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Khakhaure Senusret III (also written as Senwosret III or erroneously Sesostris III) was a pharaoh of Egypt. [1]

57 relations: Abydos, Egypt, Amenemhat III, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Records of Egypt, Berlin, British Museum, Buhen, Canaan, Canal of the Pharaohs, Christian Jacq, Coregency, Dahshur, Donald B. Redford, Egyptian Museum of Berlin, Egyptian pyramids, Ikhernofret, Josef W. Wegner, Khenemetneferhedjet I, Khenemetneferhedjet II, Khnumhotep III, List of Egyptian pyramids, List of largest monoliths in the world, Louvre, Luxor Museum, Medamud, Menet (princess), Meretseger (queen), Middle Kingdom of Egypt, Military, Miroslav Verner, Mudbrick, Nebit, Neferthenut, New Valley Project, Nubia, Papyrus, Pharaoh, Pyramid of Senusret III, Ra, Red Pyramid, Robert Morkot, Sebek-khu Stele, Sehel Island, Semna (Nubia), Senankh, Senusret II, Sesostris, Sithathor, Sobekemhat, Staatliche Sammlung für Ägyptische Kunst, ..., Stele, Temple, Town, Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt, Uronarti, Walters Art Museum, Wosret. Expand index (7 more) »

Abydos, Egypt

Abydos is one of the oldest cities of ancient Egypt, and also of the eighth nome in Upper Egypt, of which it was the capital city.

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Amenemhat III

Amenemhat III, also spelled Amenemhet III was a pharaoh of the Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt.

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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was a civilization of ancient Northeastern Africa, concentrated along the lower reaches of the Nile River in what is now the modern country of Egypt.

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Ancient Records of Egypt

Ancient Records of Egypt is a five-volume work by James Henry Breasted, published in 1906, in which the author has attempted to translate and publish all of the ancient written records of Egyptian history which had survived to the time of his work at the start of the twentieth century.

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Berlin is the capital of Germany and one of the 16 states of Germany.

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British Museum

The British Museum is a museum dedicated to human history, art, and culture, located in the Bloomsbury area of London.

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Buhen was an ancient Egyptian settlement situated on the West bank of the Nile below (to the North of) the Second Cataract.

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Canaan (Northwest Semitic:; Phoenician: 𐤊𐤍𐤏𐤍; Biblical Hebrew: כנען /; Masoretic: כְּנָעַן /) was, during the late 2nd millennium BC, a region in the Ancient Near East.

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Canal of the Pharaohs

The Canal of the Pharaohs, also called the Ancient Suez Canal or Necho's Canal, is the forerunner of the Suez Canal, constructed in ancient times.

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Christian Jacq

Christian Jacq (born April 28, 1947) is a French author and Egyptologist.

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A coregency (or co-principality) is the situation where a monarchical position (such as king, queen, emperor or empress), normally held by only a single person, is held by two or more.

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DahshurAlso transliterated Dahshour (in English often called Dashur; دهشور) is a royal necropolis located in the desert on the west bank of the Nile approximately south of Cairo.

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Donald B. Redford

Donald Bruce Redford (born September 2, 1934) is a Canadian Egyptologist and archaeologist, currently Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies at Pennsylvania State University.

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Egyptian Museum of Berlin

The Egyptian Museum of Berlin (Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung) is home to one of the world's most important collections of Ancient Egyptian artifacts.

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Egyptian pyramids

The Egyptian pyramids are ancient pyramid-shaped masonry structures located in Egypt.

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Ikhernofret (also Iykhernofert) was an ancient Egyptian treasurer of the 12th Dynasty, under king Senusret III until the early years of Amenemhat III.

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Josef W. Wegner

Josef William Wegner (born October 1967) is an American Egyptologist and Associate Professor in Egyptology at the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations of the University of Pennsylvania, where he obtained his PhD degree in Egyptology.

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Khenemetneferhedjet I

Khenemetneferhedjet I Weret was an ancient Egyptian queen of the 12th Dynasty, a wife of Senusret II and the mother of Senusret III.

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Khenemetneferhedjet II

Khenemetneferhedjet II (Weret) was an ancient Egyptian queen of the 12th dynasty, a wife of Senusret III.

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Khnumhotep III

Khnumhotep III (sometimes simply vizier Khnumhotep) was an Ancient Egyptian high steward and vizier of the 12th Dynasty.

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List of Egyptian pyramids

This list presents the vital statistics of the pyramids listed in chronological order, when available.

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List of largest monoliths in the world

This is a list of monoliths organized according to the size of the largest block of stone on the site.

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The Louvre or the Louvre Museum is one of the world's largest museums and a historic monument in Paris, France.

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Luxor Museum

Luxor Museum is located in the Egyptian city of Luxor (ancient Thebes).

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Medamud (from the Ancient Egyptian Madu) was a settlement in Ancient Egypt.

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Menet (princess)

Menet was an Ancient Egyptian king's daughter living in the Twelfth Dynasty most likely under the kings Senusret III and Amenemhat III.

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Meretseger (queen)

Meretseger ("She who Loves Silence"; her name is also the name of a goddess) was an Ancient Egyptian queen consort.

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Middle Kingdom of Egypt

The Middle Kingdom of Egypt (also known as The Period of Reunification) is the period in the history of ancient Egypt between about 2000 BC and 1700 BC, stretching from the establishment of the Eleventh Dynasty to the end of the Twelfth Dynasty, although some writers include the Thirteenth and Fourteenth dynasties in the Second Intermediate Period.

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The military, also called the armed forces, are forces authorized to use deadly force, and weapons, to support the interests of the state and some or all of its citizens.

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Miroslav Verner


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A mudbrick is a brick, made of a mixture of loam, mud, sand and water mixed with a binding material such as rice husks or straw.

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Nebit was an Ancient Egyptian official during the reign of king Senusret III.

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Neferthenut was an Ancient Egyptian queen of the Twelfth Dynasty.

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New Valley Project

The New Valley Project or Toshka Project consists of building a system of canals to carry water from Lake Nasser to irrigate the sandy wastes of the Western Desert of Egypt, which is part of the Sahara Desert.

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Nubia is a region along the Nile river located in what is today northern Sudan and southern Egypt.

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The word papyrus refers to a thick paper-like material made from the pith of the papyrus plant, Cyperus papyrus.

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Pharaoh (Dictionary Reference: or) is the common title of the kings of Ancient Egypt until the Macedonian conquest.

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Pyramid of Senusret III

The Pyramid of Senusret III (Lepsius XLVII) is an ancient Egyptian pyramid located at Dahshur and built for pharaoh Senusret III of the 12th Dynasty (19th century BCE).

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Ra (𓂋ꜥ, Rˤ) or Re (ⲣⲏ, Rē) is the ancient Egyptian sun god.

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Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid, also called the North Pyramid, is the largest of the three major pyramids located at the Dahshur necropolis.

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Robert Morkot

Robert George Morkot, FSA (born 1957) is an archaeologist and academic, specialising in Ancient Egypt.

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Sebek-khu Stele

The Sebek-khu Stele, also known as the Stele of Khu-sobek, is an inscription in honour of a man named Khu-sobek (Sebek-khu) who lived during the reign of Senusret III (reign: 1878 – 1839 BC) discovered by John Garstang in 1901 outside Khu-sobek's tomb at Abydos, Egypt, and now housed in the Manchester Museum.

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Sehel Island

Sehel Island is located in the Nile, about southwest of Aswan in southern Egypt.

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Semna (Nubia)

Located in the present day Republic of Sudan, ancient Nubia is a region along the Nile River between Aswan in the north and Khartoum in the south where Nubian languages were spoken.This region is marked by six cataracts, or rocky outcroppings, which produce shallow rapids in the Nile (Bard, 2008, p. 53).

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Senankh was an Ancient Egyptian treasurer during the Twelfth Dynasty, under king Senusret III.

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Senusret II

Khakheperre Senusret II was the fourth pharaoh of the Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt.

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Sesostris (Σέσωστρις) was the name of a king of ancient Egypt who, according to Herodotus, led a military expedition into parts of Europe.

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Sithathor (daughter of Hathor) was an Ancient Egyptian princess with the title king's daughter.

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Sobekemhat was an Ancient Egyptian vizier under the king Senusret III in the Twelfth Dynasty.

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Staatliche Sammlung für Ägyptische Kunst

The Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst (State Museum of Egyptian Art) in Munich is the Bavarian State Collection for Ancient Egypt art.

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A stele (plural steles or stelai, from Greek: στήλη, stēlē) or stela (plural stelas or stelæ, from Latin) is a stone or wooden slab, generally taller than it is wide, erected as a monument, very often for funerary or commemorative purposes.

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A temple (from the Latin word templum) is a structure reserved for religious or spiritual activities such as prayer and sacrifice.

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A town is a human settlement larger than a village but smaller than a city.

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Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt

The Twelfth Dynasty of ancient Egypt (Dynasty XII), is often combined with the Eleventh, Thirteenth and Fourteenth Dynasties under the group title Middle Kingdom.

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Uronarti was an ancient Egyptian settlement located on an island in the Nile above (to the South of) the Second Cataract.

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Walters Art Museum

The Walters Art Museum, located in Mount Vernon-Belvedere, Baltimore, Maryland, is a public art museum founded and opened in 1934, with collections created during the mid-19th Century.

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Wosret, Wasret, or Wosyet meaning the powerful was an Egyptian goddess with a cult centre at Thebes in Upper Egypt.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senusret_III

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