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Index Stencil

Stencilling produces an image or pattern by applying pigment to a surface over an intermediate object with designed gaps in it which create the pattern or image by only allowing the pigment to reach some parts of the surface. [1]

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A. Hyatt Mayor

Alpheus Hyatt Mayor (1901–1980) was an American art historian and curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a leading figure in the study of prints, both old master prints and popular prints.

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Aerography (arts)

Aerography is a surrealist method in which a stencil used in spraypainting is replaced by a three-dimensional object, sometimes in extreme cases male artists have used their genitals as stencils.

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Aerosol paint

Aerosol paint (also called spray paint) is a type of paint that comes in a sealed pressurized container and is released in an aerosol spray when depressing a valve button.

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An airbrush is a small, air-operated tool that sprays various media, most often paint but also ink and dye, and foundation by a process of nebulization.

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Anarchism is a political philosophy that advocates self-governed societies based on voluntary institutions.

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Anarcho-punk (or anarchist punk) is punk rock that promotes anarchism.

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André Édouard Marty

André Édouard Marty or A. É. Marty (April 16, 1882 – August 1974) was a Parisian artist who worked mainly in the classic Art Deco style.

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Andre the Giant Has a Posse

Andre the Giant Has a Posse is a street art campaign based on a design by Shepard Fairey created in 1989 in Providence, Rhode Island.

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Anti-war movement

An anti-war movement (also antiwar) is a social movement, usually in opposition to a particular nation's decision to start or carry on an armed conflict, unconditional of a maybe-existing just cause.

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Art Deco

Art Deco, sometimes referred to as Deco, is a style of visual arts, architecture and design that first appeared in France just before World War I. Art Deco influenced the design of buildings, furniture, jewelry, fashion, cars, movie theatres, trains, ocean liners, and everyday objects such as radios and vacuum cleaners.

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Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau is an international style of art, architecture and applied art, especially the decorative arts, that was most popular between 1890 and 1910.

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Banksy is an anonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist and film director.

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Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall (Berliner Mauer) was a guarded concrete barrier that physically and ideologically divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989.

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Blek le Rat

Blek le Rat (born Xavier Prou, 1952) is a French graffiti artist.

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Cave painting

Cave paintings, also known as parietal art, are painted drawings on cave walls or ceilings, mainly of prehistoric origin, beginning roughly 40,000 years ago (around 38,000 BCE) in Eurasia.

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Collotype is a dichromate-based photographic process invented by Alphonse Poitevin in 1856, and used for large-volume mechanical printing before the introduction of cheaper offset lithography.

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Consumerism is a social and economic order and ideology that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts.

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Crass were an English art collective and punk rock band formed in 1977 who promoted anarchism as a political ideology, a way of life and a resistance movement.

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Cueva de las Manos

Cueva de las Manos (Spanish for Cave of Hands) is a cave or a series of caves located in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina, 163 km (101 mi) south of the town of Perito Moreno.

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The DualShock (originally Dual Shock; trademarked as DUALSHOCK or DUAL SHOCK) is a line of gamepads with vibration-feedback developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation family of systems.

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Edo period

The or is the period between 1603 and 1868 in the history of Japan, when Japanese society was under the rule of the Tokugawa shogunate and the country's 300 regional daimyō.

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Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes.

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A frisket is any material that protects areas of a work from unintended change.

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Graffiti (plural of graffito: "a graffito", but "these graffiti") are writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or painted, typically illicitly, on a wall or other surface, often within public view.

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A handicraft, sometimes more precisely expressed as artisanal handicraft or handmade, is any of a wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools.

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Interior design

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.

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Jean Saudé

Jean Saudé was a French printmaker in Paris, known for his mastery of the pochoir technique.

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Jef Aérosol

Jef Aérosol is the pseudonym of Jean-François Perroy (born January 15, 1957),, Jefaerosol.com a French stencil graffiti artist.

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John Fekner

John Fekner (born 1950 in New York City) is an American innovative multidisciplinary artist who created hundreds of environmental and conceptual outdoor works consisting of stenciled words, symbols, dates and icons spray painted in New York, Sweden, Canada, England and Germany in the 1970s and 1980s.

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Katazome (型染め) is a Japanese method of dyeing fabrics using a resist paste applied through a stencil.

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In art, graphic design and typography, lettering refers to the creation of hand-drawn letters to apply to an object or surface.

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List of stencil artists

No description.

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London Underground

The London Underground (also known simply as the Underground, or by its nickname the Tube) is a public rapid transit system serving London and some parts of the adjacent counties of Buckinghamshire, Essex and Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.

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The stencil duplicator or mimeograph machine (often abbreviated to mimeo) is a low-cost duplicating machine that works by forcing ink through a stencil onto paper.

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Nanotechnology ("nanotech") is manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale.

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Old master print

An old master print is a work of art produced by a printing process within the Western tradition.

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Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a solid surface (support base).

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A pigment is a material that changes the color of reflected or transmitted light as the result of wavelength-selective absorption.

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Quarter marks

Quarter marks are a type of ornamentation on a horse seen in certain types of exhibition or competition.

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ROSTA posters

ROSTA Posters (also known as ROSTA Windows, Окна РОСТА, ROSTA being an acronym for the Russian Telegraph Agency, the state news agency from 1918 to 1935) were a propagandistic medium of communication used in the Soviet Union to communicate important messages and instill specific beliefs and ideology within the minds of the masses.

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Screen printing

Screen printing is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil.

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Shepard Fairey

Frank Shepard Fairey (born February 15, 1970) is an American contemporary street artist, graphic designer, activist, illustrator and founder of OBEY Clothing who emerged from the skateboarding scene.

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Spirit duplicator

A spirit duplicator (also referred to as a Ditto machine in North America, Banda machine in the UK or Roneo in Australia, France and South Africa) was a printing method invented in 1923 by Wilhelm Ritzerfeld and commonly used for much of the rest of the 20th century.

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Stencil (numerical analysis)

In mathematics, especially the areas of numerical analysis concentrating on the numerical solution of partial differential equations, a stencil is a geometric arrangement of a nodal group that relate to the point of interest by using a numerical approximation routine.

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Stencil graffiti

Stencil graffiti is a form of graffiti that makes use of stencils made out of paper, cardboard, or other media to create an image or text that is easily reproducible.

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Stencil lithography

Stencil lithography is a novel method of fabricating nanometer scale patterns using nanostencils, stencils (shadow mask) with nanometer size apertures.

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Stencil printing

Stencil printing is the process of depositing solder paste on the printed wiring boards (PWBs) to establish electrical connections.

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Street art

Street art is visual art created in public locations, usually unsanctioned artwork executed outside of the context of traditional art venues.

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Surrealist techniques

Surrealism in art, poetry, and literature uses numerous techniques and games to provide inspiration.

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Tavar Zawacki

Tavar Zawacki (born 1981) is an American abstract artist based in Berlin, Germany.

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A textile is a flexible material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres (yarn or thread).

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Theorem Stencil

Theorem stencil, sometimes also called theorem painting or velvet painting, is the art of making stencils and using them to make drawings or paintings on fabric or paper.

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Woodcut is a relief printing technique in printmaking.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stencil

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