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Rowing (sport)

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Rowing, often referred to as crew in the United States, is a sport whose origins reach back to Ancient Egyptian times. [1]

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The abdomen (less formally called the belly, stomach, tummy or midriff) constitutes the part of the body between the thorax (chest) and pelvis, in humans and in other vertebrates.

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An acronym is a word or name formed as an abbreviation from the initial components in a phrase or a word, usually individual letters (as in NATO or laser) and sometimes syllables (as in Benelux).

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Adria and Adriatica are parent Swiss watch brands manufacturing for Eastern European markets.

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In Greco-Roman mythology, Aeneas (Greek: Αἰνείας, Aineías, possibly derived from Greek αἰνή meaning "praised") was a Trojan hero, the son of the prince Anchises and the goddess Aphrodite (Venus).

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The Aeneid (Aeneis) is a Latin epic poem, written by Virgil between 29 and 19 BC, that tells the legendary story of Aeneas, a Trojan who travelled to Italy, where he became the ancestor of the Romans.

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Amateur sports

Amateur sports are sports in which participants engage largely or entirely without remuneration.

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Amenhotep II

Amenhotep II (sometimes called Amenophis II and meaning Amun is Satisfied) was the seventh Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt.

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Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands.

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Australian Rowing Championships

The Australian Rowing Championships is an annual rowing event that determines Australia's national rowing champions and facilitates selection of Australian representative crews for World Championships and the Olympic Games.

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Bachelors Barge Club

Bachelors Barge Club is an amateur rowing club located at #6 Boathouse Row in the historic Boathouse Row of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Ballantine Books

Ballantine Books is a major book publisher located in the United States, founded in 1952 by Ian Ballantine with his wife, Betty Ballantine.

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The biceps, also biceps brachii is a two-headed muscle that lies on the upper arm between the shoulder and the elbow.

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Boat rigging

Boats used in the sport of rowing may be adjusted in many different ways according to the needs of the crew, the type of racing, and anticipated rowing conditions.

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A boathouse (or a boat house) is a building especially designed for the storage of boats, normally smaller craft for sports or leisure use.

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Boathouse Row

Boathouse Row is a historic site located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the east bank of the Schuylkill River, just north of the Fairmount Water Works and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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Boston is the capital city and most populous municipality of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States.

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Boston Rowing Marathon

The Boston Rowing Marathon is a rowing head race taking place on the third Sunday of September annually in Lincolnshire, England, over the exceptionally long distance of 49.2 km (30.6 miles).

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Bow (rowing)

In rowing, the "bow" or sometimes "bows" of a boat is the forward part of the hull, the point that is most forward when the vessel is underway.

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Bow (ship)

The bow is the forward part of the hull of a ship or boat, the point that is usually most forward when the vessel is underway.

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A bowloader is a crew shell (a type of boat used in rowing) in which the coxswain lies semi-supine in the bow, as opposed to the normal seated position at the stern.

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Brasenose College Boat Club

Brasenose College Boat Club (BNCBC) is the rowing club of Brasenose College, Oxford, in Oxford, England.

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British Rowing

British Rowing, formerly the Amateur Rowing Association (ARA), is the governing body for the sport of rowing (both indoor and on-water rowing).

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Bumps race

A bumps race is a form of rowing race in which a number of boats chase each other in single file, each crew attempting to catch and "bump" the boat in front without being caught by the boat behind.

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Cambridge is a university city and the county town of Cambridgeshire, England, on the River Cam approximately north of London.

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Cambridgeshire Rowing Association

The Cambridgeshire Rowing Association (CRA) is based in Cambridge, UK.

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A canoe is a lightweight narrow vessel, typically pointed at both ends and open on top, propelled by one or more seated or kneeling paddlers facing the direction of travel using a single-bladed paddle.

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Carbon fiber reinforced polymer

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer, carbon fiber reinforced plastic or carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRP, CRP, CFRTP or often simply carbon fiber, carbon composite or even carbon), is an extremely strong and light fiber-reinforced plastic which contains carbon fibers.

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Charles River

The Charles River (sometimes called the River Charles or simply the Charles) is an long river in eastern Massachusetts.

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Chelsea, London

Chelsea is an affluent area of South West London, bounded to the south by the River Thames.

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Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ,Martindale, Cyril Charles.

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Christmas and holiday season

The Christmas season, also called the festive season, or the holiday season (mainly in the U.S. and Canada; often simply called the holidays),, is an annually recurring period recognized in many Western and Western-influenced countries that is generally considered to run from late November to early January.

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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the evening or entire day before Christmas Day, the festival commemorating the birth of Jesus.

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Christmas traditions

Christmas traditions vary from country to country.

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Circulatory system

The circulatory system, also called the cardiovascular system or the vascular system, is an organ system that permits blood to circulate and transport nutrients (such as amino acids and electrolytes), oxygen, carbon dioxide, hormones, and blood cells to and from the cells in the body to provide nourishment and help in fighting diseases, stabilize temperature and pH, and maintain homeostasis.

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College Boat Club

College Boat Club of the University of Pennsylvania is the rowing program for University of Pennsylvania Rowing, located at #11 Boathouse Row in the historic Boathouse Row of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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College rowing (United States)

Rowing is the oldest intercollegiate sport in the United States.

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Composite material

A composite material (also called a composition material or shortened to composite, which is the common name) is a material made from two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties that, when combined, produce a material with characteristics different from the individual components.

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Cornish pilot gig

The Cornish pilot gig is a six-oared rowing boat, built of Cornish narrow leaf elm, long with a beam of.

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Cox box

A cox box is an electronic device used in competitive rowing that combines a digital stroke rate monitor and elapsed time readout with a voice amplifier.

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Coxed four

A coxed four is a rowing boat used in the sport of competitive rowing.

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Coxed pair

A coxed pair is a rowing boat used in the sport of competitive rowing.

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Coxless four

A coxless four is a rowing boat used in the sport of competitive rowing.

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Coxless pair

A coxless pair is a rowing boat used in the sport of competitive rowing.

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The coxswain is the person in charge of a boat, particularly its navigation and steering.

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Coxswain (rowing)

In a rowing crew, the coxswain (or simply the 'cox', or 'coxie') is the member who sits in the stern (except in bowloaders) facing the bow.

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CRASH-B Sprints

The CRASH-B Sprints is the world championship for indoor rowing, raced over a distance of 2,000 m on Concept2 indoor rowers.

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Crescent Boat Club

Crescent Boat Club is an American amateur rowing club located at #5 Boathouse Row in the historic Boathouse Row of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Daniel James Brown

Daniel James Brown (born 1951) is an American author of narrative nonfiction books.

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Der Hamburger und Germania Ruder Club

Der Hamburger und Germania Ruder Club (DHuGRC) is a rowing club from Rotherbaum, Hamburg, Germany.

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Detroit Boat Club

The Detroit Boat Club was established in 1839, as a sport rowing club.

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Doggett's Coat and Badge

Doggett's Coat and Badge is the prize and name for the oldest rowing race in the world.

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Dorney Lake

Dorney Lake (also known as Eton College Rowing Centre, and as Eton Dorney as a 2012 Summer Olympics venue) is a purpose-built rowing lake in England.

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Double scull

A double scull is a rowing boat used in the sport of competitive rowing.

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Drag (physics)

In fluid dynamics, drag (sometimes called air resistance, a type of friction, or fluid resistance, another type of friction or fluid friction) is a force acting opposite to the relative motion of any object moving with respect to a surrounding fluid.

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Eight (rowing)

An eight is a rowing boat used in the sport of competitive rowing.

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England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.

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Eton College

Eton College is an English independent boarding school for boys in Eton, Berkshire, near Windsor.

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European Rowing Championships

The European Rowing Championships is an international Rowing regatta organised by FISA (the International Rowing Federation) for European rowing nations, plus Israel which, though not a member of the European federation is treated as a European nation for competition purposes.

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Exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness.

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Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park is the largest municipal park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the historic name for a group of parks located throughout the city.

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Fairmount Rowing Association

Fairmount Rowing Association is an amateur rowing club, founded in 1877.

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Furnivall Sculling Club

Furnivall Sculling Club is a rowing club based on the Tideway in Hammersmith, London.

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Geneva (Genève, Genèva, Genf, Ginevra, Genevra) is the second-most populous city in Switzerland (after Zürich) and the most populous city of the Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

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Gillin Boat Club

Gillin Boat Club is the rowing program for St.

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Glossary of rowing terms

In competitive rowing, the following specialized terms are important in the corresponding aspects of the sport.

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Gluteal muscles

The gluteal muscles are a group of three muscles which make up the buttocks: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.

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A guild is an association of artisans or merchants who oversee the practice of their craft/trade in a particular area.

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Harvard–Yale Regatta

The Harvard-Yale Regatta or Yale-Harvard Boat Race (often abbreviated The Race) is an annual rowing race between the men's heavyweight rowing crews of Harvard University and Yale University.

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Head of the Charles Regatta

The Head Of The Charles Regatta, also known as HOCR, is a rowing head race held on the penultimate complete weekend of October (i.e., on the Saturday that falls between the 17th and the 23rd of the month, and on the Sunday immediately afterwards) each year on the Charles River, which separates Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Head of the River Race

The Head of the River Race (HORR) is an against-the-clock ('processional') rowing race held annually on the River Thames in London, England between eights, other such races being the Schools' Head of the River Race, Women's Head of the River Race and Veterans' Head of the River Race.

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Head of the Schuylkill Regatta

The Thomas Eakins Head of the Schuylkill Regatta (also known as the HOSR or the HOS) is a rowing race held annually during the last weekend in October on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Head race

A head race is a time-trial competition in the sport of rowing, also known as crew to a few USA organizations.

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Henley Royal Regatta

Henley Royal Regatta (or Henley Regatta, its original name pre-dating Royal patronage) is a rowing event held annually on the River Thames by the town of Henley-on-Thames, England.

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Henley-on-Thames is a town and civil parish on the River Thames in Oxfordshire, England, northeast of Reading, west of Maidenhead and southeast of Oxford, near the tripoint of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

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History of rowing sports

The history of rowing as a sport has prevailed it as one of the oldest traditions in the world.

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Indoor rower

An indoor rower, or rowing machine, is a machine used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing for the purpose of exercise or training for rowing.

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Inflammation (from inflammatio) is part of the complex biological response of body tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants, and is a protective response involving immune cells, blood vessels, and molecular mediators.

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International Rowing Federation

The Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Aviron (FISA) is the International Rowing Federation which is the governing body for international rowing.

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Jesus College Boat Club (Oxford)

Jesus College Boat Club (commonly abbreviated to JCBC) is a rowing club for members of Jesus College, Oxford, one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford.

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A kayak is a small, narrow watercraft which is propelled by means of a double-bladed paddle.

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The knee joins the thigh with the leg and consists of two joints: one between the femur and tibia (tibiofemoral joint), and one between the femur and patella (patellofemoral joint).

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Latissimus dorsi muscle

The latissimus dorsi is a large, flat muscle on the back that stretches to the sides, behind the arm, and is partly covered by the trapezius on the back near the midline.

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Leander Club

Leander Club, founded in 1818, is one of the oldest rowing clubs in the world, and the oldest non-academic club.

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List of Olympic medalists in rowing (women)

This is the complete list of women's Olympic medalists in rowing.

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List of water sports

There are dozens of commonly played sports that involve water.

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Livery company

The livery companies of the City of London, currently 110 in number, comprise London's ancient and modern trade associations and guilds, almost all of which are styled the "Worshipful Company of..." their respective craft, trade or profession.

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London is the capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom.

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London Bridge

Several bridges named London Bridge have spanned the River Thames between the City of London and Southwark, in central London.

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Malta Boat Club

Malta Boat Club is an amateur rowing club located at #9 Boathouse Row in the historic Boathouse Row of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Massachusetts, officially known as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is the most populous state in the New England region of the northeastern United States.

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Max Schmitt in a Single Scull

Max Schmitt in a Single Scull (also known as The Champion Single Sculls or The Champion, Single Sculls) is an 1871 painting by Thomas Eakins, Goodrich catalogue #44.

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Neurobiological effects of physical exercise

The are numerous and involve a wide range of interrelated effects on brain structure, brain function, and cognition.

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New Year

New Year is the time or day at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar's year count increments by one.

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New Year's Day

New Year's Day, also called simply New Year's or New Year, is observed on January 1, the first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar.

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New Year's Eve

In the Gregorian calendar, New Year's Eve (also known as Old Year's Day or Saint Sylvester's Day in many countries), the last day of the year, is on 31 December which is the seventh day of Christmastide.

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An oar is an implement used for water-borne propulsion.

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Oar (sport rowing)

In rowing, oars are used to propel the boat.

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Octuple scull

An octuple scull (abbreviated 8X) is a racing shell or a rowing boat used in the sport of competitive rowing.

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Olympic Games

The modern Olympic Games or Olympics (Jeux olympiques) are leading international sporting events featuring summer and winter sports competitions in which thousands of athletes from around the world participate in a variety of competitions.

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An outrigger is a projecting structure on a boat, with specific meaning depending on types of vessel.

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Oxford is a city in the South East region of England and the county town of Oxfordshire.

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Paralympic Games

The Paralympic Games is a major international multi-sport event involving athletes with a range of disabilities, including impaired muscle power (e.g. paraplegia and quadriplegia, muscular dystrophy, post-polio syndrome, spina bifida), impaired passive range of movement, limb deficiency (e.g. amputation or dysmelia), leg length difference, short stature, hypertonia, ataxia, athetosis, vision impairment and intellectual impairment.

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Penguin Books

Penguin Books is a British publishing house.

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Penn Athletic Club Rowing Association

Penn Athletic Club Rowing Association (commonly known as Penn AC) is an amateur rowing club located at #12 Boathouse Row in the historic Boathouse Row of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Philadelphia is the largest city in the U.S. state and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the sixth-most populous U.S. city, with a 2017 census-estimated population of 1,580,863.

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Philadelphia Girls' Rowing Club

Philadelphia Girls' Rowing Club (commonly abbreviated PGRC) is an amateur rowing club located at #14 Boathouse Row in the historic Boathouse Row along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Physical strength

Physical strength is the measure of an animal's exertion of force on physical objects.

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Port and starboard

Port and starboard are nautical and aeronautical terms for left and right, respectively.

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Public school (United Kingdom)

A public school in England and Wales is a long-established, student-selective, fee-charging independent secondary school that caters primarily for children aged between 11 or 13 and 18, and whose head teacher is a member of the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC).

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Quad scull

A quad scull, or quadruple scull in full, is a rowing boat used in the sport of competitive rowing.

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Quadriceps femoris muscle

The quadriceps femoris (also called the quadriceps extensor, quadriceps or quads), is a large muscle group that includes the four prevailing muscles on the front of the thigh.

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Racing shell

In watercraft, a racing shell (also referred to as just a fine boat (UK) or just shell) is an extremely narrow, and often comparatively long, rowing boat specifically designed for racing or exercise.

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A regatta is a series of boat races.

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Repechage (repêchage, "fishing out, rescuing") is a practice in series competitions that allows participants who failed to meet qualifying standards by a small margin to continue to the next round, in a similar way as wild card system works out.

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A reservoir (from French réservoir – a "tank") is a storage space for fluids.

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River Thames

The River Thames is a river that flows through southern England, most notably through London.

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River Tyne

The River Tyne is a river in North East England and its length (excluding tributaries) is.

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Rowing at the 1976 Summer Olympics

Rowing at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal featured races in 14 events, all held at the rowing basin on Notre Dame Island.

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Rowing at the 2012 Summer Olympics

The rowing competitions at the 2012 Olympic Games in London were held from 28 July to 4 August 2012, at Dorney Lake which, for the purposes of the Games venue, was officially termed Eton Dorney.

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Rowing Australia

Rowing Australia (RA) is the governing body for the sport of rowing in Australia.

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Rowing club

A rowing club is a club for people interested in the sport of Rowing.

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A rowlock, sometimes spur (due to the similarity in shape and size), oarlock (USA) or gate (Australia) is a brace that attaches an oar to a boat.

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A Rowperfect is an indoor rowing machine designed in 1987; patented in 1988, by Cas Rekers.

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Royal Canadian Henley Regatta

The Royal Canadian Henley Regatta started in 1880 as the first championship for the newly formed Canadian Amateur Rowing Association.

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A rudder is a primary control surface used to steer a ship, boat, submarine, hovercraft, aircraft, or other conveyance that moves through a fluid medium (generally air or water).

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Schuylkill River

The Schuylkill River is an important river running northwest to southeast in eastern Pennsylvania, which was improved by navigations into the Schuylkill Canal.

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Sculling is the use of oars to propel a boat by moving the oars through the water on both sides of the craft, or moving a single oar over the stern.

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Shrewsbury School

Shrewsbury School is an English co-educational independent school for pupils aged 13 to 18 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, founded by Edward VI in 1552 by Royal Charter.

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Single scull

A single scull is a rowing boat designed for a single person who propels the boat with two oars, one in each hand.

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Single-elimination tournament

A single-elimination, knockout, or sudden death tournament is a type of elimination tournament where the loser of each match-up is immediately eliminated from the tournament.

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Sport (British English) or sports (American English) includes all forms of competitive physical activity or games which, through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants, and in some cases, entertainment for spectators.

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Steve Fairbairn

Steve Fairbairn (25 August 1862 – 16 May 1938) was a rower and an influential rowing coach at Jesus College Boat Club, Cambridge University, Thames Rowing Club and London Rowing Club in the early decades of the 20th century, and founded the prestigious Head of the River Race in 1925.

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Stroke (rowing)

In rowing, stroke is the action of propelling the boat with oars, and also a rower seated closest to the stern of the boat.

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Summer Olympic Games

The Summer Olympic Games (Jeux olympiques d'été) or the Games of the Olympiad, first held in 1896, is an international multi-sport event that is hosted by a different city every four years.

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Sweep (rowing)

Sweep or sweep-oar rowing is a type of rowing when a rower has one oar, usually held with both hands.

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Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is a sovereign state in Europe.

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Synthetic fiber

Synthetic fibers (British English: synthetic fibres) are fibers made by humans with chemical synthesis, as opposed to natural fibers that humans get from living organisms with little or no chemical changes.

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The Boat Race

The Boat Race is an annual rowing race between the Oxford University Boat Club and the Cambridge University Boat Club, rowed between men's and women's open-weight eights on the River Thames in London, England.

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The Boys in the Boat

The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics is a non-fiction book written by Daniel James Brown and published on June 4, 2013.

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The Championship Course

The stretch of the River Thames between Mortlake and Putney in London, England is a well-established course for rowing races, most famously the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race.

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The Great Race (rowing)

The Great Race (or Harry Mahon Trophy) is an annual rowing race between the men's eight from the University of Waikato, New Zealand and a prominent university team (or teams) from outside New Zealand.

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Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.

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Time trial

In many racing sports an athlete (or occasionally a team of athletes) will compete in a time trial against the clock to secure the fastest time.

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Title IX

Title IX is a federal civil rights law in the United States of America that was passed as part of the Education Amendments of 1972.

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Tour du Lac

The Tour du Lac regatta (also known as the Tour du Léman or the Tour du Lac Léman à l’Aviron) is a rowing regatta on lake Geneva in Switzerland.

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The triceps, also triceps brachii (Latin for "three-headed muscle of the arm"), is a large muscle on the back of the upper limb of many vertebrates.

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Turin (Torino; Turin) is a city and an important business and cultural centre in northern Italy.

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain,Usage is mixed with some organisations, including the and preferring to use Britain as shorthand for Great Britain is a sovereign country in western Europe.

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United States

The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S.) or America, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions.

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University Barge Club

University Barge Club of Philadelphia (also known as UBC) is an amateur rowing club located at #7 in the historic Boathouse Row of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge (informally Cambridge University)The corporate title of the university is The Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Cambridge.

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University of Oxford

The University of Oxford (formally The Chancellor Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford) is a collegiate research university located in Oxford, England.

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University rowing (UK)

University rowing in the United Kingdom began when it was introduced to Oxford in the late 18th century.

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USRowing is the national governing body for the sport of rowing in the United States.

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Varsity (rowing regatta)

The Varsity is a rowing regatta on the Amsterdam–Rhine Canal in Houten, Netherlands each Spring.

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Venice (Venezia,; Venesia) is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region.

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Vertebral column

The vertebral column, also known as the backbone or spine, is part of the axial skeleton.

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Vesper Boat Club

The Vesper Boat Club is an amateur rowing club located at #10 Boathouse Row in the historic Boathouse Row of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Publius Vergilius Maro (traditional dates October 15, 70 BC – September 21, 19 BC), usually called Virgil or Vergil in English, was an ancient Roman poet of the Augustan period.

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Wales (Cymru) is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and the island of Great Britain.

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Waterman (occupation)

A waterman is a river worker who transfers passengers across and along city centre rivers and estuaries in the United Kingdom and its colonies.

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Westminster School

Westminster School is an independent day and boarding school in London, England, located within the precincts of Westminster Abbey.

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Wood is a porous and fibrous structural tissue found in the stems and roots of trees and other woody plants.

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World Rowing Championships

The World Rowing Championships is an international rowing regatta organized by FISA (the International Rowing Federation).

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World Rowing Cup

The World Rowing Cup is an international rowing competition organized by FISA (the International Rowing Federation).

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World Rowing Junior Championships

The World Rowing Junior Championships is an international rowing regatta organized by FISA (the International Rowing Federation).

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World Sculling Championship

The World Sculling Championship (1863–1957), evolved from the Championship of the Thames for professional scullers.

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Yale University

Yale University is an American private Ivy League research university in New Haven, Connecticut.

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1896 Summer Olympics

The 1896 Summer Olympics (Θερινοί Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες 1896), officially known as the Games of the I Olympiad, was the first international Olympic Games held in modern history.

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1900 Summer Olympics

The 1900 Summer Olympics (Les Jeux olympiques d'été de 1900), today officially known as the Games of the II Olympiad, was an international multi-sport event that took place in Paris, France, in 1900.

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1974 World Rowing Championships

The 1974 World Rowing Championships was the 4th World Rowing Championships.

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1976 Summer Olympics

The 1976 Summer Olympics, officially called the Games of the XXI Olympiad (French: Les XXIes olympiques d'été), was an international multi-sport event in Montreal, Quebec, in 1976, and the first Olympic Games held in Canada.

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1985 World Rowing Championships

The 1985 World Rowing Championships refer to the World Rowing Championships held from 31 August to 1 September 1985 at Hazewinkel in Belgium.

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1996 Summer Olympics

The 1996 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXVI Olympiad and unofficially referred to as the Centennial Olympic Games, was an international multi-sport event that was celebrated from July 19 to August 4, 1996, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

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2008 Summer Paralympics

The 2008 Summer Paralympic Games (Chinese: 第十三屆残疾人奥林匹克运动会), the 13th Paralympics, took place in Beijing, China from September 6 to 17, 2008.

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2018 has been designated as the third International Year of the Reef by the International Coral Reef Initiative.

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2019 (MMXIX) will be a common year starting on Tuesday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2019th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 19th year of the 3rd millennium, the 19th year of the 21st century, and the 10th and last year of the 2010s decade.

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