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Six Divisions of Cavalry

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The Six Divisions of Cavalry (Altı Bölük Halkı), also known as the Kapıkulu Süvarileri ("Household Cavalry of Gate Slaves"), was a corps of elite cavalry soldiers in the army of the Ottoman Empire. [1]

8 relations: Cavalry, Division (military), Janissaries, Mehmed the Conqueror, Military of the Ottoman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Silahdar Agha, Sipahi.


Cavalry (from French cavalerie, cf. cheval 'horse') or horsemen were soldiers or warriors who fought mounted on horseback.

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Division (military)

A division is a large military unit or formation, usually consisting of between 10,000 and 20,000 soldiers.

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The Janissaries (يڭيچرى, meaning "new soldier") were elite infantry units that formed the Ottoman Sultan's household troops and bodyguards.

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Mehmed the Conqueror

Mehmed II (محمد ثانى,; II.; also known as, الفاتح, "the Conqueror" in Ottoman Turkish; in modern Turkish, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han; also called Mahomet II in early modern Europe), also known as Muhammed bin Murad, Mehmed the Conqueror, Grand Turk, Kayser-i Rûm (Caesar of Rome) and Turcarum Imperator, and Fatih Sultan Mehmed (30 March 1432 – 3 May 1481), was an Ottoman sultan who ruled first for a short time from August 1444 to September 1446, and later from February 1451 to May 1481.

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Military of the Ottoman Empire

The history of military of the Ottoman Empire can be divided in five main periods.

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Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire (دَوْلَتِ عَلِيّهٔ عُثمَانِیّه Devlet-i Aliyye-i Osmâniyye, Modern Turkish: Osmanlı İmparatorluğu or Osmanlı Devleti) which is also known as the Turkish Empire or Turkey, was an empire founded in 1299 by Oghuz Turks under Osman I in northwestern Anatolia.

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Silahdar Agha

The Silahdar Agha was a palace office of the Ottoman Empire, denoting the principal page of the Ottoman Sultan.

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Sipahi (سپاهی Sipahi), also transliterated as Spahi, Sepahi, and Spakh; traditionally rendered as Spahija or Spahiu in Albanian and Romanian, سپاهی Sepâhi in Persian, Σπαχής in Greek (Cyrillic спахија, спахия) in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian and Macedonian, was the name of several Ottoman cavalry corps.

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6 Boluk, Alti Boluk, Alti Boluk Halki, Altı Bölük, Altı Bölük Halkı, Kapikulu Suvarileri, Kapıkulu Süvarileri.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six_Divisions_of_Cavalry

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