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The Solent is the strait that separates the Isle of Wight from the mainland of England. [1]

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Ancient Rome

In historiography, ancient Rome is Roman civilization from the founding of the city of Rome in the 8th century BC to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century AD, encompassing the Roman Kingdom, Roman Republic and Roman Empire until the fall of the western empire.

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The Anglo-Saxons were a people who inhabited Great Britain from the 5th century.

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Battle of the Solent

The naval Battle of the Solent took place on 18 and 19 July 1545 during the Italian Wars between the fleets of Francis I of France and Henry VIII of England, in the Solent between Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

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Beaulieu River

The Beaulieu River, formerly known as the River Exe, is a small river flowing through the New Forest in the county of Hampshire in southern England.

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Bouldnor is a hamlet near Yarmouth on the west coast of the Isle of Wight in southern England.

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Bramble Bank

The Bramble Bank, otherwise known simply as "The Brambles" is an arrowhead-shaped sandbar in the central Solent which is uncovered at low water spring tides.

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Calshot is a coastal village in Hampshire, England at the west corner of Southampton Water where it joins the Solent.

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A cathedra (Latin, "chair", from Greek, καθέδρα kathédra, "seat") or bishop's throne is the seat of a bishop.

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Chalk is a soft, white, porous, sedimentary carbonate rock, a form of limestone composed of the mineral calcite.

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Chichester is a cathedral city in West Sussex, in South-East England.

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Church (building)

A church building or church house, often simply called a church, is a building used for Christian religious activities, particularly for worship services.

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Coastal defence and fortification

Castillo San Felipe de Barajas in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, an example of an Early Modern coastal defense Coastal defence (or defense) and coastal fortification are measures taken to provide protection against military attack at or near a coastline (or other shoreline), for example, fortification and coastal artillery.

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Colwell Bay

Colwell Bay is a bay in the west of the Isle of Wight.

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Common Brittonic

Common Brittonic was an ancient Celtic language spoken in Britain.

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Cowes is an English seaport town and civil parish on the Isle of Wight.

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Cowes Week

Cowes Week is one of the longest-running regular regattas in the world.

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Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players each on a cricket field, at the centre of which is a rectangular pitch with a target at each end called the wicket (a set of three wooden stumps upon which two bails sit).

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Dartmoor is a moor in southern Devon, England.

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Device Forts

The Device Forts, also known as Henrician castles and blockhouses, were a series of artillery fortifications built to defend the coast of England and Wales by Henry VIII.

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Diocese of Chichester

The Diocese of Chichester is a Church of England diocese based in Chichester, covering Sussex.

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Diodorus Siculus

Diodorus Siculus (Διόδωρος Σικελιώτης Diodoros Sikeliotes) (1st century BC) or Diodorus of Sicily was a Greek historian.

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Dorset (archaically: Dorsetshire) is a county in South West England on the English Channel coast.

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England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.

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English Channel

The English Channel (la Manche, "The Sleeve"; Ärmelkanal, "Sleeve Channel"; Mor Breizh, "Sea of Brittany"; Mor Bretannek, "Sea of Brittany"), also called simply the Channel, is the body of water that separates southern England from northern France and links the southern part of the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.

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The Eocene Epoch, lasting from, is a major division of the geologic timescale and the second epoch of the Paleogene Period in the Cenozoic Era.

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An estuary is a partially enclosed coastal body of brackish water with one or more rivers or streams flowing into it, and with a free connection to the open sea.

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Fleet review (Commonwealth realms)

A fleet review is a traditional gathering of ships from a particular navy to be observed by the reigning monarch or his or her representative, a practice allegedly dating back to the 15th century.

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In geology, a forebulge is a flexural bulge in front of a load on the lithosphere.

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Fort Victoria (Isle of Wight)

Fort Victoria is a former military fort on the Isle of Wight, England, built to guard the Solent.

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Geological resistance

Geological resistance is a measure of how well minerals resist erosive factors, and is primarily based on hardness, chemical reactivity and cohesion.

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A glacier is a persistent body of dense ice that is constantly moving under its own weight; it forms where the accumulation of snow exceeds its ablation (melting and sublimation) over many years, often centuries.

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Gosport is a town in Hampshire on the south coast of England.

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Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue Service

Gosport Lifeboat Station is a volunteer-operated independent lifeboat station charity located in the village of Alverstoke on the peninsula of Gosport in the English county of Hampshire.

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Great Britain

Great Britain, also known as Britain, is a large island in the north Atlantic Ocean off the northwest coast of continental Europe.

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Hamble-le-Rice is a village and civil parish in the Borough of Eastleigh in Hampshire, UK.

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Hayling Island

Hayling Island is an island off the south coast of England, in the borough of Havant in the county of Hampshire, near Portsmouth.

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Henry Purcell

Henry Purcell (or; c. 10 September 1659According to Holman and Thompson (Grove Music Online, see References) there is uncertainty regarding the year and day of birth. No record of baptism has been found. The year 1659 is based on Purcell's memorial tablet in Westminster Abbey and the frontispiece of his Sonnata's of III. Parts (London, 1683). The day 10 September is based on vague inscriptions in the manuscript GB-Cfm 88. It may also be relevant that he was appointed to his first salaried post on 10 September 1677, which would have been his eighteenth birthday. – 21 November 1695) was an English composer.

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Henry VIII of England

Henry VIII (28 June 1491 – 28 January 1547) was King of England from 1509 until his death.

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House of Normandy

The House of Normandy is the usual designation for the family that were the Counts of Rouen, Dukes of Normandy and Kings of England which immediately followed the Norman conquest of England and lasted until the House of Plantagenet came to power in 1154.

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A hovercraft, also known as an air-cushion vehicle or ACV, is a craft capable of travelling over land, water, mud, ice, and other surfaces.

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Hurst Castle

Hurst Castle is an artillery fort established by Henry VIII on the Hurst Spit in Hampshire, England, between 1541 and 1544.

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Hurst Spit

Hurst Spit is a shingle bank near the village of Keyhaven, at the western end of the Solent, on the south coast of England.

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Ice age

An ice age is a period of long-term reduction in the temperature of Earth's surface and atmosphere, resulting in the presence or expansion of continental and polar ice sheets and alpine glaciers.

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Isle of Purbeck

The Isle of Purbeck is a peninsula in Dorset, England.

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Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight (also referred to informally as The Island or abbreviated to IOW) is a county and the largest and second-most populous island in England.

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Isle of Wight AONB

The Isle of Wight Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) on the Isle of Wight, England's largest offshore island.

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James II of England

James II and VII (14 October 1633O.S. – 16 September 1701An assertion found in many sources that James II died 6 September 1701 (17 September 1701 New Style) may result from a miscalculation done by an author of anonymous "An Exact Account of the Sickness and Death of the Late King James II, as also of the Proceedings at St. Germains thereupon, 1701, in a letter from an English gentleman in France to his friend in London" (Somers Tracts, ed. 1809–1815, XI, pp. 339–342). The account reads: "And on Friday the 17th instant, about three in the afternoon, the king died, the day he always fasted in memory of our blessed Saviour's passion, the day he ever desired to die on, and the ninth hour, according to the Jewish account, when our Saviour was crucified." As 17 September 1701 New Style falls on a Saturday and the author insists that James died on Friday, "the day he ever desired to die on", an inevitable conclusion is that the author miscalculated the date, which later made it to various reference works. See "English Historical Documents 1660–1714", ed. by Andrew Browning (London and New York: Routledge, 2001), 136–138.) was King of England and Ireland as James II and King of Scotland as James VII, from 6 February 1685 until he was deposed in the Glorious Revolution of 1688.

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John Gostling

John Gostling (1644–1733) was a 17th-century Church of England clergyman and bass singer famed for his range and power.

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Kaolinite is a clay mineral, part of the group of industrial minerals, with the chemical composition Al2Si2O5(OH)4.

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Kingdom of Gwent

Gwent (Guent) was a medieval Welsh kingdom, lying between the Rivers Wye and Usk.

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The Lutetian is, in the geologic timescale, a stage or age in the Eocene.

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Mantle (geology)

The mantle is a layer inside a terrestrial planet and some other rocky planetary bodies.

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Maritime Archaeology Trust

The Maritime Archaeology Trust (formerly the Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology) is a charitable trust that researches and excavates maritime archaeology and heritage in Great Britain.

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Mary Rose

The Mary Rose is a carrack-type warship of the English Tudor navy of King Henry VIII.

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A meander is one of a series of regular sinuous curves, bends, loops, turns, or windings in the channel of a river, stream, or other watercourse.

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The mica group of sheet silicate (phyllosilicate) minerals includes several closely related materials having nearly perfect basal cleavage.

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The Netherlands (Nederland), often referred to as Holland, is a country located mostly in Western Europe with a population of seventeen million.

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New Forest

The New Forest is an area of southern England which includes one of the largest remaining tracts of unenclosed pasture land, heathland and forest in the heavily populated south-east of England.

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Northern gannet

The northern gannet (Morus bassanus) is a seabird, the largest species of the gannet family, Sulidae.

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Old Harry Rocks

Old Harry Rocks are three chalk formations, including a stack and a stump, located at Handfast Point, on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset, southern England.

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Ordnance datum

In the British Isles, an ordnance datum or OD is a vertical datum used by an ordnance survey as the basis for deriving altitudes on maps.

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Palmerston Forts, Portsmouth

The Palmerston Forts that encircle Portsmouth were built in response to the 1859 Royal Commission dealing with the perceived threat of a French invasion.

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Phoenicia (or; from the Φοινίκη, meaning "purple country") was a thalassocratic ancient Semitic civilization that originated in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the west of the Fertile Crescent.

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Poole Harbour

Poole Harbour is a large natural harbour in Dorset, southern England, with the town of Poole on its shores.

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A port is a maritime commercial facility which may comprise one or more wharves where ships may dock to load and discharge passengers and cargo.

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Portsmouth is a port city in Hampshire, England, mainly on Portsea Island, south-west of London and south-east of Southampton.

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Portsmouth Harbour

Portsmouth Harbour is a large natural harbour in Hampshire, England.

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Post-glacial rebound

Post-glacial rebound (also called isostatic rebound or crustal rebound) is the rise of land masses after the lifting of the huge weight of ice sheets during the last glacial period, which had caused isostatic depression.

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Purbeck Ball Clay

Purbeck Ball Clay is a concentration of ball clay found on the Isle of Purbeck in the English county of Dorset.

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Quaternary glaciation

The Quaternary glaciation, also known as the Quaternary Ice Age or Pleistocene glaciation, is a series of glacial events separated by interglacial events during the Quaternary period from 2.58 Ma (million years ago) to present.

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Ramsar Convention

The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat is an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands.

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A ria is a coastal inlet formed by the partial submergence of an unglaciated river valley.

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River Avon, Hampshire

The River Avon is a river in the south of England.

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River Frome, Dorset

The River Frome is a river in Dorset in the south of England.

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River Hamble

The River Hamble is a river in Hampshire, England.

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River Itchen, Hampshire

The River Itchen (previously also known as the River Alre) is a river in Hampshire, England.

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River Solent

The River Solent is a now-extinct river which during the Paleocene would have flowed around the area which is now the coastlines of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

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River Stour, Dorset

The River Stour is a river which flows through Wiltshire and Dorset in southern England, and drains into the English Channel.

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River Test

The River Test is a river in Hampshire, England.

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RMS Titanic

RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in the early hours of 15 April 1912, after colliding with an iceberg during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City.

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Roman Britain

Roman Britain (Britannia or, later, Britanniae, "the Britains") was the area of the island of Great Britain that was governed by the Roman Empire, from 43 to 410 AD.

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Royal National Lifeboat Institution

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is the largest charity that saves lives at sea around the coasts of the UK, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man as well as on some inland waterways.

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Royal Navy

The Royal Navy (RN) is the United Kingdom's naval warfare force.

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Sailing at the 1908 Summer Olympics

Sailing/Yachting is an Olympic sport starting from the Games of the 1st Olympiad (1896 Olympics in Athens, Greece).

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Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe, with strong historical, cultural and linguistic ties.

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Scotland (Alba) is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and covers the northern third of the island of Great Britain.

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Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a mode of underwater diving where the diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba) which is completely independent of surface supply, to breathe underwater.

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Seismology (from Ancient Greek σεισμός (seismós) meaning "earthquake" and -λογία (-logía) meaning "study of") is the scientific study of earthquakes and the propagation of elastic waves through the Earth or through other planet-like bodies.

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Selsey is a seaside town and civil parish, about eight miles (12 km) south of Chichester in West Sussex, England.

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Selsey Abbey

Selsey Abbey was founded by St Wilfrid in AD 681 on land donated at Selsey by the local Anglo-Saxon ruler, King Æðelwealh of Sussex, Sussex's first Christian king.

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Selsey Bill

Selsey Bill is a headland into the English Channel on the south coast of England in the county of West Sussex.

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Semitic languages

The Semitic languages are a branch of the Afroasiatic language family originating in the Middle East.

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Solent Amphibious Challenge

The Solent Amphibious Challenge is a day-long multi-discipline adventure race over land and sea, held every year in the Solent.

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South Downs

The South Downs are a range of chalk hills that extends for about across the south-eastern coastal counties of England from the Itchen Valley of Hampshire in the west to Beachy Head, near Eastbourne, East Sussex, in the east.

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South East England

South East England is the most populous of the nine official regions of England at the first level of NUTS for statistical purposes.

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Southampton is the largest city in the ceremonial county of Hampshire, England.

New!!: Solent and Southampton · See more »

Southampton Water

Southampton Water is a tidal estuary north of the Solent and the Isle of Wight in England.

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Southern Daily Echo

The Southern Daily Echo, more commonly known as the Daily Echo or simply The Echo, is a regional tabloid newspaper based in Southampton, covering the county of Hampshire in the United Kingdom.

New!!: Solent and Southern Daily Echo · See more »

Southern England Chalk Formation

The Chalk Formation of Southern England is a system of chalk downland in the south of England.

New!!: Solent and Southern England Chalk Formation · See more »

Special Area of Conservation

A Special Area of Conservation (SAC) is defined in the European Union's Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC), also known as the Directive on the Conservation of Natural Habitats and of Wild Fauna and Flora.

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Spithead is an area of the Solent and a roadstead off Gilkicker Point in Hampshire, England.

New!!: Solent and Spithead · See more »


A strait is a naturally formed, narrow, typically navigable waterway that connects two larger bodies of water.

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The Needles

The Needles is a row of three distinctive stacks of chalk that rise about 30m out of the sea off the western extremity of the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom, close to Alum Bay, and part of Totland, the westernmost Civil Parish of the Isle of Wight.

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Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of Earth.

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Tin sources and trade in ancient times

Tin is an essential metal in the creation of tin bronzes, and its acquisition was an important part of ancient cultures from the Bronze Age onward.

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain,Usage is mixed with some organisations, including the and preferring to use Britain as shorthand for Great Britain is a sovereign country in western Europe.

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Venta Belgarum

Venta Belgarum was a town in the Roman province of Britannia Superior, the civitas capital of the local tribe, the Belgae, and which later became the city of Winchester.

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Westquay (formerly WestQuay) is a shopping centre in Southampton, United Kingdom.

New!!: Solent and Westquay · See more »


Winchester is a city and the county town of Hampshire, England.

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Yachting refers to the use of recreational boats and ships called yachts for sporting purposes.

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1908 Summer Olympics

The 1908 Summer Olympics, officially the Games of the IV Olympiad, were an international multi-sport event which was held in 1908 in London, United Kingdom from 27 April to 31 October 1908.

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