a mountainous area in the southwestern part of the island of Crete, in the Chania regional unit.

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Standard Chinese phonology

This article summarizes the phonology (the sound system, or in more general terms, the pronunciation) of Standard Chinese (Standard Mandarin).

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Tamil language

Tamil (தமிழ்) is a Dravidian language predominantly spoken by the Tamil people of India and Sri Lanka, and by the Tamil diaspora, Sri Lankan Moors, Burghers, Douglas, and Chindians.

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Tamil phonology

Tamil phonology (தமிழ்) is characterised by the presence of retroflex consonants and multiple rhotic consonants.

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Tamil script

The Tamil script (தமிழ் அரிச்சுவடி) is an abugida script that is used by Tamils and Tamil speakers in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and elsewhere to write the Tamil language, as well as to write the liturgical language Sanskrit, using consonants and diacritics not represented in the Tamil alphabet.

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Uluru (Pitjantjatjara), also known as Ayers Rock and officially gazetted as "UluruAyers Rock", is a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia.

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West Country English

West Country English is one of the English language varieties and accents used by much of the native population of South West England, the area sometimes popularly known as the West Country.

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Western Desert language

The Western Desert language, or Wati, is a dialect cluster of Australian Aboriginal languages in the Pama–Nyungan family.

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The Extended Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet (X-SAMPA;, /%Eks"s.

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Yaghan language

Yagán (originally Yahgan, but also now spelled Yaghan, Jagan, Iakan), also known as Yámana and Háusi Kúta, is one of the indigenous languages of Tierra del Fuego, spoken by the Yagán people.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retroflex_approximant

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