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Speciality chemicals

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Speciality chemicals (also called specialties or effect chemicals) are particular chemical products which provide a wide variety of effects on which many other industry sectors rely. [1]

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An adhesive, also known as glue, cement, mucilage, or paste, is any substance applied to one surface, or both surfaces, of two separate items that binds them together and resists their separation.

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Aerospace manufacturer

An aerospace manufacturer is a company or individual involved in the various aspects of designing, building, testing, selling, and maintaining aircraft, aircraft parts, missiles, rockets, or spacecraft.

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An agrochemical or agrichemical, a contraction of agricultural chemical, is a chemical product used in agriculture.

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Akzo Nobel N.V., trading as AkzoNobel, is a Dutch multinational company which creates paints and performance coatings and produces specialty chemicals for both industry and consumers worldwide.

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Albemarle Corporation

Albemarle Corporation is a chemical company with corporate headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Aroma compound

An aroma compound, also known as an odorant, aroma, fragrance, or flavor, is a chemical compound that has a smell or odor.

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Ashland Inc.

Ashland Global Specialty Chemicals Inc. is an American chemical company which operates in more than 100 countries.

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Automotive industry

The automotive industry is a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles, some of them are called automakers.

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BASF SE is a German chemical company and the largest chemical producer in the world.

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Bloomberg L.P.

Bloomberg L.P. is a privately held financial, software, data, and media company headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

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A by-product is a secondary product derived from a manufacturing process or chemical reaction.

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Cabot Corporation

Cabot Corporation is an American specialty chemicals and performance materials company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Catalysis is the increase in the rate of a chemical reaction due to the participation of an additional substance called a catalysthttp://goldbook.iupac.org/C00876.html, which is not consumed in the catalyzed reaction and can continue to act repeatedly.

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Chemical Industries Association

The Chemical Industries Association (CIA) is the leading national trade association for the chemical and chemistry-using industries in the United Kingdom.

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Chemical industry

The chemical industry comprises the companies that produce industrial chemicals.

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Chemical plant

A chemical plant is an industrial process plant that manufactures (or otherwise processes) chemicals, usually on a large scale.

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Chemtura Corporation was a global corporation headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with its other principal executive office in Middlebury, Connecticut.

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Clariant is a speciality chemicals company, formed in 1995 as a spin-off from Sandoz.

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Cleaning agent

Cleaning agents are substances (usually liquids, powders, sprays, or granules) used to remove dirt, including dust, stains, bad smells, and clutter on surfaces.

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Cognis was a worldwide supplier of specialty chemicals and nutritional ingredients, headquartered in Monheim am Rhein, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

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Commercial classification of chemicals

Following the commercial classification of chemicals, chemicals produced by chemical industry can be divided essentially into three broad categories.

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Commodity chemicals

Commodity chemicals (or bulk commodities or bulk chemicals) are a group of chemicals that are made on a very large scale to satisfy global markets.

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Compound annual growth rate

Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is a business and investing specific term for the geometric progression ratio that provides a constant rate of return over the time period.

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Croda International

Croda International plc is a British speciality chemicals company based at Snaith in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

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Crystallization is the (natural or artificial) process by which a solid forms, where the atoms or molecules are highly organized into a structure known as a crystal.

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Cytec Industries

Cytec Industries Incorporated, based in Woodland Park, New Jersey is a speciality chemicals and materials technology company with pro-forma sales in 2004, including the Surface Specialties acquisition, of approximately $3.0 billion.

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Distillation is the process of separating the components or substances from a liquid mixture by selective boiling and condensation.

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Economies of scale

In microeconomics, economies of scale are the cost advantages that enterprises obtain due to their scale of operation (typically measured by amount of output produced), with cost per unit of output decreasing with increasing scale.

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An elastomer is a polymer with viscoelasticity (i. e., both viscosity and elasticity) and very weak intermolecular forces, and generally low Young's modulus and high failure strain compared with other materials.

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Evonik Industries

Evonik Industries AG is an industrial corporation headquartered in Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, the largest specialty chemicals company in the world, owned by RAG Foundation.

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Ferro Corporation

Ferro Corporation is an American producer of technology-based performance materials for manufacturers, focusing on four core segments: performance colors and glass; pigments, powders, and oxides; porcelain enamel; and tile coatings systems.

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Fine chemical

Fine chemicals are complex, single, pure chemical substances, produced in limited quantities in multipurpose plants by multistep batch chemical or biotechnological processes.

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Flavor (American English) or flavour (British English; see spelling differences) is the sensory impression of food or other substance, and is determined primarily by the chemical senses of taste and smell.

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Food additive

Food additives are substances added to food to preserve flavor or enhance its taste, appearance, or other qualities.

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Food processing

Food processing is the transformation of cooked ingredients, by physical or chemical means into food, or of food into other forms.

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Formulation is a term used in various senses in various applications, both the material and the abstract or formal.

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Huntsman Corporation

Huntsman Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of chemical products for consumers and industrial customers.

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Industrial gas

Industrial gases are gaseous materials that are manufactured for use in Industry.

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Ingredients of cosmetics

Cosmetics ingredients come from a variety of sources but, unlike the ingredients of food, are often not considered by most consumers.

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Kemira Oyj is a chemical industry group that consists of three main segments.

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Lanxess Aktiengesellschaft is a specialty chemicals company based in Cologne, Germany that was founded in 2004 via the spin-off of the chemicals division and parts of the polymers business from Bayer AG.

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Logistics is generally the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation.

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A lubricant is a substance, usually organic, introduced to reduce friction between surfaces in mutual contact, which ultimately reduces the heat generated when the surfaces move.

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The Lubrizol Corporation is a provider of specialty chemicals for the transportation, industrial and consumer markets.

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Manufacturing is the production of merchandise for use or sale using labour and machines, tools, chemical and biological processing, or formulation.

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A molecule is an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds.

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North East of England Process Industry Cluster

The North East of England Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC) is an economic cluster created following the industrial cluster ideas and strategy of Michael Porter.

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Organic compound

In chemistry, an organic compound is generally any chemical compound that contains carbon.

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Paper chemicals

Paper chemicals designate a group of chemicals that modify the properties of paper.

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Pesticides are substances that are meant to control pests, including weeds.

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Petrochemicals (also known as petroleum distillates) are chemical products derived from petroleum.

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Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry (or medicine industry) is the commercial industry that discovers, develops, produces, and markets drugs or pharmaceutical drugs for use as different types of medicine and medications.

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A polymer (Greek poly-, "many" + -mer, "part") is a large molecule, or macromolecule, composed of many repeated subunits.

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Raw material

A raw material, also known as a feedstock or most correctly unprocessed material, is a basic material that is used to produce goods, finished products, energy, or intermediate materials which are feedstock for future finished products.

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Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects.

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Rhodia (company)

Rhodia was a group specialized in fine chemistry, synthetic fibers and polymers which was acquired by the belgian Solvay group after a successful tender offer completed in September 2011.

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Sealant is a substance used to block the passage of fluids through the surface or joints or openings in materials, a type of mechanical seal.

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Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates

SOCMA, the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates, is an international trade association that represents the interests of the batch, custom and specialty chemical industry.

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Surfactants are compounds that lower the surface tension (or interfacial tension) between two liquids, between a gas and a liquid, or between a liquid and a solid.

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Textile industry

The textile industry is primarily concerned with the design, production and distribution of yarn, cloth and clothing.

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W. R. Grace and Company

W.R. Grace and Company is an American chemical conglomerate based in Columbia, Maryland.

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Wacker Chemie

Wacker Chemie AG is a worldwide operating company in the chemical business, founded 1914.

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A warehouse is a commercial building for storage of goods.

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Wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment is a process used to convert wastewater into an effluent (outflowing of water to a receiving body of water) that can be returned to the water cycle with minimal impact on the environment or directly reused.

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Water treatment

Water treatment is any process that improves the quality of water to make it more acceptable for a specific end-use.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speciality_chemicals

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