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The Sikorsky S-69 was an experimental co-axial compound helicopter developed by Sikorsky Aircraft as the demonstrator of the Advancing Blade Concept (ABC) under US Army and NASA funding. [1]

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Autorotation is a state of flight in which the main rotor system of a helicopter or similar aircraft turns by the action of air moving up through the rotor, as with an autogyro, rather than engine power driving the rotor.

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Coaxial rotors

Coaxial rotors or "coax rotors" are a pair of helicopter rotors mounted one above the other on concentric shafts, with the same axis of rotation, but turning in opposite directions (contra-rotation).

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Density altitude

Density altitude is the altitude relative to the standard atmosphere conditions (ISA) at which the air density would be equal to the indicated air density at the place of observation.

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Flightglobal is an online news and information website related to the aviation and aerospace industries.

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Future Vertical Lift

Future Vertical Lift (FVL) is a program to develop a family of military helicopters for the United States Armed Forces.

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g-force (with g from gravitational) is a measurement of the type of acceleration that causes weight.

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A Gyrodyne is a type of VTOL aircraft with a helicopter rotor-like system that is driven by its engine for takeoff and landing and also includes one or more conventional propellers to provide forward thrust during cruising flight.

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A helicopter is a type of rotorcraft in which lift and thrust are supplied by rotors.

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List of rotorcraft

This is a list of rotorcraft, including helicopters, autogyros, rotor kites and convertiplanes.

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is the United States government agency responsible for the civilian space program as well as aeronautics and aerospace research.

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Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics is a classic magazine of popular technology.

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Popular Science

Popular Science (also known as PopSci) is an American monthly magazine carrying popular science content, which refers to articles for the general reader on science and technology subjects.

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Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6T

The Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6T Twin-Pac is a turboshaft engine designed for helicopters.

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Pratt & Whitney JT12

The Pratt & Whitney JT12, (US military designation J60) is a small turbojet engine.

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Retreating blade stall

Retreating blade stall is a hazardous flight condition in helicopters and other rotary wing aircraft, where the rotor blade with the smaller resultant relative wind exceeds the critical angle.

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Sikorsky Aircraft

The Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation is an American aircraft manufacturer based in Stratford, Connecticut.

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Sikorsky S-97 Raider

The Sikorsky S-97 Raider is a proposed high-speed scout and attack compound helicopter based on the Advancing Blade Concept (ABC), under development by Sikorsky Aircraft.

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Sikorsky X2

The Sikorsky X2 is an experimental high-speed compound helicopter with coaxial rotors developed by Sikorsky Aircraft.

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Slowed rotor

Slowed rotor is a concept in designing and flying certain rotorcraft.

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A short takeoff and landing (STOL) aircraft is an aircraft with short runway requirements for takeoff and landing.

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The turbojet is an airbreathing jet engine, usually used in aircraft.

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A turboshaft engine is a form of gas turbine which is optimized to produce shaft power rather than jet thrust.

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United States

The United States of America (USA), commonly referred to as the United States (U.S.) or America, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major territories and various possessions.

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United States Army

The United States Army (USA) is the largest branch of the United States Armed Forces and performs land-based military operations.

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United States Army Research Laboratory

The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) is the U.S. Army's corporate research laboratory.

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Sikorsky H-59, Sikorsky XH-59, XH-59A.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sikorsky_S-69

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