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SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary)

Index SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary)

SM U-14 or U-XIV was a U-boat or submarine of the Austro-Hungarian Navy during the First World War. [1]

76 relations: Adriatic Sea, Albania, Alexandria, Allies of World War I, Anti-submarine net, Armored cruiser, Austro-Hungarian Navy, Beam (nautical), Benghazi, Breakwater (structure), Cape Matapan, Cargo ship, Ceremonial ship launching, Conning tower, Corfu, Deck gun, Depth charge, Diesel engine, Displacement (ship), Draft (hull), Drive shaft, Durrës, Electric motor, Flag of France, French Navy, French Republican Calendar, Georg von Trapp, German Type U 66 submarine, German Type UB I submarine, Gross register tonnage, Heraklion, Ionian Sea, Karachi, Keel laying, Korvettenkapitän, Kotor, Linienschiffsleutnant, Malta, MAN SE, Marie Curie, Maxime Laubeuf, Mediterranean Sea, Middlesbrough, Military port of Toulon, Naval mine, Otranto Barrage, Pierre Curie, Port Arthur, Texas, Port Said, Pula, ..., Ruse de guerre, Sarandë, Second mate, Ship commissioning, Souda Bay, Steam engine, Strait of Gibraltar, Strait of Otranto, Submarine, Submarine hull, Tanker (ship), The New York Times, The Sound of Music, The Sound of Music (film), Torpedo, Torpedo boat, Torpedo tube, Toulon, Turret deck ship, U-1-class submarine (Austria-Hungary), U-3-class submarine (Austria-Hungary), U-5-class submarine (Austria-Hungary), U-boat, United States Naval Institute, University of Nebraska Press, World War I. Expand index (26 more) »

Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea is a body of water separating the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan peninsula.

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Albania (Shqipëri/Shqipëria; Shqipni/Shqipnia or Shqypni/Shqypnia), officially the Republic of Albania (Republika e Shqipërisë), is a country in Southeastern Europe.

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Alexandria (or; Arabic: الإسكندرية; Egyptian Arabic: إسكندرية; Ⲁⲗⲉⲝⲁⲛⲇⲣⲓⲁ; Ⲣⲁⲕⲟⲧⲉ) is the second-largest city in Egypt and a major economic centre, extending about along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the north central part of the country.

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Allies of World War I

The Allies of World War I, or Entente Powers, were the countries that opposed the Central Powers in the First World War.

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Anti-submarine net

An anti-submarine net or anti-submarine boom is a boom placed across the mouth of a harbour or a strait for protection against submarines.

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Armored cruiser

The armored cruiser was a type of warship of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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Austro-Hungarian Navy

The Austro-Hungarian Navy (German: kaiserliche und königliche Kriegsmarine, Hungarian: Császári és Királyi Haditengerészet "Imperial and Royal War Navy") was the naval force of Austria-Hungary.

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Beam (nautical)

The beam of a ship is its width at the widest point as measured at the ship's nominal waterline.

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Benghazi (بنغازي) is the second-most populous city in Libya and the largest in Cyrenaica.

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Breakwater (structure)

Breakwaters are structures constructed on coasts as part of coastal management or to protect an anchorage from the effects of both weather and longshore drift.

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Cape Matapan

Cape Matapan (Κάβο Ματαπάς, or Ματαπά in the Maniot dialect), also named as Cape Tainaron (Ακρωτήριον Ταίναρον), or Cape Tenaro, is situated at the end of the Mani Peninsula, Greece.

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Cargo ship

A cargo ship or freighter ship is any sort of ship or vessel that carries cargo, goods, and materials from one port to another.

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Ceremonial ship launching

Ceremonial ship launching is the process of transferring a vessel to the water.

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Conning tower

A conning tower is a raised platform on a ship or submarine, often armored, from which an officer can conn the vessel, i.e., give directions to the helmsman.

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Corfu or Kerkyra (translit,; translit,; Corcyra; Corfù) is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea.

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Deck gun

A deck gun is a type of naval artillery mounted on the deck of a submarine.

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Depth charge

A depth charge is an anti-submarine warfare weapon.

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Diesel engine

The diesel engine (also known as a compression-ignition or CI engine), named after Rudolf Diesel, is an internal combustion engine in which ignition of the fuel which is injected into the combustion chamber is caused by the elevated temperature of the air in the cylinder due to mechanical compression (adiabatic compression).

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Displacement (ship)

The displacement or displacement tonnage of a ship is its weight, expressed in long tons of water its hull displaces.

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Draft (hull)

The draft or draught of a ship's hull is the vertical distance between the waterline and the bottom of the hull (keel), with the thickness of the hull included; in the case of not being included the draft outline would be obtained.

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Drive shaft

A drive shaft, driveshaft, driving shaft, propeller shaft (prop shaft), or Cardan shaft is a mechanical component for transmitting torque and rotation, usually used to connect other components of a drive train that cannot be connected directly because of distance or the need to allow for relative movement between them.

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Durrës (Durazzo,, historically known as Epidamnos and Dyrrachium, is the second most populous city of the Republic of Albania. The city is the capital of the surrounding Durrës County, one of 12 constituent counties of the country. By air, it is northwest of Sarandë, west of Tirana, south of Shkodër and east of Rome. Located on the Adriatic Sea, it is the country's most ancient and economic and historic center. Founded by Greek colonists from Corinth and Corfu under the name of Epidamnos (Επίδαμνος) around the 7th century BC, the city essentially developed to become significant as it became an integral part of the Roman Empire and its successor the Byzantine Empire. The Via Egnatia, the continuation of the Via Appia, started in the city and led across the interior of the Balkan Peninsula to Constantinople in the east. In the Middle Ages, it was contested between Bulgarian, Venetian and Ottoman dominions. Following the declaration of independence of Albania, the city served as the capital of the Principality of Albania for a short period of time. Subsequently, it was annexed by the Kingdom of Italy and Nazi Germany in the interwar period. Moreover, the city experienced a strong expansion in its demography and economic activity during the Communism in Albania. Durrës is served by the Port of Durrës, one of the largest on the Adriatic Sea, which connects the city to Italy and other neighbouring countries. Its most considerable attraction is the Amphitheatre of Durrës that is included on the tentative list of Albania for designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once having a capacity for 20,000 people, it is the largest amphitheatre in the Balkan Peninsula.

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Electric motor

An electric motor is an electrical machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

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Flag of France

The flag of France (Drapeau français) is a tricolour flag featuring three vertical bands coloured blue (hoist side), white, and red.

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French Navy

The French Navy (Marine Nationale), informally "La Royale", is the maritime arm of the French Armed Forces.

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French Republican Calendar

The French Republican Calendar (calendrier républicain français), also commonly called the French Revolutionary Calendar (calendrier révolutionnaire français), was a calendar created and implemented during the French Revolution, and used by the French government for about 12 years from late 1793 to 1805, and for 18 days by the Paris Commune in 1871.

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Georg von Trapp

Corvette Captain Georg Ludwig Ritter von Trapp (4 April 1880 – 30 May 1947), was an Austro-Hungarian Navy officer.

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German Type U 66 submarine

The Type U 66 was a class of five submarines or U-boats operated by the German Imperial Navy (Kaiserliche Marine) during World War I. The class is alternately referred to as the U-66-class or the Type UD.

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German Type UB I submarine

The Type UB I was a class of small coastal submarines (U-boats) built in Germany at the beginning of the First World War.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and German Type UB I submarine · See more »

Gross register tonnage

Gross register tonnage (GRT, grt, g.r.t., gt) or gross registered tonnage, is a ship's total internal volume expressed in "register tons", each of which is equal to.

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Heraklion (Ηράκλειο, Irákleio) is the largest city and the administrative capital of the island of Crete.

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Ionian Sea

The Ionian Sea (Ιόνιο Πέλαγος,, Mar Ionio,, Deti Jon) is an elongated bay of the Mediterranean Sea, south of the Adriatic Sea.

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Karachi (کراچی; ALA-LC:,; ڪراچي) is the capital of the Pakistani province of Sindh.

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Keel laying

Laying the keel or laying down is the formal recognition of the start of a ship's construction.

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Korvettenkapitän, short: KKpt / in lists: KK, is the lowest senior officer rank in the German Navy / armed forces of Germany (Bundeswehr).

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Kotor (Montenegrin Cyrillic: Котор,; Cattaro) is a coastal town in Montenegro.

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Linienschiffsleutnant (Hun: Sorhajóhadnagy / en: translation Ship-of-the-line lieutenant) was an officer rank in the Austro-Hungarian Navy.

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Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta (Repubblika ta' Malta), is a Southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea.

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MAN SE (abbreviation of Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg), formerly MAN AG, is a German mechanical engineering company and parent company of the MAN Group.

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Marie Curie

Marie Skłodowska Curie (born Maria Salomea Skłodowska; 7 November 18674 July 1934) was a Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity.

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Maxime Laubeuf

Maxime Laubeuf was a French maritime engineer of the late nineteenth century.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and Maxime Laubeuf · See more »

Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is a sea connected to the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by the Mediterranean Basin and almost completely enclosed by land: on the north by Southern Europe and Anatolia, on the south by North Africa and on the east by the Levant.

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Middlesbrough is a large post-industrial town on the south bank of the River Tees in North Yorkshire, north-east England, founded in 1830.

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Military port of Toulon

The military port of Toulon (French - arsenal de Toulon) is the principal base of the French Navy and the premier naval base in Europe by size, sited in the city of Toulon.

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Naval mine

A naval mine is a self-contained explosive device placed in water to damage or destroy surface ships or submarines.

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Otranto Barrage

The Otranto Barrage was an Allied naval blockade of the Otranto Straits between Brindisi in Italy and Corfu on the Greek side of the Adriatic Sea in the First World War.

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Pierre Curie

Pierre Curie (15 May 1859 – 19 April 1906) was a French physicist, a pioneer in crystallography, magnetism, piezoelectricity and radioactivity.

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Port Arthur, Texas

Port Arthur is a city in Jefferson County within the Beaumont−Port Arthur Metropolitan Statistical Area of the U.S. state of Texas.

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Port Said

Port Said (بورسعيد, the first syllable has its pronunciation from Arabic; unurbanized local pronunciation) is a city that lies in north east Egypt extending about along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, north of the Suez Canal, with an approximate population of 603,787 (2010).

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Pula or Pola (Italian and Istro-Romanian: Pola; Colonia Pietas Iulia Pola Pollentia Herculanea; Slovene and Chakavian: Pulj, Hungarian: Póla, Polei, Ancient Greek: Πόλαι, Polae) is the largest city in Istria County, Croatia and the eighth largest city in the country, situated at the southern tip of the Istria peninsula, with a population of 57,460 in 2011.

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Ruse de guerre

The French ruse de guerre, sometimes literally translated as ruse of war, is a non-uniform term; generally what is understood by "ruse of war" can be separated into two groups: the first classifies the phrase purely as an act of military deception against one's opponent; the second emphasizes acts against one's opponent by creative, clever, unorthodox means, sometimes involving force multipliers or superior knowledge.

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Sarandë or Saranda (from Agioi Saranda; Santiquaranta) is a coastal town in Vlorë County, southern of Albania.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and Sarandë · See more »

Second mate

A second mate (2nd Mate) or second officer (2/O) is a licensed member of the deck department of a merchant ship holding a Second Mates Certificate of Competency, which is issued by the administration.

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Ship commissioning

Ship commissioning is the act or ceremony of placing a ship in active service, and may be regarded as a particular application of the general concepts and practices of project commissioning.

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Souda Bay

Souda Bay is a bay and natural harbour near the town of Souda on the northwest coast of the Greek island of Crete.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and Souda Bay · See more »

Steam engine

A steam engine is a heat engine that performs mechanical work using steam as its working fluid.

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Strait of Gibraltar

The Strait of Gibraltar (مضيق جبل طارق, Estrecho de Gibraltar) is a narrow strait that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and separates Gibraltar and Peninsular Spain in Europe from Morocco and Ceuta (Spain) in Africa.

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Strait of Otranto

The Strait of Otranto (Kanali i Otrantos; Canale d'Otranto; Otranska Vrata) connects the Adriatic Sea with the Ionian Sea and separates Italy from Albania.

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A submarine (or simply sub) is a watercraft capable of independent operation underwater.

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Submarine hull

A submarine hull has two major components, the light hull and the pressure hull.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and Submarine hull · See more »

Tanker (ship)

A tanker (or tank ship or tankship) is a ship designed to transport or store liquids or gases in bulk.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and Tanker (ship) · See more »

The New York Times

The New York Times (sometimes abbreviated as The NYT or The Times) is an American newspaper based in New York City with worldwide influence and readership.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and The New York Times · See more »

The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music is a musical with music by Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II and a book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and The Sound of Music · See more »

The Sound of Music (film)

The Sound of Music is a 1965 American musical drama film produced and directed by Robert Wise, and starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, with Richard Haydn and Eleanor Parker.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and The Sound of Music (film) · See more »


A modern torpedo is a self-propelled weapon with an explosive warhead, launched above or below the water surface, propelled underwater towards a target, and designed to detonate either on contact with its target or in proximity to it.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and Torpedo · See more »

Torpedo boat

A torpedo boat is a relatively small and fast naval ship designed to carry torpedoes into battle.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and Torpedo boat · See more »

Torpedo tube

A torpedo tube is a cylinder shaped device for launching torpedoes.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and Torpedo tube · See more »


Toulon (Provençal: Tolon (classical norm), Touloun (Mistralian norm)) is a city in southern France and a large military harbour on the Mediterranean coast, with a major French naval base.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and Toulon · See more »

Turret deck ship

A turret deck ship is a type of merchant ship with an unusual hull, designed and built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and Turret deck ship · See more »

U-1-class submarine (Austria-Hungary)

The U-1 class was a class of two submarines or U-boats built for and operated by the Austro-Hungarian Navy (Kaiserliche und Königliche Kriegsmarine or K.u.K. Kriegsmarine).

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and U-1-class submarine (Austria-Hungary) · See more »

U-3-class submarine (Austria-Hungary)

The U-3 class was a class of two submarines or U-boats built for and operated by the Austro-Hungarian Navy (Kaiserliche und Königliche Kriegsmarine or K.u.K. Kriegsmarine).

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and U-3-class submarine (Austria-Hungary) · See more »

U-5-class submarine (Austria-Hungary)

The U-5 class was a class of three submarines or U-boats that were operated by the Austro-Hungarian Navy (Kaiserliche und Königliche Kriegsmarine or K.u.K. Kriegsmarine) before and during World War I. The class was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Navy's efforts to competitively evaluate three foreign submarine designs.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and U-5-class submarine (Austria-Hungary) · See more »


U-boat is an anglicised version of the German word U-Boot, a shortening of Unterseeboot, literally "undersea boat".

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and U-boat · See more »

United States Naval Institute

The United States Naval Institute (USNI), based in Annapolis, Maryland, is a private, non-profit, professional military association that seeks to offer independent, nonpartisan forums for debate of national defense and security issues.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and United States Naval Institute · See more »

University of Nebraska Press

The University of Nebraska Press, also known as UNP, was founded in 1941 and is an academic publisher of scholarly and general-interest books.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and University of Nebraska Press · See more »

World War I

World War I (often abbreviated as WWI or WW1), also known as the First World War, the Great War, or the War to End All Wars, was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918.

New!!: SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary) and World War I · See more »

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SM_U-14_(Austria-Hungary)

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